Kajal Sex With Beggers Part 10

kajal was just moaning “ahhhhhhhhh haaaaaa ahhhhhh” for every thrust grand paa gave and was moaning “grand paaaaaa yess faster bit faster”, then he took his hand off from her boobs and caught hold of kajal hip to get good grip to thrust faster, but suddenly her two of her blouse hooks in front couldn’t handle the heavy bouncing of her boobies and snapped. they both laughed at each other, then he just ripped open her remaining hooks and removed her blouse and bra revealing her beautiful boobs, they were so huge that her nipples where touching the bed sheet. grand paa went mad after seeing this and just caught hold of those two melons and started to thrust harder and deeper, kajal just started moaning and hissing loudly “ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh grand paaaaaaaa hissssssssss, hissssssssss…..” grand paa just pinched her nipples in between and she again contracted her pussy and arched back hard. while arching her back kajal got up on her knees, she was cumming very hard.

grand paa too couldn’t control anymore and pushed his dick very hard and ejaculated deep inside her, at the same time when she was cumming. he was holding kajal boobs very hard for the grip from behind and both were moaning loudly “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……”! grand paa kept holding kajal very hard while he kept shooting my cum deep inside her pussy and the more he pushed my dick holding her boobs hard the more sperm he shot into her pussy. Moredesi.com kajal felt so good that she moaned loudly “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhh hhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhh hhhhhhhh…..” Then kajal turned towards her grand paa, so by this action grand paa penis slipped out from her pussy, they smooched each other wild, chewing and sucking each other lips and alternately swaying theirr heads sideways. Then both fell on the bed and rested in each other’s arms. After few minutes kajal got up and went to bath room to clean herself up and on seeing her bare ass juggle as kajal walked caused grand paa penis to rise again and reached its peak. he was very excited again and followed kajal from behind and before she could close the bath room door, he went inside and fucked kajal there once again. Then they came back to bedroom and he fucked her virgin ass hole and It was a such an wonderful experience.

next day kajal wake up in the morning and saw her grand paa still sleeping soon kajal got up and went to her room to fresh up and later she prepared breakfast and went to her grand paa and wake him up and soon he wake up and got ready aand had their brake fast and then kajal gave some medicine and he had it and kajal left the room and went to her room and took the shower and went to her grand paa room in she wore pink colour sleeve saree so seductively, grand paa never expected this, her plain pink sari and sleeve blouse loosely tied knot at the bottom of her hair which was hanging near her ass and flowers on her back, oh grand paa never expected this at all. grand paa just thought today that’s going to be my stiff. he was getting hard looking at kajal.

Moredesi.com kajal pallu was loosely pinned and she covered every part of her properly the loose end of the saree was covering her full hip, but her boobs were protruding through the saree adding to her body beauty is her face such a lovely one. kajal was looking very fresh and was standing near the door deeply. grand paa asked her to sit on the bed.and grand paa went near kajal, she had sprayed a great perfume it was smelling great along with the flower on her hair, grand paa was so confused why she had come in dressing such a way.then he just kept his right index finger over her sari in her waist region and slowly moved it upwards, kajal just sighed and closed her eyes slightly making a hiss sound and her body was gently moving up along, and there when gand paa finger went in between her boobs kajal just bit her lower lip, oh what a sight it was, guess kajal gave up completely for grand paa to fuck her it seems. grand paa just blew some air in her face, then he took his left hand, placed it gently near her right side of her neck and slowly took his hand behind her neck into those black forest hair,kajal leaned her neck towards grand paa hand which was travelling behind her neck and he slowly massaged her neck and hair behind her head teasingly.

She moved her head rhythmically as grand paa started to massage her, slightly biting her lower lips opening her eyes slightly and closing with a muffled hiisssss sound. Mean whilehe moved his right hand gently behind her back feeling her ass over her slippery sari and got hold of a thick muscle of her back and squeezed gently, she raised up in air muffling a short ahhhhhhhh from deep throat. grand paa was able to see the back when
he squeezed her ass through the big mirror behind her.

