Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 3

next day morning kajal wake up at 9.30am and then kajal applies for leave as she was not feeling well and kajal kept this as a secret and she went to bathroom to fresh up and kajal said to her parents that she will leave for office and said i am not taking any vechile as because the road will not be nice due to heavy rain(because the place she was going was near their house and any one could see the vechile and came to about this then kajal might be in trouble thinking in this way se left the vechie at home) and their father said ok and asked how she would go to office then kajal said in bus and left home at 10 am and she took auto and went to temple and while moving towaards temple kajal saw beggar mari and mari signaled her to come to home and she smiled as she would come his house and went to temple and did some prayer and while comming she saw beggar mari was not there and she think he might be at his house and she looked around and waited for a while and late after some time she moved near bushed and then slowly reached mari house and while going she walked sowly so that no one would watch her and then she reached his house and enterted mari room and mari immediately closed the door and kajal closed the windows.

he complained and caught her hand. He pulled her to him and they kissed hard. He tried to removed her saree and she stopped him
Moredesi.com “Let me darling” she told him, moving over to foot of the bed and un pinned her saree.

“Do you think I am pretty ” she asked as she removed her saree from her pallu.

“Oh kajal – your are the best, I mean it, I have always found you sexy, so so sexy” he said taking in the beauty of her – with the saree gone she was clad in a red blouse and matching petti coat. Her bosom was so sexy heaving in anticipation for him.

“And i have seen it in your eyes that you like these” kajal teased caressing her bosom and slowly un doing the hooks.

“Oh yes kajal, I have always” he groaned as she peeled off her blouse. She was wearing a sexy lacy pink brassiere which could hardly contain her huge mammaries.

kajal pulled the string and stepped out of her petty-coat. Clad in her bra and matching pink panties she looked so sexy that beggar mari just stared at her with pure lust.

He got up and moved towards kajal and she came towards him. She was in front of him and he could see the dark shadow of her nipples, the light sheen of sweat on her smooth alabaster skin. He just drank her in. She moved closed and he embraced her. He felt her body her semi nakedness against him.
He kissed her passionately, and she kissed him back. His hands roamed over her naked back side marveling at the smooth feel of her flesh. His hands came down and cupped her buttocks tentatively. She kissed him harder and he squeezed harder.

She pushed him off and undid the buttons of his Kurta. He took it off and she pulled off his vest. He looked at her firm body with love and lust. “You look so good my love” he murmured giving him a kiss on her boobs.then kajal mover Her hands down and rested on the protrusion of his lungi. With a smile she pulled the strings off, and he removed his lungi stumbling in his hurry.

She smiled and looked at him – standing in front of her with his underwear tented obscenely. She murmured “Show me and I will show you”

He removed his underwear, and groaned as he saw her reaching back to remover her bra. In a swift motion she removed her brassiere and then bent down and pulled of her panties.

kajal and beggar were naked. She opened her arms and he went to her taking in her raw sexuality, her heaving tits, the deep navel, and her sex, covered with curly back hair.

She slowly moved closed rubbing her erect nipples on his chest. He groaned as she pressed her to him. His arms went around her and they came together naked.

beggar could not believe how good kajal body felt. It was soft, silky and he was in heaven. Holding the perfect round cheeks of her beautiful ass cupped in his hands, he pulled her against him as he pushed his steel-hard cock against her soft, pliant belly. As he did, she thrust her big, soft breasts against his chest, burning holes into it with her rock-hard nipples.
Kajal kissed him hard and moved back to the bed.
“kajal, I can’t believe how beautiful you are,” he groaned as she lay on her back, her legs spread, waiting for him.
With her lovely charms spread out before him in all their splendor, he knew he would have to struggle to keep from coming the moment he touched her.
He crawled on to the bed, and kissed her forehead, and moved down to her lips, she took his hands while they kissed. She broke the kiss and whispered. “You don’t have to ask now darling, I am your woman, love me, love my body” she kept his right hand on her left breast. He nodded.
He kissed her neck and she arched her back. Both his hands covered her breasts. He marveled at their size and his fingers found her nipples. He bent down and kissed above her chest, moved down to her cleavage.
Kajal groaned as she felt beggar kissing her breasts. He was soon un controllable kissing her breasts all over, licking her once and seeing her positive reaction licking her all over and finally over her nipples.
beggar was in heaven – this was one of his best fantasizes, he loved her breasts, and when his lips closed over her nipples he looked up at her.
‘Yes baby” she whimpered with tears of joy. He sucked her slowly at first and then with passion. It was so erotic, he wanted more and more. He alternated between her breasts kissing and sucking, his tongue lashing at her nipples again and again.
kajal was wet and in a sensual trance at the onslaught of her son on her body. Her vagina was wet and she wanted him, she wanted more than just loving of her breasts. She wanted her son in her.
She pushed him off slowly. “Oh ahhahhah…you are so good baby” she told him looking at his wet face “you like them so much? Na…
“Yes u bloddy bitch, they are so, so good, it was so nice to ” he told her bending down to suck her again.
kajal laughed and her hands held his penis. “I can see that” she sighed. His cock throbbed as she squeezed. He looked at her with love and lust and longing. He wanted her.
He groaned as she lied down opening her legs. He saw her then in all her glory, the wet lips of her vagina opening as she spread her thighs.
“Come-…come to Mother. Come to your new wife and make her happy again,” she softly said, holding her arms out to him, inviting him down into the treasure waiting between her outstretched legs. “yaa is wet and ready for you myyyy, my love”
“God!” he groaned out, crawling up onto the bed and up between her legs.

