Fucked My Mom

Hello Folks. I’m Ahmed from Kerala. I’d like to narrate my experience I fucked my mom with you. My mother was married at an early age of 15 to my father. This is regular among the Muslims in Northern part of Kerala and particularly in Malappuram where I live. My father is employed in Saudi Arabia for the last 14 years. He comes home only once or twice a year.

As a young boy I was interested in watching members of the other sex and I got excited by heavy boobs. Usually my mother slept with me when I was a young boy. But when my father used to visit me she left me sleep alone in my room and she slept with father. I had no idea then , why she did so. One night during my fathers visit I woke up from sleep and went to the bathroom to releive myself.

On the way from bathroon I heard a low moan from my parents room. I got curious and went to investigate. In the faint light of the bed
lamp I could make out my nude mother lying on bed and my father on top of it. The moans were coming from my mother. I felt as tingling sensation in my penis. I soon returned to my bed. Later I saw my mother dressed only in a petticoat followed by father coming out coming to the bathroom. The whole thing was in my mind for some days. I narrated this incident to one of my friends. He was a few years elder than me. He told me that my parents were having sex. He gave me some pornographic books and a video cassette.

When I was alone at house I played the cassette. I saw a negro making love with a white lady in it and I saw for the first time the cunt of a lady. One night when I was getting lying on the bed, ready to sleep, my father and mother came to my room. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep. Convinced that I was asleep they went to their room and on the way I heard my mother say “You always have only this in mind” to my father. I got very excited. After they closed the door I tip toed to their room and viewed through the key hole. Luckily the light was on and I could see both of them sitting on the bed. My father was removing his shirt. He moved close to my mother and hugged her and slowly removed the saree from her shoulder. Mom stood up and helped him to remove the entire saree from the waist and let it on the floor. She then opened the blouse and removed it over her shoulder. Now she was only in a bra and petticoat. I saw my father take some spray from the cupboard and apply it between his legs. Later he moved towards mom who was sitting on the bed and he kept his hands on her bare shoulder and then slided towards the breast. He put his hands inside the breasts and started fondling them. Then he placed his other hand over her shoulder and unhooked the bra from behind and removed it slowly.

Mom asked father to switch off the light. I prayed please don’t make them switch off the light. Maybe, somebody heard my prayers. Father said to mom, “I want to see you in light”. He started fondling her breasts and put one in his mouth. He then proceeded to her belly and started licking her navel. Mother was keeping her hand in his hair. He then made mom to lie on one of her sides and untied the knot of her petticoat and slid it dowm. She wore a panty underneath. Father caressed her thighs and kissed the insides. He then slid down the panties and mom helped him remove it by raising her legs. Father removed his lungi and his large dick was pointed towards mom. Father took moms hand and kept it on his dick. Mom began stroking it while father was kissing her all over the face. He then pushed her head down towards his crotch.

Mother opened her mouth and started licking fathers dick. Later she put it in her mouth and started moving her head up and down. Then father made mom lie on the bed spread her legs and pushed his head between her thighs.He started licking her insides. Mother started to enjoy this and she kept stroking my fathers head affectionately. Father then got up from the bed, pulled mom to the edge of the bed, spread her legs wider and slowly pushed his shaft between her thighs. I heard mother say “Pathukke (Slowly)”. He slowly started pumping into her. As he increased the speed I could her the “PLOP PLOP PLOP PLOP ” sound as his penis pushed harder into moms wet pussy walls. Meanwhile father was squeezing moms boobs.Mom started crying ” AAAAAAHH. …MMMM …AAAAA HHHHHH… OOOOOOOOOOH”. I could see mother grabbing father hard as her climax approached. Then she let out a …AAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHH…” moan. Father continued ramming his rod and at last he fell on top of mother.I returned to my room and jacked off and went to sleep.

In the morning mom was cheerful. A few weeks later my father returned to Saudi Arabia. After 2 months I came to know that my mom was pregnant. My young sister was born during the summer vacations. My mother gained a bit of weight after her pregnancy and she looked more attractive than ever before. She used to breast feed my sister. I used to look at those wonderful breasts. I felt my young sister was lucky to suckle those breasts. Three of us slept in the same room. In the night my baby sister used to wake up and cry. Then mother would take her and breast feed her. One night my sister wet my mothers saree. She just took the saree off and came to bed with only her blouse and petticoat. She didn’t wear any bra since she was feeding the baby and her lower blouse buttons were open. I moved closer to her and put my leg over her thigh. She said “Aren’t u asleep”. I just answered something sleepishly. I moved down a bit so that my face came into level with her breasts and moved towards them. I could smell milk down there.

She didn’t mind when I kept hands on her breasts, she only made a “UUMMH” sound. I felt she must be enjoying this. I squeezed the boobs a bit and started to insert my hands through her blouse. She asked me what are u doing. I replied I am hungry. She smiled and said “Poor little baby”. I continued to explore her. I unhooked the top buttons of the blouse and freed the boobs from their captivity and started fondling them. She was enjoying it smilingly. The breasts were full and the aureolas had the size of a 2 rupee coin. The nipples were erect and I put one in my mouth and started to suck it. Oh sweet milk started to flow into my mouth and I gulped it greedily. Mother moved towards me and asked me to leave some milk for my sister.

My hard penis was brushing her hand. She slowly placed her hand over my crotch while I was feeding on her breasts. Gently she inserted her hand through the pyjama and caught my erect dick and asked “what is this, let me have a look.”. She untied the strings of my pyjama and slid it down and started stroking my dick. I have felt nothing like this before and wanted to continue it as long as possible. She then started stroking it up and down. After a few minutes I couldn’t hold myself for long and shooted my cum all over her palm. She smiled and took me to bathroom cleaned my dick and also her hand.

When we returned to bed I jumped over her and started biting and squeezing her breasts. She asked me to relax and do it more gently. Meanwhile she untied the strings of her petticoat and slid it down her legs and she had nothing underneath. I saw her bushy cunt. She lay on her back and spread her legs wide and I was between her legs exploring my place of origin. I placed my finger on the hole and started to move my finger in and out. She raised her buttocks a little and asked me to place a pillow below them. Her juices started to flow after a few minutes of my finger exploration of her cunt. She then moved to the edge of the bed and asked me to stand by the side of the bed. She spread her legs wide and asked me to insert my dick into her hole. I did so, but due to inexperience my member slipped out. The she took my member in her hand and put it in the right slot. Then she asked me to pump into her. I slowly started to move my dick in and out. Her hot juices drenched my dick and the cunt walls started to squeeze it. My mother moaned “OOOOHHHHH, pump it harder son, OOOOOOHHHHH”. After some time when I was about to cum, I told her I was ready to go but she instructed me to continue pumping and I loaded my entire sperm into her. I continued pumping till she came. We were both exhausted after the ordeal and my mother bought some water from the frigde to drink. I said I didn’t want water but milk. She teased me but allowed to drink from her milkpots. I asked her whether she would become pregnant. She smiled and asked me not to worry about that. She said she was in the safe period now.

We continued this till my father returned from Saudi Arabia . I don’t feel I’ve committed any sin. A SON IN NEED IS A SON INDEED for any mother.

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