Doctor-Doctor Sex Stories


I am 26 yrs old guy and this is my teenage incidence.

There was a girl, Neha living in our neighborhood. She was three years younger than me. She was very much fond of boys. She used to give signals from her eyes very often but I never responded. She was dumb but good looking and quite aware of her body language and curves. We grown up together that is why I had an opportunity to observe every stage of her physical growth. She was not much sexy but she tried always to prove that she was. She was five feet three inches tall and fair enough. She had slim legs. She could look after her body because her mother was beautician and she was running parlour in her home.

One day she came to my home when accidentally everybody was out. She had put on red T-shirt and jeans skirt. She asked about my study and I asked about hers. Then she told that she wanted my help in making a birthday card for her uncle. I as keen in giving great ideas, started helping her. We sat on a bed in my bedroom. She sat too close to me. Her body was completely attached to mine. She even did not miss any opportunity to touch my hands and fingers while I was drawing a B’day card. After we completed our task she did not leave my home and said that she is alone in her home and getting bored. We continued chatting. After some time there were no topic to discuss. I took the chance and asked her whether she wanted to play any game to pass the time. She asked “which ?” I replied “Doctor-Doctor”. I used to play this game in my childhood with friends, so, I had idea about this game. Neha : I do not know anything about the game. (She lied)me : There is nothing to know, let us simply start and you will know.
Neha : OK.
me : First I will become the Doctor and you will be my patient. You will let me treat your problems, simple. Then it will be your turn of being a doctor.

She was ready. I gathered the tools with which we can play. I had one plastic injection into which I inserted a pin. We arranged our room and converted into doctor’s consulting room . I prepared my bed beside a chair and table for doctor to let the patient lay for whole body check up and taking injection. We started. She came and sat on a chair in front of mine as per my instructions and complained about high fever. I put my hands on her chest as if I was holding a stethoscope and checked. I put a pencil under her armpit and tried to measure the temperature. I said that it was very high and she had to take injection. She was not knowing anything what I was going to do. She said OK. I asked her to roll over her sleeves up and I gave her an injection between solder and elbow. I gave her few tablets and said that she should come tomorrow. She stood up and walked away few steps and returned back and sat on the chair as if it was a second day(as per my instructions). I asked about her health and she said she was not feeling well. I did everything I did before. I said that the temperature was gone upto high figure and she had to take an injection again but this time on her back. I asked her to lay on the bed. I could see that she was very eager to know what I was going to do. I inserted injection pin on her small rounded buttuck portion through her jeans skirt. I continued pushing injection until she complained about pinching. I asked her to get up. I gave few tablets and she left.

On her third visit I asked about her health and I checked the temperature and said that it was not under control and she had to take one more injection. She laid on bed. I had no enough courage to ask her to put off her skirt. I said indirectly. “Neha, I will have to correctly inject this time. You better just loosen your skirt.” She did it immediately. Not only that she unzipped her skirt but also rolled down up to her thighs and laid again on bed. She took her T-shirt up to let her buttocks open with black panties. I turned on. She had never been so sexy before. She was not looking at me while I was observing her inner beauty. Her panty was covering her buttocks so I rolled down her panty also without hesitation because I thought that I had lien now. Looking at her ass, I gave her an injection which was just a formality. My penis was so erect as if it was trying to coming out from my underpants. I did not miss an opportunity and widened the gape between buttocks and
inserted injection into her dark ass. She screamed. I took injection back. I rubbed over her silky ass with my fingers as if I was applying spirit after giving injection. She got up and dressed up properly.

On her fourth visit she complained about burns.
Neha : While I was cooking hot oil rolled over some of the parts of my body. I applied water but I think it is not enough. Please check and cure by applying cream.
ME : Where? show me.
Neha: On my back, face, waist, breasts and legs.
She covered most possible vital parts so I would ask her to put off all clothes.
I said that she was seriously affected and started checking her body superficially. Then I asked her to lay on bed. She laid on her back but fully clothed and waited for my response. I could not ask her to put off clothes and started my actions as if I was rubbing and dressing her burns. She waited but I did not say anything. Then she could not resist and asked me indirectly ” are you going to do this in the same way?” I asked her “which way?”
She said “If any doctor has to cure burns, skin must be exposed. He can not cure any patient without taking off his clothes. It happens in Hindi films that villain rapes a lady without taking off anybody’s cloth ” I replied shortly because there were to words in my mouth as I was going to see a nude female body for the first time ” you may go ahead.”
She then started putting her clothes off one by one. She unzipped her skirt first but slowly, looking at me. She took it out completely. She was looking very appealing only with T-shirt and black panty. Then she rolled up her T-shirt and she was in embroidered black panty and black matching bra. Her micro waist part was looking sexy with panty with a bow in front. I could assume that how her breasts would look before she started taking off her bra. She inserted her left thumb under lace of black bra over right solder and pushed down and the she did the same over left solder with right thumb. She unbuckled her bra from her back and let it drop down. Her breasts were not so small but nipples were very much sharpen and dark that my tongue was tough to control. I mostly like dark nipples and she had. I was eager to suck them. She inserted her thumbs both the sides of her waist into panty and pushed it down slowly from her waist and then from cute slim legs. I could see dark hairs between her thighs. She removed panty completely. She was in nude in front of me. Nothing was left for my imagination. I had never thought that she was so courageous that she could do this without any hesitation. She was laying in my presence with no clothes on as if she had not done for the first time or as if she was nude before a real doctor. She said “Oh, come on dr. Amit. Treat me” stylishly.

I started completing formality. I rubbed cotton plugs on her face as if I was applying cream on her burns. I asked her to close her eyes not because she was supposed to be in sedation while being treated but because I could have room to do whatever I wanted to do with her body without any hesitation. After completing formality on her face I came to her breasts and started rubbing a cotton. Even though she was lying on her back and even though her breasts were not big, they were standing upward with erect nipples. I rubbed more speedily on my favorite part of a female body. I pressed them and fondled and she screamed again. When I rubbed upward she complained that tits were aching. I rubbed the cotton on her stomach just for few seconds because I was not much interested. I quickly moved to her waist and thighs. I observed that curves were very much perfect and she was nicely molded down the waist. She started moving her body from right to left and left to right because her pussy was wet by the time. I completed front side and asked her to turn. I started from lower part of her head and quickly finished her back and moved to her buttocks. I threw cotton and started rubbing with my hands. She said that she was feeling good. I took her permission to do something more and interesting. I widened her legs and inserted pencil into her urinary hole and then into heavenly area. I took pencil back and inserted my fingers and thumb also. I also rubbed my fingers over her tits and then I hold one of them and started licking. I licked her breasts and sucked nipples. Now she screaming”. onhhh….ouch……..uff …aaaah…..oh god save me ….oh darling Amit….fffucckk me ” She took her lower lip between her teeth so many times.

After I completed I asked her to put on everything but she denied and sticked to her demand of making love but as I said that it was her turn to be a doctor to treat me, she got up and started putting up all the things and concealing beautiful sight. I observed her while she dressed up. She even dressed up in way that she was seducing me.


The above incidence is at least ten year old which I want to share with you.
Please practice this at your home with your partners and let me know your experience via
e-mail to I am eager to know reactions from girls particularly.
I will send the second part in which I will be in a role of a patient and fuck the girl in which I will incorporate your ideas.

Bye and kisses to all female readers.


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