Just Some Fun With Bhaabhi

Hello all and how are you guys doing? I am zoneforsex reader just like you and I have a great experience to share with you. Just Some Fun With Bhaabhi My name is Adil. I live in the U.S. I have been in here for only a short period of time but thanks to my cousins, I’ve learned the ways here fast. I was lucky enough to get a job working for a major airline. This has helped me tremendously, since I am very skillfull online chatter. I have got many babes this way and met some too. No place is too far for me when it comes to US.

This happened a few backs when a very good friend of mine got married. I saw his wife for the first time at his marriage. SHE WAS HOT!!! She had a nice figure, great boobs and seeing her on the dance floor, I knew she would be a great fuck. On a few occassions we exchanged some deadly glances. Anyhow my friend moved to another state and his wife wanted to persue her education so she got admission in a college out in Montana (for those of you who don’t know – Montana is in the middle of nowhere) My friend was obviously distressed about this but he would visit her about once or twice a month, it was a 6 hour drive for him. I quickly became friends with both of them as a couple. I would call when they were both together in Montana. So, two weeks back – we all made a plan that I would get together where Bhabbhi was studying.

It has been snowing like crazy these past weeks, so I was very lucky to fly in. She lived close to the airport. I was surprised that she came to recieve me ALONE !!! and I was acted genuinely concerned asking about my friend. She said that due the snow he was stuck on the freeway and didn’t know how long it would take for him to be there. Of course being the polite fucker that I am, I told her that it would not be right of me to be with her alone. But she grabbed my arm and said “There’s no way I’m going to let you go” and we all know what that meant.

So we went back to her place. She made lunch, we chatted. The snow kept pounding in heavily. We kept talking about a lot of things and even briefly discussed sex. Just when the topic was getting hot my friend called and was inquiring about me. She was holding the phone looking straight into my eyes and told her husband “Jaanu, Adil bhai couldn’t make it… his flight got cancelled”

She put the phone down and we began to kiss passionately. The fire place was crackling and I began to remove her clothes. My rod was like motlen iron. Her lips were so soft like clouds then when her bra dropped, two wonderful globes of pleasure appeared before me with little nipples begging me to suck them and I obeyed. She was moaning. She forced my head into her soft pillows “aur zohr say chooso harami” and I thought to my self that I’m going to fuck her extra hard for talking dirty to me. I kept kissing her soft flat stomach. and unbottoned her pant and slowly slid the zipper down. I could see her pubic hairs sticking out from her panties. I softly bit outside her panties and noticed she was EXTREMELY WET already. She was on her back and I moved her panty to one side, teasingly put my tongue around her beautiful pussy. “Chooso na..thumhara dost to kabhi nayee choostha, please chooso. Thum jo kuch kaho gay mai karungi..please chooso” And I let my tongue to it’s magic. She was moaning like a bitch.She must’ve orgasmed 3 times.

I stood up and took out my 7 inch throbbing rod. I told her “Suck it bitch…” I could tell she was shocked by the size. I held the hair on the top of her head as she sucked from the base of my cock to the tip of my forehead. she sucked like there was no tomorrow. I was about to come and I pushed her head inward and she took in my warm milky fluid. She chocked as she wasn’t expecting it but she recovered quickly. AND SHE KEPT GOING until I came once again. That was the best blowjob I ever had. I told her to turn around and put her breast on the cushion of the sofa. I applied a little bit of saliva on to my cockhead and slowly penetrated her pussy. I could tell she was in pain as I put in but I kept going, soon enough I was pounding away like a jackhammer. The sound out skin slapping against each other and she was moaning with each hit. uhh uhh uhh uhh… I could see the beads of sweat accumulating on her back and I was dripping from my eyebrows. She kept backing her ass up into me and I kept pushing forward until I unloaded inside of her. I unloaded until my balls came up into my stomach. We both dropped as if we ran a marathon. We often see each other this way as often as possible. I’ve seen her since then with him and she gives me those same looks she did at the wedding.

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