She was standing with her fist closed in a confused stay of whether to fully enjoy this act or just stay like a statue, but she couldn’t her body responds according to the sexual acts. Then he slowly turned her holding her waist with his right hand, with his left hand still massaging her neck and back portions. Now she was facing the mirror, Moredesi.com slowly grand paa closed nearing her and by full body was in contact with hers. then grand paa said whispered in her hot red ear” darling open your eyes, just relax and enjoy,now he just bought both his hands and held her waist, he know that it’s her weak point to make her super hot, so now he just moved my hand inside her sari and held her bare flesh and started squeezing it gently and increased the force, now she hissed a bit loud and moaned hmm hmmm. She was getting turned on, grand paa gradually found her navel and just darted his finger into it rotating and pushing my fingers deeper and deeper, with his thumb and index finger deep in to kajal navel.

grand paa forced to open kajal navel like trying to tear it from inside, now she took both her hand and brought behind her and hugged grand paa towards his back with moaning, few minutes after grand paa looked at kajal nipples were projecting like rocket through the sari, he just smiled and whispered to her “open your eyes and look what have you done darling”, kajal slowly opened her eyes and muffilingily asked “what?”grand paa took his left hand hidden waist inside from inside the sari and gently touched kajal two nipples and showed “see darling” and wickedly smiled, she was highly embarrassed but was slightly shocked too. grand paa said “darling even you can’t believe it eh?, saying so slowly grand paa kissed her neck moving kajal hair to the side removing the flower from her back and un tied the bottom knot to make her hair loose. Now two string of hair were in front of her face which made her look like a sex queen, my ohh my grand paa never enjoyed this level before.

Now he kissed her neck and back with some brute force and she started to thrust her ass back to meet his cock and they both were like sex maniacs rubbing their bodies a bit fast than before, then grand paa came to conscious and thought to himself he should not make it fast as he wanted to enjoy the full women in her, then he slowly moved his right hand towards kajal breast, which was heaving up and down, those were grown to one humongous watermelons, grand paa kept the right hand over kajal right breast under her sari over her blouse
And just squeezed it gently and looked at the action going underneath her sari through the mirror, grand paa asked kajal again to open her eyes and see, she was lost in her state of lust world and opened her eyes to see what was going on to her body through the mirror and biting her lower lips with full lust, then took his left hand and held her left breast and started squeezing both while sniffing her hair and kissing her neck, kajal started to move her head up and placed on his shoulder and twisted her head sideways making sounds like hmm ahhhhhh those moans where from her deep throat which were like sex calls.

grand paa told kajal “darling open your eyes and watch this please “, kajal raised her head and saw through the mirror grand paa removed the paulla with my left hand slowly exposing her huge boobs with his right hand over her right boob it was a very erotic scene to see his hand over that huge mountain, grand paa could see the lust in her eyes on seeing that erotic scene and she started to push her ass further into him, her stomach and navel were going bizarre on her deep breaths, her navel was getting highly elongated, grand paa whispered in her ears “look darling the magic in you.

What a beautiful breasts what a creation so terrific dear” she was just looking at herself in the mirror, he just couldn’t control and started to squeeze her boobs over her yellow blouse harshly and madly looking at the formation of her deep cleavage in that sexy blouse over her shoulder, and sometimes he could see her middle part of her elongated nipple through her blouse…. hmmm hmmmmm ahhhhh please be bit slow kajal muffled, grand paa just couldn’t stop and started tweaking and tuning her both the nipples hardly over her blouse, kajal just rested her head on grand paa shoulder just saw the ceiling and was hissing loudly hissssss……. and said I couldn’t control

grand paa said to her in an urgency “look look”, she again looked at the mirror, and while she was looking he just kept his right hand at the top of her blouse and tore it completely, Moredesi.com this made her boobs to go up and down and jam against each of them, ohh what a sight she was just awestruck on seeing her reddish huge boobs in action. kajal nipples were really large with its fully glory projecting. The mid region between her boobs it was completely wet with her sweat, under the light her whitish body was looking awesome.grand paa just took his finger and made a path from her naked navel up to her neck through those breasts slowly, gently kissing her ears, now he just couldn’t control anymore and just inserted his hands into her petticoat and pressed her ass globes and just removed her saree and her petticoat hurriedly and all of a sudden kajal was full naked.

