Jahanzeb’s Wild Sex – Desi Sex Stories

Hi guys, my name is Jahanzeb, and I wanted to share my wild experience
with all of you. It all started one hot and sweaty summer day in Lahore,
when i was back for vacation visting my father. However, he happened to
be on a business trip to the States, where he sells carpets. I had a
lot of time on my hands, so I would watch porns all day long.

I would sit in my living room, armed with full supply of tissues and vaseline
and, occasionally, olive oil. And boy can I tell all you fellow desie’s
out there its an insane experience. Well this particular day, August
21, 1998, while I was spanking the salami, I caught my beautiful
neighbor fingering herself on her balcony as she watched me make love to
myself. Her name is Raheela, and she is fair complexioned stunner.
(36-23-36):) As soon as she caught me looking at her she became
startled and quickly ran back inside. Being very cocky I continued what
I was doing until the tissues ran out. Another week passed by before I
saw Raheela again.

This time she was strolling past my house, looking
stunning as usual. Being the stud I am, having been educated in
Massachusetts, Umrika, I decided to make my move, since my father was
only away for another day. I went up to her her and boldy said “Nice
day was lovely stroll down down Liberty Market, isn’t it?”

She replied ” Not really.” So my next move was to ask her in for a
refreshing cold drink. She innocently accepted my invitation, as we used
to visit very often. Once we got into the living room, I gave her a
coke. She drank the coke and then took the straw out and started sucking
the damn bottle like it was a horse’e dick. I got really turned on, and
I quickly put on one of my “tota’s” (porn movie). She stopped sucking
the the bottle and gazed at the tv intently. The guy in the movie was
shoving his dick in the girls ass.

As I turned to see her reaction, i
saw that her hand was lost in her shalwar, and she was rocking back and
forth. I asked her if she wished she was the porn star in the film, and
she said yes! So, I decided to lead the way and took of my clothes,
revealing my 10 inch lorra. She pounced on it like a cat, and started
sucking it as if she was gonna rip it off me. I gave her a hard spank on
te ass and said, “haramzadi, aur zor say choos.” I got impatient with
her and ripped her clothes off.

Once she was fully naked, I realized
what a slutty body this bitch really had. I wanted to fuck her brains
out. So I smeared ghee all over her gaand and my lun. Once they were
both slippery, I stuffed my dick in her crack. She let out a moan of
joy, and said J-Z, “Tumara lora meri gaand ko phaar day ga..lekin aur
zor say chodo mujhe…phudi phaar do meri”

This got me very excited and
I knew I was gonna co exactly what she wanted me to do. Once I made her
come from the ass, I went for her cunt, which was very wet. I said,
“rundi, teri khus ko khole kay rukh doon ga!” I was pumping her like a
jackhammer. My lora was rock hard, and I knew I was gonna come soon. So
I fucked her even harder and said, “bhanchod, muzza a ra hai?” And she
was just screaming because she was about to come.

Then she started pulsating and said, “Ma kay loray, tu sub say cheetah nikla! Itni zor
say chuda maara hai, tu nay meri khus phaar de hai…Ab mein ghar kaisay
jaoun gi? But I was done with her, and I gave her a kick on the ass, and
said, “Rundi ki buchee, idhar say bhaag ja, is say pehlay mein Police ko
bula lo, aur wo tujhe Heera Mandi may chor daing gay.” She realized that
I had treated her like the slut she really was. She got up and started
walking back home. She looked like she still had the coke bottle stuck
up her ass. Well, I still call her over whenever I get horny, but if
anyone wants to be fucked by a Punjabi hero like me, email me at
Love Jahanzeb.

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