Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 8

they stepped together under the shower. She took a soap in her hand and lathered up his whole body. Then she handed him the soap.

he began soaping her supple body. he realized soap and water make a woman’s body even more silkier and sexier. he lathered up her breasts first. Then he turned towards her ample buttocks. he lathered up her ass gloves. he spread her ass crack and ran the soap up and down. She giggled every time he touched her anus. Next he lathered up her thighs and legs. Her thighs were fleshy but very well toned, result of all the dancing he thought.
Moredesi.com Once he looked at her pussy he could not keep his eyes away. It cast a mesmerizing effect on him. Her outer lips were long and fat, raised prominently from the surrounding. The inner lips were peeping out enough to let their presence known. The tiny hole at the lower end looked enticingly moist.

What attracted raju most that her entire pussy was very neatly shaven, not a strand of hair anywhere. The question reappeared in his mind and he began to wonder why. Last time on that day when they fucked, I did see her pussy but I felt it was hairy.

Does she have a lover? he wondered and decided to ask. “Can I ask you a question kaju?”

“You can ask me anything, lover boy.” She replied.

raju said I was wondering why you have your pussy shaved? Do you have a lover?”

By her reaction it was clear she was not expecting a question like this. She hesitated to answer his question.

“Why? Don’t you like my shaved pussy?” She tried to avoid raju question with her own.

“Do you, kaju?” he kept insisting.

“Yes, but it is not what you think.” She finally replied.

“I don’t know what to think.” he said. The jealousy in his voice was quite evident.

She pulled him up to her eye level. “Yes I have a lover, but it’s not a man. You are only man in my life.”

Jealousy could cloud anybody’s judgment. It did not register with him what she said immediately.

Like a naïve that I was, he asked, “I don’t understand.”

“I have a lover beside you and she is a woman.” She expounded her answer.

My jealousy evaporated instantly. Actually he got aroused. his cock became hard again thinking that kajal had a woman lover.

he thought I watched so many porno movies that I lost count. A good portion of them were lesbian variety. I always found two women making love to each other very erotic.

“Wow! That’s very exciting kajal.” he fully endorsed her choice of partner.

“I can see that.” She responded looking at his hard on. “So you don’t mind, if I have woman as a lover, right?”

“No, not at all.”he replied

he said I was so excited I wanted to fuck u again.

“What is her name, kaju?”

“parvathi u mom kajal replied.”raju was shocked by listining her mom name he cant belive kajal and mom had a lesbian and he felt intrestiing said

“Tell me.” he urged.

“Well, she is much elder than me and she is also very beautiful.”

“Sexy beautiful?”


“How did you two become lovers?”raju asked

“You are asking too many questions. Why do you want to know?” Laughing out loud she asked.

he paused for a moment searching for the right answer. “Just want see what kind of competition i am up to.”

“You are the jealous kind, aren’t you?” She winked at him. “Believe me, she is not your competition. But I’ll tell you how we became lover, because you are partially responsible for it.” and it is ur mom

raju was shocked and said”me?” he rolled my eyes back in total shock.

She smiled at him and continued, “She works in our house After the fucking incident I had with you I was very depressed. It didn’t escape parvathi’s notice and she asked me what was wrong. I could not have told her that I had fucked u rr own son and I was struggling to come to term with that.”

“So, what did you tell my mom?”

kajal “I simply told her the truth that I was very unhappy that i could nt getting married and i want sex and a sex in my life.” She replied with sly smile on her face.

“And what did my mom say?” he asked.

“She said who needed a man to be happy in life. Then She gave me an innocent hug first. After that she kissed him.”
Moredesi.com “In the mouth?” raju asked breathlessly.

“Yes,” She replied, “just like a lover. I returned her kiss and just like that we became lover.”kajal replied
he was little bit disappointed as he was hoping to hear juicy details of their love affairs.

“Is my mom is a good kisser?” he wanted the juicy details.

She saw raju’s reaction and a mischievous smile appeared on her face.

“Let me see.” By saying that she took his face in her hands and kissed raju deeply. Her tongue slithered into his mouth and began sucking his tongue. he sucked her tongue back.

“I think it’s a draw.” She broke the kiss and told raju, “Both of you are good kissers.” as u r the blood of her

he tought Is she teasing me? Is she stacking me up against her female lover? he saw the smile on her face and he had no doubt.

