An affair in bangalore

My name is Sachin. I’m from Nepal. Now these day, I’m visiting on stories site. So I have encouraged by my self to share An affair in bangalore real experience of mine too. coz’ I have read lots of sexual events of different unknown friends and real erotic experience of them. And I’m really enjoying by all these.

First, I like to introduce my self, I’m working for an airlines in Nepal. I’m 32 yrs old. Looks ok. height is 5’9”. I’m a frequent visitor of b’lore, inda. My gal frn is studying there. She is doing MCA. So, Nearly one in a two months, I vist to b’lor. When I need to do sex or when I felt to fun. I just go to there and stay with gal frn in any of hotel. So, its my normal life. We r being sex frm 5 yrs. She is one of the perfect sexy gal. I really satisfy with her. She just looks quiet . She is not so tall, small body like doll. But looks so pretty.

OnceI I was flying to there from Kathmandu. On the flight I have introduce with a lady who was seated beside me. she was also going to b’lore, she came to Kathmandu with her father. Her father is working for a Computer software development company. Actually she was ktm for 10 days. And she has got to bore out there coz’ her father was always busy with his works, that’s why she was going back alone to her home. She was also doing her mba in b’lore university. After general introduction I came to knew all her maters. So, we were giving company each other. And she looks so beautiful wearing a light colo’s salwar kurta. After arriving b’lore airport she went to her home and I went to a hotel, before leaving she gave me her mobile no, with promising that if I got any problem in b’lor I have to call her.

I reached to hotel Broad Way, located in near to Majestic. After reaching hotel I called to my gal frn to her hostel. Then immediately I went to pick her to the hostel. But she refused to come with me that day. coz; she has exam just on tomorrow. So she requested me to leave her one night, she needs to study more. I thought she was right then I said ok. we had dinner together, and I dropped her to hostel. And I came back to the hotel. I was feeling bore. So. I supposed to go to the pub. Suddenly I remembered that lady who I meet in flight. Her name is bony chatarjee. Then I just rigned up to her, coz’ she said me to call her if I got any problem. But when I called her I was frighten that she respond me or not. but she respond me and I told her every things, then she told me to meet her in mg road. I was really surprised. Coz’ it was 8 o’ clock evening. But I went to meet her to mg raod. She was waiting for me there. She came soon than me co’z her apartment was near to mg. we went to watch a movie in the Symphony theater ‘BEND IT LIKE BEKHAM” it was finshed at 1100 hrs. we both enjoyed. then it was the time to say bye. But I said. I’ll be bore in the hotel coz it was my first time staying alone in b’lore. Then she invite me to her apartment for a cup of coffee. I felt hesitate but she told me there was no problem.

Then I went to her apartment. After reaching there I came to knew that there was no body. All of her family went to her native place Calcutta. She tell me to stay in waiting rrom. she went to kitchen to take coffee by turned on the TV. I was watching TV. After 6/7 mins she came back with coffee. Then we had together as well talking. I told her a abt me and my gal frn. She were listening very querulously. After finish the coffee, she said just a moment then she went some where. After 5 mins she came back again. Actually she went for change her dress. Now, she was wearing a long t shirt till her knee from top. It was nice dress, I have never seen like that style, only t shirt and long one. But it was good, not so bad. It was around 12 hrs, I was getting late. so I was thinking to leave fm there. She just turn off the tv. She asked me, do u have sex with other accept gal frn. I said no. then she slimed, she asked me again if she offer then what I do?? I was socked. I did not tell any thing.

then she just came little near to me. I was seating in the sofa. And asked me do I want to see some movie. I said which?? She said u just watch and find. Then she torn on the c/d. oh, it was adult movie. She just smiling. I was really frightening. Coz’ its was completely new for me, every things the place and all the activities. I never thought that Ms Bony became like this. but I didn’t told any thing just seating and watching. May be I was also enjoying. In the movie a gal was socking a guy’s dick. Then she came and seated beside me in the sofa. And gave me a looks. I became little nervous. Then she just kept her hand in my right hand. Then after in my cock form out side. Its was erected already. She just smile and said, so u r also feeling hot. I said nothing. But in heart saying yes. Then she came little more close to me and she started to kiss me . I did also . I just could not control my self. After all I’m also a man. then she unhooked my jip per. And send her hand inside my pant. My cock was really hard. She touched in my pin top. there was little pre orgasm. she played so nicely. And kissing me as well. in between my rigt hand was in her back ass. And left was playing her left tiit. Oh god. It was just amassing , she did not wear her bra inside. And her tiit was so thight. Like tennis ball. I touched her nipple, it was became hard. Then she unhooked my bottom of pant. Now she felt little comfort to play my dick. I was thinking to touch her ass inside of her t shirt. Same time she pulled her midi up herself. After few mins. She stopped to kissing and just gave a look to me. and asked is it ok na??? I said ok. then she through out my t shirt herself. And my pant too. now I was only in the under ware. My dick looks so hard and tight from out side. Then she just through out her midi also. And she started to sock my cock. And I was playing her tits coz. The position was not comfortable to do more. then I have tried to send my hand inside her panty from back. But I just could not, then she might be understand. And took me to bed from there. Now she told me to do as I wish.

