Boss’s Daughter Sex

Hi zoneforsex readers, I m a great fan of the stories Boss’s Daughter Sex here and have read almost each and every story on this site, today I want to share my own true sexual experience with you, I m 27 years old and this incident took place about 3 years back when I got a job in a private firm in Rawalpindi and joined as junior executive.

My boss got very close to me due to my hard work and my performance in the field, I m 5 10, fair color, smart and good looking and always well dressed, my Name is Sameer, there in the office boss often use to receive his family family members who use to come there for one reason or the other, boss had a beautiful daughter of 20 years age who was very sexy and good looking and was bit bold, we often use to chat little when ever she use to come there, slow and gradually we developed friend ship and we started talking on telephone also and she took promise from me that I will not let her father know about it, her name was mehroo, she was 5 2 and her sexy figure was 34 26 38, she had a fair complexion and had very sexy and juicy lips. one day she missed her college and I also took my day off from office and we both went on a long drive far away from our city Rawalpindi, I parked my car near a River bank.

And we both sat there and started chatting, I took her hand in my hand and started rubbing it, she stared at me and gave me a sexy smile and did not say any thing, this gave me lot of courage and I kissed on her left cheek, on this she closed her eyes and gave a very sexy look, i started kissing on her cheeks and made her sit in my lap. after some time I could feel her warm breaths and i could feel that she is getting aroused, I started kissing on her neck and than I placed my lips on her sexy juiscy lips and there we were enjoying a deep long french kiss, I made her to lie on ground and came over her, we kissed for about 30 minutes and my dick was just out of my control and wanted to come out and get eased but I did not make any further move coz that place was not suitable, her boobs were also very erect and I could see that she was also becoming uncontrollable, ,after some time we left that place as it was day light and any body could come there, we came back to our city, after 3 days she gave me a call in evening at about 7 pm that all the family members have gone to Jhelum and likely to return late at night as there was some emergency at a relatives place and she missed going there intentionally I went there and she took me to TV lounge.

She was wearing a shalwar kameez and looking very sexy, ,we talked for some time and than I went close to her on sofa and took her in my arms and placed my lips on her sexy lips and we again started kissing and this time I was moving my hands also on her back and she was also playing with my hair, after 5 minutes she suggested that we should move to her room, we went upstairs and there again we were in each others arms and I knew that this is right time to fuck her, I took her on bed and we lied there, I came over her and she could feel my hard dick and she gave me a smile, I asked her to remove her shirt to which she initially refused just to tease me but than I removed it myself and ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what a view, her 34 big size sexy boobs were locked in a black color bra, I kissed her on neck and area arround her boobs and started playing with her boobs with my hands and started pressing one by one, now she was enjoying and making sexy noises, I removed my shirt and she started moving her hands on my shoulders and back, than I took her bra off and there were the fresh mangoes waiting for me.

I immediately took them in my mouth and started sucking them, ,I sucked and licked her boobs and upper area for about 30/40 minutes and now she was just dying for real act, she came up and removed my pant and underwear and I was fully naked infront of her, she saw my 7 inches fat dick and smiled and started rubbing it, than she kissed on head of it and started licking it, I was just enjoying it, she licked my whole body, from head to toe and than she took my cock in her mouth and I was really in so much of pleasure that I could not control it and came after 5 minutes, ,some of the cum went in her mouth and some came out, ,she kept enjoying it and licked me clean and than went to bath room to clean her cheeks and mouth where my semen had spread, ,when she came back I again made her lie on the bed and removed her shalwar, she was not wearing a panty and her cunt was dripping wet and cunt juices were coming out.

I started licking her body and gave a good lick on her thighs, she took my head to her cunt and there I was eating her pussy and she was just shouting , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh ommmmmmmmmmmmmm YESSSSSS YESSSSSSS ohhhhhhh hhhh, and than after some time she gave a big moaning and released her cunt juices which were flowing all around her cunt on her legs, my cock was erect again and she begged me for real job, I came in between her legs and picked her legs a bit and place my cock tip on mouth of her hot sexy cunt which just wanted to eat my cock, I started rubbing my cock and she was just making noises to fuck her, put it inside.

She was saying haan meray andar dalo, meri phuddi mein dalo, mujhay apna lun day do, ,and than i gave a jerk, she cried with pain and I stopped, although she did not bleed but still her cunt was bit tight, after some time I gave a strong jerk and I was fully inside her, she started enjoying it and was saying, haan haan haan sameer aur zor say, aahhhhhh ohhhhh ommmmmm hai hai meri phudi mein maza a raha hae, etc etc, I kept playing with her boobs and was stroking hard in and out, she could no longer take it and had a great orgasm, ,after some time I also started feeling pressure in my balls and I came but I immediately took my cock out of her cunt and released my semen on her belly, ,we both kept lying there for 15/20 minutes and than we had another round of good fuck.

Than I came back at about 10 pm, after few days we met again and this time she brought her class fellow along and we went to hotel room and fucked together, that girl was also a class in fucking, now we three are sitting together in my friends house whose parents have gone to village and we all four will fuck together but we thought to share our story first, any girls interested in sex relation ship or any boys interested to fuck mehroo can mail us at, we will be glad to receive mails from couples for combined sex, preferably from pindi/Islamabad or surrounding area

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