grand paa was enjoying her body in the mirror reflection, her pussy was dripping wet and the white ass globes were so meaty and jutting back, kajal couldn’t overcome her shame of looking at herself naked in the mirror, she tried to close her eyes, buthe gave her nice pat on her ass globes making it move up and jiggle, this made kajal some pain and opened her eyes wide and moaned ahhhh m please, no ,… Then he inserted his finger without any hesitation into her pussy, kajal was taken a back and just moaned ahhhhh and pushed his finger into her pussy, moving it up and up inner, kajal was just pushing herself into her grandpaa and enjoying lifting her head up facing the ceiling opening her mouth wide open and moaning ahhhhh. grand paa thought it’s enough as kajal was leaking her liquid like anything, and removed his lungi and underwear quickly, there came his 10inch dick popping up, ohh even grand paa was surprised it was fully erected than never before grand paa would have. he just bent her she was looking bit terrified and asked kajal “darling hold the dressing table handles please” kajal bent giving him the full view of her ass hole wooww! Slowly the ass hole was getting the light on its spot now grand paa kept his legs to the inner side of her both the legs made her legs to spread wide open to as far as she can stretch, then he lusted for her long thunderous thighs placed both his hands on her thighs and slide it soothingly and rubbed her thighs down and again up hissing in her ears slowly “ahhh darling what a beautiful thighs you have.

You’re really one God made miracle” and was enjoying her front portion of her thighs, kajal just saw in the mirror all the sex happenings to her body and the way she is being used after enjoying her thighs to his heart’s content grandpaa leaned and said “darling let’s just go for the ultimate pleasure, now i am going to penetrate my penis into your anus” kajal said “ohh my please no..” but before she could complete, grand paa gently pushed his penis into her sphincter gap in her asshole, slowly I pushed in but found it difficult she already started moaning ahhhh and just held on to the handle tightly,

Since they were already soaked with sweat, they didn’t need any lubrication, after few struggle grand paa pushed and there half of my penis was in her kajal was moaning “oohhh”grand paa said “yes darling It’s in don’t worry it’s in”, he just took some time to relax, then after few mines he slowly moved further in and grand paa dick was completely in, now he pulled out slowly and saw his penis wet and again pushed in slowly, kajal moved front as he pushed and kajal boobs jiggled, he again pulled out and thrust in with violent force now, kajal never
Expected it and she closed her eyes and the pain on her face was visible and screamed “ahhhhh, nooo please slow,” now he started to reciprocate slowly moving up thrusting and down, now her pains were turning to lust and kajal started to thrust hr ass back pushing grand paa, he just caught hold of her boobs and got a sliding grip as she was completely wet and started to ram her grand paa balls hitting her ass globes and making moist wet sound chupuu chupuku noise, kajal was completely out of control and was moaning deeply ahhh ahhhhhh mmmmmm aaaahahahahh…hhahahahahah… for every hit inside Moredesi.com
Her kajal moans hmmm hmmm deeply and for every pull ohh she moans ahhhhh ahhhhhh.. and meanwhile grand paa caught kajal nipple and tweaked those really hard , and her boobs became very reddened. The scene on her back was marvelous, her marble wheatish back with hairs flowing few over her and hanging to her sides and the formation of folds on her hip for every thrust were making her body more erotic and grand paa just enjoyed the scene which increased his ramming phase steadily he just kept on thrusting thrust and thrusting and for each thrust her grip on the dressing table handle got harder and harder.

It was so hard that the table started to shake violently, with each thrust along with her body, then kajal released the handle and shook her head to lean on his shoulder which made her hairs to cover grand paa face and moaned ahhhhh….ahhh ahh… kajal mouth was in ‘O’ shape she couldn’t control any go her moans or sighs , he just thrust her to full force looking at her sexual beauty, and he couldn’t take it anymore so just pressed her boobs very hard to get his full lust’s content which she couldn’t take it either and again bent to catch the dressing table handle for a grip with both her hands.

