Anushka (Arabian horse) sex story without images



Anushka is currently working on a project with a famous director, with a debutant actor opposite her. The film was a romantic thriller and the new hero was a little shy when it comes to touching scenes with Anushka.


Due to his shyness Anushka was forced to do the same scene nearly ten times. Anushka got little annoyed of this and talked about this to the director in the lunch break.


Sir, this guy is getting on to my nerves Yes I know how you feel

He couldn’t even do a simple hugging scene in one shot


What can I do Anu, he is the son of the producer, I think the boy get too nervous when he is alongside you. You know who could blame him


Anushka blushed on hearing this.


He is very good at other shots, but he is little nervous when you are close and more over he is the son of the producer

May be you should talk about this to the producer


I had already talked about it and he said that he is producing this movie only to see his son as a star. And he also said that he would drop the project if I have any problem with that


While Anushka and the director were talking the movie produces Mr Mohan came there.

How is the shooting going he asked them. Oh its going fine sir the director replied.

Then Mohan turn towards Anushka and asked… How is your new partner doing, Anu

Oh he is doing fine sir, but when it comes to romance he is little too nervous Anushka replied.


He do fine with time. My son is a big fan of you and he is the one who picked you to act in the movie and he is the reason I am paying you twice your normal payment. Mohan said.


Then all three had a chat for a while and the Mohan left the place leaving the director and Anushka. What can we do now sir! Anushka asked the director.

There is only one way What sir

It’s very simple; you just have to make him think that you are just a girl next door to him How can I do it sir!

Just built a good friendship with him and make him think that you are just Anushka. You can go out with him and have some dinner and do something like that.

Anushka understood what the director said her and agreed to it.

Ok sir I will take care of it from now


Saying that both went and had their lunch and then the second session of the shooting began. It was 5:30 in the evening and the director shouted…



And while everyone were about to leave, Anushka moved towards Amar (producer’s son hero of the movie).

Hey Amar… Anushka called him.


Amar immediately turned back and was surprised and speechless at the same time. Hai!!! he replied.

Do you mind going out for a dinner toning with me Anushka asked him.


Hmmm… Yaaa… Yes, that will be great Ok then pick me at 7:30pm

Anushka said and left the place. Amar can’t believe what just happened, but he was more excited and jumped in joy.

At around 7:00 Amar took his car and went to pick Anushka from her hotel room. In 10 minutes he reached the place and rushed inside and stood in front of her door and rang the doorbell.

In a few seconds the door opened and Amar was stunned to see Anushka in a bath towel, which was covering her body from her breast to her upper thighs.

When Amar saw this he was completely speechless and hung his head down. Anushka noticed it and smiled at him, seeing his shyness.


You are early Anushka said.


Oh I am sorry mam, I will go down and wait for you in the lobby


Ok, come in and wait here, I just took a bath. I will get ready in few minutes


Saying that Anushka welcomed him inside and made him sit on the couch and went into her bed room.


When she was about to close the door of the bedroom an idea struck her head.


Why don’t I tease him a bit and see what his reaction is she thought in her mind and left the door open and entered the room. She stood in front of the big mirror in her bed room from which she could see Amar and he could view what is happening in the room through the mirror.

Anushka kept on looking at the mirror to see if he is peeking, but to her great surprise he didn’t even tilt his head a bit.


Anushka then wore her panty and then removed her towel and then she took the bra and wore it.


While she was hooking her bra, Anushka accidentally hit the table nearby and the makeup kit fell down.

Hearing the noise Amar turned to the room and his eyes fixed on the mirror, where he saw Anushka standing in her bra and panty.

Amar was so excited to see her live in such position and his eyes were completely glued to the mirror.


Meanwhile Anushka hooked her bra and looked into the mirror and saw Amar completely mesmerised and looking into the mirror.


Anushka didn’t show any sign that she saw him seeing her and continued to dress.


In few minutes Anushka was completely dressed up and when she was about to come out Amar turn his head away and acted like nothing happened.


Anushka wore a transparent saree, with a hand less blouse and came out.


Sorry it took so long, you must be bored waiting here She asked Amar. Oh not really, it was worth he said.

What do you mean


Ok I just meant going out with you for a dinner, loosing anything is worth Anushka laughed at him and both took the car and went to a restaurant near by…

In another 15 minutes both Anushka and Amar reached the restaurant, and Amar had already booked a place in there and they settled down in there and ordered some food.

Few minutes passed and Amar sat silently eating his stuffs. Anushka brooked the silence… Did you wonder why I asked you out for dinner to night

Ya!!! Amar replied.


We have been together on the set for almost two weeks and we haven’t had a decent conversation yet

When Anushka started to talk, Amar stopped eating and concentrated on her voice. From all these days I have noticed that you are to shy, Isn’t it Anushka asked him.

Yes mam he replied.


Please don’t call me mam, just call me Anu Ohhh… Sorry… Anu

Oh, that’s ok. If you are this shy why did you choose acting


This was not my choice, it my dad’s. He just wanted to make me famous. In our country one can become famous quickly, if he is in cinema or cricket. I am not interested in sports so my father asked me to act in a movie.

Ok, your dad said me that you are the one who recommended me to star in this movie, is that true Yes Anu, I am a big fan of yours

So answer me this, are you a big fan of my acting or me


Amar didn’t expect this question from Anushka and he was completely speechless and he started blinking.

Common Amar answer my question Anushka forced him to speak. I… I like both the quality of yours Amar replied.

No just give me a single answer, me or my acting she kept on asking him. Oh! This bitch is never going to stop he thought in his mind and answered… I like you more than your acting he said.

That’s good…


Amar was little relieved by answering her.


Ok then answer me this question Anushka said. An another question!!!

Have you ever masturbated thinking of me Anushka asked casually. Whattt!!! Amar was stunned.

Common answer me she insisted.

Amar immediately shook his head and said No… No…


Amar thought that she is going to dig into his answer but Anushka stopped there and silently started to enjoy her meal and they shifted to other topics.

As time passed Amar also started to talk freely to Anushka and they had a good conversation.After spending almost an hour in the restaurant, Amar took Anushka back to her hotel room.


