Amisha Patel Sex In London

This story Amisha Patel Sex In London & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

Ajay had a great chance and was introduced to the famous Bollywood actress Amisha Patel . She was visiting London for a show and was invited by his girlfriend Pinky(Amisha was her distant relative and a close friend) for dinner. At that time Ajay was introduced to her. Pinky told her about Ajay and his great cock and his lasting stamina. Amisha was a famous actress. She was sexy with a great body, with big boobs and a really big butt. Ajay was counting his luck to fuck this famous celebrity in all her holes.

Ajay invited Amisha for dinner at a Five-Star Hotel where she stayed. They spoke for a long time and had a great dinner. Her sexy body and her smile were turning Ajay more and more. Ajay snuggled very close to her and they started feeling each other’s body. She had big solid arms and stout thighs and big boobs to match. Horny Amisha’s hands found their way to his legs and soon wrapped his giant cock.

“Its huge Ajay…I have never seen a big cock like this…” she said feeling his cock under the table. The table booth was pretty secluded.

“You could see all of it my dear Amisha” Ajay said unzipping his pants and sticking her warm hands in.


She moaned and failed to close her hands around his hard cock. Amisha and Ajay were really hot by now and they immediately left to her room.

When they got to the bed Amisha knocked Ajay on to it and jumped on top of him. The horny celebrity used her strength to hold him down and kissed him hard. Then she sat up and pushed up her top to show him her huge tits in her fully packed bra.

“Do you like these” Amisha asked pointing to her big boobs.

“I love that baby…my horny fuck Amisha I love your huge boobies” Ajay blurted out.

She grabbed his hands and them up to her tits.

“Squeeze it Ajay” she said and Ajay squeezed it real hard and she let out a loud moan.

Ajay pinched it and pulled it. Amisha now removed her bra.

Her huge boobs sprang free. They were perfect in shape and her nipples were thick and brown.

“I want to see your big cock dear” Amisha said pulling off his pants.

“She is so fucking horny” thought Ajay. Actress sex stories

His cock was hard and throbbing. She grabbed it hard and started pulling and stretching. Ajay loves when sexy women play with his huge cock. It turns him on mostly. Amisha used both her hands to circle the huge girth and then started licking his cock- head greedily. She was sitting between his legs holding his cock up to her mouth. The shaft was lodged between her massive tits, and she was using her arms to push them together and squeeze his cock with her cleavage. She was really strong and was squeezing his cock with her arms.

“Ajay my cunt needs you” she whispered.

He loved her talking dirty. Ajay pulled off her Mini-skirt and her wet panties. Amisha had a very dense haired cunt. The hair was dark and curly and bushy all over her crotch. Her cunt lips were thick and puffy and pink.

Amisha squatted over his face and said, “Lick it Ajay lick it really hard”.

She leaned forward and started pulling and sucking his cock again. She was really horny and the moment Ajay’s tongue touched her meaty cunt lips she climaxed and grunted loudly.


She climbed to his mid section and stood over him. She squatted down and told him to hold his cock up for her. Ajay just did as this extremely horny Amisha told him. She grabbed his cock head and put it at her thick haired dark cunt. She then lowered herself down and tried to force his huge cock into her wet fuck hole. After a little while and lot of effort and groans she got his cock head inside her cunt and then slide down a few more inches. Amisha started fucking him, sliding up and down over the first third of his huge cock.

Her cunt lips were fully stretched and clung to his shaft tightly.

“AAAAUUUNNGGG!!!! AAAAOOOOOUUNNSSSSTTHUUOAA!” she grunted loudly at the pleasure of having a thick cock inside her dark cunt.

“I want more…I want more… HMMMAAAAMORE… MORE… AAAA’ she growled.

Amisha pushed herself down further and further until she had about ten inches inside her cunt.

“UUNNGG!!! AAAAAOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!!!! OOAAA” she screamed as she rode his thick cock.

Her big boobs jiggled as she raised herself and lowered over the shaft. Her big butt cheeks opened and closed every time showing her dark anus. Ajay placed his fingers over her clit and fingered.

Ajay now withdrew and told her, “Amisha sweetie lie on your stomach and show me your big butt”.

Amisha got up on her hands and knees and stuck her big ass out to him and asked him to fuck her hard. Holding her big and juicy butt he spread her legs apart and put his cock head at her dripping cunt and started slowly pushing.

“Ram it in hard boy…fuck me really hard” Amisha growled.

“Baby…I will shove my whole cock in your cunt dear…darling…Amisha I will fuck you really hard…your fucking horny wet cunt” Ajay said slapping Amisha’s big and shaky butt.

On the first shove he buried about two thirds of his cock in her cunt. He then pulled almost all the way out and then shoved it in hard again. He kept this up for a while until he had about a foot inside. Amisha reached back to feel how much more was left. When she found out that there was still a handful to go, she couldn’t believe it. Holding her big butt Ajay was fucking the sexy siren Amisha faster and furiously.


This turned on Ajay a lot and he pounded her cunt as fast as he could knocking the horny actress off her hands, but her big butt was still jutting up and receiving his hard strokes.

“UUNNGG!!!!AAAA!!!AAAUUNNG!!!OOOOOOO” Amisha continued to moan louder and louder.

Her puffy cunt lips bulged in and out as Ajay kept fucking this hot Amisha with all his might. Amisha reached back and started fingering her clit and in no time reached her shattering orgasm.

“AAAA!!!! UUNNG!!!!! AAAA!!! UUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA” she yelled as orgasm after orgasm swept her sexy body.

Her cunt tightened around his cock and squeezed it hard. But Ajay kept fucking her harder and harder showing no signs of coming while Amisha was experiencing orgasm after orgasm continuously.

“Are you ever going to cum…Ajay” she groaned.

Ajay looked over at the clock and saw that he had been fucking this sexy, hot, and horny actress Amisha for about an hour non-stop. He had jerked off at least four times that day thinking of her so he knew he could last more. Squeezing her big ass cheeks he kept on his pace of fucking her. He spread her big ass cheeks and ran his fingers in the dark crevice and prodded her ass hole.

Ajay flipped Amisha over on her back and showed her his huge cock that was shining with her cunt juices. She hooked her legs around his neck and grabbed his cock and put it in her slippery wet cunt. Hugging her tightly he began to fuck her again for all he was worth. His chest was smashed against Amisha’s big boobs and almost a foot of his fat cock was buried in her tight cunt. She wrapped her arms and legs around and squeezed him tight. Ajay was getting close and started really fucking Amisha hard.

“AAAA!!! UUNNGGGAAA!!!! OOOOAAAAOOOOO” she screamed and he grunted and shot a huge load into her warm cunt.

They collapsed with is huge cock still buried inside her cunt. Ajay’s cock got softer but he didn’t pull out but started fucking Amisha again at slower pace until she came one more time. He sucked her sexy lips and dug into her mouth and played with her tongue. He sucked on her lips one by one and licked all over her sexy face. He brushed his tongue over her fine row of white teeth and kissed her harder and harder on her sexy lips for a long time.

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