Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 7

kajal pickup and went to home and kajal enquired about their tour and father said its good and they enquired kajal how she spent all 1 week kajal replied it was great and fantastic and i never have this kind of new experience daily they replied thats fantastic and kajal reached home and next day morning raju came to kajal home along with here mom and parvathi enquired about their tour and raju was busy in search of kajal and raju asked kajal mom where is sister she said she was in her room and parvathi said kajal mam teacing tution to raju she said its good and then she said to go to her room and raju went to her room and kajal was sleeping and he went near kajal and waked up her and kajal saw raju and said gudmorning and raju kissed kajaland kajal respondeed to him and broke the kis and then raju asked shall we have a session kajal said no raju replied please kajalsaid i also want u raju but every body at home so we cant have raju was sad and kajal felt petty and replied raju ok we have but not now i will tell u and u come in evening raju felt happy and kajal went to office and finished the work quickly and went in search of place and she found a no man land which is 63km frm city and kajal tought this was right place and at evening she pickup raju and directly took him to that place and said shall we start and raju
placed his hand over Kajal’s thighs and rubbed it gently.

raju took Kajal’s hand and placed it on his dick over his pants.

“You fucked the hell out of me last night saying the same words and you still want more”

raju just gave a naughty smile.

Kajal slowly unzipped his pants and put her hand inside his pants and rubbed his dick over his undies. She continuously rubbed it for a couple of minutes.

sister u r genius ad great i will fuck u badly and u definetly love it Kajal smiled at him and lowered his undies and then took his dick out and started to move her hand up and down over his dick.Moredesi.com “mmmmm…ahhhh doit please ahhhhhaaa”Saying that raju moved his hands towards Kajal and pulled down the pallu of her half saree and started cupping her boobs over her blouse with his left hand, while holding the steering wheel in the right hand.”oooohhh… raju, press harder…”Hearing this raju pressed those milk melons even harder. This made Kajal more excited, and she tightened the grip over her raju’s dick and gave it a wild handjob. “aaaahhhh… I ammm cumming” raju shouted and ejected his sperm over Kajal’s hand and some fell on his pants. Then raju took his hand of Kajal’s boobs and put his dick back into his pants. Meanwhile Kajal ate all the cum in her hands and once again rubbed her raju’s dick.
and then they adjusted the seatt and soon
raju grabbed her cheeks with both hands and took her lower lips between his mouth and started sucking it.”mmmmm” Kajal murmured while raju was tasting her strawberry lips.raju continued sucking her lips for another few minutes. When he moved his mouth from her lips, Kajal’s lips was wet and shining with his saliva.
In another few seconds raju once again put his hand behind Kajal’s head and pushed her close to him and once again started sucking those lips of Kajal. Then he slowly moved his hand towards her shoulder and removed her pallu and then glided towards her boobs and cupped his kajal’s huge melons. This time he pressed them harder than before and Kajal moaned

“mmmmm… ooohhh” and enjoying his smooching.and kajal said shall we start and raju said s and raju removed his shirt and his pant and kajal removed her saree and blouse and pettycoat and was now in bra and panty and raju said sis u r realy goddess of sex and beauty saying this he soon put his face in between her boobs and started to kiss her boobs and pressing them harder and he placed his hand behind the bra strap and unhook the bra.
kajal bra becoome loose and her boobs become rock hard and was breahting heavily and raju removed her bra and moved near her boobs and started to suck her boobs kajal was moaning ahhhhhahhahhhhhhh hhh rajuuuu and raju started to suck her milk and bititng her nipple and kajal placed her hands on raju’s head and pulled his head by applying pressure and and raju become more horny and biting her nipple harder and kajal become mad and moaning heavilyMoredesi.com hhhaahhahhahhhahh rajuuuuuu its paining and raju moved his hand on her left boob and pressing harder and massanging it and kajal was enjoying it and moanong and raju emptied her boobs and moved towards other boobs and started to sck and biting her nipple kajal was all in heaven and moaning ahhhhahhhhhhaaaahhhhammmmmm….. and raju emptied her boobs and got up and moved his head near her head and started to kiss her lips and kajal opened her mouth and raju put his mouth and started to suck her saliva and playing with their tonge and they broke the kiss and raju kiss her cheek neck and kissing kajal and then he moved towards here navel and sucking her navel kajalwas shaking her head and closing her eyes and enjoying the fore play and sucking of raju and which made kajal craz and moaning hhaaammmmmmm…and with her hands on his head applied pressure and raju was sucking her navel violently and placed his tounge in her navel and sucking the walls of navel and near that area and kajal was breathing heavily and moaning and after sometime of sucking he moved near her pussy and ramoved her panty and kissed her pussy enterance and parted her pussy enterance and started to insert his tounge in her pussy and he completely inserted his tounge in to her pussy and sucking it and and moving his tounge in and out and and kajal was moaningMoredesi.com


