Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 5

Next day kajal saw beggar mari sleep and she got up and got freshed and sat on hall soon door bell rang kajal went near door and saw her maid and his son came and she got shocked dont no wait to do.


Com soon kajal went to her bed room wakeup mari and asked him to go to bathroom and dont come till i said so he asked why kajal said maid came so he said ok and went to bathroom and she came and open the door and welcomed them and comming to them maid name is shilpa and son name is raju of age 16 years studying 10th and she gave some fruits to raju nd he eat it and she started to chat with him and shilpa mean while completed the work and left and kajal went to her bedroom and cal back mari he asked didthey went away she said s and soon he hugged kajaland started to smooch kajal and kajal was responding well and he then he sucked kajal lips and tongued his mouth.

It was ecstatic enjoying mari’s sexual moves and rubs.

He was caressing her body with his hands.

He moved his hands slowly on to her buttocks and then inserted his hands between her thighs to touch her pussy.

Kaajl squealed a bit enjoying his explorations.

He stroked her ass crack and her pussy with his middle finger for a moment and the moved his hand to untangle her petticoat’s thread knot.

As he untangled she felt a bit shy as he tried to hold on to the sliding petticoat but he was too quick to grab kajal hand.

He then whispered in her ear saying “let me unwrap my gift kajal”.

She was excited to high with those words.

He then untied her bra to reveal kajal lovelyy breasts for him.

This time to satisfy his sexual hunger.

She then took her nipple and moved into his mouth and started sucking on it.

Mari sucking her breasts but she had feeling of lover sucking me.

He kept sucking her breasts for few minutes interchanging them by caressing the other.

It was a breast sucking sex of his life.

She wondered where did he learn all this? Then the took kajal to the bed and laid kajal on her back.

By now she just bacame a follower doing everything he wants kajal to do.

He then started kissing her breasts and slowly worked towards her navel and then to my lower abdomen towards her thick bush.

As he reached her bush kajal inadvertantly raised her legs and folded them for him to access.

He then used his left hand to widen her crack as he looked at her pussy with curiosity.

Kajal felt embarrassed for a moment as he looked at it.

Then he slowly moved towards it to take her clit into his mouth and starting sucking it.

It was at that instant she had first orgasm.

It just happened he sucked her clit for few moments and then his tongue was allover her cunt.

He inserted it into her vagina, fucked me with it and licked every part of her pussy clean.

It was then he took off his clothes as she watched him in desperate condition of having her cunt fucked she never was in this position before.

And within minutes he was on to it.

Now it appeared as if he took ages to remove his clothes.

As he took off his lungi his cock sprung up like a cunt seeking device pointing towards kajal.


As soon as he undressed mari moved over kajal, positioned himself, held his dick with his right hand and then ran over the head over her pussy lips and her clit.

She shuddered as his head touched her clit.

Com .

He did it for few strokes and then he inserted it into her vagina.

Kajal moaned loud.

It was the moment he was waiting for.

Kajal was at my sexual ecstacy as he started fucking her slowly for few strokes.

Than suddenly he started pounding her cunt in vigourous motion.

She started moaning more and more louder as he increased his rhythm.

It was then she had my second orgasm.

Mari too climaxed not long after that as he squirted his potent seed into kajal.

He then collapsed on kajal patting and puffing as if he had been thru an aerobic session.

Com after few moments he said “kajal, that was the best i ever had in my life”i asked “did you enjoy your breakfast? “he said “yes! More than anything! How about you? “i said “i enjoyed every moment of being your breakfast” stroking her.

Com fingers thru his hair.

He concluded “i love you kajal” she said “i love you too my hubby” as he moved to kiss her lips.

Later on he said pushing his semi erect dick into her soppy pussy.

She was shocked that he is already getting hardon.

Kajal replied “okhubby! ” enjoying our copulation and anticipating for another ride of my life! Half an hour after he finished filling kajal with his cum, he was fast sleep beside kajal.

She too was tired from theirr sexual encounter and dozed off thinking about all that happened few hours ago.

