Adhay Ghar Wali ( Better Half)

Hi guys (and gals too). I am 6’, fair colour , well built , working in a Government’s law enforcement agency in Karachi Adhay Ghar Wali living in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Let me confess on this very interesting and friends finding web site that I had sex with my sister-in-law(Sali) when she was just 18 years old. But don’t get upset, it was not a rape but a mutual understanding . After that I have had sex many times but could never forgot those great moments with my sweet Sali. Huma (my pink Sali ) was a god damn virgin at the time when I torn her apart . Let me describe her first, she has a very pink complexion , height 5’7″(I love tall girls) with a great slim body with amazing hard and big boobs. I had never seen such a body before and possibly will never see. She had a great curve, with small but inviting breasts and a round well shaped ass.

My wife was in the hospital to give birth to another child of us. I am very horny and therefore I use to watch XXX movies in her absence and sometimes masturbate.One day when she was in my house with her parents, I felt that some one is peeping in my bedroom through the window opening in the back corridor or my house. Though the window was closed as it was damn hot outside and the air-conditioner was running on a high speed but the curtain was slightly opened from one side and through that gap my sweet Sali managed to peep in. There was a dressing table with a big mirror , close to that window which made me able to see that she was watching the movie. She was not able to see me as it was a little bit darker inside given the curtains. That time I was damn horny and watching an ass hole fucking shot(my favourite).

My rock hard and naughty dick was in my hand and I was rubbing on it slowly. I slowly got up and turn on the light inside the bedroom. Immediately, she ran away towards the front side of the house. But I was sure that she will come again. Again, I started masturbating my nasty dick. After a while again I sensed that she is behind that window and this time she was able to see me masturbating. Now I was going to be mad as I knew that my pink sweet Sali is watching me masturbating and I came immediately, I exploded my thick, hot and huge cum on my thighs. I could easily see an interesting look into her brown shining eyes. She seemed to be drowsy and I was sure that she got her pink pussy wet. When she saw that I finished my job and was to got up she again ran away, scared I could see him watching her ‘HARRAMI’ brother-in-law(Behnoi). But I have seen what she was doing behind the window.

I was attracted to her after that hide and seek. I had decided that I would have her if not now then later but I never wanted to use force. I wanted to make her so horny that she falls into my lap by herself and therefore I started showing her xxx movies whenever she comes at my place, in the same manner that I just slid the curtain of my window to let someone peep into my bedroom. When she would come to my place I would look at her with a smile and just give her a small gesture to come to my window. It was like a silent agreement between her and me which she understood. She saw the movies for several times.

After that Huma had seen me peaking at her many times and always she used to give me that heart-melting smile. I thought that she was attracted to me but kept my thought myself. But one day in a birthday part I managed to talk to her I went to a corner where she was standing alone. At first I talked to her on general topics and immediately I changed the topic and told her that I have seen her peeing into my bed room. She seemed embarrassed and wanted to leave but immediately I told her that I didn’t mind that and also if she likes to watch those movie I could arrange for her when she will come to my house again. She looked a bit relaxed but left immediately and mixed up with others. During that party she looked at me several times and smiled. Once she came closer to me and whispered that her summer vacations will start after two days and she will try to come to my house but she was scared of her parents. I consoled her and said you don’t have to worry I’ll arrange something. Whilst coming back to my home I asked my mother-in-law to leave Huma at my home due to her summer vacation and she agreed. I had to spend two days, which were like two years to me. But when the day came, I still remember it was a Saturday, in the evening she came with her parents. She was looking gorgeous in a blue lawn print shalwar, qamees (the Asian dress). As she entered into my house she gave me a look that I thought my breath would stop. Her parents left for their home after taking dinner and told me to help her to complete her “home work” which I promised happily. In the night, my wife asked her to sleep with her and that was a terrible moment but there was no other way but to wait for a chance. Don’t ask me how did I spend that night in my bed as she was sleeping just a yards away from me in my Mom’s room.

Next day, the Sunday my wife told me that she wants to go for some shopping she asked Huma to come along with her but she convinced her that she has to do some home work first . I told the driver to take my wife to the shopping center. There was no one else except my wife in my home. My heart was pumping with such a great speed that one could easily see it. As soon my wife left I immediately took Huma into my bedroom, turned on the AC and inserted a xxx movie into my VCR. I offer my sweet Sali to sit besides me on the bed. I turned off all the lights and the climate of the bedroom turned romantic. As the movie started I have seen the impression on the fact of Huma were changing. For the first time I saw her so closer and my horny and nasty dick was rock hard on its full length. I was wearing a boxer short and a T-shirt. I had no patience left in me but thought to act wise. During the movie I started talking to her. She told me that she is still a virgin but had seen and read about sex. I told her not to worry I’ll be very careful. She also told me that she was really impressed with my decent personality and is feeling embarrassed to be with me in this condition. I told her that don’t think on that was just presumed that we are good friends. I praised her and said that if you were not my Sali I would have marry you(it was the peak of my harrami pan). I slowly put my arm around her shoulder and pressed her towards me. She was talking to me but her eyes were still on the TV screen where a hunk was eating a pink and wet pussy . She started shaking as I pressed her tightly into my broad chest . I asked her whether she wanted me to lick she didn’t say anything but closed her eyes and moaned like a kitten. I asked her to remove her clothes as I was loosing my control.