mmmmmmmm..enjoying theact and placed his hand over his head and lifted her legs and placed over his sholders and locked it kajal moved her legs and applied presure and raju moved still further and sucking her pussy and kajal moaning mmmmmmrajuuuuu i love u and raju sucking more and more and fastly and after thet sucking kajal said i am cummming ad let out a moan aaaaahhhaaaahahahhh……mamammamam i am cumming and released her orgasm and raju sucked all her cum and is face was ful of he cum and smiled at kajal which was brething heavily and raj said sis u r cum is tasty and i like the taste and kajal said i too like u r cum it is also tasty and raju said really so have it and he removed his underware and kaja came close to his dick and started to suck his dick and moanig mmmmmmm…..and raju started to moan Moredesi.com haaaaahhhhhhhaaa sis u r the best suck it suck it nicely and meanwhile he placed his hand near her boobs and startred to press her boobs kajal aws moaning due to pain aahhhahahaharajuuu and she incerased the speed of her sucking and she reacher her tounge near her balls and sucking it and raju was moaning ahhhhaaahhh sis i am cumming and he released his cum load and kajal drank all his cum with out wasting and stood up and raju moved near kajal and started to suck her lips and saliva and kajal was responding well and then his dick reached max length and broke the kiss and loked down and he inserted his dick in to kajal pussy and slowing and inserted his dick completely and slowly started to move his dick in and out and started to stroke and kajal was moaning hhhahhhaaammammammammmmmmmaaaaaaaa…..and and raju slowly increase the speed of his fuckk and kajal said raju fuck me darling fuck me please fuck me and raju started to incresse the speed and also moaing aaaahahahah sisssss sissss i love u i love u sis kajal replied me tooooo raaaajjjj uuuuuu and then after some time kajal said i am cumming raju said mee tooo sis and kajal lifted her legsMoredesi.com and raju released all his load and his cum was hitting the wall of her pusy and kajal released his orgasm and her orgasm was commingout through raju dick and along with her orgasm raju cum also cum and his dick was mixed with her juice and cum and raju pulled his dick out and sae his dick it was shining andkajal said wow raju u r dick was shining and kajal moved down and started to suck his dick Moredesi.com and raju was lying on seat and then after sucking his dick reaced his hard and made kajal in doogie style and he laid on kajal and he parted kajal ass and slowly insered his dick in to her ass hole and kajal was moanig with pain and closing her eyes aaaaahhahhahhhhhhh…and he slowly start to fuck kajal and moving his hip and he stroking kajal with full force and and kajal was moaing loudly ahhahahahahahhahhaha…..and raju kissing her back and sucking the sweat on her body and biting her back and kissing her waist and sucking it violently and kajal was moaing ammamammamammmmmmmrajuuuu suck it suck it and stroke me harder harderrrrr and giveee meeem emmmm me thhee paaaaapapaainn aaaahhahhhaaaa and raju after some time nearly 20 minutes Moredesi.com later he said i am cumming andkajal replied mee tooooooo raaaajjjuuu and both of them released their cum and raju removed his dick out and some amount of cum fall on her ass Moredesi.com and sat on next seat and kajal also sat on next seat beside raju and relaxed for some time and kajal took her mobile and saw time it was 7.40 pm and they relaxed for 10 minutes and wear their dress and they started to move to home and at 9.pm kajal dropped raju at his home and pavati came near kajal and chated for a while then left their house and kajalstarted to drive to her house.
kajal left to home and reached home at 9.30pm and ring the dooor bell her mom opened the bell and kajal get in and she found a old man with white hair and bard wearing lungi and look like a sadhu and his age is around 75years and kajal asked her mom who is he she said a preist we meet him in our toor and he said he will come to our house and do some pooja stuff and kajal said ok and asked his name she said rajendra and he will do pooja for 5 days in our house and u should not go to office for 5 days.kajal said ok and looked at the priest and he look like sadhu withlong bread and hair and some ash on his body.and sadhu opened his eyes and he foundd kajal was wearing a beautiful red designer saree and matching sleeve less blouse. But due to blouse being sleeve less and her bra being a designer one most of her cleavage and his eyes fixed on her.

The swamiji as soon as seeing Kajal and saree became awestruck as though she was the most beautiful lady in the world but controlled and called her near him and tell problems. So Kajal came near him and touched his feet and during tthat time the swami got to look her breast and even nipples and even his old partner gained a growth and the swamiji was now with all LUST.
Moredesi.com Now Kajal started to tell her problems to him but the swami gave little concentration to her but more to her body and Kajal looked it but ignored it. and then he said to their parents that he will do some pooja in the house and every body should be ready and wake up early in morning and all of them said ok and had their dinner and went to sleep and swamiji was thinking about kajal and her raw beauty so he decide to enjoy the raw beauty of kajal so he tought for a wile and then he made a plan and he sleep and wake up early in morning and had the bath and soon he waked up all the people in the home and all of them came to hall and then swamiji said all of u go and take bath coome with in 20 minutes and all of then in a hurry went a took bath and came back in ime and meanwhile swamiji prepared some pooja stuff and placed in pooja room and asked everyone to take b;essing and every one came and took blessing of swamiji andkajal came and bent to take blessing soon he looked at heer bog deep and fairy cleavage which was vivible for him and her waist and his dick got hardon and kajal gotup and he was looking at kajal for a while and then he did some pooja and after that he got up and looked aroud the house and checked each and every room and he find kajal room and then he came back to hall and then at 8.30 am in parvathi and raju came to her house and raju was shocked to see the swamiji and he went near kajal and she took himt o her room raju asked her who is this kajal said very thing and he was disopinted and kajal said dont worry just few days and kajal placed his hand on his dick and pressed it harder and went to hall and raju was looking at her ass with sad face and he started to read and then at 11am raju went back home kajal felt sad looking at raju.