When they reached there…Amar said Ok Anu see you tomorrow in the shooting spot.


Leaving already, come with me to my room, we have to discuss about the next shot between us tomorrow said Anushka.

Amar didn’t say anything and he immediately parked the car and went with Anushka to her room. In the room…

Did know which scene we are going to shoot tomorrow Hmmm!!!… No Amar replied.


We are going to do a little lip lock tomorrow Anushka replied. Woww… Amar shouted in his mind.

Have you ever done it before? No…

Then lets practice a demo of it now and it will be easy for you tomorrow, what do you say Amar Amar hesitantly shook his head. Then Anushka sat next to him on the couch.

Now kiss me Anushka said and rolled her tongue over her lips and made it wet.


Amar kept looking at her shining lips and moved his head forward slowly and stopped right infront of her lips and looked into the eyes of Anushka.

Common do it Anushka said in a mild voice.


He then immediately moved his head forward and touched her lips with his lips and went back.


What did you just do! Anushka asked. I kissed you

This is not kissing; you just touched my lips with yours. Amar sat silently.

Haven’t you ever seen a kissing scene in English movies…


As Anushka continued to speak Amar kept his eyes fixed on her lips and suddenly he moved forward and hugged Anushka and grabbed her lower lips between his mouth and started to smooch it slowly and sucked the saliva out of her lips and drank it.


After sucking dry her lower lips, Amar shifter to her upper lips.

Mmmm… Aaahhhh… Anushka started letting out some mild moans and she too responded by smooching him back.


Amar enjoyed the smooth skin of her lips and wished that it won’t end.


They continued to suck on each other’s for few more minutes and then Amar started to get little rough by biting on her lips. Seeing this Anushka immediately pushed him back and wiped her lips with her saree.


Amar was so disappointed as he let her lips slip of his mouth and thought that he has gone little for by biting her lips.

For a guy who has never kissed a girl, you are good and little rough to Anushka said. Amar felt happy with her complement and thanked her.

Ok let’s do it one more time Anushka said…


As soon as Amar heard this he didn’t wait for even a second and straight away grabbed Anushka’s lips and started to smooch them roughly, like in jav porn movies and covered her lips with his saliva.


This time he hugged her tighter with her boobs crushing against his chest and he continued to smooch both her drippy wet lips.

The heat inside of Amar started to get more intense and he suddenly brought his right hand from behind and grabbed Anushka’s left boobs and started to press it over her blouse as he continued to smooch her lips.

He then slowly pushed Anushka back and made her lie on the couch and continued to do his act. For few minutes it went smoothly and suddenly Anushka pushed him off her and got off the couch. Amar thought that he was busted. But to his surprise Anushka said…

You can’t do this for free to one of the top actress in the cini field you know. I asked you to kiss me because your father is paying for that

While she continued to talk, Amar interrupted her… What is your price tag he asked her.

One fourth of my movie payment and if you pay three time my salary, you can have a twenty day offer She said casually.


Anushka knew that no one will back down after feeling her body this much and Amar was not exceptional. He readily agreed to the deal, but to her surprise he agreed to pay her three times her salary.Anushka didn’t expect this but she was more than happy.

Then Amar took his laptop and transferred the money from his account to her account and the deal was on. Now Amar had reserved Anushka for twenty days (not consecutive days).

Then Anushka had a slutty look in her eyes and she took Amar to the bedroom to be his slut for the night.


As soon as they entered the room, Amar didn’t waste any time and he immediately pushed Anushka on to the bed and jumped over her and stated to smooch her lips and cup her boobs simultaneously.

He continued to crush her boobs roughly and suddenly Anushka asked him to stop for a minute and Amar immediately moved off her and sat beside her.

I know this is the first time you are feeling a girls breast, but there is more to sex than just cupping the boobs or smooching. Let the expert take it from here and just follow my instruction Anushka said.


Saying that Anushka got off the bed… First lets strip our cloths

As soon as Anushka said this Amar removed his shirt and his pants and sat on the bed with only his shorts.


Meanwhile Anushka removed her saree and dropped it on the floor and stood with only her blouse and petticoat.

Amar was so stunned and his little buddy started to grow slowly inside his shorts. He fixed his eyes on her smooth hips and her deep navel.

Anushka then placed her hand on her blouse and when she was about to unhook it, she stopped and dropped her hands down.


Why don’t you do the Honer of removing my blouse for me She said.


Amar immediately got off the bed and in a flash stood in front of Anushka and looked straight into her eyes.


Common baby do it she said.

Amar immediately placed both his hands on each of her boobs over her blouse and cupped it gently and felt the sponginess of her milk tank for a few seconds.

As he continued to cup on her boobs he slowly moved his head forward and buried his head in between those two sponge hills and felt her breast with his face and he let out some moans…


Mmmm… Aaahhh… Mmmm… as he continued to wipe his face with her breast.


This little foreplay of Amar even made Anushka a little more excited and she closed her eyes and enjoyed it with a little moan…


Mmmm… Yaaa… Baby… Mmmm… She moaned.


After playing with her tits for a few minutes, Amar started to unhook her blouse one by one.


When he opened the last hook her breast pushed itself out of her blouse and hanged in front of him with the bra’s on.


Wowww… Amar shouts as he saw her deep cleavage in her bra covered tits.


Then once again he moved his head close towards Anushka’s cleavage to dip his face into it, but this time Anushka stopped him.

Do you want to have sex with me or are you going to just grope my tits all night She said and asked him to remove her petticoat now.

Then Amar slowly rubbed his face down from her tits to her tummy and toughed it. It was so smooth and felt like a cotton pillow.

There we go again Anushka said…


You may have done it a number of times but this is just my first time, so please have some patience Amar replied.

Anushka understood his feelings and asked him to do what he wants.


Amar then hold her hips with both his hands and felt Anushka’s soft skin of her tummy and hips with his hands.


Then he roughly pulled her tummy towards his face and started to lick her white skin like a starving dog feeding on its food.

His tongue roaming over her tummy made Anushka more honey and she placed her hands on his head and let out some mild moans.


Mmmm… Aaaahhh… and she bite her lips.


After sucking and licking on the surface of her tummy for few minutes, Amar shifted his attention towards her navel.


