Fucked Friends Sexy Virgin Girlfriend

Hello all my friends, myself Neeraj (22 years) from Lucknow. enjoy the story Fucked Friends Sexy Virgin Girlfriend, It happened when Shaifali came to Pune from Mumbai and we met accidentally. I took her to my place knowing there was no one and this was a very good chance to fuck her. She came for just 5 minutes and was asking to leave as she knew Nikhil won’t like it. I said have a juice and then leave.

She agreed and she had no idea that I was planning to have her milk in return of juice. She was wearing a red tight shirt and black jeans. Her boobs were so big that accidentally her button opened up exposing her white bra and mild cleavage. I told her that the juice is being prepared till then I could show her my home. That was a plan to take her to my bedroom. She agreed and her button was still open.

She came to my bedroom and then I told her to sit on my bed while I bring the juice. I got the juice and purposely I acted to fall and spill her glass of juice on her shirt and my glass on her jeans. She was wet totally. I told her not to worry and that I have a very costly washing machine which will wash and dry it within an hour. That was the time I was going to fuck her. She denied and said its ok But then I said I will give you my t-shirt to wear till then and without waiting for her reply I removed her shirt.

Completely. She had a white bra covering almost all her boobs. But she had amazing big boobs and then even I removed my everything except undies saying that even my clothes were wet. She was staring at my 8 inch cock which got erect seeing her boobs. She dint like it she asked me for t-shirt and jeans. I told her that her bra was also wet. She looked down. It was wet and sticking to her boobs and her nipples were clearly seen.

I went ahead to remove her bra but she moved back and fell on bed. I told her not to worry. She told me to go out of the room. I told it’s not possible because only I can operate the machine. She was very afraid and was not agreeing. Then I gently placed my hand on her waist and said that I will not tell this to anyone that you had to remove even your bra and while saying this I grabbed her and hugged her tightly. She could feel my cock and I was feeling her soft boobs.

She resisted me and said no need to remove the bra. Then I told her look, your bra is very wet and it is sticking to your boobs so just remove it… I will give you my shirt. She finally agreed and removed her bra and gave me. I gave her one of my shirt which dint has 2 buttons. She was just in that shirt and panties. As soon as I saw her, I could just not help but to look at her boobs. Her boobs were freely swinging as she walked. My dick stood up to salute her boobs. Then I switched on the TV. She was sitting on my bed and watching.

I went and sat behind her and kept my hand on her shoulder. I said her why don’t you just move back a bit in my lap so that we both can watch it relaxing. She moved back a bit and I pulled her more so that my cock was pushing against her asshole, my chest was in touch with her back and i cud easily sense her warm breaths by my side. I slowly put my hands on her waist from both sides and then, Slowly I was like hugging her from behind. I slowly moved my hands up. I diverted her attention and slowly opened her lower button.

Same with the middle one. She realized this and tried to move away from me. But I didn’t leave her. I immediately took her in my arms from behind and cupped her boobs in my hands. My dick was touching her ass and she was trying to move away. But then I hold her tightly and then my dick was pressing against her ass nicely. I started to press her boobs softly. Slowly I started pressing her boobs hard n pinched both her nipples n she moaned like hell.

She said not to pinch. I didn’t listen and then started i kissed her on her lips and neck by pulling her back and then I got a complete hold of her boobs. I started pressing her boobs hardly and kissing her neck. After some time she started responding by kissing my deeply on my lips. I instantly removed her bra and her big boobs spilled out. What amazing boobs she had. I was pressing her right boob and sucking and biting her left boob.

They were round and soft and her nipples were erect. I sucked her boobs for fifteen minutes and then I removed her panty. Her pussy was already wet. I didn’t waste a second and started licking her pussy. She was enjoying it very much. Then I inserted my tool in her pussy. To my surprise she was a virgin and her pussy was very tight. I licked her pussy and made her cum. She was moaning badly. I placed my cock in front of her pussy and tried to enter her. She started moaning badly as soon as my cock entered her a bit.

I somehow inserted my dick completely and started stroking her. She was going mad in pain and pleasure. After 15 minutes of stoking I spilled my semen in her pussy. I was sucking her boobs even while stoking her. She was moaning even after I fucked her. I continued to suck her boobs even after fucking her for 20 minutes. She was then about to move of the bed went I pulled her back for another session. I kept my dick in her cleavage and started fucking her boobs. This continued for 5 minutes. Then I rolled her on her back and pointed my dick towards her ass.

She rejected but then I forcefully entered even her ass. She was moaning badly. I continued to stroke her for another 20 minutes and then I spilled my second episode in her ass. Then she dressed up and prepared to leave. I demanded a blow job. She refused. I then again forcefully even fucked her mouth and her mouth was full of my semen which i made her drink.I still can’t forget the moment went her boobs were in my mouth and my dick was in her pussy.

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