She helped me in removing off her clothes and knowledgeably she had not worn any panties or bra. Oh my, my here she was naked in front of me, she was marvelous, not a single spot on her whole body, she was burning like a heater. She was pink, soft, hot, neat and clean. Her pink pussy was neat and clean, her pussy lips were squeezing into each other. Her pink breasts were like small rocks and the nipples were erected. I could not resist any more and started sucking hungrily on her tits without even undressing. Huma moaned a bit as she felt the first mouth on her tit. I kept on shifting her tits in my mouth. All the while my hands were playing with her tight pussy and I could feel the heat in my groins. My dick was straining against my short and would have made a hole if not Huma had asked me to remove my short.// I very impatiently tore open my short and T-shirt. My cock swung majestically in the air. Huma could not take her eyes of the first dick of her life. Seeing it she must have thought that how was she going to take such a monster in her virgin hole. She held my cock in her hands. I told her to suck it but she hesitated. I showed her the woman in the movie hungrily sucking the cock of the hunk. After coaxing for a long time she became ready to suck on my cock. She removed her tongue out and licked the tip of my mushroom. She later took her tongue back. Then after taking a deep breath, she put my dick into her mouth, first an inch then other and finally almost the whole of it. She removed my dick out of her mouth slowly and put it in back. Then she gave me the greatest blow job of my life. As I was about to cum, I told her to remove her mouth off my dick and as soon she removed her mouth, I cummed all over her face and breasts.

She went to the toilet to wash herself. When she came back she looked even sexier as she had wet her beautiful curly hairs .I grabbed her by the hair and our lips met. She was kissing for the first time so she seemed a little inexperienced. But I forced my tongue through her lips and our tongues met. I pushed her on the bed, and jumped myself. Then I spread her legs as far as I could and put my cock slowly into her cunt. She let a scream as the head of my cock entered her. Slowly and steadily I put the whole of my cock into her. She was very tight as she was a virgin and this made my dick ache but that increased the pressure more. Huma kept on screaming for some time but later thought of enjoying the feeling of being fucked and coordinated with every thrust of mine. Slowly I could feel the pressure on my groin. But I didn’t want to make her pregnant and like, seeing no other alternative left I told her to suck my dick. When I took my dick out of her pussy I could easily see the blood coming out of her pussy’s lips, she was so involved that she didn’t notice. She obliged like a pet dog and started sucking me. I came in her mouth and thought that she would spit the cum away but to my surprise she drank every drop of it. Happy with what she had done to me I licked her into her orgasm and believe me her juice tasted just like nectar.

Whilst licking her pink, neat and clean pussy I again got a hard on(I really have a nasty dick).Now , it was the time to fuck my favourite hole, yes, ass hole. But I knew that she is just 18 and quiet young to be fucked in the ass hole but I couldn’t help doing that. It was good that she was not aware of what is wrong with an ass hole fucking. I applied lot of oil on my dick and asked her to turn over. At first, I showed her an ass hole fucking shot in the movie and made her curious. As she bent over and brought her ass hole just in front of my jumping dick I put it on her tight ass hole, at first I rubbed it genteelly on her ass hole. Than slowly I pushed it inside her ass, she screamed with a pain and tried to get rid of it but now that time had passed as I was going to be crazy to dig into her ass hole. I thrusted my dick with a great power and it went deep down into her ass hole. She started crying, I stopped a little while to make her to recover from that severe pain, than slowly and gradually I started pushing my dick in and out.

After a couple of jerks she stopped crying and started moaning and that was the time to increase my speed. I became wild and fucked her ass hole with my full speed. It was so tight and hot that I couldn’t stay for a long time and burst my think deep down into her virgin ass hole. I could see the blood pooling around my dick. But it was not a time to concentrate on that. I knew that , this is only for the first time I could see blood that is a real pleasure for a horny and ass hole crazy man like me. After that both of us took showers and I asked her to bring her books and sit in the drawing room just to pretend to my wife that she was studying. Only I knew that what she learnt today. She stayed for a week and during that we fucked several times, whenever we got a chance. Still we are in touch .We like in love with each other but we can’t tell it to anyone and we can’t marry too. So far, she looked very beautiful with her innocent face. I felt sorry that I made her lose her .Any girl interested in me, preferably living in Karachi could contact me on my e-mail address for a good and long lasting friendship even without having sex or for a Hot relationship….


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