Then after that kajal sleept for sometime and saw the time it was afternoon 1pm and look for beggar mari he was sleeping and she got up and went downto dis dick and started sucking his dick and mari got up and placed his hands on her boobs and started pressing it and after ome time he released his cum.

Com and kajaldrank al his cum and kissed him and went to take shower and after having shower she come back to bed rom and saw mari he was not there on bed got up frm bed and dressed up and went to bathroom he was not there and looked al arod he was not there she tought he might went of and she went to kitchen and had lunch and looked after mari in the colony and was worried about him and in night she came and saw mari near the house and she opened the door and both of them came in and kajal hugged him an dkissed mari and she said i am worried bout u very much and mari hugged kajal and took her to bed romm and said i have a supries kajal said wat is that he closed kajal eyes and took kajal to bed room and made her to sit on bed and opened kajaleyes she saw two old persons in the room and mari smiled at kajal and went frm the room and said this is ur suprise and went away kajal was shocked and she came to know what they were going to do they were old and age between 70-75yeras they introduced them self pani and raja they look ugly than mari with a smile on their face.

Kajal looked confused pani locked the door and raja sat next to kajal and he put his hand on the shoulders of kajal, she was totally shocked and shouted how dare you to touch me? And she understood what they were planning.

She tried to run but raja caught her hand and said madam you are very intelligent you understood very quickly what we are intend to do? , likewise it is better to co-operate with us pani said any way today there is no chance to escape from us if you co-operate there will be less pain and huge enjoyment, so it is better to co-operate with us raja pulled her towards him she fell on him like a ripen mango.

He then caught both the arms and pani grabbed her from behind.

Pani said oh my madam u are looking so beautiful, your boobs and ass are making me mad on you saying this he kissed her neck she was almost like sandwich in between them getting crushed by their heavy bodies.

Pani opened the clip and her hair fallen on his face and he said what a hair? Im interested in seeing her hair in other parts too.

She was getting irritated by their talk and movements.

Raja grabbed her head with his palms and kissed her on forehead eyes her nose and then he started kissing her lips.

She tried to get free from the grip of raja but he was very strong for her.

She resisted much and sometimes she screamed, by that time pani took off his west and lungi and was now in inners.

She really got frightened and didnt had any idea what to do.

She was struggling to get free but couldnt any how.

Then pani caught her hands and raja took off his shirt and lungi.

She was still struggling to get free from their grip but they were really strong .

She pleaded them pls leave me ill not tell anyone about this and if u want ill give you money.

But they simply laughed and didnt show any mercy on her.

Pani then grabbed her from behind and pulled her waist towards him.

Raja started to suck on her lips but she was resisting very much so he gave her a hard slap and she started weeping and started to scream, to stop her scream raja put his lip on hers she pushed him down and tried to escape but it went in no use.

Raja got angry and gave her another two hard slaps across her face, she nearly lost her conscious, but they showed no mercy.

Pani was now rubbing his hands over her belly and inserting his index finger in her belly button and was simultaneously pressing his dick in the crack of her ass.

Raja then pulled her sari out and threw it away.

She was now in blouse and petticoat.

Panis tongue was running all over her back and he was kissing her violently on her back and biting her neck and ear lobes.

Then pani started to open her blouse buttons one by one.

Raja pulled her petticoat down.

Now she was only in her bra and panty infront of two old beggars.

By now she regained her consciousness but somehow her resistance was less but she was crying.

Then both of them became nude in front of her.

Her eyes expanded as she saw their huge dicks rajas dick was 11 inch long and where as panis was little smaller but not much difference atleast 9 inch long.

She was terrified.

And it was lookig ugly with all mud and sperm patches and dust and ooking very ugly and smelling urine.

Then kajal pleaded again to leave her but they were not going to listen to her.

They were now getting horny and excited and they told her madam by seeing your fear on seeing our cock we think you are having your sex for long time, am i correct? Raja asked, she kept silent, then again pani asked same question in loud voice she said yes in low voice.

