Biwi Ke Dost Ki Pahali Chudaai – Desi Sex Stories

This incident happened more than a year ago, at a party in my house.
The party was on the terrace of the house and it was o the honor of my wife’s
friend who had recently got married. Her name was seema and She was
stunner. She had big boobs and a lovely ass. When she walked her tits
bounced like heavy pendulums.I hardly could take my eyes off from
her. We started party with drinks, both beer and rum flowing freely.

After couple hours and good amount booze, my wife went down to set
dinner and the hubby of sex bomb seema went down stairs pee.. We waited
a few minutes, for them to come up.After a while seema said she wanted
go down and help my wife.

She got up, but was a little tipsy,so I
got up to help her. I walked her down the stairs, and half the way
she stood,leaning against me, her boobs on my arm and her cunt very
near to my palms. It felt really good and cock began to stiffen hard. I
managed to straighten her and took her down, all the while she was
leaning on my shoulders. Near the landing she straightened herself,
and with a twinkle in her eye, said Thank you to me.

We had dinner and some more booze and around 11
PM they decided to leave, as she was leaving, they invited as to their
house. That night I fucked my wife like a possessed man. Next day I was
in for surprise when receptionist said that I had call from one
Mrs.seema. When took the phone she once again thanked for the party and
she said she was calling from PCO near my office. I told her wait for
me, then told receptionist that I had some personal work would be back
in couple of hours. I met her near the PCO. She was wearing blue sari
and matching blouse and looked great. We went to a nearby restaurant
and asked her what she wanted from me. She said she had left her house
of thinking of going to movie but ended up near my office. I got
excited and told her that I would give her company if she wanted. But
surprisingly she suggested that we could rent few cassettes and watch
them in her house. Now I was 100% sure that she was going to let fuck
cunt and ass and play with her big melons. After taking tea we left in
a auto to her house. we did not rent any videos. As soon as the door was
closed, I wasted no time in pulling her in my arms. She was more than

We had long and passionate kiss standing.I pulled her pullu
down to see those magnificent tits.She was wearing a low neck blouse
showing off her cleavage.She threw her sari on the sofa and went on
her knees, I knew what she wanted,.I pulled down my pant and brief in
on stretch freeing my hard dick. I moved close to her so that she could
take my cock in her mouth. Slowly I began thrusting my aching cock into
her mouth. She responded with playing with my balls and deep throating
my cock. I told her that I wanted to fuck her in doggy style. She
obliged me by getting rid of petticoat and black panty Meanwhile I had
got rid of my clothes.And she went on her fours thrusting her fleshy
ass towards my cock. In one shot I had my cock in her wet cunt. I held
her ass for grip and began fucking her cunt with rapid thrusts.

She was enjoying my every penetration of her cunt.She asked me to squeeze her
tits. Since was still wearing the blouse I tried to open the
buttons. But she told me to rip off the blouse. I could not believe my
ears and eyes. She was asking me to rip-off her blouse! For moment I
hesitated but it made me more hot.with one hand I held her ass with
other I pulled her blouse from the backside.

The blouse tore apart exposing her creamy back and her bra.I unhooked the bra and let her
boobs free.Now I bent down on her with my both hands held her boobs
and began squeezing them hard and the same time fucking her cunt. She
asked to me fuck and squeeze harder, which I obliged instantly.The
momentum was building within me I asked her if it was ok to shoot my
cum in her cunt.She told me to go ahead and fill her cunt with my love
juice. With few more powerful thrusts
I shot my hot load into her cunt.We both were sweating as if we had
just finished running marathon.

I looked at her face and asked her was my fucking better than her
husband. She looked at me for a moment and said yes but she would
decide only at the end of the fucking. I had always fantasized about
tit fucking and did with my wife’s tits even hough they were not big
as seema’s.I made her sleep on her back and straddled across her tits
with my cock buried between her tits. She held boobs with hands
squeezing my cock with her tits. I began fucking her tits slowly. It
felt much better than my tit fucking with my wife.I fucked her tits for
about 15 20 minutes,She helped motion by putting her saliva my cock
and tits.Now I wanted her to fuck her ass.I asked whether she had cock
in her ass.She said had not but willing to give a try.But she wanted
some cream on my cock so that it would not hurt her.

fuck me in my gaand and talk dirty to me. Fuck me you bastard, give
your lund to me. Fuck me in my chut and fuck me in my gaand. Your wife
told me how dirty you talk, and how you fuck her first in her gaand and
then in her chut. Do it to me.

Now I knew why she had called me there. I told her, I will do it,
but first you will have to lick my lund. Take it in your mouth and fuck
him with your mouth, as you will fuck it with your chut. She was only
waiting. She managed to sit down and pulled me over. In one smart
move she undid my pants and took out my lund. Mine is circumcised. She
was even more happy. My lund was standing to attention, she looked at me
wet her lips and started licking it. Half way through, she stopped,
reached over, took the pudding and spread it over my lund. Then she smiled
at me and licked the pudding off me.

Then she freed my lund and said “chaalo aander ja ke chhodte hai.” I
was only too happy. As we walked towards their bed room, I managed to
undo her skirt and pushed her top up. She had lovely boobs and her clean
shaven chut was looking only too inviting. By the time we reached
the bed, we were both naked. She moved over and pulled me over on her.
I went down, but soon, moved down. I wanted to lick her chut. Happily
she spread her legs. I opened her chut with my fingures and I could see
her wet and erect clit. I touched it. “Oose chooso, oose chooso”
she said. I started licking it.

The moment I started, she started rambling with choicest of dirty
words. She called me a bastard, then she called herself a horny chut, she
called her husband a chutya, she called me a fucking lund and all
sorts of things. Everytime she said something, it made my lund even

Then she stopped, and turned around. “Now put your lund in there”
she commanded. I was eager. I got up on my knees and moved over. She had
a tight hole. Reaching out I found some cream and put it on her hole,
and some on my lund as well. Then, I moved over and grabbed her boobies
from behind, and with one shove I went in. The in I went, tighter it became. She had
never taken a lund in her gaand. It was so hot in there. Once all the way
in, I started moving to and from, with every move, my balls banged her
below her chut, and that excited her. We moved like that for sometime,
and then she wanted to stop and take my lund out. I did that. She
turned over and cleaned my lund off the cream on it.

Now, she wanted to fuck me. So she pushed me on my back and got on
top of me. Her chut was all wet and my lund moved in easy. She started
moving up and down on me. Everytime, her tits bounced and chut made
“chwak, chwak” sound. She was so fucking wet.

Then, I got up, my lund still deep inside her chut, and she was sitting
in my lap, and my mouth was near her boobies. She continued to rock
on me, and then suddenly, I could not stop any more, “I want to cum now
you fucking chut, I want to cum in your chut right now”. I said. She
responded by saying “cum in me you bastard, let your lund give my
chut all that he has.”

She grabbed me hard and we came and we came and we came.
After a while we separated. She looked at me and smiled. “I am going
to take out every drop of cum out of your lund. My husband does not
talk dirty, does not let me talk dirty and does not put his lund in my

My friend told me once how the two of you fuck. So I wanted it for
me too. Now we will do it more times.”

Now a days, she calls me at my office, and sometimes says, “My chut
wants to meet your lund and my gaand is waiting for your lund, you
fucking bastard. Yehan aao aur chodo.” Happily I go over and give
her all the cum in my lund.

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