Anushka Shetty And Sonakshi Sinha

This story Anushka Shetty And Sonakshi Sinha & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

Both acted together in a recent movie and as everyone knew they both shared a good friendship.They were still in contact even after sonakshi had gone north.They had spent a lot of time together during the shooting and liked each others company.They even shared the same caravan sometimes.It seemed anushka found in sonakshi a trusted friend.And sonakshi looked anushka as her own elder sister as she got so enthralled and touched by the senior actor’s compassionate behavior.Sonakshi and Anushka were literally like sisters as Anushka is 33 and Sonakshi is just 27.To be fair,the age difference just made their relationship even more better. Sonakshi did not think of Anushka so much in the begining,but when she met her and when she saw the huge fan following Anushka had during the movie launch,she felt so mesmerized.She constantly helped her in almost everything and sonakshi was very grateful to it.From then on Sonakshi shared each and every moment with Anushka.The two shared a very lovely relationship.

On the reverse,Anushka was startled when she met Sonakshi with her bubbliness.She was totally the opposite of Anushka which made the tall sexy heroine to get attracted to her.She loved her attitude,bubbliness and her charming character.Anushka also did not feel the age difference as Sonakshi never made her feel like she was the younger one among them.Whenever Anushka was in a bad mood,just seeing Sonakshi made her calm.Moreover,Anushka always feels that Sonakshi is so so beautiful.She had never told her but still she always liked her face and for her she termed it to be the most beautiful.The movie was a biggest blockbuster in both their careers and Anushka followed it up with couple of decent outfits to remain the top tier in the south.But Sonakshi failed miserably as she signed all the wrong projects which made her take a break from cinema as she did not get many offers.She felt really bad as she was not in the top league.

Anushka felt bad as Sonakshi had not called her for a while.So she called her.

Anushka: Hey sona!!how r u?

Sonakshi: Fine Anu..{her voice missing the excitement and charmingness}

Anushka: Hey!What happened ? U r so dull.

Sonakshi: It’s nothing she said [her sobbing could be heard]

Anushka: I know something is wrong with you..i wont disturb you [she says and cuts the call]

Few days later , Sonakshi was in her favorite destination spot in a house where she spent her lonely times. Someone knocked at the door and she was surprised as noone knew this place except Anushka. So she knew it was Anushka. She opened the door and yes she was right. It was Anushka in her three fourth jeans and blue tops showing her slender legs and big thighs in the tight jeans and her cleavage and neck through her tops. Sonakshi always wanted to tell her that she was more hotter and sexier than sonakshi but she had kept it to herself.She could do nothing but just look Anushka entering the house placing her bag and coming towards her.Anushka came close to her and looked at Sonakshi.She was wearing a jeans shorts and a sleeveless black.Anushka held her hands and took her to the couch.She sat next to her.She then looked at her eyes which were sobbing. Anushka Shetty And Sonakshi Sinha sex story

“I never thought you are going to feel for situations like these…U were my roll model sonakshi but then now u r crying for this…just stop being a child” Anushka consoles her and hugs her close to her chest.But Sonakshi sobbed even more and she slightly pushed Anushka and shouted”Its all because of you anu,just look at u after our film , u gave hits after hits and i gave continous flops,i wanted to be like you anu like u were in the south but i am not that makes me so mad when i see you!”. Anushka was startled and just looked perplexed at her words.Sonakshi then confessed “I am sorry anu i just cant accept this failiure…i need someone to console me i am sorry to yell….”.Anushka silenced her and kissed her softly over her lips and said “Just calm down”.Sonakshi was bewildered by her kiss and she got so turned on by her kiss.

Anushka was behaving normal after that but Sonakshi was so turned on.She then asked Anushka “Why did you kiss me anu?”.Anushka replied “Why?Whats wrong in that”.Sonakshi went close to her and touched her arms and hugged her softly and looked straight at her eyes.Anushka’s eyes widened and she asked “What are u doing sonakshi” .Her eyes were locked to sonakshi’s eyes.Anushka just loved her eyes a lot.Those two sharp fish like eyes killed her and turned her on slightly.Their lips were inches apart.They could smell each other’s body.

The 27 year old stunning actress then leaned close to the tall hottie and rubbed her nose with hers.Anushka could say nothing but just enjoy her sister like girl showing love to her.Both were feeling each others breathe.Anushka lost her balance as she fell back and laid over the sofa with sonakshi above her.The feeling was new for both of them.Getting attracted to each other was fine,but physical attraction was new to them.Especially when Anushka kissed Sonakshi,she had broken all the barriers that were stopping Sonakshi.After a long gap of silence,Sonakshi answered to Anushka’s question “Doing what u did for me.”. Anushka could guess what she meant. It was her kiss that triggered Sonakshi’s flooding emotions and she did not feel for it because she had never been attracted to a woman like she had been to Sonakshi.The 33 year old tall hottie had never felt like this with a women which turned her on so much .

