Encounter with a sexy maid

My name is Ashwin, married and 34 years of age. I am born and brought up in Mumbai Encounter with a sexy maid. I have always been fascinated at the sight of sexy, beautiful women with big boobs, sexy eyes and ravishing lips. I love to feel them and kiss them and make love for hours and hours. This is a true story about a beautiful maid I always wanted in my house. I am married and sometimes I do cross my boundaries. I am and was always fascinated of having sex right from when I was in school. My class teacher’s boobs, which were huge, particularly fascinated me and sometimes we all boys used to get glimpse of her boobs in blouse when occasionally her pallu used to slip. (In fact it was more frequent). This is sexual encounter, which I had with my maid when my wife had gone to spend few days at her sister’s place in Baroda.

My Maid was very sexy and gorgeous. She was little bit on the plumper side. She was bestowed with beautiful assets, which could make any man go crazy. Most of the time she used to wear skirts and I always used to stare at her thinking how can I feel her lips, suck her boobs and make love to her. I was also afraid that if I make any advances towards her she might tell my wife and my married life will go haywire so thinking about this thing to have sex with my maid had remained as a part of my fantasy until one day when my sister in law fell ill and my wife had to go to her place for few days to help her.

At the back of my mind I was very happy that at last I had all the chance in this world to fulfill my fantasy. Next day my maidservant came as usual at her time finished her work and went away and I like a fool was thinking about the missed opportunity cursing myself all the time. I thought that somehow I have to take the opportunity of talking to her and was preparing myself mentally all the time for next morning. At last the time came and somehow I took a bold decision of talking to her …under some pretext or other I went to her .I asked her about her family etc etc. That day She was wearing Ghagra and choli. She was looking very sexy and I was continuously staring at her boobs, waistline and when she was bending I was looking at her ass and fantasizing about making love to her. Somehow I don’t know how but I told her she was looking beautiful in her dress today. Her response was very casual…I could not see any reaction on her face. She has excellent facial features and her body is very tight and voluptuous. It gave me a kick and I was thrilled to see no reaction from her. I could feel my erection getting harder.

From that day she became little friendly with me. She was careless about her pallu and would not care to put it right, to cover her cleavage, giving a good sight to my eyes while she is talking to me. Next day as I was getting ready to go for bath the doorbell rang I was only wrapped in my towel at that time. To my great surprise maid is standing in front of me. She had come a little early that day to work. I was happy that I was standing only in a towel. The sight of her boobs, cleavage and her sexy lips begin to speak inside my towel. She entered the house staring at me, and my naked body. I watched her swaying hips as she passed by me and went in to kitchen.

My erection was now at its peak. I closed the door and begin to walk, but it was getting difficult for me to walk. I had taken a few steps only and I saw that she was returning from the kitchen. She came near me and wanted to ask me something but her mouth is just left open. I could not understand at first, but then I look at her sexy eyes and could feel that she is staring at my dick. I was shocked to see that my erection had slipped from its place and was peeping out from the middle, open part of the towel. I could not understand what to do and what not to do. As she was a little friendly to me she laughed and did not mind it. This gave me encouragement and kept it just as it was .I thought now I have to take the opportunity, I gathered all the courage and told her that I have never seen such beautiful boobs, sexy lips in my life. She blushed and gave me a sexy smile smile. I went closer to her and took her in my arms and kissed on her lips. Her lips were shivering and I could feel that her body was also trembling and her breathing had become more intense and deeper.

I kissed her passionately for few minutes on her lips and when I could sense that she is responding to my kisses I started kissing on her neck slowly going down and kissing her cleavage. All the time I was caressing her ass. Suddenly she pushed me as she came back to reality. At that time I thought it was no looking back and I made advances towards her again. She started resisting and was all the time saying NO…No…this is not good etc etc. I managed to convince her by saying at least allow me do it once I want to feel you and this is all natural etc etc. Giving her crap. Finally she fell in to my charming words and I took her to my bedroom. She was standing next to me. I removed the pallu from her shoulders and threw it on the bed. Then I started again kissing her sucking her lips and slowly caressing her boobs and slowly started to unhook her blouse buttons. . She is not wearing a bra and her boobs are beginning to be visible slowly. As I unhooked all the buttons I was really amazed to see her boobs and tits…they were looking ravishing. I took one of the tits in my mouth and started sucking it and nibbling it slowly and at the same time I was caressing her other boob. They were of good shape, bulky, very fair, soft white and slippery.My erection was getting beyond control and it was again peeping out of my towel. She took my dick in her hand and started moving her hands softly all along the length of my dick .i was getting more excited by the way she was doing it…she was teasing me rather than holding my dick properly in her hand.

