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First of all let me tell you something about myself. My name is Nasir and I live in Islamabad. I am 25, tall and reasonablly handsome. I am an engineering student. Today, I would like to share one of my most memorable sex experiences of my life so far. It happened about five years ago when a new family(Afghans) came to live in our neighbourhoods.

The family comprised of mature-aged couple, an 18 year old daughter (Natasha)and her grand mother. Natasha was gorgeous, hot and sexy. She had a figure of 34-28-35 and I could not hold my breath when I saw her for the first time. I always wanted to have sex with some afghan girl as they are so sexy and lovely. I thought this was the oppurtunity when my dream can come true. Soon a strange kind of relationship developed between us. Whenever I saw her, she responded with a refreshing smile. Somehow I got her telephone number and rang her up one afternoon when she was alone at home. That’s how our friendship began. I was amazed to find out that she could speak urdu reasonablly well. Actally they had been living in Pakistan since long. We also started meeting on our roof whenever we got the chance. We were getting closer day by day. I almost masturbated every night to ease off my pressure. Actally. She was so sexy that I could not resist. Natasha looked very hot especially when she wore t-shirt and blue jeans. This dress revealed her figure quite remarkably. Whenever I met her, I kept looking at her big tits and cute ass. Her perfectly formed round ass was the best I had ever seen.

I started my plan of fucking her by starting talking on hot topics on phone. She was responding to whatever I told her. I told her about the big collection of XXX-movies I had. She was curious and asked me to give her one as she wanted to see what actually happens in those movies. I gave her one of my favourite movies which was full of oral ,vaginal and anal sex. After watching the movie, she called me. Boy, she was burning with desire and told me that she wanted to do all that stuff with me and that she don’t want to live as virgin any more. Finally, a lucky day came when her parents went to meet their relatives in Peshawar. She was left at home only with her grand mother. As planned, I went in her house at night from our common roof. Her old mama was fast asleep in her room so that was no problem. Natasha took me to her room and locked the door from inside. My 8-inch dick was hard like a steel rod by that time. I started kissing on her sensous and full lips passionately and at the same time I was caressing her body. We kept on kissing each other for about ten minutes. Then I took off her T-shirt and bra quickly and started sucking on her big boobs. She was burning like hell. I put her hand on my big bulge. She started playing with my tool. I unzipped my pants and took it out of my underwear for her convenience. She was amazed by the big size of my cock. She stared masturbating me. I was sucking her tits at the same time. I requested her to suck my cock.

She hesitatingly started but soon started to enjoy it. I was enjoying the best time of my life. It felt so good. She was taking the full length of my cock inside her mouth. After some time I withdrew from her mouth other wise I could had ejaculated in her mouth. But I wanted to fuck her and could not wait any more. I took off her jeans and all of my clothes too. I turned her around and passionately kissed on her beautiful ass cheeks. I then laid her on the bed and kissed on her luscious thighs. She was moaning with pleasure. I was going to get her tight pussy. I fingered her very tight and wet pussy. It was too much for her and requested me to enter her but also requested to be gentle as it was her first time. I told her not to worry as she would love it. I opened her legs and put my big lund on her wet choot and pushed it a little inside. She moaned with pain. I slowly pushed it in a little more and then with a sudden bang, I put my 8-incher completely inside her choot. She was in pain but soon she started enjoying it. I was pushing my big lund in and out of her bleeding choot. She also began to move in rhythm so I stated to fuck her with more brutal force. I can not explain how much I enjoyed it. I kept on fucking her for 15 minutes before I ejaculated in her tore-apart choot. She loved it too.

After some rest, we did it again. She enjoyed even more that time because the pain was gone for good. We had sex four times that night. We had sex on number of occasions ( which also included anal sex) over the next six months before they left for Peshawar. I can not forget the time I spent with that horny afghan girl. If any girl in the region of Islamabad/Rawalpindi want friendship, please message me at “”. I would also welcome your comments on my story. Please do write.


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