Woww… Babe you have a sexy navel…


All the men in the southern part of the country knows this I know, but I don’t think all had a chance to do this…

Saying that Amar used the tip of his tongue and started drilling Anushka’s navel. Mmmmmm… Anushka moaned as Amar continued to tongue fuck her navel.

While he was tonguing her navel he took his right hand from her hips and slowly removed the knot from her petticoat and it fell on to the floor.

Amar then withdrew his tongue from her navel and had a close view at Anushka’s panty covered pussy.

He then slowly moved his head forward and this time Anushka stopped him and she backed a few steps back.


Now Amar had a full view of Anushka standing only in her bra and panty. That’s enough of your foreplay, now I am in charge Anushka said.

Ok… Ok, Queen of sluts. What’s your order Amar asked her in a funny manner.


Ok you son of a bitch, now go and lie down on the bed Anushka said in a commanding tone, yet funny.


Yes ma’am Amar said and lay on the bed.


Immediately Anushka jumped on the bed and sat on top of Amar’s tool over his shorts.Now he could feel the softness of her spongy ass cheeks, which made his dick go crazy.

Now I will show what foreplay is Anushka said in a seductive voice.Saying that Anushka leaned forward and lander her tits right on the chest of Amar.

Then she moved her head to the side of his face and she started to lick his ear lobes with her juicy tongue, coating his ears with her saliva.


She then raised his chin and began sucking and kissing on his neck, her warm tongue felt so heavenly to Amar and he closed his eyes and enjoyed the heaven at earth.

After licking and sucking around Amar’s neck Anushka slowly moved towards his mouth. She then kissed his lips and slowly slided her tongue inside his mouth.

Amar opened his mouth a little and took her tongue in and started to suck it slowly and started to extract her saliva from her tongue.

Anushka too started to suck on his tongue and both kept sucking each other’s tongue for a while.


After a while Anushka withdrew her tongue from his mouth and asked him whether he wanted to look at her boobs.


Amar immediately nodded his head and said yes.


Then she slowly unhooked her bra and threw it on his face. Amar took the bra from his face and sniffed it and put it aside and had a good look at her boobs.


Amar’s dick became even harder under the ass of Anushka seeing her naked tits.


After removing her bra, Anushka once again bent forward and lied over Amar’s chest with her bare breast pressing against Amar’s hairy chest.


Amar felt the soft firm handy boobs on Anushka and it was heavenly.


Anushka then moved her body up and down, by doing so her breast rubbed against his chest and her ass over his dick.

This action of Anushka made Amar’s tool to grow to its maximum and it started to hurt underneath his shots.

Anushka continued this for a while and Amar noticed that Anushka’s nipples were too hard and it continued to rub against his chest.


Please Anu can I take your boobs in my hands and suck them, all this teasing is making me go crazy By this time Anushka was completely turned on and she allowed him to explore her body.

As soon as he got the green signal from Anushka he held her pretty face with both his hands and started kissing all over her lovely face.


It felt so good to kiss her soft smooth and silky skin that he wanted to keep kissing till the end of life. Even though he has kissed her a few times that night he wants more of it.


After kissing her face for a while he started caressing his face over her for some time. And then he kissed her passionately on her lovely, juicy lips.

He felt he was completely out of the world as he started sucking her lower and upper lips one after other.


Anushka was now so horny that she started to let out some mild and sexy soft moans… Mmmmm… Ooohhhh…

Her moans felt so pleasant to his ears, that made his dick grow above his limit and it almost made him leak his pre-cum.

Anushka was still seated on his hard dick and they continued their passionate kissing.

Anushka then opened her mouth and pushed her slim, slippery, juicy soft tongue inside Amar’s mouth.


He immediately started to suck on her divine tongue. The warmth of her tongue felt so pleasurable. They then started to roll their tongues over each other and exchanged their saliva.

Anushka kept on secreting saliva which kept on flowing directly into Amar’s mouth. He kept on drinking it until her mouth was completely dry.


Amar thought that it was the most erotic drink he has ever had. He also knew that he is going to have much more tastier drink that night.


Then Anushka stopped kissing and asked him how the smooching was


I can’t describe it in words. It was soooo heavenly Amar replied with a big smile in his face.


Saying that Amar lifted Anushka a little and moved her from his dick to his abdomen and pushed her down to rest her boobs on his face.


He buried his face between her boobs and felt the warmth of her juggling and soft tits.


Amar then started to lick between Anushka’s those two super soft boobs as she kept moaning softly with her sweet and horny voice.


That damn sweet moaning sound of hers was enough to turn on any man. Anushka was now really out of control and she shouted…

Ooooohh… Suck my boobs babyyy… Aaaahhh… Suck them harder.


Amar then took her right boobs in his mouth and started sucking that soft bun, while he was doing so he kept squeezing her other breast.

Amar wanted to play with those seductive tits for the whole night, but he knew that there was lot more waiting for him.


He continued to suck on both her tits for another fifteen minutes or so. By this time Amar’s dick was standing like a pillar inside his shots.

After sucking her tits for a while he lifted Anushka a little further up and made her sit on his chest and then he pushed her back on him and brushed his face on her flat yet soft tummy.

He kept careening his face on her tummy for a while and Anushka closed her eyes and enjoyed it with some sexy moans…


Mmmmm… Yaaa…


Seeing Anushka enjoying his action, Amar got more excited and he started to lick and kiss all over her flat tummy.


Oh my god… It was the most heavenly feeling on earth to explore the body of such a sexy female He thought in his mind.

Amar was living heaven on earth at this moment and her body aroma was driving him fucking crazy. He wanted to lick every single part of her body and of course he did.


After licking the surface of her tummy for a while Amar put his tongue into her navel and started licking and slurping at it.

This was too much for Anushka and she started shouting…


Oh my god… You are driving me crazy you mother fucker… Aaaahhh… Keep doing that it feels soo … Ooohhh… Gooodd… Aaahhh… She shouted.


Amar did what she asked him and continued to play with her navel.


While doing so he brought his left hand down to her thighs and felt the smoothness of her inner thighs.

He then slowly proceed his hand towards her panty and touched her already wet pussy and rubbed it gently over her panty.