Then pani asked her to suck their dicks.

She refused, so he gave her another slap which was more powerful than the before one and tears came out of her eyes again.

But pani had no effect of her tears.

He pulled her hairs and a cry escape out of her mouth which enabled him to put his dick in her mouth.

She hated all that but was helpless.

First she felt a bit weird to suck their dicks but they said madam if u are not sucking my cock means then well make you to do well by hearing this she got more frightened.

So kajal began to suck their dicks one by one and they both were moaning in pleasure, now she started to obey them and also listening to these words she began to suck more violently and taking their dicks till the fullest length she can.

She sucked their tips and their balls.

After 10min of sucking pani then rajas pulled her hair and put his dick in her mouth and she sucked for 15 min.

Then pani came back with oil in his hand kajal was confused she asked them about the oil they said they will let her know later and then they made her stand against the wall.

Pani then lowered the straps of her bra and then opened the hook of bra.

Her boobs were exposed to them.

Both of them delighted to see her huge boobs.

Her boobs were looking very firm and pani took one of them in his hand and started rubbing it very hard pinching her nipples while sucking the other and biting her nipples.

She was crying in pain but her cry had no effect on him.

Then raja pulled her panty down.

Now she was totally naked in front of two old beggars.

They were now looking her body like hungry dogs.

She have huge, pink nipples, clean shaved pussy and very nice ass.

They were very delighted and said madam though you are not having sex you are maintaining clean shaven pussy and very good structured body.

Then pani went near her and started to kiss her lips and sucked them while he started pressing her boobs.

Raja was kissing her legs and rubbing her thighs and by now she was co-operating to them and responding to them very well by kissing them back.

He was sucking her pussy like hungry dog.

He inserted his index finger in her pussy and moans were coming out of her mouth and she was moaning mmmmmmmmaaahhhhh.

He finger fucked her for a long time.

He then sucked her pussy for 10min and then she started to twist her body and pushed raja head further in her pussy and she started to moan louder and had the orgasm of her life after long time and he drank all of her liquid and said madam your juice is very nice .

Pani was pressing her boobs violently without any mercy as if she was their randi.

Then again suddenly kajal pleaded to them to leave her but they were not going to stop till they achieve their mission.

Com pani then lifted her in the arms and lay on the bed and pulled her legs apart as wide as he can she again pleaded him not to insert and break the tradition.

But he said that you bitch you enjoyed till now and asking me to stop now better co-operate with us and u bloddy sult u fuck ed with that beggar mari last few days and noe u r saying to stop it u bloody sult whore u born to fuck with us and just give and take pleasure with us .

She closed her eyes as she was now going to be fucked anyway today.

Then he placed his dick on the opening of her pussy and rubbed his dick on her pussy.

While raja came near her and slept besides and was pressing her boobs now pani was ready to pump his dick inside her pussy.

He took her legs in his hands and parted more wide and with one hand hold his dick in his hand placed it on her pussy.

Then he made a gentle stroke and his penis head entered in her pussy and made a harder strokes half of his dick entered into my pussy.

He relaxed for a second and gave another harder stroke and his dick totally entered her pussy she started to scream ahhahahhahahahahahahahhaha.

He immediately started pumping her.

Kajal felt like a hot rod of iron has torn her pussy.

She was crying badly.

All of her body started to paining badly.

He was simply pumping her.

After some time her pain seems to be reduced.

He was pumping as usual.

He pumped her for about 25 minutes and cummed inside her pussy.

Now it was the turn of raja his dick was more longer and thicker than panis.

He too shoved his dick into her pussy.

This time she felt much more pain than fucked by pani and this time his cock was also struggling to enter into her pussy and after some hard strokes it entere her pussy.

She was moaning after sometime and she was enjoying it seems.

Raja made much more harder strokes than pani and was fucking her like a wild lion.

He fucked her for 30 minutes and during this time he pressed kajal boobs very badly.

He then lifted her up and made her sit and came in between and facing each other while sitting in her laps and made harder strokes.

