Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 2

Tears rolled down from kajal eyes as beggar kept on pushing his dick inside and out with big thrusts following with even bigger thrusts….. kajal kept on murmuring aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai, assssssssssssss slowlyeeeeeeeeeeeee daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalo,,,,,,,,,,,,, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ufffffffffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaaa….

Moredesi.com mari started to enjoy each thrust as he was fucking her relentlessly…. Now he started fucking her even faster and felt kajal was shaking fears fully…. With a huge moan kajal came hard aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaah… ohhhh…. beggar mari stopped immediately and went down to lick her sweet cum oozing out of her pusssy…… kajal now was in her seven heavens as she never went through such hard orgasm as it was first time having sex……… mari after few minutes again started thrusting her hard……… both were drenched in sweat and mari roller coaster ride was even fiery than earlier….. kajal coming to her senses realised that she is about to cum again…… within seconds she came heavily once again for the second time now with ahuge moan
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah uffffffff maaaaaaaaaaaaah…….

mari was almost fucking her now for 20 min……. as mari was enjoying this fuck of his life ….. he whispered in her ears that he said i want u daily and wanted to fuck u kajal do u also want this kind of pleasure then kajal didnt replied then he pressed her boobs hareder and kajal shouted ahhhhhhand agaon beggar asked did u like it want it and she said s then he released his semen inside kajal pussy.

kajal realised that unprotected sex with this beggar but she tought that it doesnt matted and started to enjoy the pleasure she was getting. kajal said to beggar that fuck me ahhhhahahhhahahahh fuck me harder please fuck me throuth out my life fuck me.”

Hearing these words… beggar mari stroke became more wild and kajal could feel the thrusts deep inside her pussy walls. mari was about to climax with huge moans, aaaaaaah aaaaaah, eeeeeeeeeeeee, aaaaaaaah aaaaaaaah, ohhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaah iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaaaaaaaaaaliiiiii.

And he cum inside kajal pussy……….. kajal could feel the hot semen deep inside her womb.. Each spurt of his semen hitting harder…………her pussy was filled of so much cum that it was oozing out of her pussy to her thighs and to her bed.

mari dick has become limb by now…..
They both slept together for some time….. when mari woke suddenly and saw kajal still in naked condition dead tired…… his dick again got erected with the scene and he turned kajal like her face facing down on the bed.

Her plump ass was now facing beggar… as kajal was still not able to recover from the hardcore sex she had. mari took this opportunity to fuck her ass.

Moredesi.com He spit on her ass and lubricated well with his tongue….. the smell of her ass was making him mad……. As kajal gained conscious slowly she saw back that beggar mari was about the tear her ass. Before she could stop him, he got hold of her hand and with one big thrust he inserted his dick in her ass… and started to fuck her harder…… her ass was too tight and mari could feel the tightness on his dick….. waaaaaaaaaaaah yahhhhaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa haaaa.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaah u dirty bitcccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …… Moredesi.com

kajal could feel her ass would be teared with such hard core sex. She pleaded to him…. ssssssstoopppppppppppp aaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaai, aaaaaaaaaaaahooooo aaaaaaaaaaaahsssssssssssss a. As beggar mari was not able to bear the tightness of her asssssss, he cum inside her ass with her huge thrusts. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaani..

He came for the second time…………….. the old beggar was filling with so much cum that the entire bed was wet because of heavy cum…..
Now mari was dead tired and took his dick out of her asss.. they rested for couple of half an hour.
kajal got up and cleaned her self with some cloth given by beggar mari and helped kajal from dresseing. and later onkajal sat beside beggar which beggar was naked and placed his hear on kajal thigs and looking kajal face and sais did u like the pleasure u had kajal sat silently and beggar agaon asked her then kajal came to sense and said yes and beggar u want it daily this kind of pleasure then kajal hesitate and said yes i want it daily After almost 2 hours of hardcore sex rain get stopped and there is sound oh horn she tought that it was her car and said i need to go and hugged beggar and kissed him and said i will come tomorow and left his house.

while leaving the house beggar caught hod of kajal hand and said please give me a quick hand job kajal said no as her dad id waiting down therethen he said please later on kajal said ok and went inside his house and started to do handjob it is going for 5 minutes it is not cumming cum so mari said remove ur blouse andshow mw ur boobs this may work soon kajal removed her blouse and showing her big tits Moredesi.com

soon after 5-10 minutes af handjob beggar came and kajal hand if full of his cum and later kajal washed her handsand adjusted her saree and started to move while going he pulled kajal towards him and kissed kajal on her lips kajal to responded to him by sucking his saliva and playing with his tounge and after 2 minutes she broke the kiss and said good bye and she promised him that she will come tomorrow and went down the hill while walking she was struggling to walk as trhis was first encounter to her so she reached her dad and she moved towards car and went to home

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