Sonakshi further added “You are so damn sexy anushka, i need u “.Sonakshi let a huge breathe and pressed her lips against anushka. Anushka did not react, she did not want to miss this kiss.She just recieved the kiss from her younger colleague.The fact that she is 6 years older than Sonakshi took her arousal to an extra level.Her lips pressed softly against sonakshi’s ,sonakshi held anushka’s face and kisses deeply and longly.Her nose rubbing against anushka’s and her nosering tingling anushka’s. Her legs wrapping around anushka’s thighs and anushka’s hands glided sonakshi’s hair behind her ear. Anushka also kissed her back ,the tall beauty being more strong in returning the favour. They closed their eyes and went into the kissing world as both started smooching. Anushka’s pussy already started to ooze and sonakshi’s trapped legs were touching her love triangle. Anushka had fantasized of this many times but never in her wildest dreams had thought of this to happen. They both broke their kiss for breathe. Their eyes opened and locked each others.

Anushka could feel Sonakshi’s lust and she was ready for it. Anushka then said rubbing her nose , “Kiss me sona,Kiss me again”. That was enough for Sonakshi as she lunged into anushka this time pushing her lips against hers. This time she was stronger, going deep into Anushka’s lovely lips and let her tongue out while their hands were caressing each others hair. Anushka was so turned on and unable to bear the moistness around her pussy. Anushka’s thick thighs tightened its grip over sonakshi’s trapped legs as her knee started rubbing over her pussy.Their tongues wrestled and sonakshi was giving Anushka a time of her life. Sonakshi opened her eyes and look at anushka who was moaning in pleasure. Anushka had a feeling of having a drug as sonakshi’s kiss turned her on so much. Actress sex stories,

Sonakshi stoped her kiss and looked at anushka while moving her body against hers. Her legs were trapped between anushka’s and her pussy was touching anushka’s thighs and rubbing against them.Their jeans were providing the roughness that their pussy needed. Anushka looked at sonakshi for a sec before closing her eyes in ecstasy and leaning back.She again looked at sonakshi and she went so crazy on looking her bindi which sonakshi had.She had always been a fan for that ,sonakshi having a bindi with a modern outfit. The two started to rub each others pussy. Anushka was moaning in pleasure and so was sonakshi but she was looking at anushka all the time.She was looking at how anushka is reacting to her love making.

“Ahh fuckummm Anu look at meeumm” sonakshi bit her lips in pleasure as Anushka leaned up to see her. Sonakshi’s face with that bindi made her crazy and she about to close her eyes again unable to bear the pleasure but Sonakshi insisted her to see her.Anushka’s cute face made Sonakshi so mad and she was so turned on that she is making her counterpart elder sister like women horny.Both locked their eyes and pushed their hair behind for clear vision.Both of their jeans were soaking wet near their pussy.Anushka finally confessed “Sona ,u r the most ahumm beautiful girl i ahuuve ever seen!” and sonakshi was in cloud nine hearing it as her precum started to ooze and she let out a huge moan.It was incredible to hear it from Anushka whom she likes like no one.”Oh my god!!!i am cumming” sonakshi surrendered to anushka’s words as sonakshi’s jeans got drenched.She then started rubbing over anushka more faster with her knee looking at her with her killing eyes..”Don’t look at me like that honey” anushka said and closed her eyes but sonakshi was so mad and she wanted to give her the best squirt in her lifetime.So she continued moving her thighs near her pussy.”Open ur eyes anu,see me am i not beautiful like you?” sonakshi’s words were turning her so much. Sonakshi got into a better position with her head so near anushka and her legs glued to anushka’s pussy. Her lips were so close she can feel anushka’s panting and breathing.She was husking to anushka ” I need you my love,,i need u my sis,u r my everything my sexy tall hottest anu sis” .That was enough as anushka opened her eyes and looked at sonakshi and came like floods coming out of dams drenching her jeans.”AH haa..hummm” anushka gasped for breathe as she slowly got her breathe back.Then she made sonakshi sleep on her body and started caressing her hair.

“You are the first girl to do this to me Sonakshi,U r more than special to me” anushka said and kissed her forehead.Sonakshi leaned up and kissed anushka and took her bindi and kept on anushka’s forehead and said “So are you my sis..Can u stay here for a couple of days? I don’t want to miss youu”.Anushka replies “Why would i refuse from a cute sis like u? ” and kisses her lips.

To Be Continued.

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