Aunty Salma Surrenders

Hello everybody, this is a story about me and an aunty who lives next to my house. Forget about my name what’s in a name, I am 26 years old, 6’1 inch tall, muscular body and the aunty I am talking about, her name is Salma and she is 33 years old man she is voluptuous her figure is 38-33-40. I love her juicy boobs and her big round plump ass. She can make anyone go crazy when her juicy ass bounces as she walks. She is married and has 2 children.

I was doing my postgraduate study from a university in Karachi. Pakistan and was looking for a job for a Computer Engineer. Most of my time was spent on the Internet and over the passage of time I developed this habit of reading incest stories about Aunties as I was crazy about this aunty Salma.

Then one day she came to our house and asked my Mom that if I could give some tuition to her children and I agreed so I used to give tuitions to her children from 6-9 pm in the evening. You cannot imagine how difficult it was to teach her children while watching her in front of me all that time.

One fine Tuesday when I returned to my house after attending a friends wedding party and when I returned home there was no one at my house, i called my Dad and he told me that they had gone to a friends house and would return late, i then decided to go to Salma’s house and give tution to her children.

I went to her house and Salma Aunty told me that they all are going for a party and I should finish up early as they have to go. I had my Handy Cam with me as I took it to my friends party for a home video shoot. An idea came to my mind and I asked Salma Aunty if I can use her bathroom and she gladly allowed me to. I went in her Bathroom and hid my Cam behind the small window and focused it towards the Bathtub and covered it with some toilet papers, switched it on and came out.

As I knew that Salma Aunty will definitely take a bath before going to the party and as usual she did go for a bath. I was very happy that my plan is succeeding and she came out after 45 minutes after taking a bath.

After half an hour I told her I have finished the tution and will take a leave. Then again i went to her bathroom to freshen up and took my Handy Cam and left her house. I was anxious to see what has been recorded and it indeed was a pleasant and dick hardening sight as I saw the whole scene of Salma Aunty from taking her clothes off to taking bath from all sides and that made me crazier about her. I masturbated thrice while watching that movie and then hid that movie in my closet.

The next day I went to Salma Aunty’s house her children were not at home and she told me that they have gone to their granpa’s house and today I should take an off, she then offered me a cup of tea and I willingly accepted. It was becoming impossible for me to stay there as her sight was making me crazy watching her luscious boobs and plump ass bouncing all the way. She them came with the tea and placed it on the table but she misbalanced and some of the sugar cubes fell on the ground and she bent to pick them up. My eyes following her, I saw her cleavage and her juicy boobs made my dick hard as a rock.

She then went to clean up the kitchen and then all of a sudden the light went off. She shouted from the kitched that I should wait there and she is bringing the candles. But then I heard some utensils fall in the kitchen and I went in the kitchen what I saw was a mind blowing scene she was standing in a bending position and was picking up pieces of glasses on the floor.

This sight made me crazy and I opened my zip and took my 6 inches dick in my hand which was hard like a rock and sneaked behind Salma Aunty and popped my fully erect dick with full force in her ass. She screamed and turned around, the head of my dick had touched her pussy lips and it was a great feeling. She saw me standing with my erect penis and shouted what the hell is this and what do you think you are doing.

I calmly replied: Salma today I feel like fucking your brains out and she tried to slap me and I held her hand and said that she will have to face the consequences if she refused, I showed her the movie I had made in my handy cam and she started crying, she asked me that she loved her husband and she cannot do this. I told her that no one will get to know and if she refuses I will distribute the movie in the market and upload her nude pictures on the internet so that everyone can see them.

She begged me not to do so. But I was crazy like a Stallion and refused. I then held her breasts in my hands and pressed them she started pushing me back but I overpowered her and tore her Kameez and I could see her bra which was unable to hold her juicy boobs inside. I then reached for her Shalwar and opened that too and underneath she was wearing a white panty. She was lying there on her bed struggling to escape but I was not a match for her.

Then I unhooked her bra and her juicy melons popped out then I took off her panty and she was now lying naked infront of me. I started kissing her lips and the I moved to her neck and then to her boobs and I then I started pressing them and she was lying now without any resistance. I took off my clothes and directed my dick to her mouth and ordered her to suck it. She resisted at first then a little force made her suck my dick. It was such a nice feeling and when I reached climax I took out my dick and cummed on her face.

I then lifted both of her legs and put them on my shoulders, her big juicy ass was quite cushiony so I didn’t felt the need to place a pillow under her hips and then I pointed my fully erect prick towards her wet pussy and a little thrust pushed my entire length in her wet pussy. She screamed a little as she enjoyed it, I started pumping in and out of her pussy with a medium pace and soon she also started to buck her hips in synchronization with my thrusts and soft moans started emerging from her mouth Aaaaahhhhh Aaaahhhhh she started saying please stop don’t do this and after a while she stopped saying anything and started to enjoy the pleasure which I indeed was delivering to her.

It was such an incredible feeling. Then I fucked her doggy style and slapped her juicy ass repeatedly and she started moaning in pain. I then asked her that I wanted to fuck her ass and she started to refuse but I was not at all convinced to stop and I directed my dick to her ass hole and applied some Vaseline to the head of my penis and some on her ass. I had to apply some pressure to seek my way in and some slow thrusts and in about five minutes time my whole dick was in her ass and the to and fro movements started. She was crying please take it out it hurts as she was never fucked in her ass by her husband, but I had gone deaf at that time.

I fucked her for almost 3 hours until I totally collapsed on the bed. She was still lying naked next to me and crying that what has she done and I told her that there’s nothing wrong in it and she must not feel bad. Then I got up and switched off my Handy Cam that I had placed on the table before starting the whole thing and she saw me and asked: Now what’s that? I told her that darling that’s the movie of the beautiful memories of our incredible sex and she started to scuffle with me to take the Handy Cam but I pushed her on the bed and kept the Handy Cam in my briefcase and locked it.

Then i dragged her to the bathroom and locked the door from inside and made her lay in the bath tub on top of me and we stayed there for almost 1 hour and I forced her to have another passionate session of sex in the tub and then we took a hot water bath and came out.

I told her that this was the most beautiful moment of my life and these golden memories of our sex will remain with me for my entire life. She begged me to give her the movie but I refused. I then blackmailed her for quite some time and now she has 4 children and she often used to say that even though what I did was wrong but I was an incredible performer at sex.

I can say for sure that having sex with her for those couple of months was the most wonderful experience of my life.

This is a true story and my not attract some of you, but I always welcome comments about it. So please do send in your comments on

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