All Started In The Class – Desi Sex Stories

Hi All,
This is my first letter to all fans. I like to share some experience of mine. Which happened in last year. To start with I was doing a part time job in an institute. I used to handle morning batches which starts form 7am. There was only one student in that batch. The story starts from here.

We had a separate class room where we used to take class & since she was the only student in that batch I used to take online classes. She was not that beautiful to look but she had a very good structure. One day while tacking the class, I tried to reach the Mouse which was on the other side. While trying to reach for it my hand rubbed her boobs & a shock wave went through both of us. From that day onwards I started to touch her boobs purposefully on some or the other pretext. By this time we became very close to each other & while talking one day she asked me whether I have any girlfriend, I said “No”. One day I took up the topic of sex & she asked me whether I have seen XXX Movies. I said yes I have a CD at home, immediately she asked me if I can arrange to show it to her. The next Saturday I took leave & asked her to come my house.

That day she was in a tight chudidar & I could enjoy her beautiful structure. I took her to my room & started the computer & played the movie for her. While seeing them nude in the movie she closed her face & I reached her & removed her hand from her face & she hugged me very tight & told me to do whatever I want to do with her.

I didn’t want to miss this opportunity so I started pressing her boobs & kissing her passionately & slowly started to undress her. after few minutes she was completely nude in front of me. I held her boobs in both my hands & started sucking them & she started moaning & kissing my head & forcing my face on her boobs.

Then I undressed myself & took her to bed & slept on her, my rod tried to reach her hole, but couldn’t succeed. finally she guided my little brother inside her pussy. It was very difficult putting it in there so I asked her to sit on top of me, so that it will be easy to put it in. But I didn’t fuck her, for the fear that she will lose her virginity & it would be a problem for both of us. But we enjoyed oral sex when ever we got an opportunity. If you want know more pls. write to me at


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