She was now enjoying the game.

He hugged her in a very tight position and her boobs were crushed against his chest.

After sometime she saw that pani was erect again and was ready for another trip.

Seeing this raja slowed his fucking speed.

And he laid down on the bed with her sitting over him.

Then pani tried to penetrate her from behind in her ass.

Immediatelykajal told him that it will be painful and asked him not to do that for that he simply smiled and took the oil and applied it on his dick and on her asshole now she was clear why he bought the oil.

But her asshole was too small for his huge dick.

Com so he parted kajal ass cheeks as much as he can and then he made a harder stroke and his dick penetrated her ass.

This time she cried much louder as he had tore her ass apart and blood was oozing out of her ass.

They both pumped her for an hour in that position.

Her both holes were pumped badly by the two.

After a hard pumping raja took out his dick from her pussy and pani made her in the doggy style and raja shove his dick into her mouth.

His dick was coated with cum of all of them.

Com she tried to get away from that dirty thing but no use.

Soon raja was over and he threw all his cum in her mouth.

Soon pani was too over and cummed in her ass.

After relaxing for about 15 minutes they again pumped her.

In this way they pumped her for another 3 hours.

And looked they were not going to leave her till morning and mean while mari seeing all this became very horny he removed his dick frm his lungi and went near kajal and asked her to suck his dick soon kajal took his dick with angry look and she sucked his dick and gave him a blow job and mari went to hall an sleept and mean while pani and raja started to fuck kajal and they fucked kajaltill 4 am and said good bye to kajal and left the home and while going they thanked mari for having the beautyful woman and they went and mari came to kajal room and saw her dead sick and crying soon he went near kajal and removed his dress and he made kajal to lie on bed and insedted his dick in kajal pussy and started to fuck kajal and kissng kajal and after some time he released all his cum and he fall a sleep and kajal to fall a sleep.

Later on kajal wake up in evening due to some wet feling on her breast because sucking of mari she was moaning mildly and later on she wake up and saw mari and pushed mari with lege and hands with full force away from her and he fall on ground frm bed away and fall on ground and kajal scoled him and he was tring to get up and later on she went to bathroom and she had some shower and bath aand came out of bathroom she dressed and scolded him he was not responding kajal went near him and saw him he was not responding she was teerrified and shook him but no use she saw his pulse he was dead kajal was shocked and she was crying and dont know wat to do she tought for a while planned sa he was beggar and he has no one so kajal planned that she would take his body in car at night and placed his body near temple so according to plan she waited till night at 10.

30 she took mari in car dicky and moved towards temple as it was rainy season it was raining so after reaching temple she opened dicky and placed mari body near a shop where thick bushes were there and it was full of mud and wet and some water is there on the ground and while she was comming she saw two beggars saw kajal and mari body and went near kajal and checked mari body and confirm that he was dear kajal said he tried to rob my house so he troow him away he fall on floor and he dead and please dont saw any thing to any one my life will get ruin so both of them discussed and meanwhile one saw kajal and her body kajal saw him looking at her body she tries to cover it and both of them came and said ok we can help u they introduce to kajal andd said their names to kajal suri and balu and kajal was happy that they were helping her suri and balu were two old people looking ugly and both of age nearly 75-80 kajal was getting some foul smell and she was about to vomit but she controled and kajal asked what u want nd how much money u both want they suri we dont want money but we want more than that only u can give kajal said wat do u mean he replied i mean u kajal serve us thats what we want kajal was a shocked.

And balu said we kept this as secret and think about future and ur family kajal was in dilemma state .

Com she said please dont do like that please i will give u money please soon suri closed her mouth with his palms.

If you make one noise and i will slit your throat you bitch.

And i will call polics and even if you shout there is nobody here for around who can hear you.

He then dragged her like a sack closing her mouth towards the shetter.

Balu meanwhile was slowly coming back to the room and saw that suri had got hold of kajal.

Balu eyes were sticked to kajals body.