“Oh, yeah! Does she do this?” he decided to play her game.

he took one of her nipples in his mouth and began sucking it. he covered her other breast with his hand and began cupping her silky and heavy flesh. She moaned and pushed his head gently onto herself.
Moredesi.com “Does she?” he asked again.

“Yes she does.” She replied, her breath was definitely getting heavier.

he turned the shower off and sat himself down on the floor between her legs. Looking up he was greeted with the most amazing sight- open and unobstructed view of her wet pussy and ass. Her rounded ass flared up and her pussy lips seemed much longer and wider from this angle.

“Does she shave your pussy?” kajal replied yes i shaved her pussy


he replied “Can I shave you one day?” he ran my fingers across the length of her smooth pussy lips, feeling them very intimately

“Yes, honey.” kajal replied u can shave me

he spread her lips and exposed her interior flesh. It was crimson red, glowing and moist with her juice. he pushed his tongue into the silky folds of her pussy flesh. he liked the now familiar taste but liked even better when she moaned out loudly.
he dragged her tongue slowly upward and began licking her already engorged clit and pushed two of his fingers inside her vagina. She pushed her groin harder on her face and cried out in ecstasy.

he was beaming with confidence that I was making her scream. “Does my mom suck your pussy this way?”
“Yes! She does and she also bites me there.”

“What?” he asked quite surprised.

“Bite my clit like she does.” She almost whispered, “And keep fucking me with your fingers.” ksjal replied

he took her large sensitive nub between teeth and gently bit it. She went crazy and her pussy gripped his fingers very tight. She was literally fucking raju’s fingers and her whole body reverberated with tremendous spasms one after another.

“Yessssss baby, oh ahhhyeeeeeeee…….” Her voice trailed off after her climax. Her pussy juice ran down his fingers and his face. More raju was tasting her pussy juice, more he was liking it. he could eat her pussy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and for all the snacks in between.

raju was learning quickly that a woman could have multiple orgasms with various degree of intensity within a short period of time. Nobody teaches you these knowledge in school or college, he laughed to himself.
After her climax subsided he was still sitting between her legs with his tongue on her clit and two fingers in her pussy.he wanted to do something different for her, different than something mom had done to her. he could not help but laugh thinking he was in an imaginary battle with kajal trying to please my mother or mom trying to help kajal. But it made the whole thing even more sweeter.
Moredesi.com raju placed his free hand between her ass crack and touched her anus. Her body trembled at his touch. Thinking that she liked it, he pushed one finger into her rectum. It was very tight but he was still able to push it all the way inside.

“I like it,” She moaned heavily, “put another one in there.”

Did I hear her right? raju hesitated for a moment.

“Put another finger in my ass sweetheart, and fuck my ass too.” She urged raju on wantonly.

This girl is insatiable, he thought and I am glad I am her man to satisfy her he tought.

then he pushed another finger into her anus. Now he was fucking her pussy and ass hole at the same time, each with two fingers. She began gyrating her hips and riding on his inserted fingers. he liked the way she was reacting to his finger fucking her both holes.

“Does mom do this too?” he confidently asked.

“Yesssssss she does!” She said in a lingering trailing tone, “She also kisses me down there.”

“What?” raju was surprised to say the least.

“She kisses and licks my ass hole too.” She replied lewdly, “And when she does I go crazy.”

Is she playing games with me? Is she challenging me to lick her ass hole? Barrage of questions flashed through raju’s confused mind.

raju tought that he always considered her ass as very beautiful and sexy. I loved to grope and squeeze her firm and fleshy ass globes. I loved the way her ass swayed side to side when she walked or danced. I loved the way her ass bounced back when I had fucked her. But her stinky ass hole was never a part of his sexual fantasy, let alone kissing and licking it. But she had thrown down a challenge to me. Her female lover my mom had been licking her ass hole and she had dared me to do the same.

then he spread her ass globes wide and for the first time in his life he began taking a close look at an ass hole. It was darker than her natural fair skin, almost brown. It was puffy and slightly raised. The crinkled flesh made it look like an rose bud. But the hole in the ass hole was so tiny that it was barely discernible.
Then he noticed the telltale sign her shaving her anus too. he got very excited and suddenly her ass hole looked very clean and very sexy to him. If my mom can do it, so can I, he thought.

he stick his tongue out and lightly touched her anus. She pushed her ass back on raju. he started circling his tongue around her crinkled disk and began licking her anus.