after that day kajal went back to her room and fingering her pussy and swamiji was peeping through key hole and he was shocked to see kajal nude and fingering her pussyMoredesi.com his dick become hard to see kajal in this way and imagined her in morning and t night the change in her and he cant control him self soon he removed his dick out and started to stroke his dick and he released all his cum mean while kajal relaesed all her orgasm and dressed her self and swamiji cleane dhis cum n the floor Moredesi.com and went back to sleep and next day he did some poooja and he said tokajal mom dad and grand maa that tooday i will do some pooja in home and at same time this pooja shold be done in templ at same time so u all should go to temle and do this pooja and with me one will help e in doing pooja and kajal will help me and u all go to near by temple and do this at same time all them said ok and he gave some list and said this pooja will take nearly 6-7 hours to complete and mean while parvathi came and completed all her work and left home this time raju didnot came home and then all of them left house except swamiji and kajal left in house and then kajal closed the door and he sat on chair and he said to kajal go and refresh ur self and come back and mean while i too go and refresh up and kajal said ok and went to her room and swamiji then removed all his clothes and went to kajal room and the door was locked and he dont know wat to do.

so he too the hair pin and tries to open it then at last it came and open the door slowly and then he saw kajal already completed the bath and wearing blouse which he saw she was not weaing bra and he soon went near her and placed his hand on bare backkajal felt handMoredesi.com movement on her back soon she turned a side and saw swamiji rubbing her back she shocked with hat act and shoutedMoredesi.com then she looked down he was nude and she shouted loudly soon swamiji took her near and closed her mouth with his mouth and kajal was resisting her with full force and pushing him away frm her but she cant and he took her hand and placed on his dick and stroking his dick with her hand kajal was resisting with full force but she cant then finally she broke the kiss and she was breathing heavily and cying and scremnig loudly but she cant do anything but ran away she started to ran but swamiji caught her waist and pulled towards him and pressing her boobs and said u sult i will fuck u today with full of joy and u hav teased me so much today i will not leave u and i will tear u pussy and ass hole and kajal was crying loudly soon he slaped kajal very hard and she fall on bed and she went to unconsinous state and he went near kajal and and removed her blouse and pettycoat and removed her panty and looked at her body for a while and soon kajalregained her consinousness and he moved near her pussy and started to suck her pussy while kajal saying to leave her but his sucking made her to cange her voice tone and saying pleeeeeaaseee ehhhehehaaahhhh leeeeaaavveeee aaa meee… and then she slowly stoped resisting and he increased his speed of suking and kajal was moaning mldly aaaaaaaa and the her moanes increased aaahhahahhahhhahaah aaaaaaaaaa mmmmammmmaaaaa due do pain as swamiji was sucking and biting her pussy literally and it was a painful enjoyment for kajal and enjoying the sucking of swamiji and then kajal placed her hand on swamiji head and widened her legs so htat swamiji can suck her pussy and rubbing his hair and pushing his head in to her pussy and swamiji went deep in to hrer pussy and his tounge was completely inserted in to her pussy and he was playing with her pusy by removing and inserting his tounge frm her pussy and then after thatt kajal said swamiiiiiiijjiiiiii ahhahahhhhhhhhahahha suck me like that swammmmmiiiiiiiijjjjjjjjjjiiiiii saaaaaaaaaa hahhahahahahha and then kajal said swamiii iaaaaaammmmmmmm cummminggg aaahhahahhh
sssswwwaaaaammiiijiiiiii ahhhha and she released all her orgasm it was a huge orgasm which she never come and she felt relaxed and swamiji was sucking all her orgasm and he got up and laid on kajal and planted a deep kiss on kajal lips and kajalplaced her hands aroung his head and sucking his lips and insedted their toungs in to thier mouth and sucking their sailva and playing with their tounges and then after some toome they break their kiss and hold for some breath and then they locked their mouth and sucking thier saliva and mouth and then they relaesed their kiss and swamiji said kajal please suck my cock and she said ok..and swamiji got up frm kajal and turned a side and kajal went down and looke at his dick it was a hige monster nearly 12-13 inche long and 4 inch wide The first thing kajal said is Oh my God! I cant do this please leave me, I said don’t worry kajalthere is nothing in it, nothing will happen, you will enjoy it, then he guided her mouth towards his cock, then what followed was the most surprising thing to him which he thought was never going to happen, beautiful kajal closed her eyes and was saying please, while he put his hand through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed his huge cock against her lips, he heard kajal say mmm… mmm… mmm…. no please mmmm.. and then with one firm push.

he could see her open her mouth and my huge tool enter her mouth, and a loud moan and kept his cock pushing in her mouth, he could hear voices of mmmm….mmm… from her and her hands was on his hands trying to stop swamiji from pushing her face more, swamiji said it was wonderful to have ur lovely lips warped against my monster cock, as my cock grown large. he wondered how she was going to take such a huge thing fully in her mouth, still only the head of the cock and an inch more was in her mouth, then asked kajal to take more and pushed more in, till half of his cock went in, he felt the head of his cock push against the back of her throat, then he stopped and put both his hand around her cheek and cupped her cheek in his hands, she was holding on to his hands, then he pulled my cock out slowly.
Moredesi.com Then swamiji removed his cock from her mouth and said you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen kajal and then he asked kajal to suck my balls and he guided her face to his huge balls,kajal took each of them in her mouth for about a minute and then he again put my cock near her mouth, this time without saying anything kajal opened her mouth without any resistance and took half of it in her mouth and held it like that and then pulled away and then in again, swamiji was in heaven close his eyes and really enjoy himself, this went on for five minutes and then he said, kajal take the whole thing in, this time kajal removed his cock and said no I can’t, it’s too big, he said just push it into your throat and breathe through your mouth and then kajal took his penis again in her mouth and this he put his hands behind her head and pushed her slowly in, after half a little more went in and kajal started resisting.

