First Time Sex With My Mami

I would like to share my experience with all of u out there. This happened during the rainy season. I had to stay at my mami’s house as my parents had to go to their native place to attend a religious ceremony. I was going to stay for 2 days at my mami’s home. I could still remember it was raining quiet heavily that day and my mami had gone to a grocery shop to buy some household things.

She had 2 children, one 5 yrs and other 9 yrs. They had been to school. Mami’s husband works for a m. N. C at an executive level and he most of the time stayed abroad. I thought this was my chance to check out if my mami had any porn stuff. I first checked on the computer but in vain. Then i decided to check the main cupboard, there i couldn’t find any adult magzines. It was surprising that how could she live for months without her husband. Then suddenly i decided to look at the top of the cupboard and guess what at last i found them. There were at least half a dozen of them. I watched them for about 15 – 20minutes and then suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened the door and watched my sexy mami , who was wearing cream coloured saree which was almost wet by the rain water that was heavily roaring that day . I couldn’t help noticing her sexy boobs which were wet and i could see her black bra very clearly. She was a sexy lady with 36-27-36 figure, with fair complexion and smooth skin. She has good shaped up boobs and i couldn’t help staring at them. Even though she noticed it , she ignored it. My cock was getting tight and couldn’t hold on. Then we had our lunch and the day passed.

Now came most memorable night of my life. We had our dinner and after sometime the children went to sleep. It was around about 11 p. M. My mami finished her house hold work and came and sat on the other end of the sofa. I was watching an English movie , when suddenly a love making scene flashed on the screen with total nudity. I was a bit embraced and immediately changed the channel. But to my surprise , mami asked me to keep the movie that had the scene. I was stunned and didn’t know what to do. Then with a bit courage , i changed it to the movie. We watched the scene and was sweating like hell and couldn’t move myself. The n the scene was over. Mami moved closer to me and gave a naughty look. I understood that this was my opportunity. To my surprise she asked me whether i had read the adult magazines. I was taken aback . I didn’t know what to say. Then she said ” u were watching those magazines , weren’t u. Well , u must be wondering how did i come know about this . As i was cleaning the top of the cupboard, i noticed that the magazines have been moved by somebody. I knew it could be none other than u. ” i was totally surprised at this observation of my mami. Now she was getting horny and i could feel the heat of her body. She was giving me nasty looks.

She lifted her hand to my face and drew the outline of my mouth. I seized her little fingers with my lips and eagerly kissed and sucked them. With her free hand she began to draw little circles around my neck. Even through the material of my tee-shirt the sensation was delightful! I reached for her chin and drew her to me. This time she didn’t draw away, but brought her face to mine with softly parted lips. I traced her lips with my tongue, then gently explored her mouth. Then her tongue found its way into my mouth. I sucked it ever so gently, and she moaned softly. My left hand played with her soft, long hair and with her ears, and stroked her back, and eventually found its way to her right breast. She took my hand in hers and pressed it firmly under her shirt. I can’t describe the texture of her skin – the most incredibly delightful feeling. I gently cupped the object of my attention in my hand, kneading it, then squeezed and stroked the jewel that crowned it. While i was busy with that, her deft hands had pulled my tee-shirt up under my arms and were stroking my chest and back bringing me goose-flesh and chills. When finally we parted from the long kiss, we were both pumping air like just-surfaced divers. I made to pull my tee-shirt off, but she cried, “wait! Let me, ” so i stopped.

Ever so slowly and gently, she pulled it off my arms and over my head, in the process planting wet kisses on my chest and neck. She smiled that smile of hers, and i knew it was an invitation. So with equal slowness i undid the remaining buttons of her shirt, and very deliberately exposed her twin delights. I lightly kissed the tip of each in turn, then slowly drew the shirt off her shoulders. She put her arms around my neck and drew us together until her breasts were brushing my chest, then slowly drew them back and forth against me while i kissed her neck and ears. Then i kissed my way down her chest to the valley between her perfections, and worked my way up to her now firm nipples. These i gently sucked, licked and pulled with my lips, watching them pucker and strain to grow ever more. She was moaning softly again. Then she undid my belt buckle, and popped the snap of my jeans. Ever so slowly she pulled down the zipper, her fingers tracing lightly across my confined manhood. I could hardly contain my eagerness, but somehow i equaled her deliberateness in undoing her jeans. Half seated as we were, the garments would not come off, though, so laughing, i got up and removed the remaining clothes from my body, and she hers. The sword of my manhood was standing in full salute to her beauty, standing an arms length away, examining me with that frank, open gaze i had first seen that this afternoon.

