Innocence Gone When We Had Sex

im from Kathmandu .I’ve been reading the stories from zoneforsex for quite a long time. Innocence Gone When We Had Sex So I too decided to share my experience for the first time.

It happened about a year ago when I was working in a Hotel .It began one afternoon in August. Sabina and I were sitting around talking. She wanted to talk about sex. I found it strange talking to her like this . I am 24, heavy set, 5’8, brown hair and eyes. Sabina is 20, 5’4, petite, brownish blonde hair, blue eyes. She has medium sized firm perky breast and a sweet round ass.

As she is very friendly with me and talks frankly; that day she started to talk about sex. She started to ask me about my encounters. Well I had some to tell her and lot of fake stories to exaggerate her. She just couldn’t hear enough; she kept prodding me for more. Her eyes would get big and mouth would open and I recounted my many adventures at the college and pubs. Her eyes got the widest when I talked about eating pussy. I told her many stories and she wanted more. I was getting turned on talking to her about this stuff. Sabina just listened, not saying much. I now wanted to hear from her. I asked her to tell me about her escapades. She asked what I wanted to know. I told her to start with her first time; it was at this point that she sheepishly replied that she was a virgin. I was a little taken aback. This sweet, young woman was a virgin. It kind of surprised me that she wanted to hear all this stuff.

On this particular Thursday, we were both going to have to work the night shift. When Sabina arrived at work, I noticed that she had changed clothes. Earlier in the day she had worn an ankle length dress, she returned in a short sun dress that showed all of her young curves. My mind began to fantasize about getting under that skirt from the moment she came back. Everyone else left at 7 p.m., and just she and I were left in the hotel. She sat at her desk and I at the conference table facing her. From the moment we sat down, Sabina wanted to talk about sex some more. It almost seemed as if she were gathering information. So I began telling her more.

Sabina just sat there and listened, occasionally asking a question. As our conversation went on, I noticed Sabina’s legs moving further apart. Soon my eyes became glued on the inside of her creamy thighs and her white panties. My cock was now rock hard. After a period of time, she shrugged her shoulders complaining that they were stiff. I told her that if she went into the office with me that I would massage them. We entered the office and she took a seat in one of the chairs. I took a standing position behind her and began to rub her shoulders. They were soft and smooth. We continued talking as I rubbed her shoulders. At first I just looked straight ahead, but when I looked down I noticed that she wasn’t wearing a bra.My cock returned to full attention seeing her beautiful breasts. I began plotting as to how I could get my hands, or more, on them. My hands began working their way down the front of her body. She looked up at me and smiled as my hands began to caress her firm breast. A little coo of a moan escaped her mouth. I asked her if she had ever done anything sexual before, she replied no. “Not even being felt up, fingered?” I asked. She replied that she had never had any sexual experience with the exception of kissing before. My pulse quickened as I realized that I was the first to touch her in this way.I leaned over and kissed her sweet, full lips. Her kiss was soft and warm. Soon I found my tongue exploring her mouth, and hers was exploring mine. My hands continued caressing her breast as we kissed. She paused in her kiss; when she did my lips found their way to her neck. I began nibbling and kissing her neck. Sabina let out a few soft moans. She reached up and ran her fingers through my hair. I now felt warm breath on my ear as she began kissing and nibbling on it. It soon became evident that this was going to places where she had never been.

We kissed each other occasionally, letting the other know that they wanted more. We turned off the lights and went into the back room. I had a winter coat and a sweater in my office. I grabbed them and laid them down on the back room floor. We kneeled on them and once again began to kiss. I let my hands explore her young body. My hands found the bottom of her dress, and I slowly raised it over her body as we continued to kiss. Her beautiful body, now naked with the exception of her panties, kneeled before me. I laid Sabina on the coats and got on top of her. We continued to kiss. We were like animals in heat as we kissed. I could no longer resist. I removed my shirt, and started slowly kissing my way down her body. My mouth paid equal attention to her firm breast. Her mouth letting out soft moans as I licked and sucked each nipple. Sabina looked me in the eyes and began caressing my shoulders, almost as if urging me to continue moving down her body. My mouth slowly kissed its way down over her flat belly, to her belly button. I circled my tongue around it before moving to her panties. My hands grabbed her white panties and slowly removed them while I looked deep in her eyes. “Are you ready for this?” I asked. A simple nod came from her head. I kissed her and traced my tongue from her knee, to her inner thigh, and then to her beautiful pussy. Her soft hairs tickled my nose. I slowly parted her lips and licked at her virgin pussy. My tongue was exploring the unexplored. Sabina’s back arched, and her body writhed as I licked at her pussy. Her body let out a little shriek as my tongue hit her swollen clit. I licked it for a minute or so before gliding my tongue to her unexplored hole. My tongue probed her deep. She let out a moan or two before saying, “Oh my God. This is incredible.” My hands moved to her breast and I kneaded and caressed them as my tongue probed her deeply. Her sweet juices flowed from her body, and I licked them up as fast as they came. Her body continued to writhe in ecstasy as my tongue returned to her clit. Slowly my tongue began to circle her clit. I began putting more pressure on it as my pace quickened. Her moans became more and more frequent. Her body writhed almost out of control. “Oh my God, I think I’m going to cum.” Sabina moaned. She was right. Within a minute her body began to shudder as she let out a loud moan. It was all I could do to keep up my licking. Her body shot warm cum on my lip, and I licked it up eagerly.

I kneeled in front of her, asking if she enjoyed that. She replied that she did. I looked deep in her eyes as I lowered my pants and underpants exposing my hard cock. “Are you ready for this?” I asked. She replied with an emphatic knob of her head. I moved my cock closer to her, and placed it at the opening. My cock slid slowly into her tightness. As I got my shaft almost all the way in, I felt tension against the head. I had reached her hymen. “This may hurt.” I warned her. With that I slowly pushed into her and felt it separating. She let out a slight painful moan, but urged me to keep going. My strokes started slowly. They were slow, deep, and deliberate. Her breathing became almost labored as I probed her with my hardness. My cock began to glide easier and easier into her. I picked up the pace. My cock would glide in until my balls hit her ass before retreating all the way out to the head. My long strokes made her moan in delight. The forcefulness of my strokes shook her. The rubbing of my cock in her caused her to orgasm several times. I fucked this young woman for 10 minutes before feeling my own oncoming orgasm. My breathing was hard, my face tightened, and my body ached. I was so close to cumming. Just before I released, I pulled my cock from her pussy and I began to stroke it. Cum came shooting from my cock and sprayed all over her body. My hot juices hit her body and she moaned in approval.

I laid back down on her, and we began kissing. I rolled off of her, and we lay side by side talking for a while. “Was it everything that you expected?” I asked. “It was wonderful.” Sabina replied. We lay there in the afterglow for about a half an hour, as my hands caressed this beautiful young woman. I was both grateful and honored that she allowed me to be her first. We then got dressed, kissed and went home.

Sabina is now studying in some college at Banglore. I guess I gave her an education of sorts that summer. When she came back at Semester break, we talked again. She told me that the few boys she had been with at college didn’t know how to make love to a woman. Saying they were only concerned with their own orgasm and not hers. Sabina gave me a gift in the form of her first blowjob. She needed a little coaching, but it was wonderful none the less. The ultimate reward came when she swallowed my juices that time. Sabina told me it didn’t taste that great and that she probably wouldn’t do it ever again.

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