Aishwarya Rai And Karishma Kapoor Fucked By A Young Boy

This story Aishwarya Rai And Karishma Kapoor Fucked By A Young Boy & other actress sex stories are totally fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned, nor do I have any personal knowledge about them.

Aishwarya loved nothing better then the look in guy’s (and some girls) eyes was when she would walk on the red carpet. It gave her a wonderful feeling, the sexual attention she got from her millions of fans put a smile on her face.. Often she would surf the net checking out how many sites mentioned her and on what she wore. She felt invincible until that Thursday…

It was just going to be a regular CD signing at the local store. She had made sure to pick on the best outfit that would turn most heads. It took her about an hour to decide finally her left the hotel room in a short skirt and woolen shirt two sizes too small. Her breasts bouncing up and down as she walked down the street. When she reached the store she entered via back entrance and stepped out on the large crowd. She spoke for a couple of minutes about her album every now and then she made eye contact with a couple of fans staring at her tits.

Sitting down at the table the fans came to her in droves, asking for autographs and taking photos. Aishwarya looked at the line and noticed a group of guys that had erections; she giggled at the thought of what they would do when they reached her. A guy smiled at her and handed her the CD, “Hi what’s your name?” she greeted.

“I’m…. Suman.” “Aww what a sweet name that is.” Aishwarya signed the CD and handed it back to his shaking hand. Suman was about 17 he had blue eyes and short dark hair. Aishwarya smiled again she crossed her arms giving her maximum cleavage.

“I forgot my camera at the Regent.” Suman apologized. “You’re at the Regent too maybe we can meet back there at 4pm and go up to your room for a chat.” Aishwarya proposed. She had become the master of cock teasing knowing just how much to push a guy without getting him pissed off. Suman smiled again and Aishwarya leaned back her top button almost popping off.

“Really? Ok see you there!” Suman walked off and disappeared into the crowd. All was going great when a fan screamed in excitement, the crowd turned and looked to see what the fuss was about. Aishwarya recognized the cause of the trouble and did not like it one bit. “Well well isn’t this a surprise!” the owner announced on the microphone. “Karishma Kapoor is here to sign .Aishwarya managed to keep her composure during this shift in attention but she kept on smiling and acting surprised but inside she was bitter. Karishma wore a pair of tight black pants clearly showing visible panty lines and a red crop top.

All eyes were on Karishma, Aishwarya felt like spitting in her face as the crowd of her fans started to drift over to the second table that was set up. Aishwarya got up and approached the table Karishma looked up.

“Hey Aishwarya I didn’t know you were going to be here.” “Well it is a surprise” Aishwarya replied. Karishma stood up and walked to the front of the table. “Can I get a photo of you and Karishma please” A young teen asked. Aishwarya could see that the group of guys had their eyes were fixed on Karishma. Though Aishwarya had the bigger breasts the guys were eyeing Karishma’s pants. The next hour was hell as she and Karishma signed autographs and had photos taken of her and Karishma together.

Aishwarya spoke out as soon as they were alone. “Why did you do that for?” “Do what?” Karishma asked adjusting her hair. “Steal the spotlight from me.” Aishwarya replied angrily. They were in the quiet part of the store. “Aww that’s too bad little Aishwarya doesn’t get to be the object of masturbation” Karishma said. With that Karishma turned on her heels and left Aishwarya fuming. She had never liked Karishma in the first place. She knew all too well of Karishma’s sexual antics that were well hidden. Threesomes, gang bangs and swinging were all of the things Karishma had tried. She hated the way Karishma would rub it in her face, once she had invited to Karishma’s lingerie parties but she turned it down.

Aishwarya decided to cool herself down with a refreshing cup of coffee at a local cafe; she managed to catch the eye of an older man as she processed to pretend to tie her shoe. The man had approached her to sequeeze her ass. “Aren’t you Aishwarya Rai?” the man said. “Yes do you want an autograph?” Aishwarya looked at him. She flirted with him after giving him the autograph licking her ice cream like it was a cock.

In a flash her memory told her about her meeting with Suman. This was her chance to regain some of her lost confidence and to think of a way to get Karishma back.

However she could not find Suman in the lobby when she arrived at the Regent, she decided to ask the manager. “Excuse me I am looking for a young man named Suman. He is supposed to meet me here?” “Ah yes Suman he is in room 315.” The man replied. Aishwarya looked at the manager. ” May I have his…” “Of course” the manger handed her the key to the room. Aishwarya smiled again as she noticed her top shirt button had popped off and the trim of her baby blue bra was visible.

