Kajol Had Sex To Comeback

This story Kajol Had Sex To Comeback & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

Kajol was one of the Bollywood’s leading actresses who had self-respect, and never bowed down to anyone. But she wasn’t always like this when she had done her first film Bekhudi she had got down on her knees and begged for it. Like many directors that director was a pervert too he had told her straight up that if she wanted a role she had to sleep around with everyone she was told too, she knew that if she wanted a role she had to do what he said or else she would never become a actress so she agreed. Even though the movie went flop she got known for it and was signed up for Baazigar, In that contract as well she had to sleep around with the directors, producers, co-actors, and the crew.

She slept around with everyone like that for 10 years but when she became the no. 1 actress she stopped because the public liked her so much that she got roles without begging for them, all the directors wanted her in her films. All her movies were going a super hit she was happily married with Ajay Devgun and he never stopped her from doing movies everything was going perfect when one day when she wasn’t doing any movies at that time she found out that she is pregnant. She was really happy. And then after 9 months in 2003 she gave birth to a baby girl, she loved her baby so much that she had stopped doing any movies. And then after 3 years when she wanted to work again she contacted Yash Chopra he called her to his office. Where they chatted had some tea and then Kajol asked Yash if they had any roles for her.

He simply declined and said she wasn’t no. 1 actress anymore Kareena Kapoor had taken her place, but if she wanted a role she could get one but she would have to do some extra work(Yash puts his hand on her thigh). Kajol understood that he wanted her to sleep with him. She then yelled at him how he could think of that and then she left that instant and went to another director, even he said no she then met 100s of directors and producers. But she didn’t get any roles at last she went back to Yash Chopra’s office where she apologized to him and agreed to sleep with him. He then told her to come to his house tonight in a red saree and black bra and panties and in a rickshaw. Then at 7:00pm Kajol came to Yash Chopra’s house in a red saree in a rickshaw she felt so embarassed as she was coming inside she noticed there were lot cars parked. She knocked on the door, after a few seconds Aditya Chopra opened the door and welcomed her in when she got in they Aditya hugged her very tightly with his right hand squeezing her ass. And then after the hugged he gave her a deep French kiss which lasted for 5 mins.

Then after the kiss Aditya put a blindfold on her and walked her in a room. He took her to the middle of the room and then went away from her then he told her to take off her blindfold, after she took it off it was still dark when suddenly the lights came on. She was shocked to see herself in the middle of a room surrounded by men. There must’ve been like 50 directors and producers. Then her eye got on Yash, she then asked him what does he want. He told her that she will do an stripping item number for everyone on her rivals songs. She was surprised because she had never done a item number before. And then the lights went off and a 5 spot lights were turned towards Kajol. Then Aditya said to Kajol in a microphone to get ready for Halkat Jawaani. Kajol got ready and then Halkat Jawaani started playing and she started dancing to its tune. While she was dancing she was slowly stripping off. First she took off her pallu. Then after Halkat Jawaani was over “Dil Mera Muft Ka” started playing and while dancing on that song she took off her petticoat. After “Dil Mera Muft Ka” “Fevicol Se” started playing in that she took off her blouse.

Now she was in her black bra and panty. And then after “Fevicol Se” “Bebo Mein Bebo” started playing in that song she took off her black bra. And then after “Bebo Mein Bebo” she started dancing on “Aa Re Pritam Pyare” and took off her black underwear. After dancing non-stop she was really tired but she still managed to stand and then Yash told her to give everyone a blowjob. She begged him not to make her do that but he told her that you can leave if you don’t want to. She then with a defeat on her face, started sucking cocks and she sucked them till they didn’t cum after 2-3 hours she was done and then Yash asked if anyone was willing to take her in their movies. No one was willing to except for one. It was Kunal Kholi then Yash told Kajol to escort everyone to the door. She then stood next to the door. And everyone else was in a line with their dicks out. One by one they all went to Kajol put their cocks in her clean n shave pussy, gave her tight hug, kissed her lips, and pinched her ass, they all had her for 30 seconds.

After the guests went away she came back in and laid down on the bed with Kunal, Yash, and with Aditya on top of her fucking her pussy. And Kunal told her that he was making a new movie called “Fanaa” after hearing the script. She said yes immidiently because it was her type of a film. Then he told her to come to the Cool land Rio tomorrow to meet the rest of the cast. She agreed and then Kunal left after Kunal left she was about to get up, but Aditya kept her down and told her that she won’t leave till he fucks all her holes. Before she could react he told her to beg him to fuck her. She felt really embarrassed and started crying and saying “Plzzzzz…………fuck………..me…(Weeping) Aditya then with anger rams his dick really hard in her pussy and tells her to beg louder. She then begs louder, and keeps on begging till he cums in her pussy. After he cums on her pussy he takes his dick out, and sits in her stomach and slaps her across her face 5 times.

She then is crying and her face is all red. Then he turns her around opens her ass and puts his dick in her ass then he takes his right hand, puts it on her pussy and starts fingering it. And then he grabs hair with his left hand and pull them while he is fingering her pussy, and fucking her ass. And he doesn’t stop doing any of this stuff till he cums in her ass. And during all this time Kajol is crying and screaming on top of her lungs and begging him to stop but Aditya just won’t. Then after a while he cums in her ass and just drops on her he stops pulling her hair but he continues to finger her pussy while he is fingering her she cums and Aditya lets her pour it all on his hand.