This time it was i who murmured, “you are beautiful! ” “it is very exciting to see how your body likes mine, ” she breathed, and stepped toward me with her sensuous lips slightly parted, her face lifted for a kiss. I drew her to me, and lightly brushed her lips with mine. The tips of her perfect breasts touched my chest, and my spear was brushing the inside of her thighs. She put her arms around my waist and began to brush my back with the tips of her fingers. Gradually the pressure of our kiss increased until our bodies were pressed together, and our tongues working feverishly at each other. Her hands grasped my buns and squeezed hard, crushing me against her body. When we parted, we were gasping for air once more, our inner furnaces in flames. I licked and kissed my way down her neck, pausing to nibble her ear. I continued down her chest, and, cupping her delightful breasts in my hands, squeezed them together until i could lick both nipples at once. Then, keeping a hold of those wonderful globes, i kissed my way down to her navel. Truly the jewel so highly prized in arabian writing, i thrust my tongue into it, and sucked it gently. She worked her fingers through my hair and shivered lightly. With my face pressed against her belly, i became intensely aware of the extremely erotic personal perfume of her arousal. It was intoxicating, and my fires rose to a fever pitch.

I kissed my way down the softly rounded mound of her belly toward its source, sliding my hands down her waist and hips and around to the delightfully rounded cheeks behind. I nibbled and kissed at her thighs, her belly, and pulled at the curly fur of her love nest with my lips. So soft! I blew a gentle stream of air at her down, and she shivered once more, humming a low moaning sound almost like a purr. I looked up at her, and the light of the room had turned her skin a golden color. She looked like a bronze statue of a goddess, perhaps diana the huntress, but alive, her chest rising and falling with her excited breaths. We sank down so that we were kneeling before each other, and we kissed once more, melting together as though we could become one body through our joined mouths. Her exploring fingers found their way to my throbbing stiffness, and her other hand cupped under my balls. She gently played with me, touching, stroking and squeezing, her fingers tracing around the crown, teasing out a “teardrop. ” this she wiped from its “eye” with her fingertip, then carrying it to her lips, licked it away. Then, holding each other closely, we sank down on the carpet. She continued her playful teasing, while covering my chest and belly with kisses, tickling me with her loose hair falling over me. I turned my attention back to kissing and teasing her belly. Her back arched and her body pulsed with my attentions.

Finally, with a small cry, her hands grasped my head and drew it between her parted thighs. I buried my face in the musk of her, the soft parting folds of her. I explored her with my lips, probed her with my tongue. I found the petals of the rose of her, and drew them into my mouth. I discovered the bud of the rose hiding in its little nest and kissed it, drawing it forth, covering it and circling it with my tongue. Her back arched and writhed, little cries bursting from her mouth. I paused a moment to look at her. Her skin seemed to be glowing, her beauty enriched. Then she drew up and looked in my eyes with that special smile. Would that i were a painter to capture that moment on canvas! She drew my spear up in her hand then, and with purposeful slowness, placed a kiss on the point of it. She drew her tongue along its length, around the circle of its crown. She lingered to probe its one blind eye with the tip of her tongue, and then i was engulfed. I felt the cool of the evening breeze alternate with the warmth of her mouth. I became her ice cream cone, her toy. Several times i was brought to the brink, but i skillfully avoided my eruption. Despite the warmth of the room i was shivering uncontrollably. When i thought i could stand no more, she drew away, and lying full length over my body, covering my face with kisses, she whispered, “i want you inside me! ” “oh, yes? ” i asked, playfully. “i want you deep in my body, ” she continued, “i want to be filled with you. ” as she whispered, almost breathed this last, she moved up over me, straddling me like a horseback rider. Guiding my weapon with her hand, she rubbed it gently against the moist entrance to her tunnel of love.

