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My name is Vikram. Now a days I live in Texas with my family(my wife and
two kids), but this incident happened to me when I lived in Hyderabad,
This is a true story.
At the age of 16, I was a very horny kid. Every woman was like a sex toy
to me at that age. Whenever I got chance I tried my best to get the
glimpses of woman breast. My best options was my mother Radha, my older
sister Nina, she was two year older than me and my maid sabira, a
widowed bengali woman live on the back of our house with her 2 year
daughter. My father was a land lord and most of the time live in village
on our farms and visit us once in a month.
I never had sex with any girl at that age and I had no girlfriend.
Let me describe you about my mother. She married to my father at the
very young age of 15. Now at 35.
She is very beautiful and sexy looking woman. Especially I love her
Dood(breast). She has a very fair color and her boobs are big, round and
firm and those two can not be kept with in her Blouse. I never saw my
mother to wear any bra. she is an uneducated old fashioned village lady
who knows nothing about fashion. Most of the time when she
is doing house hold work her saree or her kurta and mostly she
unbuttoned the top two or three buttons on it, or whatever she dressed
can not cover her big boobs and her cleavage is always a joy for me and
I had no problem to look at her boobs even at nipples too, which are
dark brown and always seems to me erect. She mostly wear lungi or dhooti
open on one side, a casual or normal dress for her and i always tried to
get the glimpses of my mother’s cunt or bushes of her vaginal hair, and
I got succeeded couple of times too but most often I had no problem to
stare her beautifully shaped inner thighs. Her tight ass is a bit big
but very sexy and I often had views of her ass line when her dhooti got
stuck in it.
My mother love me too much because i am the only son and younger kid in
the house. My two older sisters got married very young.
Because My father always stay out of town my mother always wants me to
sleep in her room. She have a old style large and huge double bed in her
bedroom and she always treat me like a small kid and hug me, kiss me,
talk to me to much and telling me stories about the neighbours,
relatives and etc. before sleeping every night.
I never had any feelings or anything towards sex in my whole life since
a month ago and I was an innocent kid and never thought of my mother as
a woman before but since i watched some porno movies at my friends house
suddenly my dick wake up from a long sleep. I always wear glasses and
since than I changed the lenses with a little brown shade, nobody was
able to catch me at sterring her.
Anyway long story short My innocent mother knew nothing about my
ambitions, my desires, my lust, my plans. In her eyes I was a small
innocent kid.
After getting a lot of glimpses of private parts all the time I had
different ideas in my mind. Now I want to use my hands to feel her body
mostly her boobs and cunt and ass. As I told she like to hug me I always
try to touch my fingers on her ass and boobs but very carefully not want
to let her to get any clue about it. most of the time i left my hand
rest on her chootar(ass) when i talking to her on bed and try to squeeze
a little bit innocently, try to rub her back and touches her brest and
she hug me I always feel her nipples on my chest.
On night I was very horny and mom just came to the room after working
her ass off whole day in house chores, she was looking very tired, as I
can say it just by looking her face, she was wearing a a black kurta and
her same multicolor lungi and sat on the bed and complained me about her
aches all over the body mostly the legs and also told me she was missing
my father too. As i was talking to her I saw her nipples erect which was
not normal I felt that she is horny tonight too but she cannot tell me
about it. As a obidient son I offer her to rub her feet to comfort her
and to get rid of that pain I brought milk and dissolved three sleeping
pills in it, she accepted and lay down on the bed on her back.
I sat down on the edge of the bed and took one of
her feet into my hands. As I kneaded and massaged it, my
mom sighed and relaxed even more. I realized from the
way my mother had relaxed, with her legs apart and open little bit and
slightly elevated and she bend her knees.
Now at this time if I lowered my head a little I could see up her
lungi. It was already pulled up to above her knees, and was open from
the side I could easy look up her waist from the side and if I lifted
her feet while rubbing them, i might be able to get the lungi even
higher. Then all I would have to do is take a peek.
My mother must have been really relaxed, because she
lifted the leg I wasn’t working on and bent it at the knee.
As she did, her lungi fell away and revealed even more of her legs. With
her in that position, I was presented with an
unobstructed view of almost all her legs in the power full light of the
bulb, including the creamy white skin of her inner thighs. Seeing her
legs in almost their entirety, I was pleased that they were just as I
had imagined they would be–shapely, firm, and above all else, sexy. MY
cock slowly swelled and stiffened in reaction to the sight. Touching her
warm skin like I was made it even better for me. As I rubbed her feet, I
imagined that it was her soft, inner-thigh skin that my hands and
fingers were massaging.
