Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 6

And later on they all dressed up and took mari body and digged the ground and placed his body inside the ground and throed the mud on his body and they came back and kajal saw the time it was 2 am kajal shocked that they fucked her for last 4 and said thank u for both for solving the problem and giving me both pleasuer and happy and they hugged kajal from front and back andkajal also responded and hugged them and they said shall we have a final session kajal hesitated didnt say anything but later on she said ok then they removed their lungi and pulled kajal saree up and they insedted their dick in pussy and balu inserted his dick in ass hole then kajal closed her eyes and started to feel the double pleasure she was getitng and let out some moaned .


And they fucked for 10-15 minutes and 3 of them released all their cum and they dressed uo and suri kissed kajal and kajal also kised him and break the lip lock and kajal moved towards balu and kissed balu and they kissed for some time and broke the kiss and said good bye to them and she left the place and reached home and she moved towards bathroom and took a shower and dressed up and fall a sleep thinking about the encounter and fall a sleep next day in morning at 10 am door bell rang she open the door and came maid parvathi and her son raju kajal wecomed them and they finished the work and maid went to kajal room nd waked up kajal to lock the house door and kajal waked up and meanwhile maid said mam can u help me kajal said yes what can i do she said and called raju and said his 10th exam r comming can u give him tution kajal said ok and asked raju when r u r exam raju said may be next moth ending kajal said ok nearly 2 months and asked when u will come raju.

He said ur wish sister kajal smiled and said ok today evening at around 6pm and i will teach u till 8.

30 pm raju said ok and they left home and kajal back to bed and sleep.


Com but she cant able sleep thinking about the sex she had last 1 week or so and she missed mari dick very much so she started to do fingering to her pussy and starto to moan ahhahhahahahhahaaaaa.

Ahahhahahhaha and pinching her boobs .

Com and nipple and after some time she had her orgasm and she sleept for some time and wake up at lungh and got refreshed and went to kitchen prepared lunch and ad the lunch and started to do some office work till evening at evening raju came with his book for tution and rang the bell kajal opened the door and welcomed raju and raju came inside and kajal asked to sat on chair brought some juice and some biscuits to eat raju had it and kajal asked raju which subject he brought raju said maths and kajal teached him maths till night 8.

30pm and raju said i will sister kajal said ok and wait i wil drop u and raju said ok and kajal soon went to his room broght scooty keys and locked the door and went near scooty then kajal sat on the seat and started her bike, then she asked raaju to get on the seat behind her, he immediately got on behind her and sat against the stepny.

Now she readjusted her seating position and due to the small seat there was barely any gap between both of them and his thigs were was touching her butt.

Then kajal asked raju shall we go raju sad ok and later on due to rain the road was daaged so raju was feling some problem so kajal realised and said hold me for support raju said ok sister .

Com this was the best thing to happen and he immediately placed both his hands firmly holding her hips from both sides and asked her i was comfortable now.

As soon as he touched her she jerked up a little and raju immediately asked what happened.

She said that she was expecting me to hold her by her shoulders.

Now we started off and the breeze was good and he was resting on her back and both our bodies were in complete contact.

He could smell her perfume and also her hair oil.

He looked over her shoulder from behind and was zapped by the beautiful sight of her huge boobies and deep cleavage.

It suddenly struck raju that she could catch me looking from her rear view mirrors and he did not continue staring at her chest.

As the roads were not in a a good condition because everytime we went on a pothole he grabbed her harder and his dick rubbed against her butt.

Also with the wind her pallu was flying and she told me to hold it in place.

He grabbed it and held it down pressing it between our bodies.

Seeing him fall so frequently on her she asked him r u ok and he said to her that the road was very rough.

Then kajal asked raju to hold on to her more firmly.

Seizing the opportunity raju hugged kajal from behind with both my hands around her bare waist.

She again jerked a little and when raju asked her if something was wrong kajal said nothing .