Not knowing what to do with such high amount of sex drive in her, while she tightened her body to the core and on further seeing all these sexual reactions he pushed his penis deep in her asshole against the resistance of her ass globes , kajal moaned “noon nooo ahhhhh ahhhm……”, he just grunted “hmmmmm darling ahhhhh” and ejaculated deep into her hole. grand paa cum were rushing out of her hole as there were not much gap and they both were breathing and sweating heavily with sex aroma filling the entire room. grand paa just caught her neck pulled her close to his face and said” ohh darling! Your are women made for sex”
Then his penis came out of her hole as he moved away and sat on the bed whereas she was still standing holding on the dressing table handle trying to group herself together, then she went to the bathroom to clean and came out of the toilet room and saw grand paa sitting on the bed relaxing with his hands behind leaning on the bed ,12pm in noon

then kajal prepared luncha nd both have their lunch and then kajal come to grand paa room and grand paa hugged kajal and then grand paa
soothingly whispered “darling I have never seen such a beauty, it was so awesome when your nipples started to erect when we were speaking down there” and loudly gasped. His words were taking its effect on kajal, slowly he neared kajal nipples with his pointing finger and thumb, he then very gently touched the tip of both the nipples over kajal saree, while kajal was watched it. He caught both the nipples and slowly exerted some pressure, kajal was just trembling, with that move grand paa was just taking to the world of lust. kajal just inhaled deeply closing her eyes and automatically arched her head making a hiss sound.

kajal emotion of lust took over her again. then slowly but constantly the pressure on her nipples were increasing, kajal just gave in all her dignity and started to live the current situation without thinking about any other things.
grand paa was continuously twisting nipple in alternate direction while, he moved kajal hair slightly to her side with his nose and gently planted kisses on kajal back over the saree which was sticking to her body with sweat. Then he moved to the top back of her neck and gave her wet kisses’, the sound of the kisses were so audible. kajal just leaned her head over his left shoulder and moved kajal head to grand paa face for more kisses. Now he started to pull kajal nipples outwards stretching like a rubber.

When he pulled it, kajal boobs started to take the shape of fully grown papayas sharp at the peak and bulged at the center. kajal just couldn’t control her lust and turned her face towards his ear and slightly licked it making another hiss sound. He would pull kajal nipples to its maximum limit till her breasts get pulled out along with the nipple he was doing this many times while kissing kajal entire back and neck. kajal was moaning louder hmmm ahmmmm….
Now he placed both his palms under kajal boobs cupping them and started to pull them outwards alternately, first left boob, then right , while grand paa was doing this kajal felt a strange sensation near her hip, something was poking her with high intensity, then that thing slided down to her ass crack, later kajal came to know it was grand paa penis, he was gyrating his hips along with her hips. Then he started squeezing kajal boobs and increasing the pressure, kajal boobs started to pain severely he was just molesting them like anything. Now grand leaned further in front of

kajal shoulder and started kissing her cheek so violently with the sound mmuah mmuah and slowly went down to her neck. Then they both reached their sexual peak, he turned kajal towards him and just kissed kajal on her delicate lips roughly swallowing kajal entire mouth. kajal respond with the same force, grand paa just sucked kajal tongue in along with her whole lips, his hands started to travel back and started squeezing kajal bums. her breast got jammed against grand paa bare chest grand paa immediately removed the saree which is of no use and went down to kajal boobs and started sucking them by grouping them together, kajal was in heaven with her grand paa manly act and pushed her chest out for him to enjoy those boobss completely, and went down to my breasts and continued his foreplay and kajal went back into her dark ecstasy arching her head up biting her lower lips hiisss hiissingg while kajal hands went to his back of his head and caressed grand paa hair pushing him deep into her breasts, he started to bite kajal soft fleshes make a circle all over her boobs, kajal left nipple was now in between his teeth he started to bite harder but not too harder Moredesi.com

kajal was in ecstasy and tried to pull it out of her breast, kajal screamed loudly ahhhhhhhhh…. grand paa paused and saw kajal, kajal too saw grand paa straight in his eyes, it was filled with lust, he then bent his head to continue from where he left. He now shifted to her right nipple and did the same pulling it out with his teeth and trying to chew them, kajal again screamed ahhhhhh , this time he didn’t bother he continued his assault. Then went down darting his tongue into kajal navel and tried to lose kajal petticoat, he was struggling to do, so
kajal helped him thus he successfully pulled her petticoat out. Now kajal too got stark naked. He just went back a bit and saw kajal from top to bottom admiring her beauty, while kajal was standing still. Then he caught hold of her arms pushed kajal against the dressing table and made her to sit on that. kajal bare ass became flat over that table. He just spread kajal thighs went in-between them and reached her pussy. kajal felt his hot breath there and went in deep ecstasy of the dark lust world. He just kept his entire mouth over kajal vagina and devoured it completely,