Although I already saw a lot brfore and was seeing some of the parts of
my mother than I had been dreaming of seeing, I realized that there
might be more available for viewing. If i ducked my head just an inch, I
could see up the few remaining inches of lungi that still covered her
upper thighs. If I were lucky, I might be able to see her juicy cunt
Seeing that my mother still had her eyes closed, I lowered my head so
that I could see her pussy. When I did so, all I saw was darkness. When
I looked closer, though, he realized that what I saw wasn’t darkness, it
was hair. There weren’t any panties to see–only pussy. There’s nothing
covering her pussy, and I’m getting to look at it.” being careful to
keep up the pace of rubbing so my mother wouldn’t open her eyes to find
out what was different. I could see that her sex had a covering of fine,
dark hair.
my mother’s lay flat against her skin, molding to the
contours of her pubis, giving it a greyish-flesh color.
The contours that I saw included the furrow that divided her legs with
its cleft of Venus. The crease was slightly pouted open and showed a
hint of moist flesh just a little deeper. I pulled her leg a little to
the side and the channel
gaped open even more, the labial lips clearly showing as they spread
apart. Her womanly furrow was now even more evident, and I could see
down into its depths, down deep between her legs to where the entrance
of her most secret part was. At this time, my mother was fully slept,
started light snooring and relaxed and was moaning a liitle bit and I
was clearly able to see the moist and wet pussy lips of her cunt, then
at once still her eyes closed she lowered the leg she had lifted and
moved her foot toward me.she lifted the leg I had just worked on even
higher than the one before. This caused even the little bit of lungi
that had been on her thigh to fall away, all the way down to her
waist. She way she was now reclining, I was exposed to a
complete view of all the area between her legs. I gazed in
rapture at her pussy and ass. As far as I was concerned,
they were the most perfect I had ever seen, better even than
porno movies.
I would have stayed there and rubbed her feet until my
arms fell off for the opportunity to keep looking at what my
mother was displaying to me. I was just maddeningly horny. The front of
my trousers were bulged out and even had a small damp spot where
pre-come had leaked out of my rigid, throbbing cock. I immediately
started jerking myself off, in the same room with my mother lying on my
lap, one hand on her feet and other on my dick and my mind and eyes are
full of the wet, gaping pussy in front of me . While I was doing this I
heard a soft humming sound of moan. i couldn’t tell for sure, but there
was a incredible view in front of me when my mother’s cunt start droping
juices from her pussy. First i thought may be she is peeing then i
realized it’s juices from her cunt.
I looked down at her thighs and seeing her orgasm I
felt myself becoming mad with lust and urge to fuck her right at the
spot. I reached between her thighs with my hand and touched her privates
the first time she didn’t move but moaned litle loudly. I then lift her
on her bed, unbuttoned her kurta . Her large breasts fascinated me, she
had a huge aerole and thick chunky nipples. I fondled
her right breast for a few seconds started sucking it, pinching it with
my teeths for few minutes and then let her lay down. I stared for a few
seconds between her slightly parted thighs and gathered some courage and
decided to have her. I slipped out of my underwear and knelt on the
floor next to her bed. I pulled her knees apart fully exposing her hairy
cunt. I played around with her cunt with my fingers and ended up pushing
a couple of fingers into her wet vagina. That did it, she didn’teven
blink, so I knelt upright and guided my throbbing erection into her
vagina. I pushed my erection deep inside her started pumping back and
forth and within couple of minutes I ejaculated. I leant forwards,
grasped her left breast with my hand and sucked the nipple of her right
breast into my mouth, as I pumped mysemen into her hot vagina.
My climax over, I relaxed and felt my erection slowly subside and slide
out of her vagina. I released her nipple from my mouth and let go of her
breast and moved slightly backwards. I stared between her spread thighs
at her cunt and watched as my semen began to leak out of her vagina
and run down between her buttocks.
I began to feel guilty, but at the same time I felt satisfied. I got up
and went to the bathroom. I came back with some tissue and wiped my
semen away from her cunt and from between buttocks. I then swung her
legs onto the bed and covered her with her lungi and kurta and over with
a blanket and went back to sleep next to her.
The next morning, I woke up and went for breakfast. Mom
looked terrible. Don’t make a noise she said I’ve got a real bad
headache. As she poured me some tea and fixed a paratha for me she asked
me, did your father come home
last night? I don’t know I replied. Why? Oh nothing
she replied.
To this day I feel somewhat guilty.

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