Raju now had the opportunity to feel her beautiful waist while his bulge was pressing deep between her butt and the seat.

Infact because of the bumpy ride his dick was now between her ass crack and the seat and she had now advanced more back on the seat literally squeezing raju against the stepney but raju did not mind since touching her felt great.

She was feeling really uncomfortable, he could understand that, but raju acted so innocently, now he got bit bolder and slowly moved her palms towards her navel, she was shaking a bit and sometimes raju tried to insert his finger in her deep navel, kajal couldnt bear it but at the same time she thought that he was simply holding her for grip, meanwhile his dick was rock hard and it was pushing further into her ass.

She asked me are you feeling comfortable? Raju said yes sister, i have got good grip, she said ok but.

Raju asked but what sister, she said nothing, raju thinking in his mind whether she was enjoying or just pretending as if everything was normal.

Kajal sari completely covered his palms which were around her waist and sometimes due to the jumps my hands slipped and kept touching the lower part of her boobs, he thought my god i have my hand around her waist but still her boobs were touching my palms, so how big her boobs got to be.

He thought to himself, later after finding it very hard to keep himself from keeping his hands on kajal massive milk tanks.

Then raju thought of getting bolder and proceeding up to her boobs, but sad by that time they reached the their house.

And kajal saked raju come tomorrow at same time but raju said i wil com in mornig with mom for tution kajal said ok and mean while parvathi called her to her house kajal camme in side the hoouse and parvathi gave some water she drink and left the home and had diner and fall a sleep.

Kajal went to her house and haad her dinner and went to bed thinking about the incident happened with raju and thinking about his cock and kajal removed her dress and started fingering but this is not satisfying her she desperately needed a cock she thinking about it and after some time she released her orgasm and decided to seduce raju and raju came in evening to tution adn kajal tought some subjects and droped him at home in scoot and raju getting bolder and bolder and kajal used to enjoy the ride and thos is countinued for 2 days and then kajal decidee to stop it and take to next level as she desperately need a cock in her pussy so she decidde to seduce raju and in the morning kajal wake up and had a shower and looking for maid and raju and after some time she heard door bell she soon went and opened door and welcomed them and parvathi and kajal said parvathi i already completed the work but only cleaning th hall is left so will u clean fast parvathi said ok and she started cleaning and meanwile kajal smiled at raju and said him to sitt on cahir and went to kitchen and bought some juice and bent to give him while giving her sareee palu slip and her milky faur and beautyful deep cleavage was visible to raju .

Com and raju stared at it kajalknew it and she exposed more to seduce him and raju cock started to grow and reached maximum hard and kajal gave he juice and raju had it and after that kajal went to kitchen and raju was staring at kajal but and her body kajal went and came back to raju and sat beside raju and mean while paravathi finished the work and said to kajal that she was leaving and kajal interuped abd said raju will stay here till evening and parvathi said ok and went away and kajal soon locked the door and went sat beside raju and placed his hand around his sholders and her boobs touching raju sholders and raju got hard on and raju ould smell the fraganance from kajal and kajal asked so which subject books u have raju said maths and kajal asaid ok and glancing at hi pant he had a shape of a tent so kajal understood he got hard on so she placed his hand on his lap and asked some questions regarding maths raju could answer the questions as kajal is rubing his lap and moving near his cock and kajal said ok and placed her hand on his dick and she applied some foce and presure and pressed it hard and got up and went to her room and soon his dick got maximum lenght and hardon which he neved had till now not even watching bf.

Kajal came back and sit beside raju and started to chat with him and and his dick was stil hard and kajal noticed it and raju sawkajal and he felt little ucomfertable and trying to adjust him self and kajal said wat happen raju said nothing sister and kajalmoved her saree little up half below her knee and showing half of her fairy legs legs raju couldnt control himself as his dick in position to tear his pant and raju was closing his eyes and not in a position to control him self then kajal moved his hand near his pant and her index finger is touching his dick and started to press it with her index finger raju opened his eyes and looking shocked and looked at kajal she looked back at raju.

