Beautiful Beggar – Desi Sex Stories

Hello every body. I am going to tell you my own true story. First of
all I will tell you about my self. My age is 17. I am a student of
Abacus Intermediate College of computer science. I live in Pakistan
with my Father and Mother. I have two brothers but they live out side
the city due to their jobs. My father is an engineer and he usually
come to home at the evening from office. I come from college at 1500
hours usually.

Some times my father and mother goes outside the home for shopping and
I became alone at the home. It was also one of the evenings when mom
and papa went outside the home to meet their relatives lived in
Islamabad. I was alone in home and watching the sexy pictures of girls
on the computer. I had got a large collection of pics. All the
pictures were of the naked girls with beautiful styles. I did not like
the pictures of fucking and sucking. I was seeing the pictures and my
dick was in my hand. At that time I had never fucked any girl and was
virgin. While I was seeing the pictures of the nude girls with my dick
in my hand I listened the sound of the bell. I dressed up and went to
the door to see who was outside.

When I went outside I saw that a young girl was begging and she asked
me to help her. I asked her to come inside the home and she did so. I
had not thought negative about her. I took her to my room and asked
her to sit on the chair. I asked her name. She told that her name is
KIRAN. I questioned her that why she beg in such age (because begging
is not liked in our religion). She told that she belonged to a poor
family. Her father had died due to poor health and they were so poor
that could not admit her father in the hospital. She was the only
daughter of her parents and she had no brother and now she lives alone
with her mother. Her mother is also of poor health.

She told me that she was hungry and wanted to eat something. So I went
to the kitchen to bring something. I took bread and gave her to eat.
When I had gone outside I had left my computer on. When I brought the
bread for Kiran she was looking at the computer. There was a sexy
screen saver running on the computer. I felt very ashamed and quickly
turned off the computer. I had never thought that the screen saver
would run at such a moment. Kiran asked me about the things that were
running on the computer. I was answer less and remained quite.
She asked me that she wanted to see the thing that was happened on the
computer. I was totally surprised on her request. I asked her that
what she was saying. She again asked me that she wanted to see the
things that were on the computer. I turned on the computer and showed
her the sexy screen saver. She asked me that had I ever fucked any
girl or boy. I told her that I was a virgin. She asked me that how was
it if you lose your virginity.

I was totally shocked I had never thought that such a beautiful girl
would offer me to do so. She asked me to show her something on the
computer. Fortunately I had got a XXX CD so I put that CD in the
CD-ROM and played the movie. When the movie started my dick also
started to stand up.

When the movie was running Kiran also started to get warm. She put her
hand on my shirt and opened my buttons. I also started to unbutton her
qamize. She put my pent down. When I had unbuttoned her qamize I took
it off and tried to unhook her bra but as I had no previous experience
of doing such a thing so I was unable to unhook her bra. She helped me
to unhook the bra. I was amazed on the next moment when I saw her
boobs. They were not too big and not small, they were of perfect shape
and size. I had never seen such boobs in films or pictures.

I started to suck them, as I was unable to control myself. She started
to take my dick in her mouth. I had been used to hand practice. I had
never felt such a good sensation in my whole life. I was enjoying the
beautiful moments. The moments when you had seen first time a naked
girl in front of you. I was about to cum when she was taking my dick
in and out in her mouth. I told her that I was cumming but she didn’t
care and I cummed in her mouth. She had drunk all of the sperms and
taken them all in her stomach.

My eyes were closed and I was enjoying the moments. After some time I
started to lick her cunt. She was coming warmer and warmer. She was
moaning with delight. Her cunt was wet and hot. My dick started to get
up again. Kiran had come to extremes of her delight and she started to
cum. She was moaning louder and louder with pleasure. Meanwhile the
home bell rang. I was afraid that my mom and papa had come. I asked
Kiran to get under the bed. She got under the bed. I turned the
computer off. Quickly washed my sperms and her fluid and went outside
to open the door. My heart was beating and color of my face had gone.
I opened the door and mom and papa went inside the home. Mom asked me
that what was wrong and I told her that it was all right. I was
thinking that if mom would see Kiran she would kill me because fucking
is strictly prohibited in our religion. When mom entered the home she
went to my room. Now I was very terrified and my heart was going to
come out of my body. When she saw the utensils in my room she asked me
that who had come in my room. I told her that I was hungry and took
the bread in my room. She went to her room and I thanked God that she
had not seen Kiran.