Amar could feel her moist folds in over panty. And suddenly he rolled her over and got on top of her.


In that position he once again started to kiss her from her forehead and moved to her lips then her cheeks and down to her chin and to the side of her neck. From there he moved to her tits and then down to her tummy.


When he reached her panty he paused for a few seconds and then moved down towards her toe and sucked it for a few seconds and he moved upwards by kissing and licking her leg and thighs and once again when he reached the panty he paused and looked at the face of Anushka and she said…Do it…

As soon as Amar got the approval from Anushka he lowered his head down to her panty kissed her already soaking pussy over her panty.


As he was kissing her pussy, Amar could smell the kinky aroma of the sexy bitch’s love juice. He wish to eat her up and drink all her divine juice straight out of her pussy.

Amar slowly removed her panty from her waist and dragged it gently along her smooth shiny white long legs and took it completely and put her panty straight into his face and exhaled her juice again.


By now Anushka was breathing heavily and waiting for what was coming next.


While she was wondering about it, Amar took her smooth thighs in his hands and spread it wide enough to get complete access to the most loveliest part of a female body.

After spreading her legs he went close to her pussy and stared at her fascinating organ and his hot breath was landing directly on her pussy.

He then raised his head slightly up to see the reaction of Anushka, she has closed her eyes and biting her lower lips as she felt the hot breath of Amar directly hitting her wet pussy.


Anushka was eagerly waiting for Amar to eat her pussy.


Amar kept looking at the hot expression on the face of Anushka, who was eagerly waiting for his mouth to do some work.


While he was enjoying the view an idea struck his head.

Let me do a little teasing to this bitch… he thought.


Then he immediately started to blow his breath over her juice dripping pussy.


Anushka started to let out some heavy breath and let out some erotic moaning sounds as the air hit her pussy.


Mmmm… Hmmmm… She continued moaning.


Amar continued to tease her badly by kissing her inner thighs and getting close to her pussy now and then but not touching it.


Each time Amar’s mouth come close to her pussy, Anushka would be excited and would expect him to eat her cherry.


But he would move away each time he came close.


Amar was also going crazy that he wanted to munch on her cherry, but he was really loving so much to tease the slutty bitch.


He wanted her to beg him eat her out.


Amar kept kissing and licking Anushka’s smooth skin all the while as her moaning were getting heavier and heavier.

Aaaahhhh… Hhhmmmm… Anushka shouted like a crazy bitch.


Anushka was so turned on that her pussy started oozing more and more juice. Few seconds after that Anushka shouted…

Please don’t tease me darling… I can’t wait please please… Do something to my burning hot pussy… Pleaseeee… She screamed.

As Anushka started to plead him to eat her pussy, Amar slowly moved towards the wet pussy and slowly started slurping her juicy hot pussy.


Amar was first time tasting a pussy and it felt awesome.


Mmmm… Ohhhh… Anushka continued to moan as his tongue roamed over her dripping pussy.


After licking it for a while Amar pushed a couple of his fingers into her love hole and felt the warm softness of her inner pussy wall.


It felt awesome to dip his fingers into her pussy and her pussy was consistently oozing her love juice.


Anushka was on a real high and was now biting her lower lips in complete ecstasy and was moaning so badly.


Aaaahhh… Aaahhhh…


Amar kept fingering her pussy for a while, admiring the sluts beautiful pussy. While Amar was fingering her pussy, Anushka put her legs around his head and dropped it down over her pussy and rubbed her pussy with his face.

Amar then slipped his tongue into her pussy and started to tongue her pussy.


He continued it for almost few minutes and suddenly Anushka’s whole body shakes and she shouted…

Aaaaahhhh… I am Cummmm… Ooohhh…


And she sprayed a huge load of her stuff right over the face of Amar and he enjoyed it.


After this massive orgasm Anushka took a heavy breather and Amar also got off her and sat beside her and allowed her to take some rest.


After few minutes …


I thought that you were shy and this is your first time… Anushka asked him. Yes it is… he replied.

But you did like a pro… You even made me beg you Amar blushed on hearing this.

I have seen lots and lots of porn movies and I think that’s the reason it was little perfect I realy enjoyed it and it is one of my best orgasm Said Anushka.

Thanks Amar blushed.


Now it’s my turn to make you feel good Anushka said and got up.

Anushka moved close to the shots of Amar who was still lying on the bed. She then placed her hand over the bulge in his shorts and rubbed it gently. Mmmm… Yaaa… Amar let out some mild moan.

After rubbing his dick for a while, Anushka slowly pulled his shorts of him and his poll was standing ninety degree below his stomach.

Amar’s dick was almost 7 inch long and had a decent thickness. Anushka kept staring at it and licked her lips in a seductive manner. Seeing her seductive face even made his dick go crazy.

Amar was eagerly waiting for those red lips of Anushka to wrap around his dick.


Common bitch, don’t make me wait too long, please cover my dick with those slutty mouth of yours Amar started begging.


Wait for a while darling, there are certain procedures before doing that


Saying that Anushka wrapped her fingers around his dick and started stroking it.


As her fingers grabbed his dick, Amar felt an electric shock hit him and he shouted…


Aaaaaahhhhh…And Splash… Splash… A huge load of his hot sperm came out of his dick and hit right of the face of Anushka and rolled down and Amar’s dick started to shrink in her hand.

I am sorry Amar said. You came already

I was controlling it for some time and when your hand touched my thing I lost my control


It’s only your first time, you will get better by time Anushka said still holding his dick in her hand.


Look at this little boy he has shrunk, I know a way to make him grow in a flash Anushka said and licked her lips.

Amar was excited and he know exactly what was about to come.


Anushka then made Amar stand on the bed and took his dick in her hand and wrapped it with her finger.


She then spit a long strand of her saliva on his cock and started jerking him with her lovely delicious hand.


It felt so good for Amar, and he started moaning… Mmmmm… Aaaahhh…

After jerking his dick for few minutes, Anushka moved her head forward and kissed the tip of his cock and then she started to lick it with the her spongy tongue.


Mmmm… Ooohhh… Yaaa… Amar moaned feeling the good sensation.