Raju breadth was stuck somewhere inside .

Kajal fingers started to come and cover more of raju penis over his pant.

She is now trying to grasp it in her hand pressing more.

Raju cant believe what is happening he cant believe is her elder sister is touching raju which used to treat him as his younger brother and holding his dick there between thighs.

Oh my god its getting hard! His penis is getting up responding to kajals touch and leaking pre cum.

Raju closed his eyes and soon kajal started to pull down his zip and removed his pant button and pulled his pant down and shocked to see his dick it was a huge dick of size nearly 11 inch and 3 1/2 inch wide and she want this dick right in her pussy but she contrlled and then kajal neeled right in front of his dick and raju o[ened his eyed and saw kajal neeled infront of himkajal looked a raju and said u r having a bick dick and it is really hot and asked raju i think u muster bath raju diont know wat to say he said yes regularly he replied some times and kajal asked him will u come more or little bit he said little bit till now i didnt release more of cum and kajal asked did u fuck any girl raju was shccked and said bent down his head kajal kepl his hand on his fice and lifted up and asked did u raju said no and kajal smiled and said i will tell u how to release more cum and she she moved his penis right left, up and down.

Examined it with great interest.

Kajal moved her fingers more down towards its base.

She touched his pubic hair.

Com she pushed his pant down a little more.

Now his crotch is completely open in view for his elder sister.

There her fingers are touching his pubic hair.

She moved her fingers through his pubes.

This way she is touching his pubic mound, base of his penis and now his balls too.

Raju feels really good.

Now she massaging his hard penis in her hand its getting more and more exciting and great.

Kajal moved more closer to raju.

Her boobss touching his knee .

Her soft surface boobstouching raju hand right hand.

And raju looked at her.

Said wow as her pallu was slipped and her deep cleave was exposing full its her breasts.


It was round pointed bulge, its her boobs, now the left one is touching him.

Its so soft and hot! .

Kajal fingers moved more downward now concentrating on his balls.

Kajal said can you spread your legs a little bit.

Soon separated his legs making more space between his things.

Kajals fingers slid through raju balls to the depths between his thighs.

Her fingers slowly came back again to the top of his penis, now her soft index and thumb fingers are holding its head.

She pressed her body so close to raju and put her left hand over raju back and hugged me, made him more close to her.

Her hand started to move a little faster to get gripping on his cock more with her soft white palm.

And raju was moaning with pleasurehuh.


It is feeling good ohh.

Getting good huhh.

Hmmm .

! ! ! Ohhh yhaa.

Let it cum.

Yha let it cum.

Later on after some time raju replied i am cumming aaaahhh Aaahhh Aaaahhh Aahhh.

And all his cum came like a shoots upward and then fell directly on kajals soft plump fingers.

Kajal increased the speed of what she was doing on his cock.

Her hand moved faster trying to squeeze his juices out.

Then again came another shot this time drenching more of kajals soft palm and on raju dick kajals fingers and palm is now completely wet and sticky with my white hot cum.

And she took her hand off his wet drenched cock, slowly moved it towards her mouth and she sucked all his cum and looked .

At raju and smiled.

And moed towards his dick which was in semi erect stage and she started to suck his dick and she sucked his dick and cleaned his cum with her mouth and raju was countinously moaning aahhahahhah yessss suck it ahahhahahhhahha sister suck it aaaahahhahhahasisterrrrrrahhhahaha it feel great and hot ahhahha and after sucking for some time kajal stoped sucking and raju opened his eyes and looked at kajal and she was sweating heavily and his sperm was o her face and some was on her deep cleavege soon raju put his hands on her face and removed ther sperm and again placed his hands in between th cleavage gap and collected his cum and put his finger in front of kajal mouth and said sister suck it kajal smiled at raju and sucked his finger and raju was enjoying this act.

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