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My name is Raj, 21 yrs old and studying in final year B.Sc. Climax Of Cybersex I am about 5’10″ with with a 8” cock. My Hobbies are masturbating, watching XXX movies and having cybersex on the net. Any seductive guls or ladies desiring to enjoy sex can mail me at —

This is the first and the most beautiful experience I ever had. Her name was Tina. She was very fair, slim with brown eyes, black curly hair and 5.6” height and may be she measured a perfect 35cc-26-36. Two years back, when i was in F.Y.B.Sc, she was in my college. I was one year senior than her. She was one of the girls, I usually starred. Mostly she wore tight trousers and tight body tops which leave my imagination helpless. Her boobs were round and tight ever seen through her clothes, all the boys used to watch her boobs as she walked in the class and this sight alone can make me very hard at times! In short was a knockout babe, one could just dream to fuck. Day by day my desire to get her started increasing. I was just looking for a chance to get in contact with her. My eyes kept on following her every moment I find her near my sight.

One Day as usual, I found Tina sitting with her friends at the college canteen. I was continuously starring her. When Tina left the canteen I found something left on the table. Tina had forgotten her diary there. I opened the diary and thanks to my luck I found every thing I was trying to know about her. With her personal details, the most important thing that i found in her diary was her Chat-Id. Here I thought of an idea to get in touch with her. I decided to have a chat with her on the net.

That night I put on my P.C and started finding her Chat-Id. Soon I found her available on the net. I started sending messages to her earlier she didn’t responded but after my two-three trials she started responding , I didn’t wanted this opportunity to go away. I managed to make her my chat friend that night. And from that night, the chat on the net continued. She now was growing faith in me. Normally, even a shy person by nature dares to be bold on the net, and so happened with Tina, As our chat continued, I started asking her about her feelings on sex. And she responded positively without feeling shy. She told me that she had a strong sexual feeling. As she had no boy friend she somewhere felt herself incomplete I told her that same was the case with me. ‘Sometimes, when I get too eager for sex, I get into my bathroom and masturbate till the last drop of my cum. But what do you girls do for that?’ I asked? She replied ‘Whenever I am desperate, I get into a lonely place and start fingering my pussy. This gives me a lot of relaxation.’ She Further questioned ‘How many times do you masturbate?’ ‘2 times a day, and you?’ “I masturbate whenever I get a chance. Still 3-4 times a day is normal” She answered.

After that we cybersexed each night and mind you, she was just loving it. Every night we fantasized having sex with each other. After every night of our cyber chat, she used to compliment me saying ‘You r the best fucker on the net. You make my fantasies unimaginative’ and I just add in ‘Give me a chance baby, the treatment can be even better if it’s practical’ This continued for a number of nights till I told ‘Fantasies are not what I required. Now it’s time to have real fun and I cannot wait anymore. ‘She hesitated to respond. But didn’t wanted to let it go, I added ‘See, What I want is what u want and we can get it only if we both get together’ “How is this possible?” She asked. “I can arrange our meeting, wherever you say” I ensured. And after a long debate on that, I finally managed to convince her.. I here sensed a great chance to convert my fantasy into a true one.

The arrangements were done. The venue was my house. I had called her at my place as there was no one at home. My parents were out of the city for attending a wedding for a couple of days.

The moment of meeting Tina was coming nearer, I was feeling desperate. I wore a t-shirt and denim Jeans, something that would excite her. She reached the place and knocked the door. To my excitement, I found a much-much beautiful and seductive Tina, then I used to find in the college. She was wearing a skin-tight red top with her nipples poking out and a black skirt till her knees. I invited her inside and closed the door. And as she saw me, she to her surprise sparkled, “hey I have seen u somewhere” I calmly responded “Baby, I am the same guy who stares you every day in the college”, ” So, you knew me before we engaged ourselves for chatting” She asked. “Yes, and that’s the magic to be on the net. You wouldn’t have been with me today, if I didn’t opted this strategy” I explained to her . She kept quiet for a moment. She looked was a bit nervous. My luck was really good here because she wasn’t angry on me, She just considered it a small prank, may be because she had developed a desperate crush on me… and I had indeed found her attentions exiting. Here, I found a shivering girl in front of me with eyes speaking on her behalf. More so , since she knew for what purpose were we meeting. I took her to the bedroom where our desires were soon going to be fulfilled. We both were standing in front of each other. Neither one of us said a word. It seemed like a big dream. We were perspiring and just stealing glances that finally she said, “ I think we need to kiss each other otherwise both our hearts will explode” I the charged hugging her very tightly and started kissing her hard on her lips. Her lips were hot and wet in her perspiration, which opened to welcome my tongue; Tina sucked on my tongue and then pushed her tongue inside my mouth. Tina’s mouth was sugary sweet; her saliva in mouth was fantastic. She really smelled nice and I could see sex oozing out of each pore of her body.

