Anushka Shetty Fucked By A Photographer

This story & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.


Hi everybody! , I am here with a story, basically a fantasy of myself fucking the damn fucking hot and beautiful South Indian actress Anushka Shetty…her sexy curvy hip makes me hard on my cock.. and I hope the same would be true with all you out there who like her.

Her perfect ass and well-chiseled boobies make me crazy And her sexy lips o man.. gonna tell you makes me masturbate everytime I hear it.

Ok, now m going to begin my fantasy. M a 22 years old aspiring fashion photographer living in chennai. I use to get jobs at modeling agencies to shoot the models for fashion magazines and newspapers. But my fate had something really unexpected for me. It was when one day I got a call from my agency that the director of xxx was impressed by my work in the recent months newspaper editions and wanted me to shoot some stills for promotion of his film. They told me that if my job is good then the director has an offer of making a contract for long term. I said ok. I was excited coz I knew that I will get a chance to shoot miss sweety, but only when I came to know that all this was going to happen alone at her house coz the rest of the unit had gone abroad for finishing the rest of the work. So the director had called me up and asked me to call up sweety and decide with her the dates of the shoot and finish up with the shoot while they were busy abroad and finish up with the rest of the cast when they r back. So I took her number from him. Man! I was so excited about shooting this sultry, damn fucking hot actress and that too at her house. So I took her number and on one fine day I called her…

I dialed her no.

(phone ringing… she had a caller tune…”Vizhigalil oru vaanavil)
(she picked up..)

Anushka: hello..

me: hi maam… how r u?

Anushka: sorry.. may I know whos dis??

Me : oh I forgot to tell u.. sorry. M Sanjay. Mr Hari hired me for the photoshoot for ur latest flick. He must have told u..

Anushka: ya ya.. I got it.. its ok. M fine…

Me:hmm,. I was asked to fix the shooting dates with you. So can u let me know when and where can we have it done..?

Anushka : ya sure.. hmm.. c I don’t have any dates for dis week so u can make it at dis Sunday.. and as I don’t like getting outta ma house on holidays u can come at ma place.. dat is ma farm house near ghatkopar..

Me: fine then.. wil reach at ur place on Sunday.. u forgot to mention at wat time…

Anushka: oh ya… hmmm come at 10 am.. k?

Me : fine maam.. have a nice day.. catch u on Sunday..

Anushka : ya.. bye…

(n she cuts d call..)

after all dis conversation I already had a hard on my cock.. oh man her sexy erotic voice… I just jerked myself the moment she cut d call…

now I was spending sleepless nights thinking of this hot babe…
how wil I carry out my job. Only one day was left for my dream to come true.. it was Friday.. on Saturday.. al day my mind was thinking of naughty n erotic things .. yes I was thinking of pinning dis hot South indian babe..
but was not sure of my fate.. finally d day arrived.. I woke up early at 5:00am n was feeling very content n confident of fucking this bitch if everything goes rite..

anushka shetty hot

I took ma bath n got ready by 9.. and took ma tool – d camera if u r thinking of anything else.. n left for her place.. I reached her place on time.. n ma jaw fell on d floor wen I saw it from outside,.., it was like a manor.. d one dat u would have seen in lara croft movies.. I rang d bell..


the door opened after a couple of secs..

Anushka shetty

n d hot babe was on d door..

she was wearin a plain white tshirt n a denim)

Anushka: mr Sanjay? (with a killing smile..)

me : yes maam.. morning…

Anushka: morning.. pls cum inside..

(I went in without speakin a word.. n I could smell her aroma…

wic was makin ma cock go nuts..)


I wont tell wat m wearin coz here the babe is important…

She told me to make maself comfortable on d sofa…

I sat opposite her…

Anushka: so wud u lyk something cold or something hot (speadin her legs a bit apart)

Me: some cold water maam.. its hot outside n inside as well..

Anushka: (laughin..) ok..

