Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 13

after that fuck kajal and chacha sleept on bed then kajal started to imagine her student life and then she imagined her fuck with her sir in her schooling it was after the regular college classes….the exams were abt to start and kajal was among the ones who were gonna check the paper…kajal came to his cabin, no one was there except they because everyone had gone home after the classes….kajal said” hello sir”
he replied,” hello kajal….why are u still here ?? the classes have already ended…anything u wanna tell me ??”
Moredesi.com kajal tought nd then Ahhmm…yes sir…!! he replied Ok fine..tell me then she said Sir, i dont know how to tell u…..actually it sounds quite strange…he replied kajal, i am ur teacher, child…I am like ur father…Tell me if any problem is there …then kajal tought and said oK SIR….sir actually i am quite weak in ur subject…and i need to complete my schooling with good marks…then he said so what ??? why are u telling me this ?she replied sir, i want some extra marks….i will give u anything u want !!!!!!!! just i wanna top !!!
he replied What nonsense !! u want me to give u more marks and cheat on other students ??? sorry kajal…!! i am ateacher, i cant do such activity kajal dont know what to do and she want too be top she was ready to do any thing so she want to seduce him sokajal smiled….she started feeling her boobs and started looking at him ……she was trying to tempt him…he was trying not to look but..he was a man and he was getting tempted….kajal Moaning Ahhhhh…ooooo…sir, my boobs have grown up quite big nah ??? just few months back it was 30 and now its 34…!!! sir u dont believe me ?? touch nah !!he said What ???kajal now dont be silly sir, i can see ur dick has risen up….omg !!!
She came to him and started feeling his dick….he was really getting very tempted…felt like his dick is gonna tear his pants and come out to fuck kajal….She touched his dick for a while and kissed his chest…she started to unbutton his shirt….he was speechless..he wanted her to STOP , but he was really tempted by her sexy body and face….kajal said let me open ur zip !!!! and give u a blowjob !!! wud u mind???he said Ohh actually………..
Moredesi.com kajal opened his zip and and removed his dick out and said sir u have a nicce dick and huge size and soo hot and she started pulling his cockskin forward and backward…he was enjoting…..he moaned….ahhh kajal…ahhhh..yes !! yes !!! now suck my cock…!! suck baby !!!
kajal started sucking…he was enjoying it…ahhhh…yesss !!! ummmmm!!!!! after 10 minutes he was about to cum !! and said kajal, i am abt to cum baby!!kajal said Ohh sir, spread it all over my face….

After some time he cummed…all over her face…sperms here all over her eyes, lips and her beautiful face was covered with cum!!!!kajal said Sir, wud u like to fuck me now ????he replied OH YES !!! …..
Moredesi.com he opened his pants…he hugged her and started feeling her body…he touched her ass from outside and then started smelling her underwear….
then he kissed her pussy and fingered it…..
kajal moaned ahhhhhh..yes…yess…ouch !!! dont bite !!! ahhhhhh!!!! ooooo!!!! ouccchhhh!!! wwwwwwwoooo!!!! uhmmmmmuhmmmmm…….

he was enjoying her moaning….then he catched his penis and tried to insert in her pussy….and because of her pubic hair he was unable to see clearly her pussy was and but after some struggle he inserted his dick and he started fucking her,…..
he made her stand with repect to his table…she was standing keeping her hands in the table and he was fucking her…….
kajal was moaning ahhhh..yessss…ooooo…yes ….. hard … aaaaa….. mmmmm.. yesss……oooooo……he replied and said i was again abt to cum….he didnt tell her this…..after some time he dropped all the sperm in her pussy

Then he spanked her ass..the ass cheecks became red…he beat her ass again.. slapped it around 10 times

Then he put one finger into her butthole…..then two fingers…and then WHOLE HAND !!!! I took some drinking water from his cabin water bottle and cleaned her ass…he wiped it with his handkerchief…..Then he inserted his cock into her ass
kajal said This is my first anal…..ahhhh!!! its painful…..
he started fucking her…she was feeling pain….he fucked her and fucked….for 15 minutes it went..kajal was crying in pain…she said i cant take it not Moredesi.com anymore ny ass will bleed plzzz leave me and he said no u should deserve this u woken me if u want marks then bear this then after few minutes he said i am about to cum After some time he was ready for the third cum !!!!
this time he cummed in her asss big asshole turned red… ahhhhh and then she said ohhhh sir u r realy good sir and he said u to kajal and u definetly u should desreve a good score and then after that the day of exam came and then kajal already knew she will get good score then she wrote some thing and just filled the paper and went off and then the day of result has came and then she saw her result she got 94 marks out of 100 and she was first in the class and she was happy for that and then she went along with her friends and thanked her sir for giving such high marks and he said u must deserve that and i know u worked hard for that and he smiled at her she also smiled and winked her eye at him and went away

then after that she used to visit her sir house before exam and used to fuck with him and then cooming to now after few hours of sleep thya got up and dressed them self and kajal said bye to him by giving a french kiss and then he asked when will u come she tought for a while and said when ever i come to market we will have fun she said by pressing his dick and then he said ok and she left the house and then she reached her house and on then way to her house she called by her neighbouring granny then kajal smiled at her and went to near her and she said to kajal please help me kajal then kajal asked what happen grandmaa then she saod my grand son sunny not come to home til now usually he used to come to homeby 4.00pm but now it was 5.45 he doesnt come fr school then kajal said grand maa he might be playing in school dont wory i will bring him home and she said and gave that vegetables to her and kajal went on search of sunny then on the way near his school she parked the bike there kajal heard few words like help meee aahhhh…… Moredesi.com it was sunny voice then she followed the words and she find sunny laid on the ground and few boys were beating him and sunny laid on the ground and she shouted at them and they saw her and ran away and soon kajal went near him and lifted him

Moredesi.com then she saw few there were wounds on his elbow and on his cheek and his shirt was torn and soon kajal took her cloth and wiped that and aksed who r they and why they r beating u then sunny said they r my class mates and they were playing football and the ball came to me and i didnt pass the ball to them so they were beating me and kajal asked did u have any friends then he said no there r no friends to me and if i want to make friends they neglect me and they leave me and then kajal said we should complain to principal he said no they will beat me Moredesi.com if they come to know about the complain and then kajal felt pitty for him and said dont worry frm now onwards we r friends and u can come to m house and we will play games and i wil help u in u r studies and then he felt happy and hugged kajal and kajal also hugged him and then they started their house

then kajal took sunny to his house and then he saw mohan was sitting in hall and he saw kajal and waked towards her and she signaled him to wait then he find a school boy with full of mud on his dress and some wounds he felt pitty and enquired kajal who is this she said he is sunny he is neighbouring grand maa savatri grand son and he was studying 10th class and he asked what about those wounds she said he was beaten up by his friends in school he felt pitty for him and he helped him in first aid and kajal took him to his home and brought her vegetables and and she finished preparing dinner and she finised packing and took the food to hospital and there she asked kajal for the delay then she said every thing about sunny and then they said ok and felt petty for him and then mohan stayed in hospital and then kajal and her mom came to home and then they finished freshing up and went to bed and fall a sleep

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