Girl On The Beach English Sex Stories

This happened with me when I had given my “A” level papers And was 18 years old. The day my papers ended I went to the beach with my friends. There we had a bonfire at night and this led to discussions of SEX . We were talking about it with great enthusiasm when suddenly a girl very sexy,with tight tits&thighs wearing tight jeans passed by us. First we didn’t took any notice and all my friends went to drink bottles and left me and my friend alone.My friend went for a walk and I was just thinking about my papers when suddenly that girl came running towards me and fell near me and said”pls something has bitten me on the leg pls see if it isn’t worse.”I said nothing and asked her”where is it?” and she started taking off her jeans.

She tried to show it to me but I could see nothing and all the time her hands were playing with my prick and balls. I also started enjoying.then I asked her if she would like to have sex with me and she quickly agreed. Iasked her”today”but she said no tomorrow over here.So the next day I went to the beach and there she was waiting for me. Lonely was she feeling and as soon I reached she started kissing me and after a while our tongue met each others and we both were enjoying it.

My prick became stiff but before I could tell her to take it off she herself took it off and freed my 8″prick she saw it and she said “wow,big as ever”.then it was my turn to respond so without wasting any time I took her clothes of and now she was just wearing her bra and her panties.She got to work and started rubbing my prick I also started to work and put off her panties and her bra and to my surprise she had “BIG BOOBS” and hot sweet pussy.As she was rubbing it I took hold of her BOOBS and put them quickly it my thirsty fuckin mouth And started sucking them.

Her nipples hardened and she began to moan.By this time she was rubbing it at a stroke of 45p/m and now I could not wait and told her I was about to CUM and she quickly took it in her mouth and licked the cap of my prick and I began to CUM in her mouth and she drank it all.Then I told her to sit on my face and she obeyed and I started licking her hot wet pussy and all the time my hands were working with her boobs.My tongue reached till her clit and I could Fell her juices coming out and she quickly Cummed.I made her CUM twice then let her go and started sucking her BOOBS and she cried “fuck it mannn!huh!yah thats like a man!ohhhhh!chodo mujay!suck me hard asshole!”this invitation was enough for me.I got her up and put her on my waist and fucked her then I whispered”Shall I fuck u”her silence was enough I took hold off my prick and put it in her FUCKING VAGINA.

Now it was my turn to go at a stroke of 45 per/min.all the time I fucked her and she made me put my mouth in her BOOBS and so I was sucking as well as fucking that made me to put it in her with pressure and do it with her.By this time I was about to cum so I drew out my prick but she told me to take it in again as she had eaten the pills so I cummed in her.My cock was in her for 5 min which made my prick “RED HOT”.by this time I was tired so I put her down and laid down for couple of mins.Then my prick gained power and she told me to do the
Anal-sex.We did that too.

Her “BIGGG FUCKING ASSS”was so tight but I did it slowly but once it was gone in her I started her in the clit and put my pressure in her and I CUMMED in her.After all this she introduced herself and told me that she was a VIRGIN and that her name was Sarah.

I was shocked that I took her virginity but still it was the best sex and anal-sex I ever had.We had it couple of times again but that will be when I will get a good response from my greatest fans and readers.

Hugs to all females


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