he said shhhh….. don’t worry, breathe through your mouth and saying so he pushed more and more of his huge cock went in and he could see kajal’s eyes closed until finally her nose touched his pubic hair, he held her there for some time and then pulled out,kajal coughed and said please, he simply pushed it in again and deep inside then pulled it out, did this for five minutes, then he sat on the bed and told kajal to sit on the floor and take his cock, she immediately kneeled down on the floor and took his penis in her mouth half way and then he pushed her head she took it fully in and this went on for 15 minutes, he could see kajal sweat and he too and he was moaning and moaning and telling kajal I love u and so on, and told her, come on sweetheart do it faster and my lovely immediately started taking his huge cock in and out of her mouth fast, he could feel the heat on his cock and he felt lot of pain in his cock and due too mouth fuck her.
Moredesi.com kajal was not able to cope up with his speed due to his huge cock. Then he took his whole cock outside and again pulled kaajal towards swamiji and this time she kept her mouth going up and down on his giant cock, She was able to cope up with his rhythm swamiji guess she loved it too. This went on for five more minutes. After that he made her to lie on the bed and put his hand around her bare waist and pushed it up towards her breasts and pressed it hard, kajal let out a moan saying aaaah! ouch! and he pressed her as hard as he could, she was literally screaming saying ouch aaaajhhahhahhahahahahhahhha its paining no… Then they started kissing again and this time kajal wrapped her arms around his head and kissed back and then they broke the kiss and looked into her eyes.said shall we start




She don’t know what to say and she said your dick is very huge, I can never take it please, then he said it is just relax and trust me, you can take it and said any way I’m going to fuck you so better to co – operate and enjoy rather than putting up a fight, swamiji could see tears in her eyes and she said please…… he just started kissing her madly, he became too hot by just sucking those lovely lips of kajal, she started saying please this should not happen…

he didn’t listen to her, he just kept kissing her and both his hands were around her bare waist his thumb pushing into her navel and then cupping both her ass globes and squeezing them. he came to know that She seemed to be enjoying because her hands were around his head but she seemed to be afraid. Finally he broke off the kiss and he moved towards her boobs and started to fondle and sucking them and biting then and he started to drink her milk one by one and kajal was just enjoying by this act and moaning aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhahammmm…
then he emptied her milk and move up

Then they kissed madly and he pulled her on him and from behind and put his hand on her ass and pressed it and that was when he saw kajal’s eyes and his eyes went up bite her lips herself and he realized she was actually enjoying , he felt himself really lucky, but kajal showed resistance then he pressed her lovely bare ass and put one finger inside her ass she stopped resisting and was moaning like anything, she was aaahhh aahhaaaahhhh, he pushed it in and out 10 to 15 times and she just kissed swamiji and was shaking, he thought that she must have had an orgasm, then he kissed her and said to kajal that u have huge soft breasts in view with oval shaped huge pinkish brown areolas was around 5cms in diameter, it looked so beautiful.kajal smiled and said thank u.

he was just looking at it and then he opened his mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while he pinched the other nipple kajal moaned aaaah shhhh, ooooh please… And then this went on for 15 minutes after which they kissed again, this time more passionately and said kajal u r mine, he sucked her boobs again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her pussy , she just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from kajal really turned swamiji on and he started to suck her pussy hardly she did not resist one bit, instead she was moaning, I was kissing her knees then moved up and was kissing and licking and biting her thighs, that’s when kajal did the most beautiful thing, she herself pinched her nipples and pushed her, he again put his face on her pussy and she spread her legs and put it on his shoulders and caught his head and pushed it deeper into her and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words I love you! and then he started bite her clits and inserted one finger and finger fucker her while biting her clits ,She was moaning like anything and pressing and pinching her breasts.
Moredesi.com This went on for 20 minutes, then finally kajal was moaning aaaaaaammmmm enough swaaamijiiijiii, please… enough, I love you these words are said only by her mouth but she kept on pushing his head with her hands and legs and she started to scream he know she was having her orgasm and immediately huge load of her orgasm hit his mouth. Then after two minutes kajal loosened her grip on his head then he came up and he could see kajal’s beautiful pussy, it was reddish.. but her hole seemed so small to grown up cock. Then he got up and kissed her a lot and he moved his hand near pussy and widened her pussy andkajal knew wat he going to do, she said please don’t hurt, be gentle, he said don’t worry, it will pain a little, but it will be heaven after that.