Aishwarya made her way to the room and went inside but she found that the room was empty. She placed the key on the table and began to look around. She was surprised when she heard gasps of joy coming from the bedroom.

Fear told her to leave but lust commanded her to stay. Aishwarya has always had a small craving to watch a couples have sex but never admitted it. She walked towards the double sliding doors and opened them a crack. heroine sex stories

What she saw was Suman sucking blissfully away on Karishma’s breasts. Karishma was knelling on the bed in her red g-string. Aishwarya’s hearted raced and jealousy took control of her thoughts. How dare that slut steal my fan and trick him into sucking her tits. I wanted him to suck my tits. Aishwarya thought. Aishwarya’s pussy was getting wet as she watched witnessed Aishwarya noticed that Suman was butt naked. He was quite athlethic and tall then Karishma opened her eyes and made contact and Aishwarya’s fear came true. “Come on in Aishwarya I’m sure Suman won’t mind” Aishwarya slowly entered the bedroom and looked at Suman who was standing there with a look of shock on his face. “You fucking whore” Aishwarya stated. “Ooh you have quite a dirty mouth there.” Karishma responses.

She walked over to Aishwarya and looked her head to toe. “I’m may be a whore but at least I’m not a cockteaser ” Karishma said “I’m not a co.. coc” Aishwarya struggled. Karishma raised her hand and slapped Aishwarya full in the face; Aishwarya gasps at looks at her. Karishma grabs on her top and fiercely rips her top in two, showing in full view of Suman her bra. Aishwarya quickly covers her bra with her hands but it is no good. “You would have been the biggest fucking idiot in the world if you had said that.” Karishma said. Suman grabs Aishwarya by the wrists and throws her on the bed. Aishwarya screamed and struggles to get up but Suman is too strong for her. Pinning her wrists above her head, he kisses her on the lips. actress sex stories

Karishma laughs and joins Suman on the bed. Aishwarya’s long hair flows is tousled by her frantic movements. “I’d better get rid of this” Karishma advises. Aishwarya feels Karishma’s naughty fingers walk across her back and reaching for Aishwarya’s bra removing it with ease. Aishwarya’s soft skin is greeted by Suman’s lips as he kisses her big tits. Aishwarya fights him but can’t push him off. “Stop it! Please. Karishma I’m gonna kill you.” Aishwarya explodes in a fit of rage but Suman pins her thighs down with his knees. Suman smiles and begins to gently suck on her nipples and her resistance starts to melts away.

“You like that don’t ya? bitch.” Suman questions. Aishwarya’s face of anger soon turns to pleasure and amazement as he worships every inch of her breasts. Karishma watches on with a wicked smile on her face. Tongues get tasted when Suman kisses Aishwarya’s soft lips; she groans and arches her back as he squeezes her swelled breasts again. “OOO….. Oh God Suman . ” Aishwarya moans and she grabs his butt and feels his body.

Suman moves slowly down and runs his hands up her skirt rubbing her thighs along the way. “Rip her panties off!” Karishma encourages. “No Please don’t” Aishwarya pleads. It is too late Suman easily rips her panties off her hips. He smiles holding her lacy panties in his hands. Suman slowly ploughs away at Aishwarya’s pussy “Oh mmmm more don’t stop” Aishwarya arches her back He stops and withdraws and strokes her clit. Pleasure washes over her as she reaches her orgasm.

Suman quickly gets Aishwarya on her hands and knees on the bed and lifts her skirt up. “Oh no don’t” Aishwarya begs. Her firm ass is squeezed by Suman and he finger fucks her vagina soon her juices flow down her thighs. His penis enters Aishwarya’s ass and she screams in pain, Suman withdraws and lubricates his penis and her asshole. Suman leans over and squeezes her breasts his hands cupping them and releasing.

“You won’t scream in pain this time.” Suman assures her. Aishwarya heart races as she feels his penis enter her again. He is begins to fuck her slowly and Aishwarya moans louder and louder. His fingers run through her hair and he begins to stroke her clit. “O Suman deeper please mmm that’s it’ a little slower now.” Aishwarya commands. Aishwarya sex stories

Suman fucks Aishwarya faster up the ass her hair in her eyes and pussy lips parted and wet as ever.

Suman’s hands never move away her tits and he gives her a few more deep thrusts. Aishwarya feels the pressure build and she reaches the big O again. They both moan and scream and Aishwarya turns around ” I want you’re cum” Aishwarya demands. Suman nods and rubs his penis between her breasts, Aishwarya can feel it pulse and she screams one last time as her fucks her pussy and blows his load into her.

The two lie on the bed in each others’s arms and Karishma stops the camera.
The End

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