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Hi desi folks. i’m rohit. i live in houston right now. i’ve been
here for about 8 years now and enjoying it since the first day i came
here. i came to houston with my parents to my uncle and aunty’s house.
their daughter, my cousin kajal and i are the same age. she is just 2
months older than me. we were 13 at that time.

now when i saw kajal for the first time, my cock grew in my
pants…really. she was the sexiest creature i ever saw in my life.
she was just so sexy.

she was born here in U.S. so maybe she must be the first U.S. girl i
saw then. whatever it was. my cock grew in my pants. kajal is the
only child of my uncle. she showed me around the house. she showed me
her room. her friend shilpa, who lived next door showed up there.
kajal introduced me to shilpa. wow. shilpa was very beautiful and
sexy, but not sexier than kajal.

oooooooooohhhh. i was like in a paradise with 2 beautiful girls.
all 3 of us, same age. then i started getting closer and closer to
shilpa. we liked each other. but i was more attracted to kajal.
everytime i saw her, my cock would pop up right there without any
shame. i think she noticed it.

then it was already a week i’ve been in houston. one evening, i
locked my room and went to the bathroom and sat on the camode. i
didn’t lock the bathroom door as my room was already locked and i
didn’t think anybody would come there.

so i pulled my pants down and started jacking off. i was
fantasizing about fucking kajal. my head was up and eyes shut tight.
then i didn’t know that kajal had the key to my room, so she opened it
and came in there. she saw me in the bathroom and came up there. i
didn’t know she was there, so i kept on stroking my cock. kajal saw me
jacking off and she got turned on. she sat on the floor and just came
closer to my cock. she didn’t touch it, but just moved her face around
it like she was really sucking it. she was rubbing her clit and
licking her tongue. i still didn’t know she was there.( i know i this
because she told me later what she did in there.)
then i came in front of her. i was moaning and i shot a load right
on her face. i was shaking and then i opened my eyes and boom………
i was shocked!!!! kajal was sitting right there in front of me, on the
floor. i got soooooooo scared at that time. i couldn’t say anything.
she left the room without saying anything. then we saw eachother at
the dinner table, but didn’t say a word. after dinner, we just left
for our room and straight went to bed. it was 11 p.m at night and i
couldn’t sleep. and o i came to houston in summer so we didn’t have to
go school for about 2 more months.

then suddenly kajal came to my room. she couldn’t sleep either.
she asked me who was i fantasizing about and i told her that i was
fantasizing about her.

she jumped on the bed and we started kissing each other hard. she
hold me tight in her arms and my hands were in her beautiful brown
hair, holding it tight. she had beautiful hair. brown and thick and
about 5 inches longer than the shoulder length. mmmmmmm we kissed each
other soooo much. i was on top of her. i started biting her lips hard,
but not that hard to make her hurt. she liked it. both of us were
turned on. i bite her lips, then her chin, and kissed her cheeks and
bite em. she was giving soft moans. aaaaaaahhh…it was great
feeling. then i started kissing her ears. i licked her ears and bite
it. she was out of control. kajal moaned and moaned. i was getting so
much excited by her aaaaaaaaahhhs and uuuuuuhhhhhhhs and

i didn’t stop at all. it was our first experience. i kissed and
bite and licked all over her face. oooooooo it was so great. then i
started licking her neck and went down. i took her shirt off and then
her bra. her nipples were soooooo hard and were poking out. i put my
lips on her nipples and started sucking them. she lifted her body as
she couldn’t take it any more. her tits were small, but i was enjoying
as it was my first time. i bite her nipples. oooooooo i just love
biting all over her body. it was soooooo sooooooo great. i went down
some more and gave her a big kiss on her belly button. she moaned
loudly. i licked it like a dog. kajal never experienced anything like
this before. ooooooooooo i looked at her face smiling and moaning.
she looked sooooo beautiful.

