Cousins Kisses – Desi Sex Stories

I wanted to share my first sexual experience with you all. Currently i am 19 yrs old and i am studying law. I was born in pakistan but moved to america with my parents when i was only 5. I am their only son and i have no other relatives here.

It took us a long time to settle here. By the time we had made a home for ourselves here i was ready to graduate high school. I remember i was 17 years old at the time. I had never gone back to pakistan to visit. I never had time for anything except school and work. I was very shy and never got the nerves to ask out a girl i had a crush on in h. S. After twelve long years of hard work and saving up we were going back to see our relatives in pakistan. Our first stop was in karachi for my moms side of the family. We stayed with my moms sister. My aunt had four children, three of which were little kids. But the forth one was the oldest one. Everyone called her by her nickname, which was rani (personally i think she looked way better than the actress rani mukerjee). When we first arrived at the airport everyone was too shy to approach me. She was the first one who came out and said hello to me with a wonderful smile. I didnt know who she was at the time and was literally stunned at the fact that a beautiful girl like that would actually approach me and give me a hug. She was two years younger than me but had a very well developed body. She did not look even close to 15.

I still remember feeling her breasts touching me when she first hugged me (this was also my first hug from a girl). Although she was only 15 she had a body that every woman would desire to have. She had full figured breasts (35-36 i think), a slim waist, and a knock out bum (34) that would get anyones attention. Bottom line, she was hot. Her beautiful smile, silky black hair, and her soft white skin would make even the angels of heaven take another look. During the first week of our stay i began to notice that she was giving me special attention. She would always stare at me with a smile. And just be everywhere that i went. She told me that i looked very handsome (not the first time i ever heard that but… ). At first i thought that she had a crush on me but then i just dismissed it since i was from america (something to look at for the entire neighborhood people). She usually called me by my nickname, khan, but my aunt always forced her to call me khan bhai (i didnt like that one bit). It was during the third and final week of my stay in karachi that things became clear for us.

She would always joke around with me and sometimes even sit in my lap and tell stories when only the little kids were around. I usually dismissed such instances, including the long hugs and short kisses on the cheek, as child-like behavior. One day, when the parents were out on a visit, rani started teasing me. She would sometimes pull my ear, tickle me, or sit on my lap to crush me (she thought it was fun to crush me since she was taller than a usual 15-year-old). Getting tired of her little tricks i finally caught her from the back and started to tickled her. She started to laugh and struggled to get free but i had her pretty good from the back. Since her tummy was the best place for my hands to be while i held her in place i tickled her there. She bent over to loosen my grip but only managed to tighten it. Just imagine a gorgeous girl like that bending over and me being behind her feeling her butt right on my crotch. I could feel her curves through our shalwaar kameez and couldnt help but get erected.

She definitely felt it and i let go. We were both embarrassed by the situation and just stopped playing around for the day. Then one night when all the grown-ups were asleep (we “kids” use to sleep in a separate room so we wouldnt disturb the others) she decided to sleep in the same bed that i was in. It was a closed room so no grown-up would have known about it and the kids would have thought nothing of it. The bed was big enough to hold two but i was used to having a big bed to myself… Needless to say i didnt mind sharing. But i did have one fear, rani was famous for hitting people that slept near her. She would wake up and say hi to them in the middle of the night and go back to sleep without remembering a thing in the morning. She would sometimes wildly toss out her arms and legs in deep sleep and unknowingly hit others. I did the same when i was young so i decided to put a pillow between us. It was nearly 2 in the morning and rani had just fallen asleep while taking to me. I left the light on because i wanted to be able to see her sleep and she was afraid of the dark.