Moredesi.com kajal pushed back by his sudden attack and just kept her hands over his head and pushed him deeper into her pussy while moaning loudly ahhhh. Then she felt the sensation of something hot a wet entering her vagina. It was grand paa tongue, kajal was thrusting it in, then removing it and licked kajal entire bottom starting from the anus end at the lower bottom to the beginning of her pubic region in front crossing over kajal vagina like a dog. He did this many times kajal just couldn’t control was shaking her head violently and moaning very loudly,ahahahhahaaaaammmmahhaha….hahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaa.grand paa again opened his mouth and swallowed her entire vagina staying in that position for sometime pushing his tongue deeper, kajal think he reached my G-spot kajal was uncontrollably moaning ahhhhh ahhhhh, he again and again

darted his tongue aiming at the same spot. Then he shook his head with kajal vagina till in his mouth, that was it kajal was leaking liquid directly into his mouth, he was greedily gulping it down. grand got up kissed kajal so hard thatkajal was being forced to move back till her head rested on the mirror, he was sucking her whole mouth, while kajal struggled to breathe and respond to the force grand paa was exerting on kajal. Then he moved back his head with a deep kiss and saw kajal with great temptation ,while kajal too saw him with zest full of lust. Now he moved his hands under her ass cheeks while still looking into her eyes and kajal too looked deep into his eyes and he pushed kajal ass cheeks up sandwiching his hands between the table and kajal ass cheeks.

Gently he pulled her towards him by lifting her with his hands, from his eyes kajal was clear that he’s going for the core part of encounter.Now kajal hip was just few inches away from his, kajal was sitting at the edge of the table. kajal placed her hands locking around his neck and legs locking around his hip. grand paa tried to lift me from the table by pushing me up with the help of my ass cheeks, when grand paa pushed her up kajal too helped him by slightly jumping, all this was happening with their eyes locked with each other.

He succeeded in mounting kajal over his hip and went few feet back. Now kajal was completely hanging onto his neck with kajal breasts squeezed in between them.kajal breasts had swollen to so much extent that it was making a mountain like appearance between them. After standing still, he moved his right hand behind her neck under her hair and gently massaged. He moved his left hand under hip junction and adjusted his penis, and touched gently over entrance of her pussy, kajal was in taken to haven when that happened but soon grand paa penis slide down as he was only adjusting.kajal was just looking into his eyes with fear of how it will be.

He then again adjusted, now his penis made a good contact with the entrance of her vagina. It was so hot the pre cum of his penis and the liquid from her vagina acted like a glue and now his penis didn’t slip away. kajal hands started shivering as he is about to enter in , kajal felt tickling sensation at the entrance of her vagina where his penis was resting. kajal was slowly being pushed up with his right hand going under her ass globes and stayed in that position, then kajal happened, gently.kajal started to feel the his penis moving in to her vagina opening up her pussy lips Moredesi.com and the pain started to increase as her body slowly lowered down, they both didn’t remove our eye contact, gently kajal mouth opened in ‘O’, she started to feel a big dick was going in, it was so hard.

Then she just caught his top shoulder flesh and squeezed it in pain biting her lower lips and closed her eyes hardly. He was half way through, relaxing a bit for the pain to fade away. Now he pushed kajal gently up as he pushed her up kajal too pushed herself up by forcing her leg lock behind grand paa downwards and immediately when she reached up tillHis tip was out of her pussy, he pulled her back in with sudden force and in went his penis all the, ksjal didn’t expect his swift reaction, she just cried aloud ahhhhhhhhh….and he too grunted ahhhhhh then leaned her face over grand paa shoulder tears started to flow out of pain, and tightened her hand lock around his neck, grand paa penis was clearly pushing her womb, it was paining like anything,when kajal saw grand paa he looked like a conqueror, conquering me.grand paa then kissed kajal deeply what a wet kiss it was kajal just automatically

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