Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 9

after that kajal got up and dressed her self and parvathi and raju then kajal hugged parvathi and raju then parvathi said kajal frm next time dont come to my house please kajal said why and raju also asked why mom then she replied raju was young and u wil ruine his ,life as wel as u and my life already ruined so please stop it and kajal said butt then parvathi inturepted and said no if and but please then wat about our relation thn she said its over so please kajal then kajal hugged parvathi and kissed her and parvathi made promise that he never meet kajal and kajal never meet raju and parvathi and kajal felt upset and went to home with depress and sad and parvathi started to cry Moredesi.com and then raju went and console her and then kajal went to home with lot of depression and sadness

then kajal went to home and went to sleep and wake up next day and went to office and then she went to parvathi house and saw parvahti but she ignored and saw raju he looked at her then parvathi said too raju to go and study and then kajal went to home and next day parvathi came to home and said she was not come to work next day onwards and went to her house and raju also didnt come to kajal house and he didnt response to her in this way month passed and kajal slowly comming out of sexual desire and wwas busy in her work and then one day she saw her neighbour uncle kishor and he was a poor man who lives in a independent house backside of kajal house and he is a poor man which didnt have proper dress to wear and he doesnt have any body he himself leave in the house and his age is of 70years he is equal to the age of her grandmom and he used to go to walking along with her dad and he is good friend of her dad and kajal talk to him occationaly

Kajal now totally came out of her desire and she was busy with her work and one day kajal went to jogging there she found two couples romancing she saw it and she looked at them with out blinking the eye and she felt itching down her pussy and soon she went to home closed her room door removed her clothes and she started to do mausterbath and fingering her pussy nd ahe reeased her orgasm Moredesi.com and she bathed and went to office and then she wanted to come outof it so she started to do yoga and meditation Moredesi.com and then she decide to go to temple and other holy plaes so she went to visit temples along with her grandmom and then they cam back home after ew days and then few weeks passed and then she was on the way to home she saw parvathi along with raju and she observed parvathi was pregant and she know who was responsible and she saw mangalsutra on her neck and was shocked to see that she married raju her own son and went to home and then her grandmom and her dad were talking about some thing then kajal asked wat they were about then he said she want to got to kasi then kajal and said ok we will go

Then he said no only grandmom will go kajal said no but at last all was convinced and then she left to railway station and her dad dropped her n station and then he came home and went to market along with kishor anad then he dropped kishore in home and he was crossing the road then he was hit by a car and he was met with accident and thne kishor took him to hospital and then he called kajal and her mom nd then kajal talked with kishor and enquired about her dad and she was crying then kishor Moredesi.com consoled them and then kishor take care of all the things and he took care more then them and kajal beome more close to him and she used to cal him grandpaa and then kishore become a part of the family.

kajal dad was in serious condition nd doctor adviced him to stay in hospital for 15 days and then after some time kajal and kishor left frm hospital leaving kajal mom in hospital and then kajal dropped him at his house and went to her house and prepared food for her mom and went to hospital then he and kajal used to jog around the road along with kishor and then one day kishore house was burnt completely due to shortcircuit and he was left homeless Moredesi.com and then kajal and her mom went and console him and then kishore said now i become home less and kajal felt sad and then her mom said please control u r self and stay with us in our home and r part of our family but kishore hesitated but later he said ok and he went to kajal house and then kishor used to look at his burnt house throught windoow and every body in the house used to divert him frm topic and then kishore went to his house and removed the damaged part through workers and then his damaged parts were removed and he construted a fensing around his land.

then one day kajal went to jog and came to home and kajal was doing yoga and and kishor was stiing in front of kajal and reading news paper and kajal was doing yoga by bending forward in doogie style and backward while bending her assets were fully exposed and then after few seconds kishore looked a side a saw kajal doing yoga and her assets were completely visible to kishor a first he tried ignored it since he was a man so he cant resist him self so he stared at her assets and he was amazed to see those big boobs in his life it was very fair and pure white and huge thaqt his dick was become rock hard and stand in his dothi in 90 degrees position salutiing this beauty and he was stared at her with out blinking his eyes and then kajal stoped doing and started to do meditation and then after some time she opened her eyes and saw kishor looking at her and she smiled at him and he smiled at her and then he went inside his room removed his dick outt and did some strokes and he released his cum and then he came out and had breakfast nd then kajal and kishore left to hospital and then kajal dropped him in hospital and took her mom to hhome and she freshed herself and took some rest and after thta she took hermom to hospital and went to office and next day kishor used to look at kajal doing yoga and stroking his dick this is countinued for few days and then
Kishor tought lets finish this and then he tought nobody is there in the house expect kajal and him and she has no chance of escaping and he decide to fuck her irrrespect of her concern and then he next day in morning he got up early and looked for kajal and shewas not there and then he went to her room and saw he r around the room he herd some shower sounds he thousht she miight have shower and thne he closed the room door and then he he was comming towards the bathrrom door and he saw a panty o9n the enterance of the door and he pickit up and smelled it it was he was amzed with the smell it was making im mad s the smell is making his desire increasing and he forcely sniffedher panty and then he removed his dothi and thne he took his cock in his hand and startred to stroke his dick and he was closing his eyes and enjoying the smell of her panty and he slowly stroking his dick and kajal finished her shower and opened the door and was shocked to see kishor grandpaa stroking his dick with smelling her panty and she shocked and shouted kishor came to sense and opened his eyes and saw kajal infornt of him with towel wraped around her body then kishor felt worried and dont know wat to say and he tought he will sure threwn out of the house. Moredesi.com

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