I kept remembering the feeling i got when she bent over the other day and rubbed against me. I started to get hard, usually back home i would jack off whenever i felt necessary to keep myself calm but here in pakistan, with all the kids and adults, there was no private time and i had not jacked off for a month (thanks to the finals in h. S. ). I had an erection but it was under control. I couldnt sleep so i stared at the ranis beauty. She was wearing a pink shalwaar kameez and had no bra on. I could clearly see her nipples through the dress while the v-neck had lowered enough to reveal her soft cleavage. She was fast asleep on her side and started to move her arms around a bit. I had the pillow between us but decided to remove it just to get a better look at her. She tossed over to the other side and only her sexy ass was facing me now. I couldnt help but get extra erected a bit and started to get anxious. I wanted to see her soft milky breasts again so i got real close to her from behind and peeked over her shoulder. They looked so creamy and milky smooth. Suddenly she tossed back towards me and i didnt get a chance to move back. Now she was on top of me, literally. My face was against her neck and her right arm was around me.

She was in deep sleep but hugged me and smiled (thinking i was either the pillow or her teddy bear). I couldnt help but gasp when her knee touched my hard on. It was on my hard dick and pressing it at the tip while i had a clear view and warmth of her breasts near my lips. She would move her knee once in a while and unknowingly brush against my hard on. This drove me nuts. I had to roll her back. But i wanted to see her breasts so badly… I used my free (left) hand and mouth to open all 4 buttons of her kameez. I could now see down her breasts more but still couldnt see her nipples. I slowly widened her front of the kameez while shaking with excitement and fear. I finally got to see her right nipple. It was erect a little; i was a virgin and had never seen a real nude girl before. But i just wanted to taste her nipple. I slowly used my tongue to lightly lick around her sweet nipple and give it a soft kiss. She didnt wake up, yesss, i thought. But the time had come to put her back; i could no longer take her sexy body on me all night. It would drive me crazy and i would explode! I rolled her onto her back (and off of me) but was now myself on top of her and stuck.

My arms were caught under her back. I didnt get a chance to button her kameez back up. Now i was also between her legs. I could feel the heat from between her legs as well as her breasts. My penis started to throb and i really started to breathe extra hard. I could feel the outline of her vaginal lips on my penis through our thin clothes. I could feel her heart beat against my racing heart through her soft and almost bare breasts. I could smell the perfumes from her hair and feel a great desire for her rosy sweet lips. I couldnt help myself and finally gave a deep thrust against her hips, feeling every detail of her vaginal lips and the soft hair that surrounded it. She let out an audible moan and said my name “khan. ” she woke up, i started to panic when she opened her eyes a bit (never lost an erection this fast before) but couldnt get my hands out from underneath. She had no idea what had happened (or that she even said my name) and gave me a faint smile. I was able to quickly free my hands when she wrapped her arms around me and smiled. I looked into her beautiful eyes and kissed her for the longest time. That one kiss said it all. I could feel her smile and drift back into dreamworld.

I still didnt manage to close her kameez back up but started moving towards my side. It was then that i noticed a wet spot on her shalwaar between her legs. Could it be that she had a wet dream or maybe she was awake all this time. I decided to see further. I wanted to know if she was playing a trick on me so i untied her shalwaars knot slowly and started to lower her pajama… Very slowly. I wanted to see how wet she had gotten and to see if she would stop pretending now. No response from her. I lowered her pajama down enough to get a good look at her panties. They were dry as a bone. I finally realized that it as my pre-cum on her pajamas (since i wasnt wearing any underwear). I couldnt help but bring my face close to her belly button and down to her silky pink panties. I loved the soft touch of her skin against my face. She didnt wake up with my touch. I wanted to see her pussy badly now.

I started giving her little kissed on her lower tummy and on her panties. I noticed her moving a bit. I took one final mouth-watering whiff of her delicious vagina and with a lot of courage quickly moved her panties to the side and licked her heavenly pussy. She woke up and gave a soft moan. She tasted delicious. I quickly went up to her mouth and started to kiss her passionately like there was no tomorrow. At first she didnt know what was going on but then i started to rub my wet dick (still in my pajamas) against her bare pussy (loving every detail of her pubic hair). She had never had sex before (as i later found out) and had never masturbated (if you ever lived in pakistan you would know this is true). But as soon as i started to rub against her and started to kiss her on her cheeks and neck, she began to breath hard and opened her eyes. I grabbed her tighter than before and lowered my pajamas enough to take out my throbbing penis begging for her hot and moist box. I began to rub my bare penis against her soft pubic hair and vagina.