Anushka done this for some time and she suddenly put his dick into her mouth and started sucking it.

She couldn’t take the entire dick into her mouth but she kept on trying it and the warmth of her slutty mouth gave him a good feeling and he wanted it to last as long as possible.


Anushka then got into a rhythm and started bobbing her head up and down his dick, sucking it with immense pleasure.


And now she managed to take more than 3/4th of his dick into her mouth.


And Amar loved every seconds of it and encouraged Anushka’s skill by letting out some loud moans. Aaaahhh… Yaaaa… I have never felt this gooood in my lifee… Aaahhhh… he shouted.

As the pleasure increased, Amar held her head and started moving it down his cock, making her take the entire length of his dick inside her mouth.


Now she has taken the whole cock up to his balls inside her mouth and she started twisting her tongue all over his dick.

Amar felt like he was in heaven as Anushka’s head moved up and down his dick with extreme pressure.


After sucking his dick for almost 15 minutes, Anushka pulled her head back from his dick When she took his dick out of her mouth a long strand of saliva linked his dick with her mouth.

It was the most sexy sight he has ever seen and his dick was completely drenched in the sweet saliva of Anushka.


Ok honey now it’s your turn to get me ready


Saying that Anushka laid on the bed and spread her legs wide.


Amar then went between her legs and started licking the actress love hole, making it wet for his dick.


Anushka put her hand on his head and moved her hips according to his tongue and send out some erotic moans as his tongue brushed all over her pussy.


Mmmm… Aaaaahhh… Oooohhh… Anushka moaned.


After few minutes Amar took his head back and Anushka’s pussy was soaking wet with his saliva and her love juice.

At this time Amar’s dick was rock hard and he immediately got off the bed and pulled Anushka to the edge of the bed.

He then lifted her legs up and parted them wide and placed it over his shoulders.


Then he immediately pushed his hard dick inside the slut’s wet pussy with a little force and his dick went half way into her juicy burning cunt.

Amar then took his cock out of her pussy and again pushed it inside her holding her thighs tightly with his full force.

Aaaahhhhh… Anushka screamed as his dick went deep into her wet cunt.


Once his dick was completely into her vagina, he stayed still and felt the hotness of her lovely pussy.


Her pussy grabbed his dick so firmly and that felt too good from him and he felt like staying like this forever.


Then Amar slowly started to move his dick in and out of the slut’s hot cunt.


Her pussy wall was so smooth and slippery giving him the pleasure of a lifetime. Anushka also got too excited and she started moving her hips in rhythm to his fuck.

Then Anushka put her legs around his waist as Amar continued to pound her pussy with some loud moans.


Aaaahhhh… Yaaaaa…


Anushka also got more excited and shouted…


Yeaahhhh… Babyyyy… Aaahhhh… Fuck my filthy slutty dirty cunt darling… Fuck it harder… Yeeeaaaaahhhhh… Yesssss… Commmon fuck me harder honey… Tear your sluts pussy… Aaaahhh… Cum deep inside mee… Anushka shouted like the crazy bitch she was.


These dirty comments from Anushka made Amar’s cock grow wild in her sizzling hot cunt. You are such a hot whore Anu Amar said and picked up the pace of his fucking.

Amar then grabbed Anushka’s ass cheeks each in one hand and hold a tight grip on her.

His fucking then got harder and harder, that with each powerful thrust his balls would flick into her hitting her butt hard creating a wet slapping sound.


Soon this was the only sound in the room beside Anushka’s constant moaning. Anushka started to go wilder and wilder as her moaning turned into heavy grunts.

Oh god, Oh god don’t stop, fuck me harder… And fasterrr… Aaaahhh… Anushka stammered away as Amar treated her like cheap whore.


The dirty words from Anushka made Amar more and more excited and he started pounding her with his fullest.


He then realised her ass cheeks and gave them a powerful slap, whick made her let out another loud grunt.


Amar continued fucking her like that for another 20 minutes.


He kept prolonging his fucking by stopping a little and slowing down the pace every time he felt like cumming.


Amar doesn’t want this to end soon, he wanted the pleasure of fucking her silky velvety smooth cunt to last long as possible.


After fucking Anushka in that position for a while, Amar pulled his dick out of her pussy and asked Anushka to move to the centre of the bed.

He then asked her to get on all fours for a doggy style fuck.


Anushka immediately obeyed and she got into the doggy position as Amar went down on his knees behind her and aligned his cock in her pussy entrance from behind and pushed it in with ease and started fucking her again in that position.


Ah… Ah… Ahhh… Both Anushka and Amar moaned as the dick started to move in and out of her cunt.

Amar loved this position as he was able to reach the full depth of her love hole.


He had a tight grip on her ass cheek as he pounded her harder and harder.


This continued for another few minutes and Amar’s dick started to vibrate and he knew that he was about to cum.

He immediately pulled his dick out of Anushka’s pussy and went in front of her and stuffed his dick into her mouth and held her head tightly and…

Aaaaahhh… Oooohhhh… Goddddd… he shouted as he started to unload his sack into the mouth of Anushka.


Once his dick stopped ejecting he pulled his dick out and fell on the bed exhausted.


He felt like he has never cummed this much in his entire life and started catching some heavy breath.

Meanwhile Anushka drank almost all the cum in her mouth and she too laid beside Amar.


How do you like your first time Anushka asked.


This will be my best, I think Amar replied and he then kissed Anushka on her cheek and both slept naked.

Next day at the shooting spot almost everyone were surprised seeing the chemistry between Amar and Anushka.


At the end of the day, the director called Anushka and said…


I think your private meeting worked well Saying that both Anushka and the director smiled and left the place.

The movie shooting of Anushka and Amar went well and now the crew travelled to Goa to shoot a song there.

It is a three day stay there and when they reached there it was raining heavily and so their schedule has been altered and the director said that the weather forecast has predicted rain for the next two days and they can shoot the song then one.


And he asked the crew to take two days off.


As soon as Amar received the news he took Anushka and went out shopping and had some fun in the beach.

Anusha never allows Amar to come close to her in public places since she was so concern not to damage her reputation.

While they were roaming in the beach they saw a couple near a bush and the guy was eating his girl’s lips and was crushing her boobs so roughly over her dress.