“Oh yes! It feels very good baby. Lick my ass hole.” She wiggled her ass over his face and cooed. Then she slightly bent over to give raju better access. Her ass had completely opened up. “Stick your tongue inside my ass hole and fuck my ass hole with your tongue honey.” She urged on.

Boy she is hot, horny and nasty, raju thought, she wants to make up for last six day’s in one day.

Without anymore hesitation he stuck his tongue inside her tiny puckered hole. he did not know how but she started gyrating her ass around his tongue. She must have had lot of practice with my mom in doing so, he thought.

raju was fucking kajal ass hole with his tongue and her pussy with two of my fingers.

“If you continue doing this to me, I wouldn’t need u rmom anymore.” kajal told him jokingly. But on the contrary he wanted her to continue on with her relationship with my mom. May be one day I would be lucky enough to fuck both of them at the same time fulfilling my ultimate fantasy raju thought in his mind.

he noticed her body tensed up and started shaking again. he had now become very familiar with her pre climactic ritual. She gripped his fingers very tight. “Ahhhhheeeee……..” and she climaxed again, although with lesser intensity.

“How did I do kaju?” he inquired like an expectant student who just finished a test.

“You did excellent.” She beamed with pride at his achievement, “I can’t believe this was your first time.”kajal said

“Did I do better than my mom?” he pushed his luck further.

“Silly boy!” She playfully slapped raju, “I’m not going to compare you with u r mom. I love both of you and both of you are special to me. u r mom is a beautiful lady and you posses this beautiful cock.” She paused and grabbed his hard cock in her hand. “Now stop talking and fuck u r lover again with this beautiful tool of yours.” She almost commanded raju.

he went behind her. She bent forward holding the wall with both of her hands raising her pussy for raju.

he placed his cock head at her slit and pushed. She pushed back towards him and his cock found its now familiar way, navigating through her soft velvety flesh until it hit her cervix.

raju thought in his mind that the last two times they fucked, it was she who actually had taken the lead role and fucked me. This time it felt like I was fucking her. then he noticed as he was pushing his cock in and out of her pussy, he noticed her ass hole was closing and opening as if it was winking at hm and inviting him. he made up my mind. he wanted to fuck her ass hole.

“kaju, I want to fuck you in the ass.”he said

She surprised raju with her answer. “You know when he were licking my ass, I was thinking about the same thing.”kajal replied

he withdrew his dick out of her hole. It was drenched with her pussy juice. She wasted no time in taking his wet cock into her mouth and licking her own pussy juice dry. “Honey, it is so big and your lover still virgin there. This monster may hurt me in my tiny hole.” She showed her concern.

he thought she might be having a second thought. She saw my disappointment and assured me, “No, baby, we will do it, but you have to be very slow and very careful not to hurt .”kajal said

“Okay kaju.”

“Now lets go to bedroom. It would be easy on my knees too.” raju said

She grabbed a jar of Vaseline on our way to the bedroom.
Once in the bedroom she got on her hands and knees, wiggling her ass up in the air very sexily. he wasted no time to lubricant her tiny hole.

Very excitedly he placed his dick at her anus. his dick head looked enormous compare to her tiny hole. At first he thought there was no way his dick could penetrate this tiny little hoe. My inexperience showed as he pushed his dick into her ass, little harder than she expected.

“Oh, not so hard baby.” She protested.

“Sorry kaju.”
Moredesi.com “Tell you what, you don’t push. You just stay still, I’ll push back.” She suggested and I concurred immediately.

She began pushing back on to me very slowly and also wiggling her ass side to side. My dick head popped into her very tight cavity. She moaned that sounded like a mixture of pain and excitement, and she remained motionless for a while, which seemed like very a long time.

“Are you alright kaju? You want me to take it out?” raju asked. “It’s not that important to me anymore if you don’t like it.”
Moredesi.com “No, no baby….I want it.” She gently squeezed one of his hands assuring arju, “I’m just adjusting to your huge cock. Just be patient, okay honey?”kajal replied

Then she resumed pushing back her ass onto his cock. he felt his cock was expanding the rings in her ass tunnel as it moved into her inch by inch. he was amazed and become very excited when his groin hit her firm ass globes. he was all the way inside kajal’s ass.

“I’m all the way in kaju.” he excitedly informed her.

“Yes baby you are,” Turning her head she smiled, “How does it feel? Do you like it?”

“Oh yeah!” he exclaimed, “It feels wonderful. It is so tight and so hot. I love you kaju.”