She was completely wet from top to bottom, here saree was sticking to her body with her black bra and panty just visible from the transparent cream saree and petticoat.

Her her deep cleavage and he could see the deep fair navel of kajal which made his eyes hungry for licking the fair flesh.

Balu said what a high class whore we have caught suri.

Today is our day it seems.

Just look at the high class bitch.

Ohh i am gonna make her life hell today.

Surri said to balu yessssssssss and see our luck, today we both gonna enjoy this high class sexy bitch whom you have never fucked in our life.

Its raining and cool air was blowing and her flesh will make our body hot.

Balu said lets not waste our time, i will get her undress kajal then kept weeping and crying on her fate which has turned her life upside down.

Never in her life had she thought that she will encounter with these two beggars that too in such a dirty place.

Near mari bodyunaware of the consequence she will have to go through, kajal was afraid to look at suris eyes which were gazing at her body in a lust and unfulfilled desire.

Beggar sur said to kajal what a body you have whore.

Such lusty .

Your boobs are body let me see you are beautiful navel.

Saying this he moved the wet saree edge with his finger from the deep black navel of kajal.

Her deep navel was completely visible like an empty water well aaaaaaah woooooowww what a beautiful navel he laid kajal on the floor and slept beside her facing her.

Kajal was getting afraid by each and every words of the beggar suri and such closeness was making her shiver.

Please leave me! ! ! Please leave me please dont please please please i beg youhearing this suri slapped her on her face.

Kajal cheek went red and tears came down rolling her .

Com cheeks.

Completely unware of the sudden force from suri she got afraid that he may kill her if she doesnt cooperate with them and kajal was kept on weeping and shiveringin came another tight slap which was harder than the previous one, which made her ears keep ringing.

Kajal was shoutinghelppppppppppp helpppppppppp somebody helpppppppppppp helpppppppbalu ran towards her and picked up a cloth which was lying on the way.

He inserted straight in her mouth with one push.

And he slaped her and she lost her consciousnessbalu said shut up bitch! ! ! Or you are dead wood today! ! ! Kajal weeping and crying opened her eyes just to check the stinking thing which was inserted in her mouthbalu and suri both laughed at her and waited for her to gain the consciousness, .

And she was slowly gaining some consciousness suri getter more and more desperate thinking about his impotency.

He slowly slowly pushed the saree upwards with his rough hand and removed her pallu from her shoulders to expose her big breasts which were behind the blouse.

Suri was caressing her smooth fair thighs with his rough hand meanwhile balu slowly slowly removed the entire saree from her body and kept it aside.

Both of them eyes were stucked towards the hot body of kajal lying only on her cream blouse and petticoat which was tied just below her navel.

Balu not able to control his feelings grabbed on to kajal face and removed the cloth from her mouth.

Next moment his mouth was straight on kajal lips.

He was licking, kissing like a mad dog ummmm aaa umaaaaaaa umaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaallliiiiiicck ccliiiiiiiiiiick liccccccckkkkkkk clcikkkkkaaaakajal gained her consciousness back slowly opened her eyes to check what was the wet hairy skin wandering on her face with such dirty smell she saw that balu the hunchback was kissing her wildly on her lips with his dirty mouth which was now giving the strong smell and cough breath.

Her face was all wet with the saliva and she could now see the dirtiness of balu closely.

He was wearing a torn dirty baniyan and a lungi which may have not been washed for decades.

His face was sticking like a garbage bin with most of his face covered with long beard, he didnt have any hair on his head and his head was all covered with red pimples.

His nose was leaving cough water which was sticking to his mouth alsothis was all making kajal to throw out badly, but balu was plunging his mouth on her lips every time she tried to open her mouth to vomit.

Suddenly kajal felt that there was some movement on her feet as if somebody was tickling her toe fingers, but it was all wet tickling.

She moved her eyes towards her leg and saw that suri the beggar was licking her toe fingers, he used to suck her fingers with his mouth and leave behind all the saliva of his mouth.

Then again he used to lick his left over saliva which was sliding from her fingers.

