Fantastic Fantasy

Actually I’m a regular reader of the stories of zoneforsex. That’s why I thought that even I should share my fantasy Fantastic Fantasy with you. BTW my name is SACHIN. I’m a 5’5″ long 21Yrs. old guy with body type slim. Not an extra-ordinary look but certainly very intelligent guy. I’m in Final Year of Graduation. And I wanted to do MBA. Now story starts here. My neighbor aunty has a younger sister in MBA, named KRUTI. Last week Aunty went to her Mom’s house & she was here for her MBA training. And I must tell u she is very very beautiful. I guess she has figure of 35/27/36. I asked her that I want to know more about MBA. She told me that she is free on Saturday-Sunday. I can come on that days. After that my imagination started.

On Saturday I went to her home, she was in blue jeans & Pink-shirt. She was looking amazing. She told me to have a seat.
I took seat in front of her. I started asking about MBA & she cleared all my doubts. Then we asked each other about our hobbies & interests. I told her that I like Romantic Songs & dance. She smiled & told even she likes dance & romantic songs. I couldn’t say anything. We both were silent. After a moment she told me “Hey, would u like to dance with me?” I was surprised & unable to utter a single word. She stand up & started Romantic Music CD. She switched of all the lights except one focus light. Then she came near me & told me to dance with her. We started dancing. Initially I was little bit hesitated but after that I became free.

I gripped her little bit tight & she smiled at me. Then I asked her “Kruti, What will be your reaction, if I kiss u?” She told “I don’t mind, I’ll say that the owner who can own whole Jewellery shop, wants only one set of diamond.” I was shocked with her reply and I found my self very lucky. I was at the top of the town. I kissed on her neck, then on her cheek. And then I looked in her eyes. She asked me “dear, why u have stopped?” “Do u like it?”
“Yes, dear”
Then she started to kissing me. First on my chest, then on my neck and then on my lips. We kissed long time in the same position. I licked her lips, tongue. Then I pushed her on bed. I asked her “Do u like to see Male striping?”. And she said “WOW!! of course I would like to see.” So I told her not to stand up until I tell her. I started dancing. I started to open my shirt buttons. I went near her, kissed on her neck and again went away. I continued dancing. I opened my sleeve buttons, I removed my shirt and threw towards her. She smelled it and said “Comm’on, I want to see more” I continued dancing on romantic songs. Then I opened my pant’s zip and buckle and went near her. She tried to touch there at my zip but I went away. Then I removed my pent and threw at her, she was almost licking it. Now only underwear was on me. She said “Ye dil maange more (cloth)” I came near her and said “Ye dil maange more? huhh?” I lift her in my hands and took her in front of mirror. She was in front of mirror & I was at her back. Her back was facing me. I kissed her neck. Then I kissed her back. She was in her full clothes. Then I put my hands on her soft ass and press her gently. She whispered “Ahhh” Then I slide my hands on her back, then on her belly & then on her boobs. I press her dressed boobs slightly. Then I opened her shirts buttons & continue kissing on her neck, cheeks. Her hands were in my hair.

She could easily see her striping in mirror. I removes her shirt & then press her boobs with bra on it. I unhook her bra & pinch on her nipple. She said “Hey! U naughty”. Then I unzip her jeans. This white beauty was in her pink panty in front of mirror. She was looking amazing. She said “SACHIN, HOW IS MY BODY?” I told her that “U r more sexy than Urmila, more beautiful than Aishwarya and more erotic than Kareena” Then I drag her on bed. I told her “Now, I’m going to play a game with u dear” “what game?” “You see, you will certainly enjoy” Then I make her to sleep on bed. I tied her hands with bed and then tied a black cloth on her eyes.” Now white beauty was lying on bed with only panty on her. I slowly touched her lips and then touch the top of her panty. I gently move my one finger at each side of inside panty, slide it little inside. Then I drag it a inch down and kissed her there. Then I removed her panty completely. Then I asked her “HEY KRUTI! How r u feeling now?”

She said “I want you” I said “You have to wait” “Why?” “I’m coming in two minutes”
“Where r you going?” The naked white beauty was lying on bed with her hands and eyes tied. After two minutes, I said” You want me then request me”
She said “Sachin, Please come near me, I want you” “no, not in these manner, beg me”
“Oh Sachin, MY MASTER! come near me, scrude me, fuck me hard, plz” I said “I’m coming”
Then I put something on her naked belly and she shouted “What’s that?” “It’s ice, like it?” “feeling very horny”
Then I rolled ice on her belly & licked that ice water. I slide ice around her boobs on her boobs & round her nipples.
Then licked that icewater.Then I took her nipples in my mouth, licked it very hard & then press them between lips.
“Hey SAchinnnnnnnn, aaaaahhhh it’s paining” I laughed.

I rolled the ice on the upper parts of her chest & neck I licked that ice water also. Finally I rolled ice on her cheeks & I dropped two drops on her lips & told “Dear! drink that” She licked & again I dropped two more drops & again she licked.
Again I dropped two more drops but this time I licked with my tongue. I licked her lower lips & then her upper lips. I kissed her hard. We both licked each others tongue. She told me to free her but I refused to do so. I licked her face, took her ear lobe in my mouth, licked her & then byte her little.
She said “Ohhhh!”
She said “SAchin! Eat all parts of my body. Scrude me completely” I kissed on her neck & then on her back.
I slide my tongue on her back down to her soft buttocks. I byte slightly on her buttocks. I press them hard.
I slide my tongue below it on her back thigh till her legs. I took her toe in my mouth & suck it hard. Then again I went back on her hand. I kissed her palm and licked her fingers. I opened her hands. Then I opened cloth from her eyes. Now she was completely free. She roll her fingers in my hair. I kissed inside her thies & then her cunt. I licked her cunt lips. I licked her boobs hardly. Then she pushed me on bed & took off my underwear. She massaged my pennis. She made it very tight & then licked it slightly, after some time she started sucking it very hard. She said “Sachin, Like it?” I said “Yes Honey! Continue doing”.

She continued with double force. Then I put her in dog position & insert my penis into her. We started moving slowly & then heavily. We were sweating & breathing heavily. At a moment we were at peak…..

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