Then after she is done cumming he takes his hand filled with her cum and turns her and gets a funnel he puts the end of the funnel in her nose. And he then drops all of her cum in the funnel which goes in her nose. Then he takes her puts her neck on the edge of the bed and then sits on her chest with his cock in her mouth then he told her to give him deep throat blowjobs. She then hesitantly very slowly gave him a blowjob without using her hands but she wasn’t taking his cock deep inside so he grabbed her by her hair and started shoving his cock in and out of her mouth when he was about to cum he pushed so deep inside her mouth that she started choking then while she was choking he cummed inside her mouth then he slowly took his dick out and wiped it on her cheeks and left her right there and went to take a bath. After he left 2 heavy built black men came, they picked her up and threw her in a cell. And then they took a hose and washed her off.

Then the next she went to Cool land Rio and met the rest of the cast Aamir, Tabu, Rishi. After a few days they went to Delhi they shot few scenes there. While they were shooting the bus scene when he is doing poetry. When they were off camera Aamir had got Shruti Seth to give him a blowjob and Kajol to play with her boobs topless while he remembered his lines in the bus. He had also got Kajol and Shruti to kiss each other passionately several times, and Sanaya Irani and Lillete Dubey.

After this they went to Kashmir when they weren’t shooting for the film or whenever they were off camera Aamir never missed the chance to exploit Kajol because he knew that this kind of chance won’t come back to him again and again because Kajol was letting him exploit her only because he was the hero of the film and she had to please him in order to do the film.

When they were done shooting the song “Chanda Chamke” and most of the crew members left Aamir had Kajol strip dance for him in the snow on “Chanda Chamke” and what made it even more embarrassing and humiliating for her was that the little boy who acted as her son Rehan was also watching her strip dance he was sitting next to Aamir and Aamir was actually laughing with the little kid.

While Kajol was dancing Aamir noticed that little Rehan was getting a boner and he didn’t even know that what it was. So after Kajol finished dancing and was completely naked and freezing Aamir told Kajol that if she wanted her clothes back she would have to give little Rehan a blowjob. Kajol was shocked and refused immediately saying that he is like her son but then Aamir convinced her that if she didn’t do it then he wont give her clothes back to her. Kajol then then felt a cold air hitting her face and the freezing snow laying on her feet. Without a choice she then walked back to the bench still naked with Aamir where little Rehan was sitting and then Aamir sat down next to him and Kajol got on her knees in front of little Rehan. Aamir then told little Rehan that Kajol was going to give him a treat and it’s called a blowjob and it will make him feel better. Little Rehan started smiling immediately happy that he was about to get a treat.

Kajol then gathered up her fallen courage and displayed her fake smile and started to open little Rehan’s pant’s button and zip but once she put her hand there, little Rehan pushed it away saying that she can’t touch him there that’s his private spot. Kajol then felt sad by the kid’s innocence and Aamir gave him a small laugh and explained him that to let Kajol do what she is doing and that you will feel really great and she gives him the same treat to him as well and that he loves it. The little kid agrees and Kajol begins her magic. Even though his penis was only about 3inches long after he got a boner, Kajol still managed to suck his penis without major difficulties when she was finishing up. The little kid tried warning Kajol that he was about to cum, but Aamir got him to calm down and had Kajol swallow the little boy’s cum. After she finished swallowing all of the cum, she ran to her makeup van and quickly put a robe on. Aamir came in the van minutes after Kajol.

“That was good I’m proud of you, and Rehan says thank you”
“That wasn’t good at all Aamir, I can’t believe you made me suck on little boy’s penis”
“I guess your right so which is why you are now going to suck on this big boy’s penis”
“WHAT no, no way”

“Fine I guess ill just tell the director to pack up and lets go back to Mumbai”
“No no no please no don’t do that, fine I will suck your dick”
She got up from her chair and went and got on her knees in front of Aamir she then opened up his pants with her cold, and shaking hands.
After about 3 months the film was completed and released it was a great success which got Kajol more attention but not enough to get her a lead role, just a few special appearances is what she heard when she went to other directors and producers to get more work.
In the office of Karan Johar.

“Please Karan aren’t there any movies I can do”
“I’m sorry sweety, I know your movie was a success but there are other heroines who are more famous and in demand in public”
(sighs) “Okay well thanks anyway Karan ” (about to get up)
“Wait there is one thing you can do”
“Really what anything”
“Its a really small”
“I don’t care, ill do it”

“Well you can make a special appearance in a song in my upcoming movie Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna”
“Wow that is very small but ill still do it Karan (gives him a hug) thank you soo much Karan, I’m in your debt Karan”
“I might know a way how you can payoff your debt (Opens his pants button and zip and drops them too his ankles along with his underwear) well I know you got lot of practice on how to suck a dick when you were shooting for Fanaa dear so hurry up”
“Do I have to Karan, I mean were friends”

“I’m sorry honey its the rule of the industry, this is how its going to be for you from now until you get back on your feet”
With that Kajol then started sucking Karan’s dick and along with his many more peoples dicks on the way to the top.

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