Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 12

After the encounter with the three friends, Kajal was often visited by them and she was frequently fucked by them, either one on one or group sex. She would at least have two to three sessions a day.

At first Kajal protested against them and now she started to enjoy every bit of their action. Now she is completely addicted to their dick and the guys spend most of the night with Kajal. This continued for almost two weeks and one morning Sundar came to Kajal’s house to deliver milk and as usual received some oral pleasure from Kajal and when he was about to leave he said that, he is going to his village and will be back after a week only. Hearing this Kajal was disappointed.

“Is your friends staying her?” Kajal asked curiously.

“No, they are coming with me”

Kajal felt sad hearing this.

“What will I do here without you guys?”

“May be you should seduce some other guy and have fun till I come back” Saying that Sundar started laughing.

“Very funny, maybe I can come with you to your village and stay with you for a week”

“You are such a slut, can’t you stay for a week. Moreover I can’t take you there and how can I introduce you to my wife and my relatives. They would surely suspect me, and I don’t want to damage my reputation”

Kajal understood his situation and wished Sundar a happy journey, and Sundar left the place giving a little smooching to Kajal’s rose lips.

For the next two days Kajal felt bored, she would finish all her house hold works and then watch a porn movie and masturbate thinking about Sundar and his friends. Like this two days passed and in those two days Kajal masturbated three times a day, and she was unable to control her sexual needs.

On the third day morning as usual Kajal completed her house hold work and went to her bedroom and played a porn movie and then immediately undressed herself and became naked and then jumped on the bed and watched it. It was a groupsex movie, where a girl was fucked by three muscular black guys.

At first the movie didn’t have much effect on Kajal and as it progressed Kajal started to fondle her boobs and fingered her pussey, seeing the girl in the movie started to moan louder and louder as she got pounded by those three guys in all her holes at the same time. The guys who were fucking the girl were also letting out loud moans as their dick penetrate in and out of her pussey,

ass and mouth. As they were about to reach their climax all four started to shout louder, seeing them go wild made Kajal more and more excited, she also moaned with the rhythm of their action and shouted…

“aaaahhhh…. mmmmm… ooohhhh… yyyyaaaaa”

and she pressed her boobs even harder and her fingers drilled her pussey even faster. In another few minutes Kajal shouted


And when she was about to reach her climax…

“Ding… Dong”

her doorbell rang and immediately Kajal’s concentration shifted to door and she pulled her fingers out of her pussey and offed the TV immediately and dressed up and went to the door very angrily to see the culprit who has pulled her down from the door way to heaven.

When she opened the door her anger grew even higher, it was an old beggar in rags standing right in front of her begging her to give him something to eat.

Kajal stared at him angrily for few seconds and seeing his innocent face and fragile body her mind started to get pity for him and she asked him to wait and went into the house and brought some money and gave him. Then the beggar thanked her and when he moved down the steps he slipped and fell on the ground unconscious.

When Kajal saw this she was shocked and didn’t know what to do, she immediately went into the house and brought some water and sprayed it on the beggars face and he came to his conscious slowly and Kajal gave him the water to drink.

“Thank you mam… Thank you…” the beggar thanked Kajal.

Kajal smiled at him and gave him a hand and made him stand, but he was so tired that he could not stand on his feet and he collapsed on Kajal and she hold him and made him sit on the steps.

“You don’t look so good, do you want me to call the doctor” Kajal asked him.

“No mam, I will be ok”

“You don’t look ok to me, what’s your problem?”

“Nothing mam, I just had food only once for the last two days. But now I have enough money to buy food, and I only wish I have the strength to reach the nearby hotel”

Hearing this Kajal felt sad for him and asked him to come into the house and eat in her house and use the money for the next time. The old beggar felt happier and to his eyes Kajal looked like an angel, he had never seen someone who is so gentle to him and he tried to stand up but he had not enough strength, seeing this Kajal gave him her hand and helped him stand up and then she made him put his arm around her shoulder and took him into the house and made him sit on the couch and went into the kitchen to bring him some food.



