Deepika Sexy Weekend With Vijay

This story Deepika Sexy Weekend With Vijay & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

Deepika Padukone was feeling very depressed and low. The reason was her recent break up with Ranbir ,her boyfriend for 1 and a half years. It was just a few days, and they had broken up. Actually Deepika decided to break up with Ranbir as he had cheated on her by flirting with and romancing swith Katrina secretly.

Deepika was proud of her decision to dump Ranbir but was missing the romance and togetherness she had shared with him. She was staying put at her home for the last few days as she did not have any film shooting or ad shoot. Just then her cell phone rang. She saw that it Vijay, the famous industrialist who was calling. Deepika picked up the call and said, “Hello Mr. Mallya! How are you?” Mr. Mallya said, “I’m fine. How are you? Hope I didn’t disturb you?” Deepika said. “I’m fine. No no you haven’t disturbed me.” Mallya said,” If you don’t mind, I’d like to invite you as my special guest for the Abu Dhabi Formula Race in Abu Dhabi this weekend. I want you to come and support my team Force there. Deepika said,” It’ll be a pleasure, a privilege for me Mr. mally to be your guest. Also I am a formula racing fan. I’d love to come toi Abu Dhabi.”Mallya said,” well then get ready.

I’ll be picking you up in the evening and we’ll leave for Abu Dhabi in my chartered plane. Thanks for accepting my invitation.” Deepika said, “You are welcome Mr. Mallya. I’ll be ready on time.” Then Mr. Mallya disconnected the phone. Deepika thought to herself, it would bve a great weekend as Mr. Mallya is known to be a great host and always took great care of his guests. Also Deepika was an avid fan of formula racing and it would be her first opportunity for her to watch a race so closely, and that too in the company of Vijay Mallya, whose charm and personality was irresistible. Though he was much older than Deepika, might be of her father’s age, but his charm floored women of all ages and Deepika was no exception.

Deepika took her bath and then had her lunch. Then she ahd a quick nap and got ready.She wore a red sleeveless top and a blue jeans. It was evening and Mallya’s car had come to pick up Deepika.The driver took her luggages and took Deepika to the car. Then the car drove off. The car reached the place where Mallya’s plane was ready to take off. Mallay himself opened the backdoor of the car and welcomed Deepika.He said.” Welcome Deepika.You are looking lovely.”

Deepika said,”Thank You Mr. Mallya.”Their luggages were kept in the plane and then Deepika and Mallya entere the plane and sat beside each other. Now the plane took off. Mr’ Mallya started the conversation,” Thank you Deepika>” Deepika said,”for what Mr. Mallya.” Mallya said.”For accepting my invitation at a short notice.” Deepika said,” well I am an avid fan of formula racing and its my privilege that you invited me.”Mallya said,” I know it.

I remember you telling me once that you are a formula racing fan but never had the opportunity to see a race closely. So i decided to invite you.” Deepika fel really happy and said,” WOW! thats so sweet of you Mr. Mallya. Its so kinbd of you to remember what i had told you.” Mr. Mally said,” I have a surprise for you, and took out a biug jewellery box, and opened it.There was a gorgeous diamond neclace.” Deepika said,”WOW! its gorgoeus,its wonderful.’ Mallya said,” its yours.” Deepika said,” What are you saying Mr. Mallya? How can I take it?”Mallya said.”Please don’t say no.I’ll be heart broken.Its atoken of my love and admiration for you.Please accept it.” Deepika was a bit hesitant but finally accepted it. Mr. Mallya then put the necklace on Deepika. Deepika had tears of joy and said.” Oh Mr. Mallya you are such a sweetheart,such a darling…you have made my day.I,m so happy.’ Deepika hugged Mallya.

Mallya also hugged Deepika and caressed her back and her hair and then kissed her forehead,her cheeks,her nose and then kissed her lips.Deepika didn’t object also rciprocated by kissing his lips.Deepika was simply loving the moment.Deepika said,” Mr. mallya you don’t know how happy i am and its all because of you. I was really depressed for the last few days as i have broken up from Ranbir.He cheated on know..” Then Mallya put his fingers on her lips and said.” SHHHH… we’ll not talk about negative things…he didn’t deserve you… you are special…you are precioous…this weekend i’ll treat yopu so well and you’ll have such a great time…that you’ll not remember those negative things.” Then they kept talking to each other and tiome flew by. Finally they reached Abu Dhabi and the plane landed. Mallya’s people received Mallya and Deepika and took them to the five star hotel near the racing ground. Mallya had booked two suites side by side for Deepika and him.They were booked in the neighbouring suites on the same floor in the hotel.They both relaxed in their rooms for some time.Deepika had a bath and freshened up.They then had dinner in the banquet hall together. Then they went off to sleep in their respective rooms.