(she stood up n went to d kitchen.. givin me a naughty smile..
oh man wen she turned around the view of her tight ass gave me a throb in ma cock).,

her hair was open.. n was lucky enough to get a glimpse of her lacy white panty wic was sneakin out from the sides of her jeans.

She came n gave me d glass of water n sat wer she was sitting previously.

I had d water n went on..

Me: so shall v start d work?

Anushka : o yes.. I was eagerly waiting 4 dis day…

(o man she gave me a stunner wen she said dat..)

me: so wud u like to change into some creative clothes?

Anushka: ya… hmmm(thinking…) how bout a bikini..?

I never thot she cud b so erotic…

Me: ok if u wish..

Anushka : ok den.. wait 4 me.. wil b back in 15 mins..

(she stood up n left to a room… swaying her ass sideways…)

I thot she was getting horny about wic I was rite…

I sat der waiting n rubbing ma groin thinking about how wud she b in a bikini…

After about 10 mins she arrived from d room…

She was wearin a red over gown.. n from d strings of d bra I cud make out dat it was pink inside..

She asked me to move to the backyard wer was her swimming pool..

N o man I was getting fuckin crazy…wen she told me dat…

Anushka : (dominantly) follow me…

I didn’t utter a word n did wat d babe said..

We reached d pool…

She removed d gown… n man trust me she was looking like a sex bomb…

I was rite she was wearin a pink two piece.. with latex like fish gill material..

Oh man her nipples cud be seen as d bra was clinging her breasts tightly

Me : maam u r lukin so stunningly hot…

Anushka: thanks.. shall v begin? Wil lyk to give some poses on d wooden pool cot…n den v will proceed into d pool.

Me: ok maam.. make urslf comfortable..

She went n laid herslf on d cot,..

Oh mi god she was truly looking like a sexy goddess…

U all can imagine d plight of ma cock.. it was in a very uncomfortable position.. n on top of it I was sans underwear.. so ma jeans was goin to tear at any moment watchn dis beauty lyin before me..

She started givin poses with erotic expressions.. looking lyk a true randi…

I clicked some snaps on ma digi wic wer burning red hot…

I knew she was enjoyin too… coz now she was posin her ass throwin it before d lens… her ass crack cud be seen easily… n wen she turned around I cud see here fully erect


She then askin me to proceed for d pool session stootd up put on d gown n came near watch how d stills had come out..

Anushka: pls show me d snaps.. ( standing only an inch next to ma shoulder)
Me: ya maam, der u go..(showing her d pics on lcd)

I was a bit nervous coz I had taken some shots really very close by zoomin
On her most private assets..but once d camera ws in her hands I cudnt stop her from viewing al d snaps..

She was goin thru.. wen suddenly she saw a pic of her breasts in close up..
N her nipps showin…
She just looked at em n gave me a horny smile…

I was like phewww… I was scared of getting thrown outta d job out of her anger but on d contrary she said…

Anushka: good job.. mr Sanjay.. v shall now proceed to d pool..(smiling sexily…)

Me: ma pleasure.. maam.. u have really a nice figure.. let me guess d measurements…34-28-36???

Anushka: oh u naughty… its 36dd-28-36…

Me: hmm… was close.. just missed a couple of inches on d top..

Anushka:ok.. now lets continue…(with sexy trademark smile…)

I was starting to get d picture dat she was really getting hot coz she revealed her breast size…ma cock was also taking al d heat dis hot bitch was oozing out in d form of her pulchritude n was boiling inside ma pants like an active volcano wic may explode lava any time.

V went on for d pool session.. she took off her gown n landed into d pool.
Next thing I wud undoubtedly say is “GOD TUSSI GREAT HO!!!!” for the embarrassing incident happened to her after a few miutes of her getting into d pool.

Anushka: hey u… dis time take al d shots in close up…(again a bitchy smile with al d 32 out…)

Me: sure maam.. no need to instruct. M a professional at shooting hot bodies lyk u.