I held both her boobs, one each in my hand and begin to squeeze them slowly and sometimes very hard, enjoying to my full extent. Meanwhile she also started moving her hand on my erection giving electric shocks to me. I am also enjoying myself and I begin to move my hands downwards rubbing her soft white belly and the navel. We were exploring each other’s body touching and feeling it and enjoying every moment of it. I started kissing on her neck on her back licking her back from her waist to her neck and behind her ears…telling all nice things to her in her ears. Like I am going to stuff your pussy with my dick and also praising her body all the time. She was getting more and more aroused. I could feel that she had lost all the control over herself and as I was licking her back I was also squeezing her boobs and I could also feel her arse on my dick which was making me feel more horny.
She was also enjoying what I was doing to her. Her nipples had become erect and I was slowly caressing her tits in circles. We were enjoying this position enjoying every moment of it. After sometime I stared licking her on her arse removing her ghagara completely and was licking her arse at the rim of her panties and slowly removing it. Her back (arse) was very very sexy and I started squeezing it and licking it at the same time. Her pussy was covered with hair and I started circling my finger in her bushes and slowly teasing her by taking my fingers till her clits and again coming back to her bush I could feel that she was waiting for me to touch it. I started circling her bush with my tongue and I could smell the aroma of her nectar coming out. i slowly slipped my tonguein to her pussy and I could feel the taste of her nectar flowing out from her pussy. I started lapping her pussy like a mad person nibbling her clits and inserting my tongue in her pussy.

I was enjoying every moment of it as I could see her getting more and more aroused. Then leaving her pussy I started licking her ass hole .it was sending electric waves through her whole body. After staying there for sometime, I started kissing her passionately everywhere. She was moaning and her moaning sound were becoming louder and louder. She pulled me on her and started kissing me and took my dick in her hand and started pumping it. And to my utter surprise she took it in her mouth and started licking it biting it sending passionate shivers all through my body. I was pushing my dick in her mouth and she was very supportive in taking it all inside.After sucking for few minutes she took my nuts (testicles) in her mouth and started sucking them. It was paining very badly for me but at the same time I was enjoying it too. Then I told her about “69” position and she started sucking and pumping my dick and I was licking and biting her clits tongue fucking her at the same time. With great difficulty I was holding my cum from not coming out. When she started pumping my dick vigorously I ejected all my cum in her mouth and she drank every bit of it and cleaned my dick with her tongue too. It was really amazing and a very fulfilling experience as I had never experienced it like that before in my life.

After relaxing for few minutes I was getting aroused again I wanted to fuck her pussy in every position I could think of. I started rubbing her pussy and teasing her clits with my finger and putting my finger inside her pussy and moving it in circular motion. All the time I could hear her saying all dirty nasty things…that was arousing me more. I could feel that she was getting aroused again and her pussy was flowing with nectar again. She told me that she wanted to ride my dick…I said to her it is all yours baby and then she sat on my dick…. and slowly started pumping my dick. Then I fucked her in doggy style caressing her boobs and then I also kept my dick in between her boobs and ejected all my cum on her body. And then I licked her body with my cum all over her and also tasted her pussy with my cum mixed with her nectar. From that day whenever we got a chance we made use of the opportunity. I hope all girls and young and matured females enjoyed this sexual encounter of mine. I would like if any females after reading this story want to share their experiences with me or want to meet me so that I can passionately make love to them. I also assure of keeping all relations discreet.

So all women out there gather courage and mail me. We live life only once and there is no point in crying after the time has gone…rather than repenting later. Please do mail me and tell me about your sexual experiences, fantasies if you have any. My email address is hothunk406@indiatimes.com . Waiting for your response ladies.

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