In Train With Boss’s Wife

This incident In Train With Boss’s Wife happened last month when I was going for a meeting to pune. First let me introduce myself. I am 28 years old bachelor working for a reputed Pharma company as Medical Representative. I am based at Merit and My Boss Rajeev Agnihotri is also based at Merit. He was married to a Brahmin girl of Mathura named Bharti Agnihotri. She was a girl whom anybody would like to fuck. She seemed to be decent lady but whenever she looked towards anybody he felt a very inviting looks in her eyes and this was a general feeling among all of my friends and colleagues. We used to fantasize fucking her wife a lot whenever we got together. We frequently visited Rajeev place for one reason or another just to get a glimpse of Bharti. Once I was gone to Jhansi my home town on leave after there I was supposed to leave for Pune for a meeting.

Since Rajeev my boss was also attending the meeting I called him up that by which train he is leaving. He told me that he will be leaving by Jhelum express and he will take the train from Delhi so it would be better if I also get my reservation done by the same train. I Later due to holidays I could not get a confirm ticket but RAC instead. Finally the day came and I reached Jhansi station on time. Rajeev told me that he will be on S-2 coach .When I met him Rajeev told me that even he could get only one confirm seat inS-2 so His wife is on that seat (She was going to Pune with Rajeev as they had a relative there and she could stay there for few days while Rajeev attends the meeting). Later Rajeev’s ticket got confirmed but he got the seat in S-10 which was 8 coaches behind and there was 2 AC compartment in between. Since there was no other option he left for his coach and I stayed back to make some arrangements with the TT for my birth. I went to his confirmed seat and met Bharti.As I said she was extremely fair in complexion I was aroused as I met her when she was alone. Bharti was wearing red saree and had her hairs open. She was lookin fucking beautiful. I asked her that My seat is not confirm so if I can sit here till the TT comes. We sat together for about an hour when the TT came. By that time I decide that since Rajeev is in a very far coach from here perhaps this my chance to fuck her wife for which I have been dreaming since a long time.

I asked the TT if I can get a seat in this coach itself. I offered to pay him something extra to which he agreed and gave me the birth in same coach. I however went to Bharti and said-“Bhabhi ji abhi to seat mili nahi hai, Shayad raat me mil jayegi”. She said-“Rajat mujhe koi problem nahi hai tum yahi aa jao”.I saw a stunning looks in her eyes. Perhaps she was trying to have company of someone other than her husband Aadhi Raat me mai Bharti ki seat par aa gaya tab tak waha ki lights off ho chuki thi aur saare passengers so rahe they.mai upper birth par gaya aur dekha ki Bharti dress change karke black nighty me so rahi hai. Uski nighty ghutne (knees) tak sarak gayi thi aur uske gore-gore legs dekh kar mera lund khada ho gaya.I lied on the birth facing towards her and spread my legs half way through the birth. After 30 mins of watching her legs it became irresistible for me and I slowly moved my legs so as to press her more towards the trains wall. She didn’t responded so I assumed that she is sleeping.

Yeh dekh kar maine Bharti ke legs par dheere se apna haath rakh diya.To my surprise she did not resisted instead she spread her legs more towards me. Now I was lying on the outer side of the birth with my legs fully spread and Bharti had her legs fully spread towards me. I gathered all of my courage and pushed my hands a bit further inside her nighty.This time I reached upto her knees and started massaging her. I could read the changing expressions on her face, though she was pretending to be in deep sleep I could make out that she is enjoying my actions. I grew bolder and lifted one of her legs and placed it towards the outer side of birth and placed myself between her legs. Ab mai Bharti ke legs ke center me aa gayaa aur apne dono haath uske thighs tak le gayaa.After this I pulled her nighty upto her waist. Wow !!what a beautiful pussy she had. Without wasting time I approached towards her pussy to taste it. I noticed that she had opened her eyes but now I was beyond caring. As I started sucking her pussy She placed her hand on my head and pushed hard on her pussy.I lifted my head to find her smiling.

Ab Maine bina time waste kiye uski nighty open kar di aur ab Bharti birth par poori nangi leti thi.I lied down on her naked body and started crushing her boobs with one hand and sucking another boobs. After 5 mins she said -“Rajat please don’t waste time , I am dying to get fucked by you”

Hearing this immediately I removed cloths from my body and decided to go 69 .Maine apna lund Bharti ke muh me daal diya aur uski chut ko lick karna shuru kar diya.Perhaps this was the first time Bharti was having a lund in her mouth because she started sucking her very hard. I almost felt like my penis getting detached from my body. I reciprocated by biting her vaginal pussy with my teeth along with it I was fingering her pussy as well. After 15 mins of fucking her in mouth I came and filled her mouth with my cum.She swallowed all of it without a drop being wasted. By now Bharti was ready for the great fucking. I inserted my lund inside her well lubricated pussy and started pumping her hard. Her husband might be taking a lot of care while fucking her but I decide to be as ruthless as possible. I grabbed her hair with both my hands and pulled her face up after which I totally sealed her lips with mine and started pumping faster. As the train was in full speed the coach was moving in it’s own rhythm and I was putting all my efforts to get my lund inside her chut upto the base.

It must have been painful for her as I could see few tears in her eyes and she was unable to make sound as her lips were tightly sealed by mine. I kept fucking her without being polite and finally filled her pussy with load of cum. As I released her Bharti took a sigh of relief and kept lying there for few minutes. After this she decide to sleep. I was in no mood to sleep but decide to give her some rest after such a wild fucking.

When 2 hours passed I woke her up and asked her to go to toilet and wait for me. She pulled up her nighty and came down to the toilet. I followed and went inside the toilet and bolted the door from inside. There She was ready for another round of fucking as I saw her that she had already take-off her nighty.I undressed myself and placed her on the basin. I got down and started sucking her pubic hairs. I could get the wonderful taste of a mixture of her fluid and mine which was still there. I fucked her once again this time a bit more gently and politely. As I was about to came she demanded to fill her her mouth and I once again filled her mouth with a load of my cream. This time Bharti pulled back the foreskin of my penis and started sucking it hard to get the last drop of the most healthy juice of the world. After complete satisfaction she left me and got dressed.

After this we went back to the birth and decide to go to sleep as I was also exhausted this time and it was 4:00 AM. In the morning at around 10:00 AM Rajeev came to our coach crossing a long way. By that time I was already on my separate birth and told him that I got the birth in the midnight only. He stayed there for some time and then left for his coach. this time I knew that there is no chance for me as all the passengers were sitting and it was daylight outside. However the previous night’s fucking was a great experience of a lifetime for me as Bharti asked me to oblige her whenever she is alone in Meerut.

While returning from Pune they had again got seats in different coaches and I got another chance to fuck Bharti. This time it was entirely different experience. I need some time to write it so return journey in next story.

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