I don’t know wat happened to me I was talking so boldly.

Anushka: ok. Go on…

She started giving poses.

Now here comes d incident dat happened I mentioned earlier…

Wat happed was dat suddenly her panty came floating from her side over to d edge of d pool outta nowhere.. I cudnt make out whether it was a malfunction or just an act of dis hot randi…

She was embarrassed on wat happened. She asked me to hand her d panty..

Anushka : wud u pls help me out n hand me dat thing..(barely audible)

Me: o ya.. u must be embarrassed…

I went near d pool took up d small piece n was tryin to hand her but I cudnt reach her n asked her to come a little forward.. n o ma god as she ws nearing me I cud see her milky white legs n d bush she was sportin above her pussy.
She was lukin lyk a pink lotus in d pool.


She noticed me starin at her groin n quickly covered it with her hands. She came near n tuk her panty. N said…

Anushka : wil u please show some decency n turn around so I can wear ma panty(angrily dis time)

Me : sorry maam..

I turned around.. after sometime I hear her.

Anushka : wil u please hand me d gown. Der is a prob wit d panty’s elastic. I cant put it on.

Now I knew it was a malfunction.. I handed her d gown..
She wore it n came out without a panty dis time..
Oh man ma volcano was boiling as the hot siren was emerging from d water.

She came out n told me to follow her.i did so witout speakin a word.
But ma heart came up to ma throat n ma jaw dropped on d floor wen I saw her from behind.. wat hapeend is dat d gown had became wet n was creatin folds n was clamped up till her ass clearly displaying her ass n d rear view of her cleanly shaven clit. I was damn motionless..none of ma muscle was movin except ma cock wic was by now eager to tear d jeans n sprang out directly towards her ass.

Me : (cautioning her) maam ur gown… (pointing at her ass)

Anushka : oh nooooooo….(pullin it down in a hurry)

She was so embarrassed n feelin shy dat I wud have seen her privates.
But was getting horny too.. coz I had seen her pussy dampening wet..
V reached d hall.she asked me to take a seat n told me to wait n went to her room to may b I thot change. But she came out in d gown in about 10 mins.
I noticed dat d gown had shrunken a bit upto he knees.she had deliberately changed a new one.. shorter dis time. I thot she wud have changed into a new panty.

She came n sat down opposite me on d sofa wit right leg crossed on d left one.

Anushka : so how are d pics(refreshingly)

Me : maam.. just hot luk u..m sure to get d contract from mr. Hari(the director)

Anushka : (looking at d pics) hmmm.. must say nice job..u really r a professional. Wil ask ma director to appoint u as a full time photographer.

Me: thank you soooo much maam…

Anushka : u r welcome.. now dat u have done d job outstandingly well..
Tel me mr Sanjay wat wud u lyk to have? Something cold or something hotttt..(dis time swapping her left leg n crossin it on d right one)

N wat d fuck… dis bitch hadn’t worn anything inside. She gave me a full view of her shaven pussy..while crossing her legs exactly she did in aitraaz if u all recall. I got d signal dat dis hot randi wants to get more hotter..coz I had seen dat her pussy was dripping with her love juices n was partially open n was looking lyk she wud have inserted a vibrator or some big thing for masturbating wen she had gone inside to change. I was really speechless dis time. But I gathered courage n finally broke out ma feelings..

Me : I wud to have u hot babe..coz u r d hottest thing I have ever seen in on dis whole planet. Ur well-chiseled breasts, ur perfect ass and ur hot pussy on fire dat I just saw really make ma lund to stand n give u respect. N m really crazy about ur ass..n wil worship ur ass daily. Hum aap ki gaand ke deewane hain. Biggest fan of ur ass. N ur sexy smile n erotic voice make my lund throb 4 u baby.

Anushka : oh… den wat r u watin 4 mr Sanjay. Cum in to me na..