Seeing this scene and Anushka standing a few steps away made him aroused. Anushka looked at Amar and saw a massive lust in his eyes.

Amar I know what you are thinking and you know this is not the place Anushka said. Please Anu just a kiss Amar pleaded with her.

Anushka didn’t buy his pleading and strictly declaimed him.


Amar felt so disappointed and walked silently with her till they reached the hotel.


Anusha felt sorry for him and as they reached their room Anushka stopped him and said that she will be in his room after dinner.


Saying that Anushka went into her room.


Then rest of the time went well and they had dinner together with the crew.


After having their dinner Amar was eagerly waiting in his room for Anushka to show up.


Almost 15 minutes passed and Amar heard the calling bell of his room ring and he immediately rushed to door and opened it.

As soon as he opened the door he saw Anushka standing in a sleeveless t-shirt and jeans, with a wine bottle and two glasses in her hand.

Amar welcomed her in and he was so eager to hug her, kiss and rip her cloths and make her naked and pound her pussy with his throbbing dick.


But he controlled himself and wanted to take it slow and also he doesn’t want Anushka to think he is desperate.


As soon as she entered the room Amar closed the door and followed her.


Anushka went and sat on the couch and placed the two glasses on the table and poured wine into it. Amar also moved towards her and sat next to her on the couch and Anushka asked to have the wine. They didn’t talk much and kept on drinking couple more grass of wine each.

And after finishing his last glass Amar started making his move.


He slowly moved his right hand around Anushka’s waist and moved his hand into her top and started playing with her smooth tummy and her deep navel.

As he played with her navel, he used the other hand and turned Anushka’s face to his side and started to smooch her by sucking on her upper and lower lips simultaneously.

Mmmmmm… Anushka let out some mild moans as his actions made her arose and she responded by sucking on his lips back.


As they kissed both Anushka and Amar exchanged their saliva, which had the taste of the wine they just drank.

As they continued to kiss, Amar slowly moved forward and made Anushka lay on the couch, with him over her still sucking on those sweet lips of her.


Then he moved his hand down to Anushka’s t-shirt and removed it, making Anushka topless. Anushka didn’t wear any bra in and he was now directly in access to both her milk tanks.

I will never get tired of watching those gorgeous boobs of your Saying that Amar removed his shirt and threw it on to the floor.


Now one of his hands started cupping and caressing Anushka’s left breast while his other went into her pants looking for her love hole.

As his hand entered her pants Amar was surprised, Anushka didn’t wear any panty inside and before he could know his fingers came in contact to her pussy.

He then rubbed her pussy gently and stabbed his middle into her wet cunt and started to finger fuck her.

Mmmm… Oooohhh… That feels good… Mmmmm… Anushka moaned.


While both his hands were busy, Amar moved his head forward and resumed tasting Anushka’s wine flavoured lips.

After a while as his hand continued to massage her left boob, his mouth moved down from her lips and started sucking her right breast.


Mmmm… Oooohhh… Anushka continued moaning and ran her finger through his hair.


Amar continued working on Anushka’s boobs for quite some time shifting right and left and his hand feeling her warm body.

Then he moved forther down and started kissing her tummy and sucking on her belly button, while his hand went back to her boobs and crushed both her mangos.


Anushka felt like she was in the seventh heaven and she encouraged him by letting out some erotic moans.

While Anushka was enjoying his foreplay, Amar suddenly stopped and he started unhook her pants and tried to pull it down, seeing this Anushka raised her waist and helped him remove it.

As soon as he removed it, Amar threw it away and he got off the couch and got rid of his shorts and Anushka was able to see his boxer with a big tend on it.


As she was watching it, Amar in a single pull dropped his boxer down to the floor and his hard dick popped out and stood hard in front of Anushka.

In the mood both are in Anushka expected a rough sex from Amar but to her surprise he was calm and said…


Let’s move to the bed where we would be more comfortable


Anushka agreed to him and when she was about to get up he interrupted her and carried her in his arms and went into the bedroom and threw her on to the bed.


He then climbed over the bed and lay beside Anushka and asked her to suck on his dick.


Anushka obeyed his wish and took his dick in her hand and gave it a couple of stroke and put it into the slutty mouth of her and started to move her head to and fro, lubricating his already hard dick for her itching cunt.

Mmmmm… Aaahhh… That’s it bitch aaaaahhhh… Suck it harder… Mmmm… Amar moaned.


This continued for another few minutes and his dick was completely covered with Anushka’s saliva. Amar then asked Anushka to sit on top of him and ride it.

Anushka immediately stood up and moved over Amar and sat on her pussy over his dick.


Aaaaahhh… Mmmmm… Anushka moaned as Amar’s dick slowly made its way into her pussy.


As her pussy took the entire dick in, Anushka started to move herself over him and started riding him.

Ahhh… Ahhh… Aahhh… Anushka moaned louder and louder as she moved her butt down over his dick.

This continued for some time and then Amar rolled Anushka down to the bed and made her lay on her back with dick in.


Then he started moving his dick in and out of her pussy in missionary position.


Aaaahhhh… Oooohhhh… Aaaaahhhh… both Amar and Anushka moaned louder and filled the entire room with their moaning sound.


Amar continued fucking her in that position for some time and when he was about to cum, he pulled his dick out of her pussy and jerked it faster and Splash… Splash… a huge load of his cum landed on Anushka’s tummy and filled her belly button.

After his ejection Amar rubbed his dick head on Anushka’s thighs and moved off her.


As soon as Amar moved away from her, Anushka was shocked, to see a guy standing near the door and smiling at them.


Anushka had no idea who he is and how long he is been standing there, She immediately took the bed sheet and covered her naked body and looked at Amar, who also looked at her and gave her a naughty smile.

Seeing the guy standing in near the door Anushka got panic and immediately took the bed sheet and covered her naked body.

Seeing Amar not even a bit surprised and smiling at the guy, Anushka suspected that Amar has something to do with this.


Who is this Amar! Anushka asked him.

It my close friend, Sunny he said.


What your friend, what is he doing here! I invited him here to join us

Whattt!!! hearing this Anushka got angry.