But the trouble had not gone yet my father came into my room and
turned on the computer. He usually played Free Cell on the computer.
When he started the game I knew that he would not went before two or
three hours. My heart was beating. I thought that I Kiran would come
out what would happen. Papa played the game for three hours and it was
dark outside. When he went out of my room I locked the door and asked
Kiran to come out. She came out of the bed. Her color had gone. I
asked her that she could go to her home and I could drop her but I was
amazed on her answer. She asked that it was too late and her house was
far away so she could not go to her house. I asked her that then where
would she stay the night if she would not went to house. She became

The telephone bell rang. I asked Kiran to get under the bed and she
did so. I unlocked my room and gone to listen the phone. It was my
uncle’s phone. He told me to call my father so I called my father and
he listened the phone while he was listening the phone his face was
changing expressions. Papa told me that my cousin had been injured in
a road accident and they (mom and papa) had to go hospital and it was
also possible that they would remain in the hospital for the night.
Mom and papa went to the hospital. I went to my room and asked Kiran
to come outside she asked me that what had happened and I told her the
whole story. I took her to the TV lounge and turned on the TV. I asked
her to watch the TV and I went to the market to bring a XXX movie.
The market was near to my home and I took the movie. She was watching
the PTV channel. I put the movie in the VCR and the movie started. I
had specially brought an Indian movie. We sat on the bed. I took her
clothes off and she took my clothes off. We were totally naked. The
movie was very sexy. It was the movie of Indian actress Kajol. The
scenes of the film were very sexy. After watching movie for about
fifteen minutes we started kissing. I kissed on her mouth when our
lips met, I was feeling myself in another world, the world of wonder
and delight. She gave me so much pleasure that it could not be
explained on the page. We kissed each other for five minutes I was
very hot. I sucked her boobs, the beautiful boobs. The boobs that were
never seen and about which I had never listened. They were so firm and
nicely shaped that I sucked them for a long time meanwhile she was
rubbing her hands on my thighs.

We came into a 69 position and I licked her cunt and she took my dick
in her mouth. I was feeling very nice. She started to moan. I changed
the position and sat on her stomach. My dick was wet due to her
spittle I put my dick in her beautiful boobs. It was so nice that I
could not explain in the words. I started to fuck her boobs after a
minute I began to cum on her boobs.

We again started to watch the movie of Kajol. After half an hour on a
beautiful scene Kiran took my dick in her mouth. It again started to
standup. She sucked it for two minutes. I was rubbing her beautiful
boobs. I wanted to put my dick in her cunt. I told her that I wanted
to put dick in her cunt. My dick was wet due to her spittle and her
cunt was wet because she was so warm. I put the head of my dick in her
cunt. My dick was 8 inches long and it was also large in the diameter.
When the head of my dick went into Kiran, she started to moan. I was
thinking that she is moaning due to pain. I asked her that was she
feeling pain but she told me to put the whole dick in her cunt. So
slowly I put my dick in her cunt. Kiran was moaning with joy. Whole of
my dick was inside her cunt. I had never got such a pleasure in my
whole life. For two minutes I remained my dick inside her cunt without
any movement. After two minutes I started to move my dick. It was my
first sexual intercourse and I was feeling very nice. I started to
take the jerks politely. Kiran started to moan but that time I knew
that she was moaning with pleasure. I had already cum two times. So my
sperms were not going to come early. I fucked her until she started to
flow meantime I also told her that I was cumming. She told me to cum
inside her so I cum inside her. While cumming I was so exited that I
closed my eyes with my dick inside her. She had also got the same
situation. We were sleeping after a while in the same position.
When my eyes opened I looked at the watch it was 0530 hours. Kiran was
sleeping with me. I saw her beautiful face and kissed her on the lips
and then I sucked her beautiful boobs. She was sleeping without any
fears. My dick again started to get up. I kissed her on her mouth. She
woke up and saw at me. She told me to fuck her for the last time.
First we got in a 69 position. I licked her cunt and she sucked my
dick. When I changed the position and started to give her my dick in
her cunt, she stopped me. I was surprised that why she had stopped me
to do so. She asked me to fuck her in her ass hole. I took a lotion
and wet my dick. I put some of the lotion on her ass hole. I slowly
pressed my dick inside her. The cock went inside her and she started
moaning. I put whole of my dick in her ass hole slowly. When the whole
of my dick went inside her I started to give small jerks. I was
feeling very good. Her ass hole was tight and I was feeling pressure
on my dick. But the pressure was not giving me pain. It was giving me
beautiful pleasure. After about 5 minutes I cum inside her. I was so
tired that I went to sleep in the same position.

When my eyes opened I looked at the clock. It was 0800 hours and I was
afraid that if mom and father come. I set the lounge and the room and
cleaned it with the help of Kiran. I asked her that I should leave her
to her home but she denied. When she was going out of my home I gave
her 1000 rupees and thanked her for giving me so much pleasure. She
went to her house and came back into my home.

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