I just got up n went near her n sat down , I removed her stilettos n started enjoyin d aroma of d sweat of her feet wic didn’t smell less than any popular perfume brand. I started licking her feet n her fingers.sucked her toes..n went suckin al d way up to her calves, knees.. al dis time she was giggling like a bitch.. I got up n started kissing her passionately. Our lips wer stuck lyk dey wud never go apart lyk tucked using fevicol. Our tongue were exploring each others mouths. Den I lifted her in ma arms n took her to d bed room.

V reachd her bed room.. were I found many sex toys lyk dildos,vibrators,gels..etc on the dressing table wic she mite have used recently of wic I was rite. Den I laid her on d bed on her back n went on top of her diggin ma 8 n a half inches of cock in her dripping cunt.

Suddenly it started raining.. n I had n idea in ma dirty mind to give dis bitch a hell of a new pleasure.. as it was raining d flies from d outside d window wic wer sucking on d cloth wires came inside d room. She got up to turn on d fan to avoid d flies but I got hold of her n made her sit back,. N asked her..

Me : I know dat u r seeing Nagarjun. N he must have fucked u a number of times undoubtedly but I want to know wat do u do wen u have sex. Coz I have a plan to give u some new pleasure..

Anushka : hmm. We just suck, fuck,n eat each different positions..
Sometimes he fingers n licks ma shit hole too..

Me : ok. Do u enjoy more on ur ass or ur pussy?

Anushka : hmm on ma ass.. but I y r u askin?

I just told her to keep quite n obey me for I was goin to give her d ultimate pleasure in her ass..

I told her to turn upside down n lay on her belly.. n her head resting on her forearms.. she did so. She is still wearin dat red gown dat was shrunken intentionally if u remember. Den I slowly picked up d gown fro her thighs n slid it above her waist to exopose her hot ass wic was on fire by now..
Dn I took ma nose close to d ass crevice n sniffed d aroma dat was coming from her asshole..oh god I swear it cud b d best perfume I wud have ever smelled in d whole world. Dn I parted her ass cheeks n exposed her pink puckered asshole wic was shrinking by now due to d touch..

Anushka: (moaning) ahhhhhhh… h,mmmmm Sanjaylllll…

Den I started poking ma right hands index finger by keeping it on d asshole..
Her ass hole was damn tight so I took some saliva on ma finger n started poking d finger..

Anushka : ohhhhhhhhhhh.. ahhhhhhmmmmmmmmm… u r so goooooood…

Me : just wait u hot bitch. I haven’t started yet.. d real pleasure wil now start..

As u al know by now der wer plenty of flies dat had entered d room.. it was stil raining n d fan was I slowly started feeding d flies on ma hand wic had d aroma of Anushka’s asshole.. I had 2 flies by now sucking d germs of Anushka’s ass. Den I slowly tuk d hand dat had d flies over to Anushka’s ass n rested it on her right bum parting d cheeks.

Me : maam now u wil feel d ultimate pleasure…

Anushka : (quite) actress sex stories

D flies slowly moved towards d asshole from ma hand stroking der tentacles on her bums n finally dey landed on her pink asshole.. n as it happened she jumped with a current…

Anushka : whoa… (trembling) wat is dat on ma asshole?

Me : don’t worry babe… dey r d flies… how r u feelin…

Anushka : ahhhhhhhhh… hmmmmmmmm…. So good … feels lyk something tingling inside ma asshole..

Me : hmm.. wait u will reach heaven in a matter of seconds..

Sayin dat I collected some more flies… dis time 5 of em.,

2 wer already fucking her asshole with der sharp tentacles.. n now 5 more were marching towards her hole.but dis time I landed em on her ankles.
So 5 of em traveled from d ankles thru d calves upto d thighs…

Anushka : (jumping in joy) u r makin me fucking crazy boy…

D flies sucking on d germs of her legs marched towards her ass..
On day way 2 wer trying to enter her pussy but she pulled her legs together to divert der path. So now 5 of dem on her hole.. lurking here n der surrounding her asshole… d sphincter was now der playground n der food..