Please don’t be mad at me Anu, I always fantasised of having a threesome with a girl and I thought that it would be great trying it with you

Anushka without saying a word kept staring at him. Common Anu you can’t be mad at me for long

Saying that Amar climbed over the bed and moved to Anushka and sat beside her and put his arm around her shoulder and started fondling her boobs over the bed sheet and said…


Please Anu… Please help me full fill my fantasy


As he said that he grabbed her nipple between his fingers and twisted it gently and pinched it. Mmmm… Anushka let out a mild moan.

You know that you are under my debt and I still have more than 10 sessions with you Amar said. Hearing this Anushka loosened herself.

Or are you scarred of two dicks Anu Saying this Amar laughed like making fun of her.

Wow… Says the guy who couldn’t hold his dick few weeks ago. And for the record I have been with more dick than your age said anushka


Hearing this Amar laughed and asked… Then we are on isn’t it.

How can I now full fill your wish, I still have to serve for the money you paid Saying that Anushka turned towards Sunny and said…

Why are you still standing there, are you a baby like your friend Anushka said in a teasing tone.


You will see soon Sunny said and started removing his dress.


In a flash Sunny become complete nude and he joined Amar and Anushka on bed.


Since this is your first time with this bitch, you choose the place to stuff your dick in this bitch Amar said.


I always fantasised on stuffing my dick in her mouth and fuck it ruthlessly he said.


Amar immediately made Anushka stand in her four and Sunny moved in front of her holding his dick in hand and moved forward and slide his dick into her mouth and started to move his dick in and out of her mouth in full pace.

Mmmmm… Mmmm… Mmmm… Anushka moaned as Sunny held her hair tight in his hand and fucked her mouth hard.

Meanwhile Amar moved behind her and directed his dick into her pussy and gently pushed it in and he too started to pound her love hole.


As Amar started to fuck her from behind Anushka’s moaning sound become more louder and wilder. Mmmmm… Aaaammmmm… she moaned.

Sunny was little brutal in fucking her mouth as he had a tight grip on her hair and each time he pushed his dick in he tried to deep throat her further deep.


And when he took his dick out after some furious stroked into the slutty actress mouth, Anushka started to cough and gage with some heavy breathing.


Amar who was fucking her from behind enjoyed the view and continued to move his dick in and out of Anushka’s drippy cunt.

As Anushka was catching her breath Sunny grabbed her hair and raised her head up and asked her… Do you like it rough bitch

Mmmm… Yes you mother fucker… Treat me like a cheap whore Anushka said breathing heavily.


Sunny smiled at her responce and he moved his head forward and gave Anushka a rough smooch by chewing and sucking on her juicy lips.


Mmmmm… Mmmmm… Anushka let out some moaning sound as Sunny handled her lips so roughly.


Meanwhile Amar who was fucking Anushka from behind reached his climax with a loud moan and sprayed his stuff all over Anushka’s back.

After he was done cumming he got off the bed and went into the bathroom, leaving Sunny and Anushka alone to have some fun.

After Amar left, Sunny stopped kissing her and made Anushka lay on her back on the bed and he climbed over her and sat on her belly.

He then grabbed Anushka’s tits, each in both hands and started to cup it with his palm and felt the softness of those white meat.


After playing with her tits for a while he bent forward and took her right breast in his mouth and started to chew on it, while he continued to crush her left breast.

Mmmmm… Aaaahhhh… Play rough Sunny boyyy… Aaaahhhh… Anushka encouraged him to go rough on her tits.


Sunny continued to suck on both her tits simultaneously for the next few minutes.


After playing with her tits for a while Sunny got off from Anushka and moved down to her legs and then he spread them wide and moved between them and had a close look at her love hole.


He then used his hand and started to rub over her pussy gently for few seconds and then used his other hand to spread her pussy wide.

As he spread her pussy he was able to see the inner folds of the famous actress pussy and he brought his head down and sniffed it and enjoyed the odder of her love hole with a Mmmmmm….

He then stretched her pussy even wider and he used his other hand and rubbed the inner wall of her pussy.

Mmmmm    Anushka let out some soft moan.

While she was enjoying this suddenly from nowhere Sunny pushed three fingers into her pussy and started to move them in and out of her pussy so roughly and started finger fuck her.

Ahhh… Ahhhh… Oooohhh… Anushka moaned louder as Sunnies finger nails started scratching the inner walls of her pussy.


Sunny enjoyed her uncomfortably and went even more rough on her pussy.


He continued this for some time and suddenly he felt Anushka’s body vibrating and she shouted…


AaaaaHhhhhh…. Its cummming… Aaaahhhh… and released her hot liquid out that flowed all over Sunnies hand.

After she was done Sunny pulled his fingers out of her cunt and licked his hand dry off her love juice.


Mmmm… Slut you taste way better that the girls I have fucked Sunny said and once again spread her legs wide and this time he brought his head between her legs and started licking her wet pussy and drank all her love juice.


After he was done with her pussy, Sunny made Anushka stand on her four like a dog and went behind her and grabbed each of her ass cheeks in both hand and cupped and crushed them with his hands and then he spread it wide open and looked at her ass hole.

As he looked at her shit hole he dipped his middle finger into his mouth and covered it with his saliva and then he penetrated it into Anushka’s ass hole and moved it in and out slowly and finger fucked it.

He continued it for some time and after he pulled his finger out he spit a large amount of saliva over her ass hole and then he lubricated it and then he took his dick in his hand and gave it a couple of strokes and in a single push almost 3/4th of his dick entered her ass hole.


Aaaaahhhh… Anushka closed her eyes and let out a loud moan as his dick moved inch by inch into her ass hole.

After his dick was in, Sunny had a tight grip on Anushka’s ass cheek and started moving his dick to and fro into her ass hole.


Ah… Ah… Ahhh… Anushka moaned moving her hips according to Sunny’s rhythm


As Sunny continued to ride Anushka from behind he gave some hard slaps to the actress ass cheeks that made it look red.


As time passed Sunny started to pound Anushka’s ass even harder and faster.


Aaaaahhhh… I ammm… Gonnnaaaa… Cummmm… Sunny shouted and immediately pulled his dick out of Anushka’s ass and rushed to her mouth and forced his dick into Anushka’s mouth and Splash he started emptying his ball directly into the mouth of Anushka.