Kajal then went into the kitchen and brought some food and placed it in the dining table and then she went into the hall and helped the old man get up and made him sit in the chair and asked him to it. The old beggar saw all those delicious food in front of him and he didn’t wait any longer and immediately started to stuff his mouth with the food. Kajal sat opposite to him and drank her cup of coffee.

The old beggar after completing half the plate of his food, regained his energy slowly. He then closed his eyes and took some heavy breather and when he opened his eyes he saw Kajal sitting opposite to him and enjoying her coffee. All this time with Kajal the old man never noticed how beautiful she was, now that his stomach has stopped aching he was able to think freely and he was looking at Kajal and admiring her sexy face. After looking at her face for a while he moved his view down towards her neck and saw it shining with some sweat drops on it.


While he was looking at those glittering drops, one slowly moved down her neck and flowed down into her cleavage. And seeing Kajal’s cleavage the beggar got a instant hard on. Since he was not wearing and inners his dick stood erect inside his lungi and he immediately moved closer to the table to cover it and he moved his sight from her cleavage and continued to eat his food. Meanwhile Kajal finished her coffee and felt slightly uncomfortable with the sweating, so she planned on taking a bath. She said the beggar that she would be back and went into the bedroom and closed the room. The beggar continued to have his meal and there was complete silence around him and after few minutes he heard water sound coming from the next room and he guessed that Kajal was taking a bath and he immediately stood up with his dick still hard inside his lungi and moved to the room and went close to the door and kept his ear on the door to hear what is happening inside.

When his ear touched the door it pushed opened and the beggar thought that he was dead, to his surprise, Kajal was not there and the sound was coming from another room inside the bedroom and the door of the room was slightly opened.

Seeing this the old beggar’s mind started to argue to itself weather or not to get in, he thought for a while and then made up his mind. He is now almost 70 and he is never going to get a chance like this to see a beautiful high class girl bathing, so he consoled himself and entered the bedroom. As he moved close to the bathroom he could hear Kajal humming in the shower and it made his heart pound faster than ever.

He then reached the door and then peeked into the bathroom though the opening and he was shell shocked and his eyes popped out and it didn’t even blink. Kajal was standing under the showers completely naked and the water was flowing down her body, it was a heavenly sight for the old beggar. Seeing this the 70 year old dick started to grow even harder. The old man immediately raised his lungi up and grabbed his dick and started stroking at the bathing scene of Kajal.


After few minutes Kajal stopped the shower and then took the soap and started applying all over her body. First she applied it on her boobs and then then in her arms then moved towards there tummy and down to her legs. Seeing this the old beggar’s hand started move faster over his dick.

“mmmm… mmmm… aaahhh…”

He moaned silently and released a huge load of his cum that landed straight on the bathroom door. After he has emptied his sack he immediately left the room and went back to the dining table and continued to eat his food, acting like nothing has happened.

Few minutes later Kajal came out of her bedroom wearing a transparent sari and her hair is still wet.

“How is the food?” Kajal asked him as she walked towards him.

“Its heavenly child thanks” Saying that the beggar saw Kajal wiping her hair and coming close to him. This time his eyes were fixed on her deep navel with some water drops on it.

They continued to talk for a while and while they were talking the old beggar would glance into her cleavage and her stair at her pink lips. Kajal too noticed it and didn’t mind it.

When the old man completed his food, Kajal came near him and picked the plate and other stuffs. Kajal was so close to him that fragment of the soap from her body attracted the old man and he felt more erotic. While the beggar enjoyed the sweat and erotic odder from Kajal’s body, she could smell the foul smell coming from his body and that felt so disgusting.

“When is the last time you took a bath?” Kajal asked.

“Its been a while child” The beggar said with a smile in his face.

“There are pond and river in the city, why don’t you use it”

“Child I am a lonely man and just passed 70, seeing this rag appearance only some people like you feel petty and help me. Moreover I am not young anymore to bath in pond or river”

He continued to blabber his sad tale and hearing it Kajal felt sorry for him.

“Why dont you bath in my house today?”

“No child… No. You have already helped me to much, I think I have to leave now”

“Its nothing, just think me like your granddaughter”

Kajal tried to convince him and he finally agreed to him. Kajal then took him to the bathroom and gave him a towel and she returned back into the hall.

