In Bed With Mother

Hey! All you mother fuckers, and incest lovers, In Bed With Mother this is your buddy CHOOTPAGAL who is going to take all you mother fuckers on a journey of incest and sex, of which you all must have never dreamt of. This story is about how I screwed my mother MAYA. We were a family of three myself, my mother, and my father who was working abroad. My father used to visit us after every one year. He provided us with all the luxury of life, but this is not the only things necessary to live in this world, especially for my mother who was 35 yrs with a stunning figure. Even at this age she maintained her body. she was fair in complexion, with huge big boob’s, wide hips and her arse was hard and round and was often a sight for the admirers while we went out. I loved all the attention my mom used to get when we went to the market or shopping, and my mom too used to take advantage of this and get a good bargain from the shopkeepers. Sometimes she used to flirt with the shopkeepers which I used to notice I became crazy and lust full for my mom, and began to fantasize about her and masturbate.

I realized that if I do not take care of my mom then surely someone else will and I knew sooner or later this situation is going to arrive and so I had to act fast had a plan. My mom had a habit to take some wine before the meal this was normal in our household. according to the plan I added a generous portion of my dad’s whisky to her wine and as the wine is sweet there’s no chance of her detecting it. My mom as usual took her glass of wine and joined me to watch the late night movie on the cable. She asked me, ” beta what are you watching ” I replied ” come mom there’s a good movie going on ” she sat beside me on the couch. Slowly as time passed the whisky started taking effect and she was giggling and laughing at the scenes in the movie, she began to loosen up. Her speech was becoming hazy. I poured her another drink inspite of her protest. The second drink really made her crazy and hot. Mom said “beta it’s so hot here do you mind if I remove my saree. I smiled and said ” go ahead mom don’t worry ” now she was sitting close to me only in her tight blouse and her petticoat my eyes were glued to her half naked boob’s which her blouse could not hold. Her boob’s were fair and her skin was glowing in the light of the t.v. She saw me staring at her boob’s and so she said ” hey beta you like what you see ” I just smiled shy and put my head down. She said ” hey beta I feel so happy why don’t you change the channel and put something exciting. I said mom there’s a good movie on the next channel but it’s a bit adult ” she replied ” son I don’t think you are a child any more and let’s forget everything and enjoy ourselves ” this is what I was waiting for cause the movie was a blue film which our cable operator puts late night and which I used to secretly watch in the night. I gave mom her third drink, which she did nor refuse. I sat sticking to her and put my one arm behind mom’s shoulder on the couch.

The movie was about how a neighboring auntie tries to seduce a young boy. As the movie proceeded I noticed my mom becoming horny, her right hand was playing With her pussy from top of her pitecoat and her breathing was becoming faster and faster. Now the lady in the film has successfully seduced the young boy and brought him to her bedroom. she slowly began to strip in front of the young virgin boy. she then approaches the naked boy on the bed and puts her melon’s in the boy’s mouth who hungrily begun’s to suck them, and the auntie is moaning ooh aha. At the same time I hear a moan escape from my mom’s mouth. She has one hand under her petticoat and by the movement I can feel that she is fingering her pussy. Cause it’s a long time since she had a good fuck .I saw my opportunity and brought my hand from behind on her shoulder and began caressing them. seeing that my mom did not mind I placed my hand on her left breast, still seeing no resistance I began to fondle her breast slowly. Mom was enjoying not only the movie but also my fondling cause she shifted closer in order to make it easier for me. This was a big sign of go ahead for me. Now in the movie the auntie was sucking and licking the young boy’s cock and promising the boy a word of pleasure awaiting him. The boy’s eye’s was closed and his mouth was open due to the excitement the whore was giving him. My mom was openly moaning with pleasure.

In the mean time I had managed to free my mom’s big melons. My mom took my head in one hand and guided me to her breast. I began sucking her right boob’s nipples and was squeezing her left nipple between my finger’s .Her hand was busy in my hair and the other in her cunt. She wanted to say some thing but I planted my lips on her’s and began smooching them. Our tongues were exploring each other’s mouth hungrily. My mother was acting like a whore who did not get her cunt fucked for a long time. While smooching her I slowly pulled the string which was holding her petticoat her petticoat was loose. I hurried and began to slide her petticoat down her knees at which she protested and said ” beta what are you doing this, this is a sin I am your mother ” I said ” mom dad never took care of you in this matter and by your flirting behavior soon some one from outside will fuck you ” she said ” that’s true but do you think this is right ” I said ” relax mom forget everything and just remember that we are two thirsty humans and enjoy the fun ” she smiled and helped me to completely undress her and said ” son I am hungry for a cock since one year I want you to fuck me till I am fully satisfied ” .I opened her legs wide and began licking her clean shaven cunt. Mom was on a height and screaming ” aah yes suck it ooh yes put your tongue and fuck me ” she was pressing my head on her cunt. I licked her for another 10 Mts. During which she came a number of times in my mouth. I enjoyed drinking her salty hot jucies.she wanted to suck my cock, which I had to refuse as all this had taken me to the heights and I was going to explode any time. She wanted the bedroom but I told her that I could not wait that long. And so I made her lay on the couch and came between her leg’s on my knees. My cock was rock hard, I positioned my cock’s tip on the gate of my mom’s cunt and gave a hard shove. And amazingly my whole 5 and half-inch cock entered her tight and hot cunt. A big moan escaped from my mom’s mouth as if someone had shoved a hot rod into her cunt. She said ” slowly son not so hard you will kill me with your thick cock ” I smiled and nodded my head, slowly I removed my cock till the hilt and shoved it in gently this I kept up for some time.

Mom then suggested that we change our position to doggie style same as what the lady in the movie was enjoying. I mounted my mom from behind it was fun to fuck her holding her huge arse cheeks. I loved ramming my cock into her cunt in this doggie style. My mom was co-operating by pushing her arse behind and meeting my every stroke we fucked for 5mts. In this position and changed our position now my mom was under me and my cock buried in her cunt, her legs on my shoulder. This position allowed me to fuck her deep and hard soon I was about to come so I told her. She said, ” don’t worry son go head empty your water in my well ” I increased my speed and fucked her harder and harder. The whole room was echoing with our fucking sound and at last I came into my mom’s cunt she came with me too and we climaxed together. We lay there in each other’s arm totally exhausted after our fucking. Due to my mom foundling my cock I had a another erection in minutes. So I mounted her and she happily guided my cock in to her cunt and I began to fuck Mom through the night.we finished our fucking when the cock crowed .now me and mom often go on our honeymoon visiting places and acting like lover’s. Mom even promised me that she will talk to our maid chameli who is a widow to have sex with me as she knew that I have been eyeing her ripe sexy body. That is an another story. Till then good luck to all you motherfuckers.

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