For the next two to three minutes he pressed his dick into the mouth of Anushka and when he has completely dumped his stuff into her mouth he pulled his dick out and Anushka started to cough heavily and spit some of his cum on the bed.

Sunny after pulling his dick out fell on the bed and breathed heavily and Anushka fell on the bed on her face and looked exhausted.

Few minutes after Sunny’s climax Amar came out of the bathroom and saw both Sunny and Anushka lying on the bed.


Amar then climbed over the bed and sat next to Anushka who was still lying on the same position. Anu, are you ready for the next round Amar asked.

Anushka with a smile raised her head of the bed and crawled towards Amar’s dick and took it in her hand and started stroking it slowly looking at Amar with a slutty smile.


After giving Amar’s dick few strokes, Anushka brought her face close to his dick and rubbed the semi hard dick over her face.


Then she again gave it a few strokes and kissed his dick.


She then took the head of his dick in her mouth and sucked it with more passion and lust.


From there she moved her tongue down his shaft and licked it and covered the entire dick with her saliva.

Mmmmm… Aaaaahhh… Amar let out some mild moans as Anushka’s tongue moved all over his dick making it hard in no time.


After drenching his entire dick with her saliva, Anushka moved down to his balls and took it one at a time and sucked it in her mouth.

This is the first time Anushka is doing this to Amar, that it felt so good he started to moan even louder.


Aaaaahhhh… Oooohhhhh… Mmmmmm… Amar moaned.

After playing with his balls Anushka moved back to his shaft and continued to lick it. Meanwhile Sunny who was lying beside them and watching it got excited and he went behind

Anushka and grabbed her ass cheek and sucked and licked on her ass hole and pussy simultaneously.


He then inserted one finger of his right hand into her pussy and a finger from her left hand into her ass hole and started to finger fuck her as she continued to lick on Amar’s dick.

This continued for some time and Amar was eagerly waiting for Anushka to put his dick into her mouth, but instead she continued to lick his dick.


Amar felt like she is teasing her and suddenly he lost his patience and grabbed Anushka’s head and pushed his dick into her mouth.

Then he grabbed her hair and worked her head up and down over his dick and forced her into a rough blowjob.


Mmmmm… Mmmmm… Anushka let out some mild moans.


After few strokes Amar took his hands of her head and Anushka continued to blow his dick herself.


This continued for another ten minutes. By this time Amar’s dick has reached its full erection and Amar stopped her and asked her to move on top of him and ride his dick.

Amar then laid flat on the bed and Anushka stood up and moved on top of Amar and slowly moved her ass down and directed her pussy over his dick.

As the entrance of her pussy came in contact of his dick and took it in Anushka closed her eyes and let out some seductive moaning sounds…


Aaaaahhhhh… Mmmmmm…


Seeing her expressions Amar couldn’t understand weather she is enjoying it for real or not. Since every time they have sex she react it like her first time.

Any way he felt happy that it makes him more excited.


Meanwhile his dick has now completely inside of Anushka’s pussy and she started to move up and down over his dick.

Aaahhh… Aaahhhh… Anushka moaned as his dick moved even deeper into her vagina in that position.


Amar too let out some moans feeling the warmth of her pussy sliding over his dick.


As Anushka continued to ride Amar’s dick in that position he had a good view of her boobs bouncing in front of him and he immediately grabbed both her tits in each of his hands and crushed and squeezed them hard as she continued jumping over his dick


While this was going on Sunny who was watching it, stood up and stood beside Anushka who was still busy riding on Amar’s dick.

Sunny then grabbed Anushka’s head and turned it to his side and pushed his dick inside her mouth and started mouth fucking her.

As Sunny started mouth fucking her Anushka stopped moving over Amar’s dick and sat still with his dick deep inside her cunt.


Seeing Anushka sitting still over his dick, Amar lost patience and he made Anushka lift her hips up a bit high with almost half his dick inside her and he started to move his dick up and down, and started to fuck Anushka in that position, with Sunny mouth fucking the bitch so furiously.


Mmmm… Mmmmm… Mmmm… Anushka moaned with two dicks pounding her upper and lower lips.

This continued for the next few minutes and once Sunny’s dick reached his maximum hardness he pulled his dick out of the slutty actress mouth, which was completely drenched with her saliva.

Sunny then walked behind Anushka and pushed her by her back and made her lie over Amar with her breast pressing against his chest.

He then kneeled behind her took his dick in his hand and directed it in front of her ass hole and in a single push he penetrated his dick into her ass hole.

Aaaaahhhh… Anushka screamed as his dick made its way into her ass hole. As soon as his dick was in, Sunny looked at Amar and said let’s start.

Then both Sunny and Amar started to move their dick in and out of her pussy and ass hole with rough force.

Aaahhh… Aaaahhh… Oooohhh… My goddddd… Aaaahhhh… Anushka screamed her heart out as the two friends went hard on her pussy and ass.

As Sunny pounded her ass harder Anushka’s pussy tightened a bit and squeezed Amar’s dick inside her and that made Amar more excited and he went even hard on the actress pussy.

Aaaahhhh… Oooohhh… Yaaahhh… Babyyy… Harder… Harder… Aaaahhh… Anushka shouted like a crazy bitch experiencing both pain and pleasure.


Sunny and Amar continued fucking Anushka in this position for another fifteen minutes and first Amar who was fucking her pussy reached his climax with a loud moaned and dumped his cum deep into the vagina of Anushka.

Anushka felt the hot fluid filling her pussy and in the next few seconds she felt Amar’s dick getting small inside her pussy and slowly sliding out.


While she was experiencing this, Sunny who was furiously fucking her ass now shouted… Aaaahhhh… Its comming … Aaahhh…

And he pressed his dick deep inside Anushka’s ass by holding her ass cheeks tight with his hands and ejected his hot fluid deep inside the ass of Anushka and when he was done cumming he fumbled over Anushka and fell on the bed.

That night they had another couple of session and then Sunny left in the middle of the night. Amar and Anushka slept in the room so tired and exhausted from all their sessions.

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