swamiji could see the fear in her eyes, she said please, he said come on don’t spoil the fun, then he got up and sat and told her to suck his cock, she got up immediately and started sucking like a whore. After 5 mins he got her away and made her lie down, she was all afraid and tears in her eyes, and scared and she said, please I beg you, if it pains me then please leave me alone, and he said don’t worry . Saying so he got on top of her with my monster cock hanging and then he put kajal’s legs on either side of his shoulders and kissed her, she kissed him back and then he positioned his monster cock on her tiny pussy and he could see fear in her eyes and she started crying while he started pushing into herpussy, he could see her tiny pussy open up to take his cock and it was really stretching, and kajal cried out, aahhhh swaaaamiijiiiiiaaahhh noooooo its paining….
Moredesi.com Please stop, she was literally screaming and crying, her screaming and crying made him more horny, so he started to pump more and more against her wish to stop, he pushed more and she was crying and pleading like anything, then he made his thirsting very slow and gentle, his huge punch was coming in the way so he took it out, kajal said thanks, he said we will try again don’t worry my dear she said no but he pulled her to the edge of the bed and had his legs on the floor, perfect position, he again put her legs on his shoulders, she already started crying and this time he told her don’t worry honey we’ll just try once and then finally he took his cock in his hand and put it against her pussy and he immediately pushed forward and she cried aaaahhhh pleasee!! noooooo swamiiiijiiijijijijiji !! pleaseee I’ll die, he said shut up bitch! he saw her cry and moan, to stop her cry, he said shut up bitch or I’ll ram the whole thing in, she said no please slowly and was crying like anything and moaning too and pinching her breasts and touching her pussy where he was entering.and moaning nooooooaahahhahahhahhahhanooooooopleeeeesaeee ahahhahahhha……..hhahahha
Moredesi.com kajal put two fingers on either side of her pussy and was pulling it apart, Trying to take his cock in, then suddenly he pushed more in nearly half way in her pussy, she really screamed, swamiji said shut up, kajal kept quite with tears flowing and she bit her underlip and down it was a beautiful sight to see her little pussy being invaded by his cock, it stretched out and was tightly holding against huge cock, slowly he again started pushing it and kajal again said no, then he pulled his cock out and saw, kajal pussy was open, he could see inside a bit and again he pushed cock in and it went half way and he gave a damn hard push and he could feel his balls against her lovely pussy, andkajal really screamed aahhhaaaaaaahh!kajal screamed “its pushing against his womb”, and then he said, don’t worry kajal its all in, don’t worry, then he started pulling out slowly and pushing back in and kajal was still in pain, but kajal moved up towards swamiji and kissed swamiji a lot and wrapped her arms around his head, then he started doing it faster, and kajal was moaning aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah,, aaaammmaaa… oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh, swamijiiissshhj, aaaahhhh, sloww, please, I love you aaahh, and then he started hammering her damn hard and her pussy lips became damn red.

he pulled it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole 13 inches inside, she was crying, moaning and kissing and what not, he was happy to see kajal enjoy and getting the fuck of her life, She was moaning and screaming, Moredesi.com aaaahahahhammmmmma aaaaaaasshh…….!!! slow please noo, aaahh ooooh and kissing and kissing, he bite her nipples from time to time and then while fucking her hard it was wonderful to see kajal’s breasts bounce up And down so violently and she was moving her head side to side and moaning and biting her lips and kissing his lips and it was wonderful to see her pussy lips tightly clench his cock and milk it out, aaaahh ahhh ooohh went on for 25 minutes and kajal tightly clenched swamiji and bit herself, she had her orgasm many times, she said swamiji please stop or I’ll surely die.
But he didn’t listen to her, just kept on mercilessly ramming in and out of her and then he picked his thrusts pace up and started to groan, kajal understood that he going to cum’ she wrapped her legs tightly around his and put her arms around him so tightly, finally he thirsted deep inside her and started to cum deep inside kajal pussy and kajal was moaning aaaaaaaah….. aaamm….. sswwaaaamijiii aahhhahh…he kept cuming for nearly 1 minute, her pussy was not able to hold all his cum, it overflowed all over her thighs and on him as well and kajal said, oh swamiji there is much so of your cum inside me, I’m full with your sperms, I can feel it, and swamiji moved towards her kept kissing and kissing and then he could see sperms leak from the sides of her pussy and then with a final kiss.

he got up and pulled out his cock,and saw , kajal’s pussy was stretched so wide and his semen just flowed out of her pussy and there was slight blood also with it, she was bleeding slightly because of his monster cock, kajal could hardly stand, when she stood she was going to fall, he caught her, and his sperms mixed with slight blood flowed down her thighs, it was such a beautiful sight, then laid her on the bed and he too laid next to her by sucking her boobs. then he saw the time it was 2 pm in after noon soon he got up and dressed himself and he helped kajal to dresed up and went to hall and kajal lied on bed in her room.

after that encounter with swamiji kajal lied on bed like a deadbody and she cant able to move so she take rest and kajal didnt come out of her room for 1 day and next after that she had fucked by samiji when ever they had a chance and she was negleting raju due to swamiji and she felt bad for negleting raju so one day no one is at home and swamiji took all of them to temple far away frm ciity and will come by night so she tought to brng raju and she went to raju house and she saw parvathi and kajalasked parvathi about raju she said he went to outside and kajal said ok and about to leave there was rain started and kajal came on scooty soon parvathi said kajal to come in and kajal said ok and she got in and mean while parvathi friend came and said to parvathi that an emergancy and parvati asked wat happened and she said i need ur help and she took parvathi away frm kajaland kajal looked towards the door parvathi was in shock and she came in and said mam i need to go and she said and went andkajal said in home alone and she looked around the house and saw parvathi husband photo and it has a garland and she came to know parvathi husband died and felt pity on parvathi and she loked in garden and there were lot of trees and big garden back of house and big big trees and a chair and table between the tress and kajal liked the house very muuch and mean while raju came and saying mom mom and kajal came to house and said u r mom is not there and raju suprised to see kajal in his house and felt happy to see her after long time nd raju went near kajal and asked is no body in the house kajal said s and want to take to house thats why i came she replied and went near the dor and raju went to hal and closed the front door then rain started to fall and She leaned forward extending her hands in the pouring rain.kajal said to raju “I love rain. When I was a kid,” She looked at him smiling, “many many years ago, I used to run around in the rain like a wild kid. Sometimes my grandma used to get mad at me for overdoing it. You see, unlike you, I grew up in a small town and we did not have video games or Internet. We often had to invent our own fun and game.”

raju was glad she was talking to him so normally again after few days as they didnt get a chance to talk. “raju can imagine playing in the rain could be fun.” he said.