Then I just pulled her and hugged. Oh, it was really hot breast. And so tight tits. I kept her in the bed and I started to sock her boobs. Then she said ahahahhhhhhhh so sweet of u. and very first time she spoke hindi. She said. ho ma, mai to mr jaungee. Niche bhi karo na. then I send my left hand in side her panty. I touched her cont. she was now moving like up donw. Then she tell me thoda aur. Then I just send my middle finger in her pussy. Oh god, she started crying. Bafreeeeeeee and she also playing my cock. Smoothly. After few mins she catch my head and puss it to her pussy. Then I understand what she wants. Then I just through her panty. Then she spread her leg. And now I started to suck her pussy, it was complete Waited by her orgasm. jussy. Her pussy was so thigh I thought it was her first sex. But I was wrong. It was not. she maintained her pussy tight by doing some pussy exercise. Now I was fukking her by my tongue. My tongue was inside her pussy very deep. Now she was crying, oh god tum kya kar rahe ho. plz yesa to mat karu.. mai to mar jaungee yese to. She was crying and by her sound I was getting more excitement, then I did it so fastly. She was saying, aaj tak tum kaha the, mai kaun nahi mila tumse pahele. U r so good fukkere. Its realy nice, plz do more as u wish. But I stopped now. I just stand and through my underwaere and show her my dick she understand and she sarted to cock my dick. She told me its really big and hard. She guessed my dick is around 8 inches but in real its ony 7 inches. But size is reali thik. Its arpox 2.5 inches circle. Now she is cocking me nad encourage me to cyr. But I didn’t cyr, coz, I just don’t like to cry my self. I just love to listen gal voice when fucking them.

The movie was playing. I show one man fucking a lady so hardly in the ass whole. I was also thinking to fuck her now. then I asked her. Bony do u wanna fuck now. she said not now first cock me then only. Then I told her to sto socking and I slapped her in the bed and me too. now we were in 69 pose. We both socking to both as well. I was in top of her and she was under to me. after 10/15 mins she told me to fuck. Then I came straight and spread her leg. Now I was ready to send my cock inside her pusy. Her pussy was so Waite. Then I insert my cock in side her pussy. Oh no, she just cry, aauchhhhhhhhhhhh then I pussed it so hard. Then she cry, mar gai re. bafre. Kintna jor se mara tumne. Jara dhire se na plzzzzzzzz. Then I started fuckinh hre more hard. In and out. Tand she was moaning nicely. Around 10 mins I ddi in the same possision. Then we cnage it. Now she was in my lap. She was jumping there 1 2 3 4 5 6 and I was socking her boobs as weel. Suddenly I felt some hot inside. It her was orgasm produced by pussy. Now her pussy was more Waite and its really easy to doing fuck. Due to more lubrication.

Now she aske me to fuck her ass. Then she became a dog pose. Then I insert my cock in sedi her ass whole. But it was tof. Then she gave me some cream and I send my cock with that. now she crying more. ho, sukha raha hai re. I felt my cock so tight. It was really hard to doing that coz’ its was my frist time fucking ass. I never fucked to my gal frm there. I supposed to doit once but always she refused due to pian. And its really pain full fucking I thouhjt. Now bony was cyring. More and more. and now I was feeling little committable. I fcuked her ass to much, she also helped me by pussing her ass herself. Now we again changed our position. Now I was slapped in the bed and she was up to me. she just jumping in my cock. Mens she was fucking me and iwas moving her boobs by hand. She was telling me maja aa raha hai. aur jor se karu. I told her ok, then she fucked me so hard. Then she tell me wo tum to bahot fuck kar sakte ho, yar. Abhi ta kucha bahar aane ka system nahi. Then I asked her. Do u wanna fished it. She said no. but I asked her what do u wanna. I don’t have condom and all do u have. So how to complete. Better I finish it with withdrawal methaod. Mean I just puul out mu dcik in tahe 11 and half moment when my sperms just supposed to come out. Then she said no u can do it inside. Coz its her safe period, there ios no worry abt pregnancy. It was her measure she will be get means after one more days. Then I just kep my both hand in her down Thai. Means just beside of her cont and just lift her up. Now, she was just 1 feet up to me. and then I started to fuck her. This is more comftable pose fore me. I cam send my whole cock in side. Then I just doing fast and fast and fast. Oh now she was cyring more and more. yesa mujhe kabhi nahi huwa ye mero leyi bilkul naya hai. tum to khub karma jatne ho . aur kari khub karo. But was doing it fast nad fast, now my cums all over in her pussy. I just came cool down, then she slapped over me and say me thanks, then after few mins we weked up. Its 2 o clock. We did it so long time. then we both went to bath room and cleaned up all. And she bring me some juice. Sex karne ke bad juice pina chaheye. She was telling me like this. then I stayed with her in that night, in the morning we did once again. Now this time she gots means when fucking. Its was bleeding. And my cock was waited by her blood. She said me it was fantasitic fucking, then I went to hotel.

Same day my gal frn came and sated with me. I was there in b’lore for 10 days but that 10 days I was miised that fuck even I was with my gal frn. Now I’m going on sep again to b’lore I hope I’ll meet her once. And will do all those stuff once again. Before meet to my gal frn. Believe me I love to my gal frn, I’ll marri her. She will be my life partner but just meet to bony for fucking and all. And it’s a different part of life.

Friends, how do u feel by reading my real story. Unbelievable na. but uts real. I’ll do it again. With bony. Then will right agai her. If any comments plz inform me

Thank you.

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