My hands traveled every part of her body. Her silky back, her tummy, her navel, her buttocks and her breasts, I took both my hands down to her stomach and she could feel my cold hands slowly move up towards her tits. Again only gently applying pressure, I started to fondle her breasts. Her nipples were very hard. as I could feel them clearly through her Tops, ohhhhhh what a sensation that was. As I finished my small play I lifted her Top up to her tits. She had a tight fitting black bra inside. With little difficulty I unhooked her bra and in a flash her twins were mine and wow , there were her tits in front of me very beautiful , big and white with brown nipples, I slowly bit her nipples and sucked on one while playing with the other. I could tell that she was having a great time. I started sucking her hard nipples like crazy, and grabbed her tits very hard, as my other hand moved slowly from her ankles, making wave patterns slowly all the way up to her inner thighs. Each inch I moved up her legs I could feel more and more warmth rising up from her pussy. without hesitation I moved my hand up to her pussy. It felt warm and I could feel the wetness beginning to show. My hand stroked her inner thigh, moving close and closer to her womanhood. The moment I touched her pussy, I could feel Tina completely giving herself to me. she opened her legs wide and said “feel me” so I complied. Twirling her fine pubic hairs and could feel them moisten and soon I was teasing the top of her pussy with my hand. rubbing and gently applying pressure. I soon entered her pussy. Her hole was very tight and my finger found some difficulty in moving inside of her. As I pushed my finger in, she moaned out aloud, and with that I began to finger her pussy starting at a slow rhythm in and out my finger went. We had started to kiss and as I fingered her she began to descend her hand down towards my prick. This is what I had been waiting for…. As I moved my finger around her sweet wet love hole, her hand reached down and she began to rub my hard cock through my pant. As my hand’s motion got faster, I could hear her moans and she was crying out at the pure ecstasy that I was bringing to her. “ohh, feels so good, I want you inside me, please” she groaned. With that she pulled my pant down and out sprung my cock. it was throbbing at the thought of what was about to happen. Her hands were all over my chest, her nails scratching over my chest as she took her fingers and ran them all the way down to my thighs.

Tina was on fire, she then pulled my underpants and took out my cock, It stood like a rod , she gently pressed it and started to stroke it. My cock grew like a rod in no time, She now was an uncontrollable horny bitch. At that moment she suddenly turned around and looked me straight in the eyes. “I want you badly” she said. She just pushed me over and took over my hot, juicy, banana to play. She first gave a soft kiss to my dick. She gave me a wonderful blowjob. It hurt at first when her teeth rubbed against the skin but slowly pain turned to pleasure. Wow, what a feeling, a wave of electricity passed through our my body. Then, she started licking it like a loly pop. It was going in and out of her mouth and I was just enjoying every pulse of it.

I again started figure fucking, she now slept and asked me to lick her cunt. I obeyed her, I kissed her thighs all over and on the waist & put down her panty with my tooth & kissed her inside the milky thighs. she smelled wonderful kissed I made a soft kiss on her cunt lips first. And then I started licking her pussy from outside, I was licking her pussy like a hungry dog drinking his milk. ohh what a feeling that was … Slowly, I inserted my tongue into her cunt and started to fuck her by tongue. I was enjoying her juices. And to be frank, her passion was unmatchable. She pressed my head against her cut hard she let out a scream and started moaning by now she was moaning and yelling & screaming loudly I kept sucking her wet cunt and took my tongue deep inside her hot cunt, the passion was uncontrollable, and the moments were very well backed up by her moans.

She told me in between her moans and gasps that please enter my love hole. I was desperately waiting for that and I told her to lie down on the bed and open her legs wide open her legs, and put them on my shoulders and slightly touch her pussy with the top of my cock. With that she reached between her legs and placed her hand firmly around my cock and placed it in her pussy. She said aaah I slightly insert my cock . She was VERY tight and I could feel her pussy pulsating around my shaft. Slowly I pushed my cock inside her and she let out an all mighty groan “aaghh, it hurts”. I said that it would for a little while and then it will feel much better. I began to pump her pussy slowly, making sure I was gentle and caring. In and out my cock went, each time I pulled it out almost fully and then inserted it again until our pelvis’ were touching. With each thrust I heard her moan, and she looked up at me and smiled. “ufff , you feel so good in me, fuck me harder” now I knew that even with here request I shouldn’t go to fast, so I increased my rhythm to a good tempo, and started to pump her pussy real good, we must have fucked for about 10 minutes, all the while She had closed her eyes and a cat smile on her sexy lips indicated that she was enjoying every moment. I could hear her screaming and groaning, until suddenly she moved her pelvis right up to me and pushed my cock deeper than before. she became silent and her nails were digging deeply into my back, almost to the extent of me feeling pain. She started rising her butts from bed. Her Boobs were getting red, and the nipples getting even harder, at these moments stretching the boobs from down to up opens the cunt. She shuddered very violently “ha,uhhh,mmmm, ohh god” she screamed. I was reaching my climax and my body shuddered and then it came. I filled her vagina with volumes of hot semen. I let my cock rest in her love hole for some time and without withdrawing my cock, I collapsed over her. “I never knew fucking could be so good and beautiful,” she said. She kissed me on my lips and embraced me tight. “Thank you for giving me so much pleasure,” she said. She closed her eyes and dozed off to sleep.

By the end of this act we all were fully tired. Our this tiredness gave us great sex pleasure and we all were feeling very good. All we were smiling and decided to take rest afterwards. Any ladies/girls between 18-35 near or in mumbai wanna s e x , friendship (cyber or real ) , clean chatting , hanging out etc. with me can contact me at : ———-

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