Staring down at her big tits, he watched them jiggle softly as she reached down and grasped his cock. Then he slowly eased down into the middle of the M formed by her lovely, spread legs. Gently, with the tips of her fingers, she guided the rounded tip of his cock down into the hot socket that lay at the very bottom of her pussy. beggar told himself, this is what I wanted always, he was going to make love to her.
He groaned with pleasure as he felt her pussy welcoming him. It was un-believable she was hot and pliant, but her lips held on to him like a sheath. “Slowly my love slowly yyyy, Moredesi.com
Their eyes bore into each other – as he entered her. kajal let out a loud whimper as her lips stretched and accepted him., aaaaah, aaaaaaa”

She smiled at him and left his buttocks, “Yes baby, I am, it feels so good baby, it feels so good mmmmmmmm”

beggar was living the moment to the fullest. He felt pride, love, and pure lust for the woman under him, a rich beautiful sulty kajal now his lover.

she murmured yessssahahahha as he slowly fed his cock down into the warm depths of her clutching cunt. “Your new wife likes your dick ”

“You just tell me what my wife likes,” he smiled down at her as their bellies gently nudged up against each other. “And I’ll do whatever my dear, sweet wife tells me.”

“Then make love to me” she goaded him thrusting her hips out.

Slowly, lovingly he began to work his big cock in and out of the tight, velvet-lined sheath of her cunt.

Squeezing her thighs against him, she let his hips rub up against the slippery smoothness of her thighs as he pistoned his cock in and out of her. mari had never imagined that a woman’s pussy would be so hot, so tight, and so unbelievably wet.
Locking his elbows, he stared down at kajal as she looked back up at him with love pouring up out of her sultry, black eyes. Bringing his eyes down, he watched her big tits slowly undulating up and down in rhythm with their slow fucking. Moving his eyes down further, he giddily watched his big cock, glistening wetly with his mother’s juices as it slid in and out of her hot pussy. It seemed to him that their bodies were a perfect match, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle.

Spreading her legs wider, she dug her heels down into the mattress and tilted her pussy up, letting him slide even deeper into the squishy depths of her pussy.
Moredesi.com Using her legs, she hunched up at him every time he drove his cock into her, making wet slapping sounds when their bodies met.
kajal Still watching the thick, juice-slathered shaft of his cock sliding in and out of the wetness between her legs, he bent down and kissed her with passion.
“Faster, honey, faster,” she mewed out, grabbing him by the hips, pushing and pulling on him to make him fuck her faster. Make…Me ..come,” he grunted out, moving his hips back and forth faster and faster as he drove his cock down into the clutching heat of her cunt.
Now her tits were sloshing up and down wildly as he hammered his cock into her and she thrust herself back up at him. Their groins were covered with hot, sticky pussy-juice as her cunt spewed it out in gushes. beggar couldn’t believe there was so much of the goo as their bodies churned the gooey mess into frothy white gunk.
Then he felt her sharp fingernails dig into his hips as she jerked him down into her as deep as he would go.
“MyyyDDarrrlinnnggggg,” kajal groaned out as her hips began to quiver and shake. Her muscles straining, she dug in her heels and pushed herself against him as she writhed through her orgasm.
and both kajal and beggar fell tired and beggar mari fall on her boobs kajal and mari take rest for some time kajal took her mobile and saw the time it was 6pm soon kajal got up and she adjusted her saree said to beggar that she is going and beggar said when we will have another session she said mayy be next time we meet and she smiled at him and went to her home.

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