Encounter With Arabic Virgin

Hello Reader, I have been an avid reader of many sex stories site an encounter with arabic virgin and have decided to pen down some stories, these are not actual happenings, however the situations / scenario’s are true and have happened, it’s more like you find yourself in perfect situation where you day dream what – if scenarios and then snap out of the dream.

I am Rahul aged 33 Yrs from Noida, average looking may be a sidey to your crush in school but a very good listener & conversationalist, 5’5” with average build & tool around 6” with good girth, I hate stories where people fake with “my 7-9” tool popped out”. I passed out of college in 2000 and got a job in middle east, was working as customer support engineer in IT company, over a period I realized I was good at solving complex issues and was reserved for desperate situation. It was one of those evenings when I was returning from call.

I got a buzz around 7:45 in evening by my field manager asking me to provide support to a crashed HDD, a replacement of which was delivered to be rebuilt in close proximity. I took the number half heartedly and called up; a nice soft Arab voice picked up at other end and directed me to her office. When I approached the place I realized it was a semi-govt office in a Bungalow / Villa. The lady around 5 feet height wearing black abaya was at the gate, she motioned me to park my car in the compound & she locked the gate.

She introduced herself as Karla and asked me to follow her. When I walked in I found the entire villa empty with lights faded out and the only light coming was from the kitchen converted into server room. I walked into the room and for the first time I saw her, she had whitish complexion, but what struck me were her perfect dark full lips, the ones you would want to be wrapped around your cock. She smiled nervously and told me she needs the servers up and running before 7 in morning. I smiled and told her not to worry that is what I was there for.

I asked her to show me the servers and followed her, the server room was too small for 2 to stand and I was standing right behind her while she showed me the details, I couldn’t resist the sweet smell of bukhur coming from her. Once done she left me with the server and went back and sat on her desk surfing YouTube and other sites. I continued my work for a while but being so chilling I asked her if I could use one of the terminal to remotely login, she offered me one next to her.
While I worked on her server she was surfing net and reading something. Quite often I would sneak peek at her thinking she might be reading some technical stuff as it was in Arabic, after a while she went to washroom and I tried to squint to see what was she referring, gosh she was accessing some sex stories site in Arabic, I smiled at my luck and waited for her to be back. When she came back, I started a casual discussion on how long she has been working and came to know she has just been out of college, once the conversation got smooth.

I popped the question what other kind of stories she likes, she was shocked she actually minimized the window and blushed. I told her that’s ok, that girls her age need to know the sexual preferences and that most kamasutra styles, positions and methods can be learnt from other peoples experience from these stories. She became a bit bold and asked me have I ever had sex and how does it feel, I told her it’s something that cannot be explained only experienced. She went on with her reading and me with my work.

After a while I asked her, is it true that all Arabic females wear best of the designer clothes under their abaya and that they have the best ass and enjoy having sex? She said it’s not all true. I asked her is it OK if I could see her without her abaya? She blushed but then nodded. She got up and removed her abaya… She was wearing a Tight T with deep cut and nice pair of skirt knee short, I noticed she had a nice pair of tits that my palms could hold, her mid section was a bit plump but I wouldn’t call her fat those were love handles and a nice pair of butt that she showed off.

I asked her if she knew how to do the Arab booty dance and she giggled, said of course she put on some Arabic hip hop music and showed me the perfect booty dance you would pay good money to see upfront. I rolled the chair close and held her, she turned around a bit shocked but I smoothly placed her in my lap, lifted my head and her head tilted and I went up for a kiss, it lasted for half a minute but I saw her opening her eyes slowly like in trance. I swirled her around and put her in my lap facing me and kissed her again, my hands were exploring her smooth back.

I kept softly kissing her, she started grinding her pelvic. I removed my T so as not to alarm her at same time make her comfortable and then placed my hand again on her back and unclasped her bra, removed the bra and the T together and placed my face between her tits. Slowly kissed the upper and lower part of her tits, circled the areola and then the first nipple that I took between my lips sent a shivering sensation in her back her head just rolled back and she held my head so tight to her tit. I played on to her other nipple with my finger and thumb while I sucked on to her other tit.

They were perfect size and so filling, I grabbed on to both, closed them together and licked from left to right, back & forth, nibbling and biting in middle. I asked her to get down and took her to the hall where I saw leather sofa’s when I came in, they were cold and felt good, I placed her on the sofa and sat down on the floor, massaged her calf a bit and spread her legs. I kissed her thighs and worked my way up her body. I sat next to her and kissed her softly again, kissed her cheeks, nibbled her ears and neck all the while playing with her nipple when I came down.

I moved my hand further south while I played with her tits in my mouth, I found her panties wet with fluid and used my finger to outline her crotch. Played the circulation, scratching and once a while teasing the hood of her clit, till she could not hold and I put my hand in her panties, worried & ensured I don’t put my finger in, as hymen break is great deal in Middle East and that was something I didn’t want on my cards.

I played the outline of her pussy, labia till I found the hood of her clit, she was wet and all I had to do was suck her tits and keep rubbing my finger all the way down till her ass crack and come back and finger her clit she was bucking her hips and with loud scream she squirted all over the floor, another 30 seconds and she squirted again and then again. I let go of her and she hugged me. She was panting and shaking till she got normal.

When she came into her sense, I kissed her gently and told her well, this was just a small example of how wonderful sex feels. She kissed back and thanked me. She got up went into the washroom, by the time she came back my HDD rebuild was done, I had packed up and ready to leave. She walked me out kissed me again at the gate before she let me out. That was the last I had seen of her.

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