The next morning, mally took Deepika to the practice ground where his Force India drivers were practicing. Deepika wished the luck and then went shopping with Vijay Mallya to the biggest mall in Abu Dhabi. Mallya bought her a lot of items. Then they had lunch and returned in the evening to their hotel. Mallay said.” Darling have a bath, freshen up and then come to my room and we’ll have dinner together. And please wear the black lingerie(bra and panty) and red nightie that i have bough t for you. Deepika said,”Ok, i’ll do so. “After having her bath and getting ready, Deepika came to Mallya’ room.She rang the bell. Mallya opened the door, He was wearing a black kurta and black lungi. He was happy seeing Deepika in the red nightie.He welcomed her in and made her sit on the sofa. They had dinner and drinks. After that he asked her, “Deepika now please take off your nightie. Deepika took it off.

Deepika took off her red nightie. Deepika was wearing the black bra and panty that Mallya had bought for her. Mallya now told her to take off his kurta and lungi. Deepika took off his kurta and lungi. Mallya was now only wearing his underwear. He was bare chested. He had a hairy chest. Mallya then instructed Deepika to take off his underwear. She did so. Now Mallya was nude. Deepika was amazed to see his monstrous dick. Mallay then unhooked Deepika’s bra and threw it on the floor. He then opened her panty too. Now Deepika was nude too. Deepika felt shy. She looked downwards. Mally held her face and made her look into his eyes and said,” Sweetheart don’t feel shy.

I’m gonna give you a lot of love tonight. “He then held her hand and made her hold his dick. He told her, “stroke it and then suck it…give me a blow job baby.” Deepika stroked his dick and then started sucking it by sitting on her knees facing him. She swallowed the entire cum oozing out. Then Malya made her lie down on the sofa and spread her legs. He played with her navel and then licked and kissed her pussy. Deepika started moaning, “ooh oooh aaah. “Then Mallya took out his finger and licked the finger having Deepika’s juices on it. mallya then made Deepika stand and embraced her tightly. He kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her ears, her neck, her shoulder and then kissed her lips. Mallya smooched Deepika passionately, putting his tongue inside her mouth.

Deepika too reciprocated by putting her tongue inside his mouth. Deepika and mallya shared a passionate French Kiss for quite some time. He then kissed her chest, squeezed her breast, kissed them, licked them and also kissed and licked her nipples. He then turned her and kissed her bare back, licked it and kissed her ass and thighs. He then made her sit on her knees and went behind her and grabbed her ass and spread her legs. He then got ready to fuck Deepika in the Doggie style. He inserted his cock inside her pussy and started humping her. Deepika started moaning and screaming, “ooh aah it is awesome…mar gayee main…oh god. “Mallya made slow steady moves initially and then gave a hard push inside her.

Finally he ejaculated. Deepika feel on the floor. Then Mallya again made a drink for both of them and gave deepika a drink. Both Deepika and Mallya had a drink each. Then Mally picked up Deepika in his arms and took her to the master bed and made her lie down on the bed. He then kissed her cheeks her neck and again smooched her lips. he then again kissed and licked her breasts and nipples.

He then started playing with her navel and kissed it and her awesome abs. Deepika then said to her,” Mr. mallya please don’t tease me more…please do me now…pleas fuck me…make me your woman tonight…i want to feel your cock inside my pussy.”Mallay smiled and said, “OK princess as you wish.” He then spread her legs and lifted them on his back and made her pussy really wide and open. Mally then inserted his cock inside Deepika’s pussy. He started with slow, steady strokes and then increased his pace.

Deepika started screaming in pleasure,” OOH aah argh oh god it feels so nice so awesome…Mr. Mallya you are a real man…I feel blessed to be your woman tonight. I am so happy.” Finally Mallya made a real har push inside her and then ejaculated. Deepika had experienced an orgasm and was feeling ecstatsic, really satisfied and happy. Mally came on top of her. Deepika was really feeling happy having Mallya’s naked body on her. She was feeling warm by having Mallya’s hairy chest on her chest.Deepika hugged Mallya tightly and kept him in an embrace. She also put her legs on his thighs. Deepika kissed Mallya’s beard, cheek, neck and shoulder, and said,” I LOVE YOU MR Malya..I love you.” Mallya said,’ I LOVE YOU too DEEPU Darling. “Deepika closed her eyes, and fell asleep lost in her thoughts and embracing Mallya on top of her. Mally also fell asleep feeling proud and happy feeling a beautiful woman Deepika Padukone with a super hot body beneath him.

The End

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