“Love you too baby. Now you can fuck my ass anyway you want.”kaju replied

“Are you sure?”

“Yes ass fucker.” She cooed jokingly, “oh, one more thing, fuck my pussy with your fingers also honey.”

That’s right raju thought, can’t neglect her hot cunt and pushed two fingers into her dripping hole to her absolute delight.

hebrought his cock out to edge of her anus and rammed it back hard into her now considerably softened tunnel. She began moaning heavily and matched his every thrusts into her with her backward push.

“kaju, I’m going to cum……..” he growled and increased his tempo of fucking her ass. his cums began churning deep within my balls rearing to spurt.

“Me too honey. Lets cum together.” She sang sexily.

With tremendous force he emptied his balls into her ass and continued plowing his cock back and forth into her. his cum made her hole even more slippery. White streaks of gooey cum began oozing out of her anus.
Moredesi.com “Ahhhhheeeeeee……….” She climaxed a moment later. Her hot juice poured out of her pussy on his hand and overflowed downward.

“Was it as good as you thought it would be?” She teased him with a very contented smile.

“Much…much better. It was awesome.”

“Lets go to bathroom,” She grabbed his now limping cock, “they have to keep this baby clean.”

She led him to bathroom and began cleaning his cock with soap and water.
Moredesi.com raju mind started to voyeur again thinking of her and his mom while she was cleaning his dick.

“kaju. You think I can join you and …..”raju said

She interrupted raju at once. “Not a chance tiger.”

“Why not? It is my biggest fantasy.”he said

“You and rest of the male population.” She joked. “It’s not going to happen.”

She saw disappointment in his face. “Honey, It’s not me, I wouldn’t mind doing it with you and her together, it’s ur mom. She hates man.”


“Why so?” raju disappointment overflowed in his voice.
she is ur mom u cant do that if she knows about our affair then it will be difficult and she hates man as she didnt has sex after u r dad died and she didnt have sex for long while so u cant

he tried to joke grabbing his dick in a macho way. “She hates man because she hasn’t met a real man like me. Once she gets to taste this baby, she’ll change.”

She smiled at me. “Yes honey, dream on.”

Nothing wrong with dreaming, he thought to himself, this morning about two hours ago I did not think I would fuck all three of her holes.raju thought in his mind

Next few days went by in a blur. It turned out that raju’s mother had a book on Kama Sutra.raju read thet book and tried onkajal and they tried every positions possible. he was impressed to find out how flexible her body was. She bent and twisted her body in so many ways, probably only a dancer could. they fucked each other everywhere in the house like two sex crazed rabbits.

Finally next day arrived, the day before swamiji departure. he found his mother was little bit hesitant and apprehensive around swamiji that morning. he mistakenly thought she was distraught for his impending departure.

After swamiji and her father and parents left for station to drop swamiji and around eight, kajl told raju, “Honey, I’ve a big favor to ask you.”

“Anything for you kaju.”

“I want you to leave the house for a while.”kajal replied

“What for?” he asked quite surprised at her request.

“u r mom and I meet once a week. Last week was in u r house and today supposed to be in my house. She is supposed to come around nine.” She said. “I did not want to cancel because she might get suspicious.”

“No, no it’s okay.” he assured her, “How long you want me gone?”raju replied

“Couple of hours max.” She replied blushing a little bit. “I promise I’ll make it up to you later.” kajal said

What I wouldn’t do to be with them? raju dick started getting hard thinking of his beautiful sexy mother with another woman. his mind started working on fantasy overdrive. he decided to fuck my mother right at that time and even she washed her pussy it would leave traces of his cum in her. he thought smelling his potent cum may ignite mom parvathi’s desire for a real cock. After all she was married once.

he was so excited, he couldn’t eat and just nibbled at his breakfast. Then he helped her cleaning the table.

he looked up at the wall clock, it was 8.29. he decided to make his move.

At 8.30 he began kissing her deeply and at the same time fondling kajal breasts.
Moredesi.com “We don’t have time for this.” She said but did not really make an real attempt to stop me.

At 8.33 he put her on the dining table and pushed her down. he spread her legs and began eating her pussy. She again only mildly protested. he began nibbling at her already engorged clit and she started moaning heavily. She was in no condition to stop me or herself anymore. he pushed two of his fingers into her hot soaking hole. She gripped his finger tightly and began fucking them.

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