She smiled at him again. replied “You bet it is. You know what, I feel like a kid again and I feel like dancing in the rain again.”

Completely surprising him she took her saree off and ran into the pouring rain in her blouse and petticoat.
Moredesi.com Ta..ta..dhin..ta…ta..ta dhin…ta. She began dancing to the beat of an imaginary tabla (a drum like Indian musical instrument).

She effortlessly and gracefully danced around and disappeared in the furthest corner, out of his sight. he leaned forward to see where she was. Then he saw her emerging from other side of the house.

When he saw her, his jaws dropped, as he thought for a moment she was naked. But soon realized her wet petticoat and blouse had become transparent and clung to her skin almost becoming her second skin. kajal came closer and closer towards raju. he could see she was not wearing any bra and her breasts were bouncing with her movement. Her dark nipples were protruding out seductively.

raju think in his mind kajal was, she is beautiful and sexy, he thought, a vision of joy. Her wet clothes clinging to her body, were actually accentuated all her curvesMoredesi.com
raju gasped and his dick stirred within his shorts when he saw she was not wearing any panties either. Even with his inexperience he knew he was not looking at camel toe, it was the whole camel foot. Her whole mons area was totally visible forming an smooth triangle between her thighs. Her raised mound was devoid of any patch of dark spot, that could mean only one thing- a shaved pussy. A pronounced dark cleft framed her pussy prominently in that triangle.

She did not look like normal which he saw before anymore, to him she looked like a sex goddess, a naked goddess. She could not be more naked than this without actually being naked. Next question came to his mind was, why all of a sudden she was exposing herself!

Then kajal came close to where raju was standing. “Aren’t you going to join me? i promise it will be fun.” She said covering her face with one hand trying to avoid any direct hit from rain into her eyes. Her breasts stood up firmly when she raised her arms.

The whole thing had developed so quickly and unexpectedly that raju hesitated for a moment. Without waiting for his answer she turned around and continued dancing towards the other side.

As she turned raju saw her almost naked back side. Her blouse seemed non existent and her petticoat clung to her, showing her firm rounded ass and very pronounced ass crack. raju never thought woman’s behind could be so beautiful and sexy.

raju took his tee shirt off. his hard on formed a noticeable tent in his boxer shorts but at that time he was beyond the point of being embarrassed for that. he entered into the torrential monsoon rain after kajal. The rain created a mist all around so he could not see her immediately. Then he heard her voice. “I’m over here.”

Following kajal’s voice he found her bending over at the corner examining the drain. raju came very close behind her. She bent over further and picked up few debris unclogging the drain. Oh, what a sight, he thought. As she bent over he saw her ass cracks opened up and outline of her pussy lips came to view. Her dark little anus pressed against the wet transparent fabric, creating an erotic imprint.raju cock became fully erect and was rearing to tear apart his shorts for its freedom.

kajal stood up momentarily. “That’ll keep the water flowing out.” She said.

She looked up and down as if to check he out. he thought her gaze lingered longer on his now totally hard cock. “Didn’t I tell you it would be fun?” he saw a grin on her face as she walked passed him in the same slow dancing motion. Her totally visible breasts jiggled. Her buttocks danced with her motion.

She was walking towards the tree.

In the whole yard, only place there was no grass, was under that tree. Four plastic chairs and a small table were at the center. raju mother, when he had guests visiting, occasionally would have had their afternoon teas there. Now it seemed like a good place to get away from the rain too. kajal sat down on one of the chairs.

After six days she was giving raju all kind of signals. he did not know what was the reason for this sudden change and frankly he didn’t care. he wanted to sink his cock into her shaved pussy in the worst possible way. And if fucking was all that required to bring our relationship back to normal again, he was all for it. Whatever the reason might be he must take advantage of it.and he had a afraid what if her mom comes but he looked at kajal and he got brave and he decide to commit it

he knew he had to go near kajal. But it felt awkward walking with a ragging hard on like that. he brought his hands in front of and cupped over his groin in a futile attempt to hide his hard on.

raju forgot that that there was no grass under the tree making it a very slippery ground. When he found that out it was already too late and he was flat on the muddy ground lying on his back.

The fall was not painful by itself as the ground was soft. Only thing got hurt was his ego. he was mad at himself for being so clumsy. But he soon realized his fall had a silver lining.

kajal quickly came over to him. “Are you alright, raju? No, don’t try to get up so quickly. Lie there for a minute.”

he heard her concerned voice. It sounded so sweet. She called in this way for the first time in six days.

raju “I am okay. It’s nothing.” I tried to get up.