He was licking her toe fingers slowly slowly and tasting them as if he was licking an icecream cone.

He used to completely take her fingers deep inside his mouth and leave gallons of saliva on it.

Kajal was not able to resist the double trouble on her face & leg and instead kept adjusting as they tasted every bit of her.

The wild kisses and dirtiness was on the air and kajal was also getting in to the act by hugging balu and massaging his back with her both hands ummmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa her hands moved on his back which now touched the hunchback and she was feeling the hotness that she was getting kissed by such kind of person.

Balu kept his mouth locked on her lips and removed his baniyan with one hand just to give a complete look of his body which was only wrapped with a dirty lungi.

He was very lanky with is chest bones can be seen easily, he had dirty pimples and rashes all over his body.

Kajal suddenly realised that suri was trying to unknot the rope from her petticoat which was tied below the navel while he was licking her feet.

Kajal helped him to unknot the rope and suri with one pull removed her petticoat from her waist.

Balu observed her petticoat being removed wildly looked at her below waist body he was stunned to see such fair body with black panty and hint of her pubic hair near the navel.

Suri now removed his baniyaan and slowly started to slide his mouth from feet to knee getting the feeling of the wonderful legs which as so soft and fair.

Kajal enjoying the licks which had never happened for so long was now in full sexual desires, she was closing her eyes and moaning as balu licked her.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hhhhhhooummmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaohhhhhhhhh suri was extending his licks from knees to thighs and was leaving behind all the saliva of his mouth on her legs.

Meanwhile balu extended his hands towards kajals blouse and was caressing her boobs above the blouse.

He had never touched such huge boobs in his entire life and the softness of milk filled breast was making him go crazy which was clearly visible from the hard kisses which he was plunging on kajals mouth immediately after the touch.

His hands were moving out of control and he was trying to slid his dirty hand inside the blouse.

He tried to rush his hands through the cleavage but was unsuccessful due to the massive bulgy breast.

Feeling the rush in his blood he got hold of her blouse and pulled it in an instant which tore her blouse and all her blouse hooks came off and exposed the beautiful breast wrapped in the 36 d brahe massaged the tender skin of a breast and was now sliding his fingers inside the cleavage which gave a jerk to his body.

Balu feeling the hotness now moved his one leg and kept it over kajals stomach as if he was trying to climb over her.

Kajal’s mouth had started to pain due to the non-stop deep kisses which she was getting from balu.

She felt that two hands were nearing her waist as if somebody is trying to get hold of her panties.

Suri was caressing his rough hands over kajals waist since he was not able to get hold of her navel due to balu leg lying on her stomach.

He slowly moved his fingers towards the panty line while he was kissing her thunderous fat thigh likkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk lickkkkkkkkkkkkkklikkkkkkk ummmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaummmmmmmmmmmm balu slowly moved his fingers inside the bra and tried to get carress the nipples which he was not able to find.

After moving his fingers to most of the part of her breast he felt a hard erected skin which he felt was a nipple and couldnt believe that kajal was also enjoying the act and equally feeling the hotness which made her nipple erect.

He got hold of her nipples which he tried to squeeze with both the fingers.

Uttered kajal loudly aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaa suri was now near to the pussy of kajal and smelled the fragrance of her pussy .

Suri closed his eyes and smelled her pussy above the panty.

He got hold of her panties tightly and with an instant pull tore it apart to have a complete view of a beautiful pussy.

She had bit of pubic hair on her pussy with her pussy lips still extracting small drops of wet juices which was glittering.

Kajal enthralled the way suri pulled her pantysuri slowly moved his face towards her pussy and out came his fat tongue which was near to the pussy lips.

He separated her legs with both his hands and the next moment plunged his dirty tongue deep inside kajal wet pussy.

Uttered kajalclosing her eyes: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssss kajal in complete ecstasy kept on massaging the hunchback of balu and equally kissing his dirty mouth.

Balu got hold of her bra and tore it with both his hand to expose the big breasts.