The old beggar then opened the door of the bathroom and a breeze of the soap smell same as it on Kajal’s body came from the bathroom. He immediately entered the bathroom and left the door unlocked and removed his dirty dress and put it on the hanger and wore the towel and when we was about to on the shower a crazy idea hit his mind.

“The girl looks innocent and seems like she is lonely, why don’t I try to seduce her”

The beggar thought about it for a while and finally reached a conclusion that he shall give it a short.

“Child… Child…” he called Kajal.

Hearing his sound Kajal immediately rushed to the bathroom, where the old man sat on the edge of the tub.

“Why did you call me?”

“This floor is too slippery, I don’t think I can bath her I would surely slip and fall if I bath here”

Kajal tried her best to console him but he acted like he was too scared and said her that he doesn’t want to take a bath. Finally Kajal consoled him by saying that she would stay with him and help him and the old beggar agreed to her.

Once the deal was made the old man suddenly pulled the towel of his waste and stood naked in front of Kajal. Kajal was surprised by his action and her eyes were fixed on his semi hard dick with is almost 7 inch long.

Kajal didn’t have a fuck for the last three days and seeing his dick in front of her she was completely mesmerised.

“Can we start” the old man said.

Hearing his voice Kajal immediately snapped out of it. Kajal then shook her head and turned on the shower and the water started flowing over the old man. While he was scrubbing his body, Kajal kept her eyes on his dick and her heart started to pound faster and she started to get horney.

After few minutes the old beggar turned off the shower and asked Kajal could she scrub his back. Kajal said OK and went behind him and took the soap and applied it on her hand rubbed it on the old man’s back as her hand moved behind him his dick started the rise slowly. Seeing Kajal full filling all his wish the old man was amazed and the heat inside him grow higher. As Kajal was scrubbing his back she gave a little glance in front and saw his dick at its full erection and her pussey started to itch and she thought of seducing the old man and get his dick penetrate into her cunt, which was longing for a dick for the last few days. Then she thought for a while and asked him

“Can I apply soap on you grandpa?” Kajal asked him.

The old man was completely surprised and said

“I was about to ask you child” and he smiled.

Kajal then took the soap and began her act by applying the soap on his back.


Kajal took the soap and went behind the old man and started applying it on his back and then she kneels behind him and applied it on his feet and slowly moved up wards and reached his ass. She put it on his two ass cheeks and cupped it for a while. The old beggar was enjoying every minute of it and suddenly to his surprise, Kajal suddenly parted his ass cheek and put her hand between his crack and applied soap in his ass. This unexpected move of Kajal made the old beggar’s dick even harder and he closed his eyes and started enjoying it with some mild moans.

“mmmm… aaaahhh…”

While he was enjoying it, Kajal removed her hand from his ass and stood up and made his turn around towards her and applied soap on his chest. While rubbing his hairy front she cupped his chest and pinched his nipples and when she was done with his chest and stomach, she knelled in front of him and looked at his hard dick for few seconds, the beggar was so excited to see what was coming next.


Kajal then applied soap on her both hands and took his penis in one hand and started stroking it on the pretext that she was applying the soap. While her right hand was stroking his dick her left hand was applying soap on his balls. She was doing a great job in it.

“aaaahhhh… ooooooohhhh…” the old man moaned with the rhythm of the movement of her hand.

He tried his best to control himself from ejecting, but he eventually lost control and

“aaaaaahhh… mmmmm…” he shouted and shot his wad all over Kajal’s face which was right in front of his dick. He ejected a huge load that hit her face and roll over and fall on her sari and blouse.

“Look what you have done” Kajal said bringing a fake anger in her face.

“Sorry child, I lost my control for a moment”

“I just took a bath and now I have to bath again”

“Sorry… Sorry…” he started apologizing.

“It’s ok, now I have to wash you quicker and take a bath again”

“Why don’t you bath with me I can help you clean up” the old man said hesitantly without looking at Kajal.

“Oh that’s a good idea” Kajal replied.

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