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This story is about a real life experience, which I came across in my life and feel happy to the good I made to the couple. Creamy Fuck I am a very normal person with not much of a dashing personality but with loads of sexual appetite. There was a nice young lady in the same street. She’s married for one year and her husband went off abroad after just three months of their marriage. Whenever I pass her house and watch her in the doorway or the window, I feel engrossed in thoughts of fucking her in various positions. Though I have not seen her fully but she appears to have all the perfect curves and bumps in her body as depicted in Kamasutra.

The day also came with the help of the rain.

That day it looked like it was going to rain. My household people had gone out to a relatives place far away and not expected back for hours and I was supposed to have dinner from a hotel. Generally I don’t prefer to eat at the hotel, but to parcel it and bring it home. When I was coming back from hotel with some eatables and a choc. cream cake I saw that her house was locked. I was very disappointed. I was in the house watching a porno disk in the computer. It started raining and slowly picked up madly. I heard a knock at the door. And lo! Behold my dear lady was standing in the doorway fully drenched. She requested whether she can stay till the rain gets settled. With a Herculean effort I controlled my happiness and modestly asked to come in.

All these days I was having all nasty feelings about her and there she is in front of me as a golden opportunity and that too drenched with all circles and curves fully revealed under her wet garments. I asked her whether she would prefer a hot bath and dress change and I gave her a cup of hot coffee. She hesitated and feeling the heavy coldness, she agreed. I showed her way to my bathroom next to my personal bedroom. I had earlier attached a handy cam in my bathroom and linked to my computer when she was having coffee. She went to the bathroom and I was mischievously watching all the movements in my computer. She took off her saree and blouse. She was wearing a red bra. She took off her petticoat and was wearing a black panty, which was dry thanks to her body heat. She turned on the geyser and the head shower and was enjoying the hot water bath. I was a little bit disappointed as she was still wearing the inner garments. After she was satisfied with her dressed bath she took off her inner garments but to frustrate me she showed her back to the cam and continued her bath. Anyway I had my last trick, I had not kept a towel in the bathroom. The call also came and I went with the towel opening the door very mildly. I handed her the towel.

She collected it and closed it off in a flash not giving me even an inch to have a look. Atlast she turned around with water flowing from head shower, I could not have a good view as water was flowing continuously. She took the hand shower pointed it to her boobs and started massaging with one hand and another hand holding the shower, later she moved her free hand to the pussy and thoroughly cleaned it including the inner depth. After sometime she gave a call and asked me to go to the outer room as she wanted to have a dress change. I told her that I am going out but I went and hid in the dress cupboard after shutting off the computer. She came out with the towel wrapped around her went and stood before the mirror, starting to dry her with the wrapped towel. I could no longer wait I went and grabbed her from behind. She never seemed to be surprised, instead she asked whether I had a good show of her bathing. I was taken aback and asked her instead of knowing all this how she maintained her cool. She said that she always longed for an experience like this and more as she had only three months of a very moderate sex life.

Now the excitement started I moved my hands from below her towel starting from her thighs and made my way upwards to her cunt fingering her clitoris with one side for each hand. She was feeling aroused. Further I made my way to her belly under the towel, her button was very deep and her breasts were just the size for my hands. I cupped the breasts and massaged it gently just like roughing the flour for chappatis. I reached for her nipples, it was erect and pinched it gently. She was enjoying these movements under the towel in the mirror in front of her. I pulled off the towel and experienced the first look of her front side in the mirror. Boy, was she gorgeous. Her breasts were not very sagging and it was not very hard and not very soft, she had a perfect tummy. I wanted to enjoy her fully to the core. He lifted her and took her to the dining table. Luckily the table was empty, I laid her on it. She was nude and luscious. I eyed a chocolate cream which I had bought for my dinner. I took out a handful of cream and pasted it all over her body from neck to foot after blind folding her. This can help her to concentrate on the actions that I am going to do on her. She also loved the idea. She had partially shaved her public hair. I took a dining chair and laid it in front of the table exactly to fact in between her legs. As the chair was a little high it helped me view her whole body. I pulled her a little bit for her cunt to face me closely. I started licking her from foot climbed up to her thighs and went towards her cunt.

First I licked the cream from her bush and let my tongue deep into her cunt. It was a great experience. I pulled out my tongue and went to her belly licking every inch of the cream in that area leaving a line from her cunt to her belly and straight to both her nipples. Here I should mention about her rosy nipples, they were more gorgeous owing to the erectness from all the acts I’ve been doing till now. Then I licked my most favourite spot, those two mountain beauties and I just left the nipples for time being from being licked. I took off the blindfold from her eyes and asked her to look her body. She started smiling. She made me sit in the chair and came close to me to the end of the chair and asked me to lick her nipples and the left off cream on her body. I obeyed, and now and then, giving more pressure on my lick arousing her above the limit. She said she was about to cum and asked me to lick that also. Her juice tasted great and adding to the cream, which was left off in the licking process in her inner side of her cunt. She oooohed and aaaaaaahhhhhed which aroused me more.

Now I should give her also an opportunity. She got up from the table and made me lay on it and she disappeared to the other room and came back with four belts to tie me to the four corners of the table. She tied my hands and legs and she unzipped and pulled off my pants and poured the remaining cream on my body and started licking me from the chest and she licked me fully except my dick, which was slowly getting aroused. As I was facing the ceiling I was not sure as to how she’s going to eat me. She pulled out my dick in her hand and started licking the cream first. I started to cum and she too sucked the juice fully. After it was dry, she went to 69 position on top of me and started enjoying me. I sucked her cunt whenever it came to me. She was rubbing her cunt on the hair on my chest to arouse herself. She was rocking on me actually and the table danced like a maniac. She untied me and asked me to carry her to the bedroom. I did the same. She jumped on the bed, laid on her back spread out her legs with her hands away and called me “Fuck me hard honey”. This is it, I jumped on top of her, fully did not lie on her. First gave her a licking job from her booms to her bottoms and then inserted my long waiting cock into her depth and started pumping in. I started slowly and then accelerated like a water borer. My bed rocked like hell. She held her hands to the corners of the bed and closed her eyes and started screaming. I was at my first fuck job to the best. During this experience I & her cummed twice. Both got thoroughly exhausted. Finally we pulled ourselves up and went in for a bath, now facing the cam for a memoir shot. I fucked her twice while under the shower and in the tub. By the time we were finished her clothes got dry and she got dressed. Even till then the rain was pouring. It took atleast 30 mins for the rain to stop. I was lying on her lap caressing her breasts inside her blouse and she was eating snacks watching our bathroom-fucking job in the computer.

The above experience was 6 months ago, I dropped in between this period to her house for small sexual experiences unwatched by our neighbourhood. Now her husband had come back and she said that he feels doubly excited during sex with her husband and she thanked me for that. Any sexy girls who need to share their similar experiences can correspond to me at

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