Enjoying the kisses he slowly moved his eyes to get a glimpse of breast of kajal which he was watching for the first time in his life.

His eyes grew bolder watching the fair breast of kajal with pink nipple poking towards skywards.

He kept on kissing her hard with his eyes fixed on her breast and hands massaging them as if he is going to pluck the nipples.

Suri meanwhile was inserting his tongue deep inside her pussy and was feeling the tastiness of sticky salty discharge which shruti pussy was extracting.

She lifted her buttocks to meet his kisses which were thrusting into her ahhhhh mmmmmmsuri was now started to feel erection in his penis which was growing hard.

He pulled his dirty lungi till his waist and tied it on his fat stomach.

While he kept on kissing kajals pussy.

All this was making his penis go hard and kajal also felt something strange hard hot rod growing near the stomach.

He made her clean his dirty nose from where the cough was still flowing kajal licked it and was getting aroused by this kind of sex.

Balu then plugged his mouth on kajals breast and was sucking it hard like a hungry dog.

Uhhhhngggggggggggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaahe then pressed his teeth on her pink nipples and bite her hard kajal shuddered with a huge noiceaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa meanwhile suri could see the complete hardness in his penis, stood up and removed his lungi to expose his erected penis tokajal.

Kajals eyes kept staring on the 8 inch hard penis lying below his fat stomach pointing towards her.

Suri separated her thighs and pushed basheers leg away from her stomach who was dead on her boobs sucking her nipples.

He then lifted her one leg and supported on his broad shoulders.

Suri got hold of her hips with both his hands and positioned his penis near her pussy opening which was wet by kajals sticky extract and his saliva.

Gazed his eyes on her angrily he then moved his waist backwards taking his penis away from her pussy and thrusted it uttering with huge noice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

It hit her pussy hard with the lightening thrust that made both of them shift atleast 2 feet away from the original position.

Whereas balu tumbled and fell far away due the massive thrust of suri.

Kajal screamed aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaa she was almost dead.

Suris penis had hit the pussy walls of kajal with such massive thrust.

His hands then gripped her left leg thighs tightly which were supporting on his shoulders and slowly removed his penis to half position and in a complete pleasure he started moaning urrrrrggggggggggggggg aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ufffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kajal fealing the pain murmured ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh haaaaaaaaaaaaa paaaaaaaaainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn suri then again thrusted it massively inside her pussy aaaaaaaaaaaah ohhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhh and started fucking with his each thrust almost making kajal move back and forth on the rough floor.

You bitchhhhh aaaaaa you bitchhhhhhhhhhh what a pusssssssssy aaaaaaahhh you fucking whore aaaaaaaaaa you are one fucking whore aaaaaaaaaaaaaa fucking her hard in her pussy ! ! Take it ! ! ! Take it ! ! ! ! Take it! ! ! ! ! ! ! Take it! ! ! ! ! ! ! Take it! ! ! ! ! ! ! Take it! ! ! Bitch take it you whore take it.

You bitchhhhhhhhh.

Com watching the pace and force of suri.

Balu got up and was astonished with hard erection he had for years.

He removed his lungi and came close the fucking session of kajal and suri.

And moved towards kajal.

She slowly tried to open her eyes due to the unbearable filthy smell coming near her face.

She saw pennis towards her mouth which was very small in size even after erection it was only 7 inch in length with most of the skin covered with hard pimples on it.

She opened mouth and he inserted his dick inside kajals mouth she started to lick it.

Aaaaaaaaahhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaahhh cleaaaaaaaaaaaannn it bitch aaaaaaaaaaah clean myaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss.

Kajal feeling the pungent smell of his dick slowly took her tongue out and moved till her balls.

She was getting aroused by the double fuck and her cunt juices began to flow as she started gasping at the thrusting and ass licking from both the beggars suri and balu.

Suri enjoying the grip of his penis inside the pussy kept on humiliating.

You bitttchhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa whatttttttttttt a pussssssssssssssy ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss bitch aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa filthy whore take it take it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you bitch uffffffffffff fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk you motherfuckkkkkkkkkrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsuri increasing his speed .