Each touch brought another gasp from her. I began a gentle tongue-brushing, starting from just behind her rectum, flicking up across the soft flesh, the heated tunnel entrance, and ending with a caress of her erected button. On each trip, i felt the little ring of her postern opening press out, then draw back, felt the superheated folds of her love tunnel seeming to grab for me, her love-button to press at me. I felt her muscles begin to tighten, and relaxed my rhythm, spending more time, warming her further. I wanted her to crest more slowly and higher than ever before. Slowly she relaxed, but her hips had taken up a motion of their own. Taking their cue, i matched the tempo, pressing into her, sucking at the extended button, the fleshy, frilly labia. I kissed at her rearward opening, it’s tight little pulsing ring. I gently invaded it with the point of my tongue, my little blade alternately pressing wetly in and being pressed out. Once again, her muscles began to dance, once again i eased. Her bud pressed outward, i teased gently at it, tracing the root of it with my lips and tongue. Her gasps rose, her hips rotated, pressed up to me. This time i went on. Her belly heaved, her nubbin danced. But i didn’t stop. I knew there were further depths. I ground my face into her, sucked at the nest of her bud, stabbed at the little wad, rolling it between my lips. Her ecstasy rose ever higher. I knew she had cum, but i went on. “ohh. Ohh. Oh please stop. No, don’t stop. Ohh. Oh. ” she babbled. My tongue and lips worked almost by themselves. I became intoxicated, lost in the heady ecstasy i was inducing, lost in the taste of her. My mouth locked over her entire organ, sucking it.

My tongue became a fiery blade, circling within her body. I pounded my tongue into her, though my jaws ached, and the base of my tongue stretched painfully. Her babbling became incoherent, little cries interspersed with animal growls. Her hips bucked violently against me. Her feet came up and her heels began to pound at my shoulders. I continued to gnaw at her. Her fingers wound into my hair and pressed my face into her. My aching hard spear was throbbing tumultuously. My blood roared in my ears, my body was trembling. I pursed my lips around her love button, sucked it, licking it, drawing the flat of my tongue across its head. I inserted a drenched, soaking finger into the soft puckered ring of her rear opening. Her voice broke into sobbing gasps, the violence of her hip motions peaked, her sphincters clamped hard. I almost came myself. Her motions began to subside, and i sensed it was enough. I eased my aching tongue, and gently kissed at her. I looked up at her face. Even in the moonlight i could see how flushed she was. Gently i let her hips down onto the carpet, slid down beside her, and stroked her sweat-drenched belly with my fingertips. I kissed her cheek. “ohhh. ” she sighed. “so long. It went on for so long. It seemed it would never end. I didn’t want it to end. I almost couldn’t stand it, but i didn’t want it to stop. ” she put her arms around my neck and drew me to a long, long kiss. Her body was still trembling. She smiled, ran her fingers through my hair, and placed wet kisses on my lips. “mmmm. That was good, ” she breathed into my neck. She reached over me, her rose-tipped cones brushing my chest, and took up the wine.

Pressing her lips to mine, she filled my mouth. I brushed her back and sides with my fingertips. She took a crisp in her lips and came closer to my mouth and said “this is the best way to take food, ” she said. “lovers should never have a meal any other way! ” she took another piece of crisp, and again offered it. I took it the same way, and gave half back. She bent and licked up the crumbs from my chest, lingering at my nipples. She ran her hands up and down my chest, pressing gently here and there. I wondered if the roman emperors had been ministered to as well. We ate quietly for a while, savoring each other as well as the food. After a while, she lay down, cradling her face on her arms. How beautiful she was, i marveled again! The curve of her back, narrowing to her small waist, broadening to her smooth hips, the firm globes of her cheeks like rounded hills. Her slim but well-muscled legs, so shapely. Even lying still there was a fluid grace about her. I rose, and squatting over her legs, began to massage her shoulders and back. I kneaded at the muscles, finding and easing the little knots. “ohh. That feels good. ” she murmured. “for me, too, ” i answered, for it did. The feel of her skin, the texture of the flesh beneath, was a sensuous delight in my hands. I worked the muscles across her shoulders, then down along her spine. A little side trip to the muscles above her hip bones, then back down over the kidneys to where the twin hollows of her dimples lay. I trailed my fingers back up her spine to her neck, massaging the muscles, then worked back down. Next, i turned my attentions to the muscles of her thighs, kneading them alternately, working down to the calves.

I turned around and massaged her feet, gently kneading their bones, rotating the ankle joint, easing the tensions in her toes. When i finished, on impulse, i sucked her big toe into my mouth. When i next woke, the sun was well up the morning sky. Well, we truly enjoyed the 2 nights. After that we hardly met. It was most memorable and unique experience of my life till now. If any married aunty or girls want to have sex living in Hyderabad (india)pls mail me . But it should be real safe. E-mail : -basithnoor@yahoo. Comdesi sex stories

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