A Wonderful Massage Part 2

Read A Wonderful Massage Part 1 I put my hands on them from the sides and start to caress them. She slowly move her hands down unbutton my shirt and start to caress my chest. Slowly she move her hands down to my crotch and start to run and squeeze my erect prick and balls. I just can not take it any more. I get up and hug her harder and her tits are crushing against my chest. I take charge and kiss her on her lips. My thrusty tongue was into her mouth and create a fantastic sensation.

I am now in the heaven and go and sit on the bed. I lifted her left tit with my left hand and squeeze the juicy and creamy tit with my right hand. With my other hand i get hold of her right tit and start to squeeze it. I shift sucking and licking her tits from one to another, and i keep biting the flesh all over the luscious globes and the nipple. The nipples become harder as i keep sucking and biting them. It is too good to stop. In the mean time she move her hand in my shorts and find my erect prick and keep holding it and stroking it after a whole both of us are very excited and she start to shave my prick very fast.

I just can not take it anymore and explode into a fantastic orgasm. After that i continue to play with her tits and she was just stroking my hair and back , we both enjoy it for a long time. Suddenly she move down, pull my short and take my prick in her hand and start to slowly lick the head. She slowly started to lick and nibble and in between give a few light sucks. She make it wet by licking it all over. She gave me a fantastic blowjob and suck me until i come and she again take my prick in her mouth and start to lick and suck it and i just hug her. She kiss me on my lips and i am rubbing her tits and ass and pussy. She lick my erect prick and balls and take it in her moth and blow it for a while. I lean on her body so i am covering her body with mine. With my free hands i feel between us, take my cock and begin to guide it towards her cunt. As i reach her entrance i pause and touch her entrance my tip of the cock. I feel shivers along my spine as i union with my part with her. I can not wait any longer as i push forward my dick enters her cunt .

I push even harder and i heard her gasp and cry a little as i push inside her completely and i then hold there for a whole enjoying with my darling i withdraw my dick a bit and push forward again. I draw back again this time to be out of her and thrust back again , she gasp then i settle to a steadier rhythm and my cock is inside her vagina and i am fucking geeta. I am squeezing her beautiful breasts very hard at the same time. After few min i feel my balls exploding gobs of semen and i have been storing for her. I hump on to her vigorously before i cum i cannot help to stop but gasp as i shoot my was into her. I can feel my semen flooding her vagina as i reach my climaz. I feel her body pushing mine from downwards i feel shivers and hear cries of her and hot flowing juices inside , she told me that she had an orgasm. Our sexual act is complete as i lay on my wonderful darling geeta and fulfilled and gasping for my breath. Our naked bodies still connected together with my chest firmly pressing her boobs. My cock by now starts getting limp but still inside her transferring the last remains of my semens.

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