His entire penis was going deep inside her pussy and coming out as if it was drilling a well.

Every time the penis came out it made huge soundh pacccccchaaaaaaaakkk pachaaaaaaaaakk pachhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaakkkk pacchaaaaaaaaaaaak.

Kajal was losing so much fluid due to hard core banging that her pussy had started leaving white discharges.

Her pussy was getting moist and the heavy white discharge was like curd spilled over the pussy.

Suri penis was now covered completely with her white discharge.

Balu got hold of kajal hair and he enjoying her mouth and giving her give him blowjob.

Kajal’s pussy was tightening the grip of suri penis as she was nearing a big orgams.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaout came a huge bust of orgasm which almost lifted her buttocks above the floor.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa suris penis automatically got withdrawed from her pussy due to the orgasm blast which was still extracting juices.

Kajal lost all her energy and laid there in complete sweat as basheer kept on forcefully getting the blowjobs from kajal mouth which was hardly holding his dick.

Suri was satisfied that he gave such a huge orgasm.

He then again separated her legs and plunged his tongue on her pussy to taste the orgasm.

Balu was fucking her mouth with his hard dick, he was holding her head tightly and was inserting his penis deep inside kajalmouth with his pubic hair hitting the mouth opening with dirty smell.

On feeling his prick stretching her mouth, kajal began moaning loudly arrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaa ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmhe then grabbed her head and inserted his penis deep inside her mouth making kajal then he removed his dick and, balu went near to kajal pussy and suri went ner kajal mouth and inserted his dicksaw her pink pussy lips were dripping fluids and her thunderous fair thighs was more than enough to erect his penis.

He separated her thighs and next moment he thrusted his penis deep inside her pussy .

Com aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ufffffff what a fucking whore aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa kajal felt the pain initially was now consumed with pleasure and passion to both the beggars fucking her mouth and pussy.

Her huge breasts were bulging back and forth with beggar basheer thrusting to his powers aaaaaaaaaahhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaah after fucking in the sleeping position for 10 minutes, suri removed his penis frm her mouth and mean while balu released his cum then they made her stand in doggy position.

Balu also made himself positioned and grab hold of her fat fair ass.

He opened her ass with his two fingers and licked her hole.

Aaahhh eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeee aaaaaaaaa rrrrgggggggggggg aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhthe aroma of her ass was making him go mad, he stood up and inserted his penis inside her pussy with a huge thrust.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh bitchhhhhhhhhh takeeeeeeeee kajal never expected this coming from behind that too with this beggar balu the hunchback.

She louded with pain aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrg my pusssssssssssy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa itsssssssssssss balu kept on thrusting inside her pussy sepating her ass everytime with both his hands.

Suri thrusted his prick inside her mouth and was thrusting deeper and deeper.

Com he grabbed her head and was fucking her vigorously.

With every thrust in her mouth and pussy shruti was feeling heavenly and was extracting fluids after fluids from her pussy.

Balu feeling wetness of her pussy was not able to hold back and was closing his eyes with immense pleasure.

And said i am cummingsaying this he increased this speed of his thrust and his balls were almost hitting her pussy with great speed.

Suri also feeling the grip of kajal mouth was feeling heavenly and enjoying the pleasure of oral sex.

O fast i am gonna cummmmm now.

Kajal could feel the senses of orgasm as both balu and suri were gonna cum inside her.

They kept on fucking her more faster than ever.

Balu could not hold back groaned with a huge noice aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh taaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeeeeee they both came to climax and mean while suri was also reacher climaxwith a huge bang.

Balu bursted his cum inside pussy kajal still feeling his penis shooting cum inside in every 2 seconds was not able to control and felt orgasm.

Her body shivered and pussy pulsated with sensation to extract orgasm.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaharrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhh.

All the three laid there and suri and balu was on kajal and kajal placed her hands around them and hugging them and balu said did u enjoy it kajal said yes

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