College Flick

I am a regular reader of the erotic stories and was always eager to post my story College Flick to the faithful fans of This is a real story and now let me proceed with my story but also let me introduce myself, I am J. K. Warke of xx college and I was attracted by one of our staff member mrs. More., she was my dream woman of completely sexy fucking figure of 36b – 30 – 37 [ believe me, I have measured it myself!!!! ] She is currently 34 yrs. Old . When I met her on the very first day of her office in our college, I felt an attraction towards her and started liking her. Then after some inquiry I found that she is married to a poor slut who always finds good company with drinks and likes puffing off.

Then I started thinking in way to trap this bitch in my dream love story. I started impressing her by one way or the other and once I came to know that she also likes talking to me and from there after I did never let an opportunity of talking to her let go off. Then we used to spend long times talking about our personal life and our sexlife…. As the days passedd, we started dating each other and I asked her to wear some really good clothes which she promptly agreed., then we used to roam at some good romantic places. Once I remember the day when she was wearing a red saree with a sleeveless velvet blouse and I did almost come on that thought. Then I asked her about her hubby on that day and I was surprised to find that he was out of town. I decided to take this opportinuity to make love to her. I suggested her to spend the night in a hotel which she agreed to.

As soon as we did get in, I pushed the door and held her from back and then kissed her neck to which she resisted a bit but I asked her that “ Don’t you want it????” and then she replied me with the most passionate french kiss of my life. I then ordered champagne and put on some light music on the hotel radio, dimmed the lights and then held her by her waist and started unhooking her blouse and she started removing my shirt and meanwhile our mouths were engaged in exploring the depth of each other’s sweetness., seeking the most enjoyable pleasure of the world. She was only now on her bra and the ripe mangoes were wanting to be freed from their cage needing to be sucked like a whore…….. I then removed her black silky bra and then came into sight the most two wonderful melons standing firm, erect and in place needing to be caressed and sucked with her light brown – skin colored nipples almost fully erect to the length of about half a cm. Meanwhile came the champagne and then I took it, poured it on her breasts and licked the champagne and her nipples like the worst sucker in the world…. I started circling her left nipple and sucking the right one due to which she was moaning like ahhhhhhhhhhh… Ohhhhhhh…. I then removed her saree and she removed my pants and started caressing my 6” tower and it got erected immediately, I too in turn removed her panty and was surprised to see her 4inch long most cleanest pussy ever seen with her clit as big as 3” I started finger fucking her and after about 10 min. I could feel the tension in her legs and came all over my face and I licked some of her strawberry flavor and asked her to lick the remaining thing, which she did quite well. Then she said that” It’s my turn now” and she started to lower my underwear and gave me the best blowjob ever, and I came immediately in her mouth. She was really a all time great sucker I have met with. I then kissed all over her and she then shouted at me “ fuck me you ill man, stop kissing me…….” To which I did slid my prick in her love hole and she started moaning softly and the in a loud voice. I then reached her inner depths to which she moaned like Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh.. fuck me baby, fuck me hard… come inside me…….. Then I wanted to make it doggy style and so applied some vaseline on her tight ass and then started pushing myself inside out of her back hole to which she moaned in slow voices. I then came inside her front and back hole.

We both were tired by now so we had some champagne and I slept with she in my arms and then slept on and repeated the story early in the morning in a 69 position, there I again came on her face and she came on my face and we both licked each other’s cum. Then early in the morning I dropped her at her home.

I still cherish the memories of that night, we still maintain the relations and always try to find different position and also fuck each other whenever time and place permits….. I have also fucked her in our coll. Chemistry lab [ she’s a chemistry teacher ] I will soon tell you more about our more fucks……..

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