Adventurism In The Bus

This is a true story that happened with me, but this is not a sex incident. Adventurism In The Bus It is not necessary that all incidents here need to end up in sex I think. But the more important thing is how erotic one can get with another person whom I don’t even know.

I caught a homeward bus in the evening and cursed myself as there were hardly anyone standing in the bus. It was a mini-bus and there was hardly sitting capacity and hence all good pussy’s were sitting and gossiping back home. 10 minutes into the journey we had a problem with the bus and the driver and conductor informed that may be we cannot go further as the brakes were the problem.

So all get down and we had to wait for the next bus that came. Infact the next bus was also express and hence stopping was doubtful. But the conductor was nice enough to show his hand and request to take his passengers home. Now there was a mad rush as they tried to push everyone in. Now it was fun, I was trying to push in, girls were pushing worse than us to push in. Near the door, I rammed my cock hard into the girl standing in front of me. Her ass checks were lovely and soft. She wore a churidar and the material was soft as well. As we got in I was on the steps of the door and she was just ahead of me. I was infact helping her stand better as if I would let go she would fall down. That became better as my cock ran deep into her ass cheeks. I gesture her to turn towards the cabin and stand there and I take a comfortable position behind her again. She says nothing but smiles.

I stay close and occasionally during braking push it in again. I put my hand to hold the bar and I was now brushing against her thighs and hip. I then using my right hand managed to get a good grip on something of the bus and my left hand was now free for the exploration of a fresh body. Her tits were lovely. I just wished I could press them. Being an express bus stopping for the next 20 kms or so would not be there at all, giving me enough of time for slow exploration and also not to generate her anger or so.

I put my hand on her hips as though I was holding the bar in the bus, and then slid it down on her thighs. Up and down and I could feel the material change when it came to the part of her panty. I could feel the hem, the panty sides that came up. the dress was the typical cotton like loose dress which made the entire process very erotic. I kept my pressure on her back. Her right side was a sight to watch as her dress slipped down a bit expossing her black bras straps. I enjoy the view but ws hampered due to bad light as well. It was getting dark and there was no good light in the area that I was standing. All this while my hand was over the whole dress. I look down and look for the slit in the salwar kameez. I donot take much time in finding and now continue the movement. Now I concentrate on her panty area on her hips. I put on hand and follow the panty a little down into her dress. My hand is now inside the top of her churidar from the slit near the left hip. Not to give her a shock or jerk as the bus braked I touched deeper and after a few tries was directly over her mount making sure that I don’t touch it in normal run. When the bus braked the next time, was the best, I put my thumb out and pushed it in her pussy area, she did not do anything. Seeing encouragement with no response. I put all my fingers on her pussy area when the bus was running normally. I take this opportunity and move my body closer to her and hold and pull her pussy tighter towards me. It was great. I just also kissed her on her shoulder. She did not do anything.

I whispered into her ear and asked her “Are you feeling good” and made some moaning noise in her year, Surprisingly she said yes and shook her head. That was it. I was determined to finger fuck her. I move my hand higher and find the knot of her pant of the churidar. I put my hand inside and find her pussy outisde her panty. I put my hand in her panty now and use my middle finger to do the rest. I touch her clit and she moves a bit. I move down furhter and feel her moist pussy. She was enjoying it .. bitch. I slid my finger in and it goes in with ease. I now use two fingers and was finger fucking her. My cock was rubbing hard against her ass checks. I now lower my second hand as well and put the same inside her dress. Oh that was a great feeling. You must be ther to feel it. Two middle fingers in her pussy. I take my right hand out and slid it on her stomach. It was bare with no petticoat under it. Normally I have seen many girls wearing a petticoat under the churidar. I move higher. Her dress goes up a bit and I touch her tits. I press them hard and with one hand on the pussy and the other on the tits she was having a treat. I continue like that for a minute and my heat was too much. I cum off soiling my underwear and pants. I hold her hand and take it behind to my cock now, open the zip and gave it to her. she could feel the wet but was not too keen about it. My cock was getting alive with the alien presense.

The bus came to a halt only after 20 more minutes. In this time, I finger fucked her hard for more than 10 minutes. A couple of times I tasted her cunt juice by taking my finger to my mouth I wished her good night and thanked her for the good exprience. she thanked me as well. But before she got down, she did somethign marvelous as well. She turned tow ards me giving me a final opportunity to stick my now hard cock onto her pussy area. It was too short but I still managed to get a good feel.

I was coming home that day at an odd time and that is the reason probably I met here. I saw her again some days later and wished her. she gave me her phone number as she got the opportunity to sit next to me. It was like I had caught the place for someone else but gave it to this girl. we could not talk for more as there was a lot of crowd around, and hands though could not at all as every movement was watched. She was sexy and we will plan a sex trip soon. I had sex a couple of days later with her when I met her outside. I took her on my bike to a beach and in the bushes screwed her in and out. The sight on her pussy was great. We now meet quite reqularly in the bus and sometimes I take the bike and go. So call her and tell her to wait for me. Whenever on bike, sex is imminent.

I am now sad however. She is getting married soon. I was feeling sorry for her as I spoilt her virginity. But then she said not to be so because she was earlier pushed into sex by her cousin itself. She did not enjoy it however but she told me not to be sad. I screwed her for the final time a couple of days back. She will be going around 90 kms from my house after marriage. I feel sad but feel good for the good company that I spend with her.
Good luck to her.

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