She put one of her hands on his lips and said, “Shhhhashhhh! Don’t be so hasty, baby.” She pushed him down. he was perplexed at first but soon realized what she was up to and goose bumps began to appear all over his body.

he felt her hand on his stomach and it did not stop there. She slowly pushed her hand downward. Her hand pulled his short down enough to expose his dick which stood vertically straight up over his groin. Her soft and wet hand captured his dick and a loud moan escaped his mouth.
raju tought Is she going to suck my dick? he shivered as he felt her warm breath on her dick. Her other hand began cupping his balls very softly. Then she very lightly kissed the tip of his dick. his dick was throbbing wildly. he just hoped he did not ejaculate quickly. kajal moved her hand down and grabbed the base of his dick as if to steady it. Then it happened.

kajal engulfed his entire dick. Her soft and wet mouth felt wonderful around his dick. his dick head bounced off her throat as she started bobbing her head up and down. he summoned all his energy to delay the surge of his orgasm. Then she initiated another amazing move. he noticed she slowly moved her body parallel to him. Her groin was at his face level. he might be a naive about sex but he did not have to be told by anyone what she wanted. Actually, he always dreamed about licking her pussy. he peeled her wet petticoat down her legs and she immediately pulled her legs over his face. And just like that he was looking at her pussy , it was completely shaved, definitely a change from his last experience six months ago. A question came to his mind why she would shave her pussy. But for then he put the question in back burner and began examining her pussy intently. he saw it was very wet and bubbles of liquid had formed at her slit and was about to drop. he was sure it was not created by the rain water.

he stuck his tongue out to taste her juice and at the same time she lowered her groin over her face. her tongue went inside her hole inciting a very loud moan out of kajal ahhhhhhaaaaahhhaahahha…..

Confidant and rejuvenated he started licking her pussy from end to end. he got hold of her ass cheeks and spread them wider to get better access. Soon he noticed she was moaning and screaming louder every time aaaahhaaahahahhahahahhahhaha………..he licked her hard marble shaped and very smooth clit. he just learnt a secret how to please a woman through licking her pussy.
he pushed two of his fingers inside her dripping crevice and started pushing them in and out imitating fucking motion. he saw a change was taking over her body. Her whole body began to convulse and she was grinding her pussy furiously over his face.
he knew he could not hold any longer. he felt the pressure that had been mounting at base of his cock was about to burst.
She mumbled something with mouth full of his cock that sounded like, “Oh god…I am going to cum…oh baby…..aahhhhhhheee…” That familiar shriek sounded like music to his ear.
raju replied”Me too!” he replied but he knew she did not hear that as his face was buried into her pussy. But it did not matter as theu climaxed almost simultaneously. Her whole body trembled tremendously and hot sticky juice poured out of her hole in waves flooding his face and mouth. after 6 days he tasted any thing like this in his life till now. Like a man possessed he lapped her sweet nectar as much as he could.
he think to himself, never had cummed so much in his entire life. It seemed like he matched the downpour of the rain falling around hem, and his cum began pouring out in abundance completely overwhelming her. he noticed she had to struggle coping with the volume of his repetitive cum outbursts. She took her mouth off his cock couple of times to breathe and streaks of white semen ran down by each sides of her mouth. She looked amazingly slutty and sexy at the same time with lower part of her lip and chin almost painted white with his thick gooey cum.

After they were spent, they just lay there motionless for few minutes to catch their breaths.

he began to comprehend what had just happened. After six days of running and hiding from each other they just got together in most intimate way. What next, he wondered.

kajal spoke first. “We are in a mess. We need to clean up.”now before ur mom comes
She got up and went into the rain again. he followed her. The rain water began washing his cum from her face. She came behind him. “Your back is a mess, let me clean it.” And she began cleaning the mud from his back with her hands. Then he felt her hands on his ass. She squeezed his buns. Her hands did not stay in one place and continued their southward journey. She spread his globes and her fingers grazed over his quivering anus.

What she is doing? he thought and tried hard not show her that he was shaking.

Her hands moved on and got hold of his balls from behind. She began cupping them as his cock started growing again. “Hard already? It is so big and so vibrant.” She said in an admiring voice, then she turned around and asked. “Do you remember that cold sunny day?”

“Every waking moment of my life.” he told kajal the truth.

She kissed him deeply . Her tongue parted his lips and went into his mouth. Her breasts, still within the confinement of her wet blouse, smashed against his chest and her hard nipples felt wonderful. his cock was touching her groin area and grew as hard as it ever had been.
raju said “I love you kajal. ” he whispered into her mouth. “Any regrets?”

“Only one,” She broke the kiss and said, “for waiting so long to overcome his inhibitions. he should have made up his mind long time ago. kajal said Oh, how i missed you last 6 days.”

raju replied “Me too kajal.”

“Will you ever forgive me for treating you like that?” She said remorsefully.

he replied”I don’t know, if I can ever do that.” he told her in mock seriousness. She was not expecting an answer like that as he saw an uncertain look on her face. “However, if you fuck me now, he may find in his heart to consider forgetting the whole thing,” Even though he jokingly said, in reality his cock was going crazy to get inside her pussy.
Moredesi.com Her face lightened up and she playfully slapped his arm. “You are so bad.” Then she took one step back and grabbed his throbbing cock within her palms. “raju think that will be the only way to satiate this beautiful monster. Don’t you think?”

She started walking back towards the tree again without relinquishing her tight grasp on his cock. he, rather his cock followed her as they reached the relatively dry cocoon under the tree. She pushed his down on a chair. his dick stood up straight almost hitting his belly. She placed her legs on both side of raju. he was essentially between her spreading legs. his heart began pounding in anticipation.
Moredesi.com She gave him a very sexy and reassuring smile. “Hold his penis little bit lower honey.” She asked.

he grabbed his cock and positioned it in a an angle.