I asked her to stay lyk dat… slowly a swarm of flies came flyin on her ass hole n started to poke her hole..
Her hole was contracting n expandig due to d action of d flies.n der tentacles r very sharp so she was getting ample pleasure,…

Anushka was sweatin badly as d fan was off… I could smell her odor coming from her armpits..wic was like damn fucking so gud.. I licked her armpit n sucked d heavenly sweat.

Anushkas asshole was now really beginning to open to d tentacles .. some flies were even getting inside d hole… so she told me to stop it al at once..
I drove d flies away n switched on d fan. Now she was relaxed.
Her asshole was still opening n closing to proportions. About 2 inches in diameter. I dn started finger fuckin her hole with ma index one. She was moaning madly…

Anushka : oooooooooo..ahhhhhhhhhh..hmmmmm.mmnnnnnnn…

I cud see d inner walls of her hole with red mass n veins. Den I started licking d asshole around d sides in a circular motion.

Anushka : ahmmmmmmmm. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………..

Dn I poked ma tongue inside it went so deep dat I could touch some of d shit wic was lyin inside. It tasted yummy. Her pussy was dripping nonstop.. so I withdrew her shit hole after intense sucking of 15mins n started drinking d amrit flowing from her pussy.. oh man.. it tasted so sweet like mango juice..

She kept makin al sorts of sounds al d while I was exploiting her privates.

Den I turned her around n continued ma attack on her pussy.. I parted her puffy pussy lips with ma index n d ring finger.. n wow wat a pink flesh she had got inside..dripping like hell.. den I started massagin her gspot on d roof top with ma fingers n started lickin d pink bud of flesh deep inside her clit.

She held me thru ma hair al d while pushing me deeper inside her. anushka sex stories
N a loud moan escaped her pink lips..

Anushka : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

N she came for d 2nd time…

Den I came up n opened her gown.. n saw her huge mammaries filled with milk.her nipples r pinkish brown.. with light brown areolas big enough,,
Nipples like rose buds.. I started suckin her left booba while massagin her right one.. dn left one.. til I was content.. dn I removed her gown.. n asked her to go down d edge of d bed n give me a blowjob.. she obeyed n I became nude too. Ma 8.5 inches of prick was standing out.. she holded it in her right hand n started peelin d foreskin.. n she was a good holder must say. Very tight grip. N started sucking very hard. Ohhhhhhhhh man her tongue was twirling around d head of d cock like a snake… she licked under d ridge for a few minutes n den licked up n down d shaft.. dn took ma balls one at a time n sucked em deeply. N took ma penis deep inside her throat.. ma cock was fully dripped with her saliva..

Me : Anushka m going to cumm …ahhhhhhhhhhh

Anushka : hmmmm…ahmmmmm…

N I came in her mouth shootings loads n loads of thick cum .. wic she drank greedily like a bee sucking honey..til d last drop of cum.she squeezed ma cock n fully emptied ma balls..

She kept sucking it hard n I was on again…now I asked her to come on top of me as I lay flat n she sat on ma cock.. n started riding it. After 10 minutes of riding n pinching her pussy started suckin ma cock in. her walls started clinging ma cock.. n she was screamin loudly on verge of 3rd orgasm..
She was holding ma palms tightly n she came with her legs n body jolting intensely.. her love water rained on ma limp cock,,…wic came soon.. with a thrust… our juices were mixed… she was exhausted n fell over me.. I kissed her lips while caressing n making her feel comfy.. n told her dat I love u baby… u r so hot… n cant live without u…

She also said I love u too … n said gudbye to Nagarjun. From today..

Den we rested in each others arms n continued our fucking sessions.. till late night to early morning..

In morning wen I woke up I felt something suckin ma cock n it was hard.. n found Anushka suckin ma tool . I fucked her 1ce again n wen I was leavin she hugged me n told me to cum to her place wenever she was alone n have fun

The End

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