An experience to remember

From childhood I used to have my Granny staying with me as my parents use to work from morning to night and would be invariably home late..I still have vivid memories of those days..As I was very young my granny used to bathe me as a result she would have a bath with me..From the time I got hold of my senses I used to admire her body she had massive Tits with red aureoles which would stand up with a slight pinch..she had a huge bottom and her pubic hair was invariably trimmed,her clit was long and huge and could encompass a wrist completely..her ass was huge and was shaped like a bell. From childhood I guess I developed the habit of playing with her breasts and exploring her body…I was nearing an age of ten when one day it was an October evening and my granny went for a bath .. I would invariably enter the bathroom and watch her bathe which she never objected to..
I saw her reach for a long rod which resembled a dick..later on I learnt it was a vibrator and she started inserting it into her clit soon with the rocking motion of it she started moaning which caught me by surprise, I did not understand what she was upto ? Soon I saw juice trickling down her clit and she called me forward and made me lick it..It just tasted great then she removed the vibrator and made me lick her labia and clit clean which seemed to arouse her again..she climaxed again and all the juice landed “Splotch” all over my face, I licked it up and washed the remaining..She later explained to me what had taken place and to keep it our little secret..The next day when she was bathing me she held my prick bent over and took it in her mouth..and started giving it a real shake this stirred something inside me and made my dick respond soon it started growing and I could not control it and started jerking in desperation and I cummed in her mouth..she then rolled up the skin of my prick and gave the tip a nice lick which sent me to Seventh heaven…I cummed again this time all over her body and breasts..I removed my prick from her mouth and knelt down and took her breasts in my mouth..I first slightly bit the tip of her nipple which responded immediately to my touch..i soon started sucking her breasts and soon my mouth was filled with was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted..She quickly cleaned and sent me to school..I was just waiting to rush home that day as I had enjoyed it thoroughly…When I rushed back home in the evening ,My granny was waiting for me ..she gave me a snack ..and saw my desperation..As soon as I finished my snack she removed my pants and took my dick in her had and started jerking it which made it erect she lowered her ass on it and made me push I could not hold it longer and made her stand against the wall..i started showing my prick into her ass which was tight at first and then I slowly rammed my way in she started exhaling and started taking deep breaths and slowly I cummed and soon she cummed too..

She was tired and she wanted to take bath as my parents would be soon home..I joined her in the bathroom ,where I saw her magnificent breasts they were huge and they gave me another erection ,she saw it and asked me to insert my prick into her clit ,which I did so and took her breasts in my mouth it was a heavenly sensation..First I started slowly then I felt her thighs wrapping around me and her clit grabbing my prick I pumped all my cum into her and she climaxed immediately after me and then her body went limp…That night I slept with her in her room telling my parents I was scared..I played with her breasts all night and then explored her clit and licked it everytime I saw juice..It sent her into real raptures..She was insatiable..even after our daily routine she would use the vibrator before she went to sleep…

When I grew up I moved to another town to pursue my studies..My granny followed me there as I had rented a one-bedroom flat and she told my parents that she would take care of me..It became a routine she would invariably take my prick in her hands and give me a real jerk before sucking tit of all the juice..By now my prick had become nearly 8 inches long and about 1.5 inches in diameter and she enjoyed sucking it..I would go for my early morning walk and come back and she would join me in the bathrooom and we would enjoy herself first by me exploring her body and then she exploring mine and then we would have our sessions of me ass fucking her “doggy style” and then as my reward she would make me lick her clit clean of all the juices…and then I would invariably insert my prick in her clit and we would hump till She would be spent..She would never be tired of having a session.It would me who would be invariably tired…After classes when I would come home she would be waiting for me..and then she would mount her ass on my prick and we would hump until sunset..She would then go for preparing Dinner..and I would invariably brush my prick against her ass which would arouse her and then we would hump”Doggy style” until food was prepared..Then she would go for a bath where I would watch her give me a beautiful Blowjob..and I would cum all over her mouth and her breasts which I would then lick clean..Once I even humped her between her tits and the she made me lick my own cum which sent her into raptures.. Even now at this age she is insatiable and I have decided not to marry..I do not know how I will tell my parents .


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