She placed her both hands on his shoulders and began lowering herself. he looked in total amazement as her pussy lips captured his dick head. She began pushing and gyrating her hips and inch by every slow inch, the entire length of his hard on parted her lips and disappeared inside her hot and wet cavity.

She moaned, .”Oh, it feels so good. You are so big and so hard.”

he concurred immediately. “Yes, your pussy is so wet and so tight, it is unbelievable kaju,”

“Don’t rush. Lets just relax and enjoy the moment.” She kissed him deeply in his mouth.
It was an out of this world experience he was having. kajal was sitting on his lap and his cock deeply buried into her pussy. he could not have made this up any better in any of his wild fantasies.

Although she fucked him once before, it was no comparison. Today it was totally different. and he was not a piece of meat anymore. he was her loving man. his heart was full of love for this beautiful woman; he tought that kajal , who had willingly chosen me to be her lover. he thought he losing his virginity all over again. As if she read his mind and echoed his sentiment. “Lets make it our first real fuck together.”

“Yes, kaju.” he kissed her back deeply in her mouth.
Moredesi.com She leaned her head back. “Take this thing off.” She said.

Although it was not hiding anything, her wet blouse was still clung to her body. he took her blouse off. Her breasts were definitely huge like some pairs he had seen in some magazines, but they were quite a handful, perfectly proportionate to her body. Her skin was tight and smooth as very refined silk. Not a sign of sag as they stood proudly over her chest. Her nipples were very hard and stood about quarter inch over dark round patch of her areolas.
Moredesi.com She pushed one of her nipples into my mouth. he began sucking it. he began sucking the nipples. he tweaked her nipples and lightly bit them. She moaned in approval.aaaaaaahhaaahahahhahahah….hahahahharaaajuuuuu……
Moredesi.com kajal said”You are doing everything so right,” She encouraged raju, “one day you’ll make your wife very happy.”
raju replied”I’ wil marry kaju.”. “You are the only woman I want and need.”
She smiled very sweetly at his outpouring of love for her. “That is so sweet of you honey. But one day you have to get married and have babies.

raju said”Can we have babies together kaju?” he asked as his mind filled up with fantasy and love at the same time for her. “Just think… our son would be.” he paused for a second thinking what he had just said. ”
She kissed hi, deeply in his mouth and said in a rather sad voice, “Don’t have to worry about that honey, I can’t have babies anymore. because i have some problem so for that i will never get a baby thats why my parents r doing pooja in my house so that my problem get solved and i woud get married.

He didn’t know how to react. and said “I’m sorry.” That was all I could say.
kajal replied “Don’t be, it was a medical thing,” She tried to cheer him up, “beside he got everything a could have ever wanted in you a better lover.”
raju said”Can you fuck your lover any faster and harder now kaju?” he mockingly asked..
“So you want me to fuck you harder and faster, eh?” She repeated the question with fire of passion in her eyes. “You think you can handle that? Now get ready for the ride of your life lover boy.i am going to fuck your brains out.”
She pulled herself back exposing his cock up to its head and pushed back again with a thud, completely engulfing it. She repeated the process over and again, and began fucking him furiously. The chair started to rattle and rock back and forth with her thumping motion on his cock. he firmly planted his legs on the ground to prevent them from being tripped over.
raju noticed her beautiful pussy lips were opening and closing around his cock with her up and down glide. Sloshing sound of her pussy sliding over his cock soon filled up the air.
She was not only riding his shaft, she was also contracting it with her soft pussy muscles like an anaconda on a prey, determined to squeeze every drop of her juice out of his manhood. he groaned out loudly, “Oh , I love it. You are wonderful, your pussy is wonderful.”
kaju replied”I love your cock too, honey. It is so big and so alive.”
“I cannot hold any longer, I am going to cum.” raju growled.
kaju said”Yes baby cum in my pussy. Fill me up with your hot sweet cum.”
With the excitement of impending orgasm, he raised his legs forgetting the balance his planted feet were providing. By raising his legs he unknowingly offset our center of gravity.
Moredesi.com As she pushed harder onto his dick, he grabbed her ass tightly and the chair, along with them on it, tripped backward. they tumbled on the muddy ground. The chair disappeared from underneath as his buttocks hit the muddy ground below. Surprisingly the fall did not separate them. his cock was still firmly inside her pussy. his cock stretched her pussy in every direction with the unexpected fall. he had already begun ejaculating before the fall. But the intensity of her orgasm really surprised him. She dug her nails into his shoulders and screamed at the top of her voice. “Oh god, I am cumming ..ahhhhhhheeeeee… baby, its feels ….ahhheeeeeeeee…… sooooooo…fucking..goooood…Moredesi.com .ahhhhhhheeeeeee…….” Her whole body vibrated tremendously for a long time like a quake had ripped her apart. Her pussy muscles contacted spasmodically around his cock and fluids kept gushing out of her swollen pussy like a geyser. To his surprise she was not done yet, she dismounted and took his cock in her mouth wantonly. She greedily sucked their combined juices off his slowly limping cock dry.
Moredesi.com After she regained her composure she started laughing. “I think we are two mud people, we love the mud too much. Looks like we end up doing it on the mud . But wow! It was wonderful, best fuck I ever had.”kajal said
raju was glowing with confidence for her ringing endorsement of his sexual prowess, although the fall might have contributed some.
She got up and said, “Lets go inside and clean up.”
kajal followed raju to the bathroom.

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