Front Desk Days Inn

I own a Days Inn in Cincinnati Ohio, now owning a hotel near downtown, should say it all. The freaks do really come out at night. I have all kinds of people come to my hotel, and that is ok as long as they can pay. Now the story begins on a Friday morning when I get a call from an employee of mine, telling me he could not make it in to work that night. Well to save money I figured I would handle the night shift. So I went home to sleep, I came back refreshed and ready to work, at 11pm that night. Everything seemed cool, not a stir in the hotel not even a mouse.

Then a young Indian girl came, (I thought not bad not at all) then her boyfriend came in (I thought what a pig) well I thought it was her boyfriend. She asked me if I could hook her up with a discount (I thought she does not know that I own this hotel and I am one of the cheapest men on the face of this planet, I am not going to give her a fucking discount unless………) I said show me your Tits and I will give you the room for 20 bucks (I had to make some money) I figured she would give me the finger and off they went. Her boy friend reached behind her T-shirt and then unhooked her bra, and before I knew it she was flashing me a set of the most Ok Tits I have ever seen. I guess when you have see on set of Indian Tits you have seen them all. Oh well I figured they were worth twenty bucks and sent them on there way.

A few hours went by and I got bored, I decided to make rounds in the hotel. The Hotel was empty and it was nearing 3 in the morning so I figured business would be a bit slow. I got of on the third floor first, (it was the same floor the pig and his girlfriend were on) I walked down the hall and I heard a faint yell or was it a moan. It seemed like it came from the pig’s room, as I got closer the moan became clearer, and it sounded more like Nisha Nisha oh Nisha (remember these names have been changed to protect these idiots)fuck me harder Nisha. I got curious, so I went closer to the door, it was open, so I peeked my head in, and all I could see was the bed moving up and down. So I went in, and decided to jump into the bathroom, to see if I could hear anything else.

Once inside the bathroom I slowly removed the main mirror and undid the screws that held them in place. So I can see through the holes and into the bed room. That is when I saw the show of my life. He had her tied up to the bed with handcuffs, and blindfolded. He was trickling her all over, while she squirmed side to side screaming his name.

Minesh oh Minesh stick your cock in me, I want to fuck the hell out of you. He did this for a long time before he stood over her, and lowered his cock in and out of her mouth,and each time leaving it in her mouth a bit longer. I was getting hard, but I did not want to jack off (it was my hotel by the way) Next he un cuffed her and undid her blind fold, they switched places and she stood a top of him, and started to lower her pussy over his face. It was weired because after he eat her out he kept asking him to give him a shower a golden shower, I did not know what that meant until I saw her stand up and pee all over him, from head to toe.

I almost lost it, so one peeing in my bed, but I kept my cool and saw the rest because as she pee on him he started to pee on her. Well after all the peeing Nisha got up and dried the both of them off, pored so lotion on them so the could glide in and out of each other. He took her by the hips and swang her over on to her stomach, and fucked doggystyle. They Looked like animals, They stopped quickly and said hey desk clerk you can come out of the bathroom and join us.

AT first I was stunned and started to put the mirror back up, and the door opened, and Nisha stood at the doorway buck naked, Her tits were hard and her hairy bush was dripping wet. Her clit was standing at attention. She came into the bathroom and started to undress me, and then pulled me into the bedroom by my dick. The Pig stood there and said we thought you would never come up here. I was in shock, the purposely left the door open and knew ass soon as I walked into the room.

The wanted to have a 3 way, (and chili was not included) First Nisha started to suck my dick while the pig ate her out. It was awesome her wet lips wrapped up my dick, in and out in and out. I was so ready to cum, but before I shot my load, she stopped and said not yet.she the n took the pigs dick in her mouth all I could see was her head bop up and down faster and faster. She again stopped and said not yet.

She laid me down and got on top of me and started to fuck me, her boyfriend was fucking her asshole, at the same time. she had a deep pussy, I could feel I dick slide all the way up her stomach. Her boyfriend pulled out of her ass and the stuck his dick into her mouth. and he was standing above me while she was fucking me and sucking him at the same time.

After a few more mins. I knew I was going to cum inside her. So I told her I was going to cum and shot my wad deep deep into her love box. A bit later Minesh shot his load into her mouth and I saw it trickle down her chin.

They asked me if I would like to take a shower with them but, I declined and went back to the front desk. About a few hours later they came to the desk to check out. I got hard just looking at nisha I asked her she could blow me before she left. So she came behind the desk and unzipped my fly, pulled out my big dick and started to suck on it.

As she was sucking me off the morning rush started. So I checked people out I was getting jerked and sucked off behind the counter and as soon as the last guest checked out I blew my load down her throat. I gave them their 20 bucks back and said cum back any time, and The room is on the house. They came back about once every three months. I usually give the night clerk off that weekend and work the night shift.


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