Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 11



The long waited day has arrived; today is Kajal’s wedding, which she has been waiting for almost a month. Her fiance Arun, is from an upper middle class family and he works in a MNC and earns 1 lacks Rupees per month. Arun and Kajal’s wedding was completed around 10: 45 in the morning and all the relatives enjoyed a good feast.

And around 5:30 the reception started and was going well. All the relatives and friends were taking pictures with the couples and there was music all around.

Few hours passed and when the reception was reaching its end, Arun received a call from his friend and he answered it. As he speak his facial expression changed from happy to shocking and tensed. Kajal, who was standing beside him noticed it.

“Arun, is there any problem. You are looking tensed”

“Yes, a big one”


“Since today is our wedding, I gave my project to my friend Jacob. But that idiot has crushed my project”

“What are you going to do now?”

Arun stood silently. Kajal asked him again.

“He wants some help from me”

“Then you can see him tomorrow and make everything right”

“Tomorrow I must submit the project; I am working on that for almost three weeks”

Kajal didn’t say anything.

“Please dear, if you allow me I would go to his house and return in about an hour”

Kajal thought for a while, She has been waiting for her wedding night for a long time and if Arun didn’t go now he would be blabbering about this the whole night and all her dream about her wedding night would be ruined. If he goes now he would be relaxed and they may have an excellent wedding night and so Kajal allowed him to visit his friend. Arun then informed it to his parents and left to see his friend on his bike.

Almost two hours passed and there was no news from Arun. All the guests has left and Arun’s parents and Kajal were worried, they tried to reach through his mobile, but it was switched off.

Arun’s parents convinced her by saying that he would often switch off his phone when he is at work, he doesn’t like any distraction.

Another hour passed and the land line phone in the house rang. Arun’s father received it and answered it.

“Noooo…” he shouted and dropped the receiver down.

Arun’s mother and Kajal were confused and asked him what happened.

“We must go to Jon’s hospital now” he said.

And they took the car and drive to the hospital. On the way he informed Kajal and his wife that Arun has met with an accident and is admitted in the hospital. When both the ladies heard this they started crying.

In few minutes they reached the hospital. When they reached the hospital Arun was receiving treatment from the doctor and Arun’s parents and Kajal were not allowed to enter the room and they were waiting outside the room, with lots of tension in their face.

In another few minutes the doctor came out of the room and Arun’s father enquired about his health.

“How is my son doctor?”

“He is ok, he got some injuries in his stomach and thighs. He looks fine outside, but we have to take some scan, to conform”

After that Arun was taken into a room for examining and he was asked to wait for the result. After 30 minutes the doctor called Arun’s father into his cabin. Kajal and Arun’s mom also went with him to meet the doctor.

“Sir is everything all right”

“Yes… but…” Saying that the doctor saw Kajal, Who was still in her brides dress.

“Who is she?”

“She is my son’s wife, they were married today”

When the doctor heard this he showed a sad face and said

“His health is fine, but there is a blood clot near his thighs and waist. So….” he stopped and looked at Kajal.

“So, what doctor”

“He can’t have any sexual activities for almost 12 to 15 months”

When Kajal heard this she was shocked for a second. She has been waiting for this day for so long and now her dreams were crushed. Kajal immediately got over it.

“Due to the blood clot his penis won’t get the erection. It would get back to normal as the blood clot heals” the doctor said.

After consulting the doctor all went to see Arun. Throughout the day Kajal was desperate for the night and now she is only a desperate wife who has to wait for almost 15 months for her first night.

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