House Call : A Fantasy

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon and I casually drop into your house for a chat. Your family is around and We are sitting at the dining table, generally chattin and flirting around. You are wearing a low cut nightie with a short skirt extending a little above your thigh. I try to catch glimpses of your breasts as you move about. You notice me doing that and dont give a chance. U tease me a little by showing a little and then hiding it…I look at u and ure looking naughtily at me… I tease u and compliment u and make u blush. I suddenly catch hold of your hand and start rubbing the chubby potion of your palm…just below the thumb with my thumb… U make feeble attempts to make me let go, but i dont let u go looking at u naughtily, while u blush and keep glancing at me. Suddenly, we hear someone just outside the room and i quickly let u go…Everybody in your family enters in and sits around the table. they start making plans of going somewhere..I partially listen to them, just to make sure that your dad thinks that I am listening, but actually my real attention is on you.I slide my foot and place it squarely on your foot. U become startled, but u try to hide it. I keep talking with your pop and keep rubbing my foot against urs, pressing the top of your foot down with my heel and rubbing the bottom of my foot against your ankle…you are sitting there trying to control your blushing and smiling…In the meantime, everybody makes plans to go to a park or movie or something..i dont know cuz i didnt pay much attn anyways…They invite us and I am like Nah!! I’ll be going soon..You start to say yes, when i give a quick jab on your foot…u smartly change your answer to no, saying something like u have to do your homework or something….

Everybody leaves, leaving just me, you and your mom(damn!!!) in the house.. your mom goes to prepare the Sunday afternoon lunch when she realizes that something is missing. She rushes outside, saying something about returning in an hour or something.
You: Why did you have to do that??
Me: Why?? Didnt u like it?
You: What if someone found out?
Me: No, they wont
You: You do that again and I’ll complain to my pop
Me: No, you wont
You hmmmpphh!!

You leave the table and go stand before the dressing table, combing your hair. I look at you. standing there combing your hair, glancing at me time to time to see if I say anything. I walk over to you and hold your waist from behind. U stop combing and look at me, trying to look angry but I can see that actually ure just being naughty.. I kiss your neck softly

Me: Mad at me, sweetie?
You(melting at my kiss): WEll, not really
Me: Dont me mad at me, darling, especially when we are alone I grab your waist tighter, pulling u towards me and doing some serious nibbling and licking on your neck. You tilt your head to expose more of the succulent flesh on the side of your neck to me.
You: But, my mother will me home soon
Me: More the reason to start sooner

You blush and lower ure head, smiling softly, signalling a yes. I turn you head and start kissing u on the lips sucking and licking them. I move my hand onto ypou chest and tear the nightie of your chest exposing you lovely breasts. I move my hand on your breasts and start fondling and squeezing them, feeling your nipple tighten at my touch. I look at you in the mirror while you atch me squeezing your boobs in the mirror. My cock starts getting a little excited and starts pressing against your thigh. I bend your body a little forward and u stay there leaning against the dressing table with your ass protuding out. I move back and remove your skirt and u arent wearing any panties!!!! I look at you and youre grinning that impish smile at me again. I rub my hands on your inner thighs and make the part.

I unbuckle my jeans and undies and let them drop, exposing my now erect cock now, pointed at you like a weapon. You try to look at my cock in the mirror but u cant. I move closer to u and rub my cock on your pussy. I rub my cock head a few more times on your pussy lips, making it wet with exitement. Yoou close your eyes and moan softly. I move back a fraction of an inch and then thrust my cock deep in your pussy. U get startled and open your eyes. You start giggling making me laugh too. I start thrusting my cock in and out, moving faster and faster. U stop giggling and start moaning with the sudden influx of feelings rocking your body. You start moving your body too meeting my body midway. The slap=slap of my groin against your ass reverbates thru the room. I look at the expression of pleasure in your face and go wild , thrusting deeper and faster. We keep looking at each other thru the mirror/ The mirror starts shaking with our combined motions.

You move back tuirning your head to kiss me. I hold u by your left breast fondling and squeezing it and push u towards me. U turn your upper body a little to the right and kiss me sliding your tongue in my mouth. I keep thrusting fast inside you, I suck on your tongue and i hold your right thigh lifiting it up. You bend your knee and i guide your foot onto the dressing table. I hold your right hand and drape it over my neck. I let do of your mouth and we are standing there for a moment looking into each other’s eyes. You look at me quizically not understanding what am i doing

Me: Hold on baby, You will love this
You(Smiling): Ok, but what do i do next
Me: just hold on to me tight. I am going to lift your leg up and keep it on the table

I pass my hand on your left thigh and in one swift stroke lift u up and keep your foot against the table…i hold u tight and u let go of my neck resting your back against my chest. We start rocking our bodies in unison…back and forth…my cock moving in and out in your pussy. i start squeezing your breasts harder and harder…I move one hand down across your stomach to your clit. I press your clit with my finger. I rub your clit around with my finger. Our body starts rocking faster and faster. i look at the time and see there isnt much time left. So, i insert my index finger into your pussy along with my cock. I feel my cock rubbing against your pussy. i drive my finger deeper, stimulating your pussy with it. your juices flow all over my finger. I look at your face. U have your eyes closed and your squirming in delight, moaning with every thrust…I ram my second finger inside and u scream out in delight. u arch your back, bringing your breasts up. i grab them and squeeze them hard. I started milking them. I hear u moan loudly..
You: Jay!! Jay!!
Me: Enjoying it, darling?
You: UMMM..AAHH. another one
ME: what? another finger?
You : aahhh. Yes!!
Me: Are you sure?

You bite your lips and nod a yes. I put my third finger in u. No sooner than i put my third finger inside than waves of orgasm start strinking your body. U start to jerk uncontrollably, listening only to the commands of your orgasm….
You: Yes!!! OhGod!!! cYESSS!!! Jay!! oh God!!! This is great!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!

I hold u tight moving in you rythym, still driving my cock in and out…The spasms of your body drive me wild and i cum too. I shoot my load deep inside your pussy and the 3 fingers in u can feel my cum intermingle into urs. I let out a big grunt of pleasure and stand there exhausted and spent but satisfied and grinning from ear to ear. We had cum so much that lots of it had spilled on the floor and table, so we wipe it off with your torn nightie. We clean up and dress up quickly…u start throwing out the nightie, but i take it from u cuz that is the souvenier of our passion. it has both our smells intermingled and it has the tear right along the center reminding us of how passinate we were.

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