She began to get intoxicated with pleasure (especially when i put my right hand over her bare breasts). She started having orgasms already and didnt even realize what they were. She put her hands underneath my shirt on my back and was moving around with pleasure. She kept saying “khan, what are you doing? Khan. ” she kept calling my name and i couldnt keep control any longer (! ) and said “loving you” right before i thrusted my pulsating hard-on into her virgin hole. She let out a scream but i kissed her mouth just in time to not wake the others up. She was a virgin alright and i wasnt having an easy time pushing inside her. I gave it my strongest thrust. She moaned with pain and scratched my back. That hurt. But soon my back and forth movement was becoming easier and more pleasurable with each thrust (she started getting so wet).

This was the first time for both of us and she started to cum majorly. I couldnt hold it and came very quickly inside her as well. It was the longest and strongest orgasm we had ever had (both of our bodies quivered with pleasure). But i did not loose my erection nor did i loose my hunger for her. I got up and removed her pajama and panties completely. I picked her up and sat her down on my lap facing me. She instinctually wrapped her legs around me. I started feeling her ass with my hands. I brought her tender vagina on my rock hard penis and started moving her up and down by her sexy hips. She squealed with pleasure everytime i sucked on her beautiful breasts. They were a handful and i couldnt get enough of them. She kept whispering in my ear “never stop mere pyaare khan, never. ” i had no intention to. She had two more tremendous orgasms in my arms and i was beginning to explode. I laid her on her back and pulled out of her momentarily to go down to eat her. She let out a cry “no dont stop please. ” just hearing her say that and her grabbing my penis made me cum ounces of semen on her tummy and her kameez. She started to rub my cum on her breasts.

Tasting my semen seemed to satisfy her hunger. I started to eat her pussy. I started kissing her all around her little secret and then dove in for the lust feast. At first she tried to lift my head back up to her but i forced my way down so she would see how pleasurable it could be. I licked every inch of her delicious vulva. Her pussy lips were longing for attention. Her clit demanded being touched and kissed. She let out a gasp everytime i kissed her on her clitoris. I loved the taste of her pure juices mixed with mine. I could feel her stomach muscles tense up and i knew it was time to make all my hard work count. I went up and put my arms around her. I looked straight into her eyes and i started thrusting in her as fast as i could, she begged me to slow down but i couldnt. I could clearly see her coming to an orgasm but i wouldnt let her, not until i was ready. She started to breath hard and tried so hard to keep her moans and squeals down. She begged me to stop but i said “never. ” she knew what i meant, (“never stop khan, never”).

I watched her breasts move back and forth. The nipples peeked through her kameez every time i thrusted. She continued trying to force me away to let her orgasm. I could no longer hold it in and started cumming in her again and again. She finally got a chance to cum as well and had a tremendously long orgasm. Her back arched (almost lifting me up) and stayed there as her body quivered with orgasm after orgasm. We were holding each other so tight, we had felt nothing so strong before (especially her). We could feel the fluids move and our body took control of us for a few moments. Then all of a sudden we both fell down, gasping for breath. We could feel both of our hearts pounding. We were so tired.

We looked into each others eyes. I kissed her to sleep one last time and covered her up with the blanket after putting her pajamas on her again. I looked at the clock and couldnt believe it was twenty minutes before six in the morning. I was so dead tired. I could barely get to my side of the bed. I collapsed on my side closing my eyes thinking about her kiss… And expecting the last thing for her to say in the morning “youll never believe the dream i had last night! ” i wonder if any of you had any such great experiences. Email me with comments/thoughts at logan_l@hotmail. Com

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