then kajal told me to eat her pussy. i was really surprised. i
asked her how do i do that? she knew all these because she had seen
x-rated video before, so she told me to take her underwear out and to
lick and kiss and bite her pussy. so i said okay. why not!! let me try

i took her underwear out and started liking it with my tongue as
she told me. oooooouuhhh we enjoyed it sooooo much. i licked it and
kissed it and bite it for about 10 mins. then she started moaning
louder and faster. she was sooooo much out of control. she said she
was going to cum. and she came and i kept on looking at it. wow.
then she got up and threw me on the bed and started doing me the
same way i did her. she started biting my
lips……oooooooooouuuuuhhhhh……. let me tell u how that
felt………mmmmmmm…then she started biting my
ears….ooooooooooohhhhhh god…. oooooooooohhhhhhhh… i was
moaning…this was just a beginning of my great sexperience….i
couldn’t take it… i put my hands in her hair and started pulling
it… making her to stop kissing and licking my ears. but i couldn’t.
we were just enjoying it sooooooo much.

and then she went down on me…just the way i did
it…oooooooooohhhhhhh god and then she went down on my cock. my cock
was springing high. uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh oooooooooohhhh… she didn’t play
with it…but she just took it in her mouth and started sucking it fast
and hard…..!!! and then faster and harder each
time……….ooooooooo kajal…i was screaming….. i was enjoying it
sooooooo muchhhhhh….

ooooooohhhhhh….she just went up and down on my
cock…..oooooohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssss yessssss…. she sucked
it sooooooo hard….up and down… slurping at my cock…harder and
faster… i hold her hair sooooooo tight….i wanted her to stop and
give me a break and a time to breath. but she didn’t!!! she didn’t care
how hard i pulled her hair, but instead she was enjoying it.
ooooooohhh both of us were just sooooooo turned on.!!!!
she kept on sucking it…in and out…in and out…squeezing my
balls…i couldn’t take it really… i lifted my body and kissed her
hair sooooo hard and fast… and again fall down on my back…

now i was going to cum….and the sperm exploded off my
cock……uuuuhhhhhhh… still she didn’t stop. she kept on sucking it
and ate my cum…ooooooooooohhh i was shaking…my whole body was
shaking…i was like oooooo kajal please stop now. it was hurting me
soooo much. but she didn’t stop. she kept sucking my cock until it
shrinked…!!! and then she fell on me and we fall asleep. this went on for about
30-40 minutes. and this was just a beginning of our sex tour.
after 3 hours of sleep.

we woke up again. and kajal told me to fuck her. she didn’t have to
give me a blowjob or anything. my cock was already rocking hard. i got
up and put her legs on my shoulders and started giving her in her clit.
my cock went in and out and in and out… and faster and faster every
minute. she was moaning in pleasure…ooooooo rohit…ooooo rohit…
she was calling out my name….”ooooo rohit…fuck me…fuck me
fast…ooo ooo rohit do it…”
then i laid on her and started kissing and fucking her at the
same time…my hands rubbing in her hair…..mmmmmmmmm…it was soooo

then she got on top of me and started jumping on my dick… up
and down…mmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooohhhh oooooooyesssssssss… it was

i was holding her hands tight…and she was holding mine tighter…
i opened my eyes…and saw her beautiful face covered with her
beautiful hair. it looked soooooo sexy. we fucked like that for over
10 minutes then i told her that i was going to cum…
and oh oh…she went there again on my cock…

ooooooooo she is the best cock sucker…uuuuuuhhh she just sucked it
sooooooo fast, without stopping for a second….ooo kajal
kajal…oooooooo i was holding her hands sooooooooo tight
now….oooooooooooo and then suddenly i came on her…she licked it and
eat it… and gobbled it… and then she went back to her room…
since then we’ve been fucking each other for about 7 years.

until last year when she got married and moved away from houston. i
haven’t seen her since then. in the next letter. i’ll write about how
we had a threesome with me, kajal, and shilpa. shilpa moved from
houston 3 years ago, when we graduated from high school. she comes to
houston and we have a great time.

i had the best sex in my life only with kajal. nobody yet has
given me more fun than her. so any girls here in houston wanna give it
a try, or wanna get same kind of sexperience i gave to kajal, then
email me to

guys and girls, write to me and tell me what u think about my
article. girls even if u r not in houston still write to me to get
with me on the phone. but for the houston girls, write me, and we can
meet and get it on….. and on…. and on…. and u get this experience
from me…
rohit sharma

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